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How To Hide Trash Can: 45 Sneaky Ways How To Hide Trash Can: 45 Sneaky Ways

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How To Hide Trash Can: 45 Sneaky Ways

Written by: Samuel Turner

Here are some easy ways to hide trash can without much effort! There's nothing like a tidy house to put you completely at ease.

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As far as dirty trash bins go, we don’t like it exposed for everyone to see. So whether you’re looking to build a fence around it or hide it in storage, we’ve got the perfect trash can enclosure methods for you.



Not only will these creative ways put those unsightly trash cans in place and away from sight, you’ll also get to improve your home’s aesthetic and your lifestyle. These tips guarantee 100% discreteness, no matter how subtle you want to go. Get creative with us and we’ll show you how to hide trash can both inside and outside the house. 



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Employ A Tilt-Out System In The Garage Or Kitchen

A tilt-out system gives you better control when it comes to disposing items you no longer need. With greater maneuverability, versatility, and full organization, tilt-outs have the edge over other pieces of storage when it comes to maintenance. It also maximizes resources and floor space, allowing you to conceal your trash while giving you more time to do other things that matter.





No matter where you place it, this simple yet classic tilt-out trash bin will never look out of place. Made of solid knotty pine, it has a durable body that can hold up to 100 pounds of solid weight. Sawdust City guarantees it does not make use of highly processed wood, so you’re assured of a knotted natural wood finish that is authentic and unique. Furthermore, it comes in eighteen different colors to give you the flexibility to match the product with your space. 





As the famous saying goes, “two heads are better than one.” This theory applies to tilt-outs as well. With its dual-tilt outdoor mechanism, it can accommodate two trash bins and large compost loads comfortably. It features a modern-rustic design that fits into any country home or a modern loft. These durable trash bin cabinets can hold up to daily use, year after year. Its ease to use ensures that it will not take a lot of your time.





Get bang for your buck with this 2-in-1 microwave stand.  Despite its compact size of 20″ W x 12.5″ D x 30.25″ H, it is able to  accommodate regular-sized bins without any issue. This garbage can storage option is perfect for use in apartments and condominiums. Additionally, a total of six different variations are available; choose the one that appeals the most to you and matches your space.





This two-toned free-standing tilt-out epitomizes elegance, even from afar. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but it also consists of a solid engineered wood frame and body that can hold up to 22lbs of weight! Its beautiful lacquered black finish is reminiscent of ebony and galvanized iron. It is also water-resistant so you can have peace of mind from accidental spills and splashes. Virtually effortless to assemble, you will waste no more time in keeping your home tidy.





Wherever you place it in your home, this well-refined wooden option is sure to function well as trash storage. Since it comes in two colors (black and white), why not get one of each to classify and recycle your trash in an organized manner? Made of MDF wood and featuring a pine finish, it is highly durable and is able to withstand the test of time. Hide trash bins easily and keep waste off the floor with this one.




Eclife makes a name for itself as its products take after its namesake. A clear manifestation of its branding, this tilt-out kitchen trash cabinet is sure to make life easier for you. Designed with quality, style, and versatility in mind, this product turns into a coffee station whenever you need it to. It’s perfect for those looking for a vertical storage solution that’s also compact.




With six different finishes to choose from, this number from Peaceful Classics is a versatile choice. You can incorporate it into your dining area, kitchen, master’s bedroom, bathroom, or any other living space. Built by Amish craftsmen, these tilt-out trash cabinets are timeless pieces that represent decades of tradition. Furthermore, its tilt-out design allows you to conveniently store waste while keeping it hidden. 





Tangkula is known for its stylish and elegant pieces, and this tilt-out trash cabinet is no exception. It is visually appealing and super functional as it features a scratch-proof and wear-resistant body. However, what really makes it stand out from the rest is its bottom shelf that can be adjusted to fit regular–large wastebaskets or compost bins. To maximize the heaviest of compost loads, each shelf is carefully engineered and can hold up to 33lbs of weight. It’s everything you need in a trash bin cabinet, so don’t miss out and get one today.





What makes this cabinet from Homfa unique, you ask? It’s nearly effortless to assemble as it comes with pristinely fitted parts for easy and rapid assembly. Made from premium quality MDF, it has a sturdy body and features an anti-fall device fitting that ensures maximum stability. Homfa prioritizes safety, aesthetics, and design, so expect nothing less in those areas when you get this one for your bathroom or kitchen.





Made out of premium solid oak, this tilt-out trash can cabinet is designed to conceal your compost load and waste containers. It has an open-top lid that allows you to easily lift and fill with different items. This product is made from high-quality authentic hardwood for durability. Its heirloom quality makes it a piece gives it a classy, polished vibe that antique collectors love and is worthy of being passed on to future generations.



Add Plants To Hide Trash Can

There are many benefits that come with buying trellis or faux vines to hide garbage cans. For one thing, they requires less maintenance and last longer than real plants. Apart from this, they’re visually stimulating and can provide you with the inspiration you need when you’re feeling fatigued. Not only do they hide those unsightly trash bins, but you get to decorate your space as well. 





Here’s an idea: artificial plants. If you find it a hassle to have to deal with daily watering and several pounds of fertilizer, the good news is that you don’t have to. Try getting one of these faux plants from TEMCHY instead. They do an exceptional job of highlighting and enhancing the design and dimensions of any space. Furthermore, TEMCHY’s artificial boxwood stems can camouflage your trash pretty well and provide temporary storage for discarded items before the waste disposal truck comes to take those garbage bags away.




Real or fake? You can’t really tell the difference when you buy this product. With these beautiful fake vines, it’ll seem like there is actual herbage on your wall or fence. Be it for decorative purposes or hiding the trash bins from your neighbors, this should more than do the trick. Made of injection-mold technology that keeps each vine and leaf in place, this is a sturdy choice that will last you for a long time. 





This ornament gives off a delicate touch and is most suitable for use in minimalist interior spaces. The intricate lines of each petal make for a distinct yet cohesive visual pattern.  Each piece is timeless and can transcend any occasion. You can use it as decor for any season—be it in fall, Christmas, or thanksgiving. Furthermore, it will complement even the most quirky and standoff-ish homes seamlessly. 





These artificial yellow sunflower heads measure 1.8 inches and can pass off for the real thing. As they are created from high-quality silk and plastic, you won’t ever have to worry about these blossoms “wilting” in the sun. Each flower comprises two layers of petals to give it that premium feel. They are well-suited for use on special occasions (e.g. bridal bouquets) or for keeping your trash cleverly hidden from view. 





How you place foliage to hide your trash affects the contours and dimensions of your space. Depending on their orientation, some foliage or faux plants will blend seamlessly into the aesthetics of a space. One type of herbage we think will make an excellent choice for your patio or fence are these hanging plants from Artiflr. Most orders don’t come with many in tow, but these come in a four-pack to ensure you won’t run out of greenery once set up. 





If you’ve been waiting all year for autumn, it’s time to cut the wait short. These beautiful red, yellow, and orange garlands are reminiscent of a sunset. String it across your fence or any enclosure, and you’re sure to revamp your garage, patio, or backyard. Put it atop your fireplace or obscure your unsightly trash can bins on your porch or driveway to give it the warm hues of fall.



If you’re looking to hide trash can bins in large areas, the Heraty Store has got you covered. With its 87 feet of vinery and greens, this garland is sure to keep unsightly compost and trash hidden from sight. Furthermore, these vines are handy to design your property with. Whether you’re creating a delineation mark or trying to keep your backyard garbage away from your neighbor’s prying eyes, these will make for a great choice as you quite literally won’t run out of material to work with. Each order comes with one garland that has a total of 12 strands on each end.





Eucalyptus plants can camouflage your trash and spruce up any dull space instantly. GreenCallow specially created these beautiful silk leaves from durable plastic to last you a lifetime. Super versatile, it’s perfect for weddings, bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, or simply to adorn your foyer with. Each leaf is hand-painted with three different colors to choose from to match any setting. Furthermore, the leaves are detachable, so you can make the leaf arrangement as full as you want them to be.





For best effect, pair these artificial ivy plants with cloth or a similar material. Otherwise, you could weave them to create a full trash can enclosure. Furthermore, these ivy plants are able to withstand the elements thanks to their durable rattan build. With a total of 12 strands, each rattan comes with 100 leaves. Apart from this, you can cover any fence with it. It won’t deteriorate in quality, even with prolonged exposure to the sun.





Sometimes, a twelve-strand garland (84 feet of lush green leaves) is all you need to hide that trash can from plain sight. This is apt for any place in the house, be it your bedroom or front yard. Featuring intricate and lifelike details, you’d be hard-pressed to differentiate this from the real deal. Apart from using it as camouflage, it’s also works brilliantly as a centerpiece or adornment for an entryway.



Kitchen Islands Don’t Have To Be Bulky

Some people shun the idea of getting a kitchen island due to its large size. However, kitchen islands aren’t necessarily bulky nor do they need to be placed solely in the kitchen. In fact, a kitchen island can help you to store large quantities of waste in a discreet manner. These help you recycle and organize large quantities of trash any time you please.





The kitchen can be tricky to keep clean, so what better way to tackle the mess than to hide your trash bins? This one from Giantex is a portable kitchen island. You’d be able to move it around as you create and decorate your dream kitchen. If you have a limited area to keep your items, it’ll be easy to put anywhere else as it is light and portable. Furthermore, it comes with two cabinet doors to easily open and unravel your compost underneath. Easily dispose of your trash and eliminate odor while maintaining a clean kitchen with this island cart.





This kitchen cart is constructed from a durable hardwood material and features a sleek matte black finish. Also, it comes with adjustable shelves that you can customize according to your needs/preferences. Apart from those, there is ample space for utensils, knives, and other items thanks to its three drawers and two closets. Wheel it around your kitchen with ease.





Consisting of solid wood material and veneers, this kitchen island is one of the most durable options in our list. You can keep your trash bins tucked away discreetly within its cabinets. Apart from this, there are two adjustable shelves inside that you can customize. Decorative steel hardware lends the kitchen island a premium feel and makes it a very stylish choice.





This kitchen island cart is useful for hiding trash bins. Easily roll it in and out of your kitchen so you can easily work your way through the day even when your to-do list is full. Besides, you can also keep appliances and other electronics as it has a drawer and two-door cabinet. Aside from this, this little kitchen helper will keep you organized and clean. Make your life in the kitchen easy and mess-free with this island. 




What makes this kitchen island stand out from the rest is its capacity. This rolling wood kitchen island is beautiful as it can more than host large compost loads. Other than this, trash storage is easy with one smooth coherent movement. Further, it’s the kitchen island that moves with you: expand and fold it as you please since it’s easy to modify.


You won’t ever run out of storage because it has two cabinets, two drawers, with four individual shelves inside. It can keep small bins inside while still having space for spoons, silverware, and even your baking tools. No matter the recipe or procedure, run your kitchen with ease. This portable trash can cabinet keep you fully prepared for anything in the kitchen.





If you’re tired of the same basic decor, it’s time to heighten your sense of aesthetic. Not only will this Winsome kitchen island add a sense of refinement to the kitchen, but it will also add functionality to the space. It’s finished with two-toned walnut to give your kitchen class with a touch of rustic charm to it. Also, it can effectively hide your trash, with each cabinet being able to host medium-sized trash bins.





This gives any home that classic, aged look that many simply love. Indeed, this kitchen island from the Home Styles Store would make a superb addition to any home. Each kitchen island cabinet door features raised details that are carefully crafted. Moreover, it is constructed with solid hardwood for a highly sturdy body. Ultimately, though, what gives it a unique flair is its distressed oak wood finish.



Utilize Pull-Out Trash Drawers Anywhere In The Home

Be it the bedroom or the living room, there are multiple trash drawers to suit your different needs. Pull-out trash drawers are perfect for your home, whether you’re working at a home office space or just enjoying some time with some guests over. No one else has to know where the trash is… except yourself, of course.




If you’re not willing to get a kitchen island just yet, a pull-out can serve as a smart and viable alternative. A pullout from Hardware Resources is compatible with typical 35–50 quart trash cans. Furthermore, this makes access your hidden bins easy: all you need to do is pull it out and unload your trash. Push it back in, and you’re done with your waste disposal!





Just roll it all out, because this pull-out system more than allows you to. The steel construction is of a smart design that flawlessly blends convenience and organization.  With 24-liter bins in this set, it’s easy to sort out your garbage right away. The best part is you’ll no longer have to look for a separate bin to match the design of these ball-bearing slides! 





Hide trash cans easily without compromising the slightest on accessibility and functionality. This 35-quart waste container comes with ball-bearing slides so you can easily manage your recycling and compost within your cabinet. Apart from this, slide it in and out without effort with its under-mount that can be fully extended. It can hold up to 90 pounds of weight. 





If you’re looking for a high-quality, heavy-duty product that maximizes space, this might just be the product for you. AdirHome specifically designed this product to host two compost bins, such that it’s constructed of a steel frame and ball-bearing slides. It’s the one waste system that is versatile enough to use on tilt-outs or even pull out cabinets. Moreover, it comes with a set of detailed instructions, so it’s relatively easy to set up.





This set-up comes with polymer white bins that make for a clean and convenient waste system. You have an option to get lids for these bins to avoid waste from flying out when you pull it out. With its six-way adjustable build, it can easily conform to your needs without any problem. Precision ball-bearing slides allow you to pull it out smoothly for effective operation.





The premise is simple: a pull-out waste system from Simplehuman that is engineered with precision and durability. Not only does it have a decent waste disposal capacity of 30 liters, but it can also be pulled out from any closet/cabinet in one smooth motion thanks to its commercial-grade ball-bearing tracks. All you’ll have to do is attach it to your cabinet and start disposing of your waste through this garbage storage option!





Laurey designed these ball bearing slides specifically for those looking for a quick trash storage solution. This heavyweight can handle up to 100lbs and is made of zinc-plated finish, you don’t have to worry about a deterioration in the long run. What makes it unique is that it has soft-closing aero dampers to keep fingers safe.





Lynk Professional’s Bin Holder pull-out turns any sort of container into a pull-out bin. The 40-year-old manufacturer is an expert in producing a line of innovative products, and this is no exception. Be it the kitchen, pantry, bathroom, or laundry room, the unique design guarantees to convert any bin into an accessible pull-out in minutes. Furthermore, it’s versatile enough to  be used anywhere around the house.




Save kitchen space with this pull-out system that can house two bins at one. Not only will it save you on a significant floor area, but it’s also accessible and eco friendly as well. The secret lies in the PP material that makes it a durable choice to boot. Versatile and durable, you’re getting a well-built product with equally reusable bins for the long term. 



Think Outside The Box

While it’s convenient to make use of tried-and-tested techniques, there’s no harm in trying other ways to keep the trash situation under control. Here are some unusual yet innovative ways to hide your trash, because literally sweeping the dirt under your rug just won’t cut it anymore.





Here’s a fresh way to hide those trash cans. A willow screen is easy on the eyes and is an economical purchase. These professionally made dividers are not just substantial for hiding your trash, but they’re also useful when you want to change clothes or to hide certain items inside or outside of the home. Give your home a touch of the tropical today.





Wicker hampers make incredible storage for your waste bins because of their beautiful design and vertical shape. You get to save on floor space and have more space to keep all your trash inside due to its size. This one from BirdRock Home makes use of durable abaca fibers, allowing you to use it for the long term. Aside from this, it comes with canvas liners so you can keep almost anything within it. Be it your trash can or pieces of clothing, its beautiful abaca pattern gives your home a lovely touch. 




Get hands-on with a little bit of DIY. These walnut hollow rustic pallets make for a distinguished alternative to wooden planks. Here’s why: these maximize the area, and it’s not that hard to put together. Furthermore, these pallets are easily customizable. You can use paint, stain, and other decorative items to fit your style. Depending on your preference, get as many as you want with it. It’s a fun and effective way to keep your trash out of sight!





There won’t be a need to keep the trash bin or hide it away if it’s attractive anyway. This recycler from Ninestars Automatic is pleasing to the eyes. It makes use of high-end technology to  help you recycle all your waste material. It makes use of a water-proof sensor and fingerprint-resistant stainless steel to give you a feel of how versatile and cutting edge this recycler truly is. Now, wouldn’t you want this in your kitchen when your hands are full? 




If you want the ultimate waste bin to keep your compost, this is the prominent choice among the entries on the list. This hideaway can from Suncast holds up to 33 gallons of capacity so you can dispose of a rather large load for the road. It’s ideal to put anywhere, as it is portable, and quite lightweight as well. It takes up virtually no space and comes in three colors to choose from. 




If you’re looking for a large capacity, then you have found your match. This double wheelie bin shed from vidaXL is pivotal to put in the garden, whether you store bags of fertilizer or multiple garden shears in it. Furthermore, it’s suitable to host two huge trash bins inside and is cut out for the heavy-duty dirt that needs disposing of. Apart from this, it consists of polyester rattan, which mimics the actual fibers. You’ll be glad to know that it’s easy to assemble: it’s a one-man job to get it done.



The heavy-duty ones are the big guns in the name of waste disposal. Leisure Season brought in the RSS2001, and it has been a game-changer since. The weather-resistant waste bin system can keep up to two extra-large city waste bins. Apart from it, it is crafted with solid, decay-resistant cypress wood. Keep your ritual disposal routine in check, and your bins in one centralized place. With this shed in the pool area or garage, the possibilities are limitless. 





Keep your hygiene above par with this innovative smart waste bin from BestOffice. The stainless steel material on this bin is high-quality and wire-drawing. It comes in a chrome silver body that utilizes touch-less technology to open and close without a remote or the use of buttons and switches. Lastly, its infrared technology ensures that any unpleasant smells will remain contained.




The classic white picket fence is one of the finest ideas we’ve come up with so far. Its pearl white sheen stands out and is vintage enough to be called a “classic.” At the same time, it is modern enough to be added and complement other quirky pieces of furniture you may have. What sets this product apart from others is that it is backed by a 10-year warranty. 



So there you have it—our top tips to keep your trash under wraps. It’s important to remember that no matter which method you choose, that the ultimate goal is to keep your bins out of the way. We hope you enjoyed these tips of ours! Share them with the ones who matter to you so they can benefit from the knowledge, too.

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