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8 Outdoor Bar Ideas For A Chill Night Out 8 Outdoor Bar Ideas For A Chill Night Out

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8 Outdoor Bar Ideas For A Chill Night Out

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

These eight amazing outdoor bar ideas will entice you to set one up immediately! Bond with your friends and family over good food and drinks.

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Outdoor bars are like a rare treat – everybody wants them, but only a few have the space and time to actually make them possible.



But, did you know that with a bit of imagination, a lot of dedication, and some real estate, you’ll be able to get yourself a beautiful bar that can make being outdoors feel like a treat? There is a multitude of ways in which you can design an outdoor bar. If you’re interested, here are a few ideas to try today:



8 outdoor bar ideas for a chill night out



1. Investing In Nature

Lounge bar by the Mediterranean sea in Croatia



An outdoor bar is always multi-functional. Unlike what some may think, it doesn’t only have to be a place you can retreat to when you’re in the mood for a drink. The reality is that it can function as a food bar as well.



Bar furniture would have to be sturdy and larger than average to accommodate all your items. With a lake or garden as the backdrop, this wooden masterpiece sets the tone nicely for a cozy gathering.



2. In The Lap Of Luxury

In the lap of luxury

Image by Pxhere



A lush outdoor bar doesn’t need to have typical bar furniture and paraphernalia. In fact, you can design one that’s as lavish as any outdoor setting can get with just a bit of effort.



The layout in this image is the perfect inspiration for enjoying a relaxing night in the lap of luxury. An outdoor fireplace would not only set the tone for the night but also provide comfort and coziness. Plush chairs are perfect for kicking back and relaxing with a drink while your feet are up. The best part is that such a bar design can be used even during the day if you set up a stylish parasol over it!



3. Modern Rustic

modern rustic

Photo from pxhere.com



If a semi-covered bar is what you want, then this particular outdoor bar design would be right up your alley. It doubles as a kitchen and is exactly what you’d need if you like entertaining large crowds.



Elevate the look with stylish outdoor bar furniture, which includes but is not limited to outdoor bar stools. There’s plenty of storage to keep the food safe, plus an oven and a sink to help prepare delicious food. This is the kind of joint that professional party-hosts and goers would love and enjoy beyond measure!



4. With A Pergola Roof

outdoor bar with pergola roof



If you’re seeking an outdoor bar idea that’s the perfect compromise between covered and open, choose this option. It has a pergola for a roof that looks great and doesn’t obscure your views from the top at all. It also utilizes a joint kitchen-bar design that’s really easy to operate for people who are manning the bar.



To get the best effect, you could add a small desk and complement it with beautiful outdoor bar furniture. You’ll love how easy it is to entertain your guests!



5. Getting The Havana Vibe

havana vibe

Photo from pxhere.com



Outdoor bars are typically fairly easy to design – unless you’re going for the full works, that is. Some examples include a bar-slash-kitchen, outdoor bar stools, outdoor bar tables, and more. If that’s what you want, then you need to think about how much space you have and how you want to utilize it.



The outdoor bar design in this image is a great example of how to incorporate the full works into a small amount of space. It has dedicated just the right amount of square footage to the bar-come-kitchen, which is open on all sides.



The outdoor bar stools enhance its design while the tables, furniture, and nooks in the background make the whole experience complete!



6. Outdoor Bar In The Backyard

outdoor bar in the backyard



In the mood to cook some food? Have an outdoor bar in your backyard. A spot where delicious meals can be whipped up alongside equally delectable cocktails and margaritas is definitely a great spot to add to your home. Show off those cooking/mixing skills you’ve been honing! Simple and fail-proof, this idea is sure to keep the guests coming.



7. The Rooftop Bar

rooftop bar



Rooftops in high-rise apartments are the equivalents of yards/gardens in bungalows, semi-detached houses, etc. You could easily convert your roof into a well-loved party spot by setting up a small bar there.



If space is your concern, it doesn’t even have to be a full-fledged structure. You could create a decent ambiance just by using some outdoor bar tables and bar stools. If that doesn’t work, set up a small shelf with your drink selections in a shaded area to get the best possible effect!



8. The Tiki-Bar Comeback

Tiki Bar Lounge



Tiki bars have been making a huge comeback, and it’s not difficult to see why! There’s a certain rustic charm to them that can’t be found in most other outdoor bar decor themes.



If you have a small gazebo and/or pool in your house, this is the kind of outdoor bar that you’d want to go for! It could become your go-to place for a night out. The ambiance is perfect for you to let your wild side out, even on the coldest of nights. Pro tip: just throw in a comfy hot tub in your backyard, and you’re set for a tantalizing Tiki time!





These are some outdoor bar ideas for a chill night out without actually setting a foot out the door. While some may be a tad challenging, most of them are easy and thus perfect for beginners. Whatever your budget may be, you’re sure to find an idea that works for you.

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