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30 Best Outdoor Playhouse To Delight Your Kids 30 Best Outdoor Playhouse To Delight Your Kids

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30 Best Outdoor Playhouse To Delight Your Kids

Written by: Alexander Johnson

Outdoor playhouse picks that promise to surprise and delight! Send your kids outside for hours of fun with their friends.

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With the advent of technology, kids these days rarely go outside to play anymore. Electronic titles have replaced sweat-inducing games that we played non-stop as children like tag, hide and seek, and role-playing games.



Well, what better way to encourage your kids to get active than buying them a playhouse of their own? Here are 30 best outdoor playhouses  that are bound to promote creativity and improve your kid’s social skills.



30 Best Outdoor Playhouse To Delight Your Kids - Infographics



Wood Outdoor Playhouses




It’s time to relive the magic of Disney’s “Frozen” as many times as your kids like. Created by KidKraft, the beauty of this “kingdom” is captured perfectly by a stunning blue roof, complex snowflake spires, and decorative double doors with windows. The act of make-believe takes on a whole new dimension with this magnificent princess castle playhouse outdoor.





The Backyard Discovery Sweetwater Cedar Wooden Playhouse provides wholesome fun for kids of any age. With large windows that allow plenty of ambient sunlight and air in, it would fit in flawlessly in any outdoor space or yard. In its front are two flower pot holders for kids to plant any flowers or plants of their choice and cultivate their green fingers. 





Experience Victorian life with the comforts of modern living with this Victorian-style playhouse. Made from cedar wood, its lumber features small, tight knot structures and is stained for a more beautiful appearance. A patented Safe-T-Fuse makes setting up this product easy and secure.





The Columbus playhouse by Backyard Discovery is a great way for kids to start learning to play with others. Made from cedar wood that is stained and pre-cut for swift assembly, different aspects of the product come together in a wonderful playhouse that both parents and kids can enjoy. 





The Modern Outdoor Playhouse is a ton of fun. This product allows kids to explore new worlds without ever leaving the backyard. Made from reinforced wooden panels, the large playhouse is water-resistant and features a hip, one-of-a-kind design. It’s one of the best affordable wooden playhouses you can get on the market right now!



Plastic Outdoor Playhouses




This kids’ playhouse features a charming design that would look great in any playroom or yard. It consists of a kitchenette, kitchen seat, fireplace, wall clock, and a play phone. Youngsters will enjoy hours of pretend play fun as they clean, welcome guests, and chat in their very own home. Parents will have peace of mind as this product’s open design allows them to observe their kids at all times.





The Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town Playcentre combines the best of the indoors and outdoors. This innovative playhouse is perfect for the backyard or any open area. Each of its four walls represents a different area of the town, thus guaranteeing an endless array of role-playing activities for your curious kids. Its wide door and many windows encourage children to play with others.





The little ones are definitely not going to get enough of this playhouse, which comes with a number of cool and realistic features (think fully functional doors and windows). There’s no doubt at all that this stylish product will encourage your child to embark on new adventures and strengthen their social skills. Give your child the best childhood possible with this outdoor playhouse.





Step2’s outdoor playhouse looks like it came straight out of a fairy tale. This playhouse for toddlers features charming decor and a realistic layout. Designed with molded-in stonework, it comprises a kitchenette that includes a molded-in sink with faucet, a pretend stovetop with clickable knobs, and more.





Spacious and sturdy, this playhouse is sure to delight your children and provide them with hours of entertainment. The House of Fun is a durable UV-resistant indoor/outdoor playhouse that’s built to last. This kids’ playhouse offers ample space for many kids to play at the same time. In fact, it’s so roomy that you can even fit a table and some chairs inside!





Want to spruce up your backyard in an affordable manner? You can stimulate your children’s imagination with this outdoor playhouse. Your little ones will realize that time flies when you have the perfect “home” of your own. A front porch bench allows toddlers to interact with one another, while a pass-through mail slot allows for letters (and other objects) to be exchanged freely.





To the 5-year-old, there’s nothing quite as fun as an outdoor playhouse. It includes a real working doorbell for calling on other playmates. Engage your child’s senses with a host of features including a fireplace, shelving, and more. This outdoor playhouse will provide hours of entertainment on end.





This Little Tikes’ outdoor playhouse is the house that kids dream of having. The Playhouse provides for a design with a mailbox, working door, and multiple imaginative areas. It also has a kitchenette that features a stove, sink, and working clicker knobs. It even has a workbench station for making small crafts and a sand-and-water table with accessories and cover.





A never-ending ball-play session starts when children come home to their WonderBall Fun House. What with the many activities available (e.g. indoor maze), there will never be a moment of boredom ever again.



On the outside, balls can be tossed onto the roof where they’ll make their way through the tubes; in the playhouse itself, they can be placed on ramps for a journey through a maze. This product is not just a playhouse, but a whole activity center for toddlers.





What’s cookin’ for dinner? The Grand Walk-In Kitchen & Grill features numerous great features and a large area that encourages group play. It’s likely that your kids won’t be able to keep their hands off these pots, pans, and condiments. 



Tent Type Playhouses




Real play begins with tents. Kids play camping toys with family members and friends together, which will promote relationships between parents and kids. Kaqinu Kids Camping Gear Set includes 27 camping accessories. Made of thick, non-toxic, and BPA-free plastic, it’s safe and eco-friendly with a smooth round edge design. As a bonus, the pop-up play tent is quick to assemble and dismantle.




With The Knight’s Castle Kids Play Tent, anything is possible. Made from top-quality polyester, the product is strong and extremely easy to clean. It can also house more than one kid at a time, keeping active, entertained, and occupied for hours. 





This will definitely inspire your little princess to imagine all the courtly scenarios that she’d like to be in. This lovely play tent is going to be a special kingdom for your princess. Large-size indoor or outdoor tents provide private and relaxing spaces for children. Treat the young lady to the ultimate princess experience with these bonus accessories. The toddler tent can also be stored away neatly when it’s not in use.





Nothing beats teaching your young ones about the beauty and magnificence of the great outdoors. Inspired by classic nomadic style, Lavievert’s Children’s Teepee Tent is made from 100% cotton canvas and comes with four top-of-the-line pine poles. All its materials are environment-friendly – for example, cotton canvas which is breathable, supple, and non-irritating.





Here’s the perfect playhouse for children whose very first dream is to conquer outer space. The FoxPrint rocket ship playhouse tent is crafted from high-quality, breathable materials and can be put together in next to no time. 





Toogel’s outdoor playhouse tents will drive your kids’ imagination to the roof. There’s a myriad of ways kids can play with all the options this playhouse can offer. Up to 10 different combinations are possible with the set that consists of one square kid playing tent, one triangular indoor play tent, and one crawl tunnel. 





This starter outdoor playhouse can double as a beach cottage for your little ones. The Cottage House Play Tent is chock-full of exciting features, including full-curtain front doors and a mesh skylight. Its see-through mesh windows let those inside admire the scenery outside while engaging in hours of playtime.





This outdoor playhouse can easily be a clubhouse or secret spot for your kids and their friends. Hours of play and stimulation are possible with this adorable tree fort-inspired clubhouse. 





This brightly colored pop-up obstacle course playset is guaranteed to keep your children active for hours: it includes a super cool target wall game with four dart balls and takes the word “fun” to a whole new level. Kids can create their own mazes to keep this play set fun & exciting. 





Fulfill your kid’s princess dreams with this beautiful and remarkable princess house. Constructed with solid fabric and soft mesh, it’s a great place for kiddos to rest and relax.





Kids love ice cream, so why not get them to start their own ice cream business with this truck playhouse? Two round top openings will allow two children to stand inside the tent. This product is made from 100% polyester fabric and has a built-in steel frame.





This play tent sports a multi-color exterior, which makes this fire truck-themed playhouse look more inviting to young firefighters and their emergency drills in their rooms. Make your children’s playtime different and exciting. Made from premium non-woven fabric polyester, this little kids’ tent has a sturdy build that ensures the product will last for a long time. 





A great adventure packed in a small area – that is what TTLOJ’s Rainbow Castle Kids Play Tent is all about. Your child will take off into a fairy tale castle with a princess tent, a crawl tunnel, and a ball pit with a basketball hoop. Any of the playset items can be used together at one time, as a two-piece set, or used individually. Kids can create a maze however they like!





If you’ve started with the three-piece set, why not go big by upgrading to the six-piece version? Go for the full adventure of Playz’s Kids’ Playhouse Tents with crawl tunnels. Your children will love the playhouse dream tent, crawl tunnel, and basketball pit with a hoop. 





The bigger the set, the more children it can accommodate. This Yoobe Indoor & Outdoor Play Tent and Tunnel is made especially for kindergartens and day-care centers. Made from 190T soft polyester fabric and thick steel wiring, you can rest assured that your kids will remain safe and comfortable while playing. 




There you go – 30 of the best outdoor playhouses that will allow your kids to escape to an alternate world/universe. Not only will this collection promote their social skills, but it will also encourage them to think out of the box. Why not get one and let your little one embark on the greatest adventure of their lifetime?

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