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15 Outdoor Storage Bench For Relaxing With Nature 15 Outdoor Storage Bench For Relaxing With Nature

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15 Outdoor Storage Bench For Relaxing With Nature

Written by: Sarah Reyes

Get closer to nature with these outdoor storage bench options! Gorgeous and versatile, they're perfect for relaxing or bonding with loved ones.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to enjoy the great outdoors at your own convenience? A nice and sturdy outdoor storage bench is the perfect addition to your abode if you want to spend more time outdoors. Not only will you get to sit with a loved one while basking in the sunlight/moonlight, but you’ll also get to store much-needed household items in it as well. 



We’ve filtered out the bad tomatoes in the patch and picked out the best ones that you can buy right now. Here are Storables’ 15 top-rated outdoor storage bench picks:



15 Outdoor Storage Bench Options For Relaxing With Nature - Infographics



When you select a bench for the outdoors, you need to go for the one that has durability and looks sophisticated. However, wooden benches often deteriorate over time when subject to the elements (e.g. sunlight), which in turn makes them more expensive to maintain.



Your best bet is to get a faux wood storage bench like this Eden Storage Bench from Keter. Made with top-quality UV-protected resin, the faux wood complements any sort of exterior finish easily. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor spaces. 




This heavy-duty 130-gallon outdoor deck box also doubles as an outdoor storage bench. Made from high-quality polyethylene, it can withstand all kinds of rough weather conditions. It is water-resistant and protected by UV panels. The lockable lid won’t slam shut, so rest assured that naughty little fingers are safe from harm. To top all of that, this box a top-rated product with over 2,325 ratings made to date. What more could you ask for?



What sets the Lifetime 60254 apart from other options is in its storage capacity. This one’s a monster when it comes to size: it contains 150 gallons of storage space and boasts dimensions of 59.3 in. (W) x 25 in. (D) x 25.3 in. (H). Its hinges are controlled by springs, allowing for maximum control on your part. Don’t worry about lurking neighbors – this storage bench has a lock mechanism, so you’ll have sole access to its contents. This box is built to last and takes after its namesake because it will last you a lifetime, after all.




With a 10-year warranty, you can purchase this product with peace of mind. Its high-density polyethylene build is both water and UV-proof, while its hinges are made from powder-coated steel for ultimate durability. We reckon that it’ll look perfect placed right next to your backyard pool.




Looking for something a little more dainty? This Suncast 99-gallon outdoor deck box comes in white. If you’re looking to host a garden wedding, birthday party, or even a christening session for that new-born baby, this one is a perfect storage ensemble for you. Water-resistant and made of poly-resin, the Suncast 99 Gallon Storage Box is perfect for your patio, deck, garage, porch, or yard. You can store a wide variety of items in it, be it pool toys, gardening tools, grill supplies, or sports equipment. Just lay a soft cloth on the surface of the lid, and it will make for a great seating option.




With plenty of room for all your items, this can easily become a household favorite. It also doubles as a bench for two adults as the deck storage box holds up to 90 gallons of items at any given time.



The lockable lid provides protection so all your valuables and belongings remain safe. The Keter promise is that it will not peel, rot, or rust even with repeated exposure to the elements. Just add a cushion pad on top of the storage bench for added comfort when sitting. It has a faux wooden feel that will give your home a warm and cabin-like feel. Although relatively smaller compared to others in this list, it is jam-packed with features and is an absolutely worthwhile buy.




The Keter Westwood is unique and equipped with hydraulic pistons that allow you maximum control of the lid when opening. With a 150-gallon storage capacity, you won’t be short of storage inspiration with this in tow. What’s so great about it is that it’s made of weather-resistant plastic resin. In addition, it features a natural wooden panel design so you’ll have the best of both worlds. Its plastic build makes it durable while the use of faux wood makes it look aesthetically pleasing.



This Keter Borneo is named after the Malayan archipelago as it might as well be inspired by it. Its inlay design mimics rattan but is actually made of weather-resistant polypropylene. Highly durable, this product serves as a great outdoor storage bench. It can also withstand abuse from animals, children, and the elements. It’s equipped with an automatic opening mechanism for when your hands are full.



We have many reasons why the Rubbermaid FG5E3900OLVSS is one of our favorites. Firstly, this compact storage piece is a great purchase because of its price point. Quality is not compromised, and you know you’re getting terrific value with this product. This deck box also doubles as an outdoor storage bench with its double-wall capacity that can seat two people. It’s easy to assemble and highly durable, too. 



This is a beautiful replacement for a typical outdoor storage bench. Although medium-sized (dimensions stand at 46″ x 21.6″ x 22.5″), you’re sure to maximize its space with its wealth of space to store your valuables. The lid flips open smoothly on its hinges so you can easily retrieve items that are stored inside. It is water-resistant, so the pitter-patter of rainwater will easily flow from its surface. You can have peace of mind that its contents will be free from rust and mildew.



The Suncast 50-gallon patio bench is durable as it is elegant. Sit back, relax, and rest your back as it is designed with a headboard that will support your body comfortably. You can easily store cushions, pool toys, gardening tools, and other knick-knacks as this one is spacious, measuring 54″ X 21″ X 34.5″. It is water-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about rust nor mildew.




What makes Suncast a valuable find is that their products are made from durable poly-resin. This mixture makes their products highly reliable, and the same can be said for this deck box. This deck box makes a great outdoor storage bench as it is resistant to the most adverse of weather conditions. It is water-resistant, and will neither fade nor rust even with time. It is a piece that will surely be part of the family for generations to come. 




This outdoor deck box has a gross total weight capacity of 530 lbs. and can easily seat two adults. Its large room capacity makes it ideal for storing those hard-to-find items. Everything will now be within arm’s reach because you’ll be able to locate them right away. Its hydraulic pistons make for a highly versatile and automatic mechanism. Finally, its resin construction and built-in ventilation ensure that your items stay safe and dry come what may.



The 71-gallon Keter Marvel Plus is a treasure box as much as it is an outdoor storage bench. You can unlock it with ease and pretend to unravel what’s inside. It may be a little less than it’s large-sized counterparts, but this can’t be overlooked. Keter is a brand that is rightfully rated as a great product since it is made of world-class quality materials.



With multiple features, this one is truly a “Marvel”. Furthermore, it has built-in handles that allow for full mobility – you can move it around with ease. And it’s equipped with rollers so that there’s no need to lug it around and strain your muscles. Thank you, Keter.



Last but not least, we have the Suncast Elements Loveseat. This comfortable love-seat is perfect for couples looking to get some alone time away from the kids. It’s can be placed virtually anywhere: you can have a vantage point from the patio, porch entryway, or poolside. This outdoor bench is equipped with armrests that allow for maximum comfort and relaxation. Easily assembled and dissembled, you can also take it with you on trips. Highly durable, this one will never get rusty or dented.



Final Thoughts on Outdoor Storage Benches

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We’ve picked out the cream of the crop, and now it’s up to you to decide. Originally, wooden outdoor storage bench options are classy to look at, but they don’t necessarily give you the same quality that deck boxes give you in the long term. In addition, deck boxes give you ultimate space and more storage room for you due to their size.



Whether it’s resin, polypropylene, wood, or any commercial-grade materials in the market, we want you to choose from the most durable and versatile products that really work. As long as you have longevity, comfort, and sustainability in mind, our list will surely deliver.

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