20 Outdoor Garbage Can Storage For Utmost Cleanliness

October 7, 2020

young woman throwing garbage in recycling bin at city street


Everyone wants a beautiful home. While some might think of filling their spaces with beautiful houseplants, others opt for pretty little furnishings like curtains and rugs to make the place seem cozier. However, what you will probably find yourself overlooking the most is the outside of your house.


Yes, your grass is neatly mowed and you try your best to keep it clean but there’s just that shiny plastic or metal trash bin that’s ruining the whole mood of your yard. While trash cans and other necessary utilities can be an eyesore that we can’t control, you’ll be glad to know that outdoor garbage can storage need not be dull nor boring. Read on to find out more!


Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Ideas You Should Know



You can never go wrong with wood: a classic and durable material, it goes well with virtually anything. The downside, however, is that wood can become corroded after prolonged exposure to the outside elements. Despite the appearance of this product, it’s actually made of resin (a type of plastic) which is incredibly durable. The dark tone of this outdoor garbage can storage shed will instantly impart warmth to your space, while little details on its metal hardware make it reminiscent of a vintage chest you would find at an antique shop. 




An adorable little metal house for your garbage can, this one has the form factor of a typical shed with its sloped roof and is able to accommodate a trash bin perfectly. Like any other outdoor shed, it features a galvanized iron finish and has corrugations which give it some dimension. This particular shade of blue is also quite neutral and will complement other decorations/furniture pieces in your yard.




If you deal with plenty of trash on a daily basis, worry not as you can easily find an equally large trash can shed to keep up with your organizational needs. This one comes in a paneled wood body and looks incredibly rustic. Its wood paneling makes it look super warm and beautiful and the grainy look gives it so much life. This beauty will effectively hide your trash bins and even become a nice accent to your outdoor space.




If you’re seeking over-the-top precious storage for your garbage cans, definitely consider getting this gorgeous trash can holder. Drawing inspiration from marble columns in Greek temples, these designs ooze class and command instant respect. Gorgeous and incredibly durable, what more could you possibly ask for?




Apart from wood, a great way of adding warmth and texture to your space is to make use of woven materials. Although natural materials are more likely to get damaged or worn out when placed outdoors, modern technology has led to the creation of resin-woven materials that are water-resistant. The woven look has become increasingly popular when it comes to patios and general outside use because it reminds anyone of their favorite tropical getaway. It looks so lightweight and breezy!




An area where you can organize your trash in privacy is ideal. We’ve got you covered with this lovely metal garbage shed that can do way more than just hold your trash bins. It’s a fairly large area with vertical space that you can use to store gardening tools or other gadgets. It’s also good for storing extra trash bags or cleaning materials.




Your backyard deserves as much love as your front yard. After all, you will probably have share intimate moments here with family and friends. You could also be spending a lot of time just relaxing and enjoying the sun. Most patios and lanais make use of a whole wicker furniture collection because it’s waterproof, lightweight and easy to move around. 




Good air circulation is key, especially when it comes to dealing with garbage. There’s nothing worse than opening a garbage can to an overwhelming stench that assaults your nostrils immediately. This wooden enclosure gives you ample coverage while still giving out a nice and beautiful warmth thanks to the wood planks. It will also compliment the natural scenery that surrounds it.




Here’s a simple yet stylish resin trash can holder that mimics numerous popular natural elements. From its faux woven panels to the false wood paneling on its bottom, here’s a trash can enclosure that will never go out of style. You could easily place this in both your front yard and back yard and it would compliment your home nicely with its dark neutral woody tone. This will certainly look much better than a black tin can or a shiny plastic garbage bin.




Sometimes, a dead-bolt lock is necessary to keep your trash can enclosures secure. The wind can blow really hard and send your doors wildly swinging around, but that won’t be an issue with this outdoor garbage can storage option. Aside from being really pretty with its faux wood look and its chic hardware accents, this outdoor garbage can storage can also give you peace of mind with its heavy-duty locking mechanism.




Your garbage can storage can be as simple as a little bit of fencing to keep the eyes from seeing the eyesore that is your trash can. Here, we have a nice little lattice design and simple lines that will compliment your house nicely without calling too much attention to the bin it’s housing. Something about it just adds a sense of calm and peace to your home!




This product from Sporty’s proves that the materials used in a design can affect the overall look of a product greatly. Although the form of this trash can closure is not really anything new, replacing the material from shiny tacky plastic to teak wood is definitely something we don’t see very often and it gives new life to a design that we’ve seen a million times before. 




Again, if you deal with a lot of trash and you think that there aren’t many wicker options for large garbage sheds, think again because there are! If you’re not a big fan of those giant dumpsters, you’ll be covered with this gorgeous woven resin trash can enclosure. It’s stylish, lightweight, and most importantly keeps your trash bins concealed within a sleek black frame.




With all the solid panels and tightly woven enclosures, here’s a refreshing change of pace with some diagonal paneling to liven up your trash bin. Outdoor garbage can enclosures can often seek to be as subtle as they can possibly be so they usually make use of plain surfaces or just simple horizontal or vertical paneling. We’re sure you’ll find this really refreshing with its lively details.




Probably the most popular design when it comes to garbage sheds, this design is subtle yet chic. It also sports simple resin paneling that will compliment almost any home you can think of. This has very subtle locking features that keep it secure and everything about it is quite palatable. To keep it from being too boring and simple, it also incorporates a mix of horizontal and vertical paneling. Overall, it is unimposing and perfect for anyone who is just looking for functional outdoor garbage can storage.




Whether this is used in a public park or your home,  a simple metal enclosure with some vent holes will never fail you. It’s secure but lightweight and you can make it even more secure by bolting into the flooring. There’s truly not a lot to say about this design aside from that it’s very sleek and also quite easy to access. You can use the large door to switch out bins or the plastic lining inside. You can also easily take out your trash by lifting its metal lid.




For a more interesting fenced look, you can also opt for this enclosure that sports curved detail that might compliment your white picket fence even more. Like I always say, horizontal and vertical lines are all well and good, but why not try something fresh and new by experimenting with curves and diagonals? This will no doubt give your home a lot more character and make it less predictable.




A simple wooden box is probably the most popular design, and for good reason. It doesn’t stand out too much and it will naturally compliment the surroundings. It also breathes a lot of life in to a space to contrast the cold look of tiles or stone and will bring about the feel of wood and green leaves. This simple trash can enclosure will keep your garbage lid hidden while effortlessly freshening up your outdoor spaces.




Bring some chicness of the New York streets into your own backyard or patio with this perforated metal trash can holder. It’s especially perfect if you host a lot of garden parties as some guests may want to smoke. It has an integrated metal ash tray on the top so you can avoid finding random cigarette butts around your yard when you clean up after the party. The black and white metal casing also gives it a very cosmopolitan look for your home!




A simple resin wicker trash can holder is another unbeatable choice when it comes to your patios and lanais because it doesn’t have too many bells and whistles that can break with age. How many automatic trash cans have you had that broke after a year or levers that have stopped working after being stepped on so many times? This simple and fundamental design will age well with its manual open lid and waterproof material.



Types Of Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Ideas

The minimal yet classy finish of timber can make wooden garbage cans look appealing and enhance the outdoor space of your home. When it comes to the benefits, a wooden outdoor garbage can makes for an ideal choice. Wood is moisture resistant, and so, you don’t have to worry about harsh weather conditions or heavy rainfalls affecting it either..
Resin holds a reputation for its strong properties when added to the plastic. It is an affordable yet strong option for dumping all the trash as the moisture-resistant body keeps the water away in every season. Resin garbage can come in a variety of contemporary designs including wicker and many others.
Rubbermaid is a trusted name when it comes to storage containers and other household items. Their trash cans are used all over the world in both household and business outlets as they are famous for their water-resistant, sturdy bodies. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.
If you are looking for a garbage can storage with minimum absorption and maximum utility, then PVC is your best friend. PVC storage cans are the ultimate choice for all those who are looking for something sturdy to place outside their houses. The material possesses some great advantages, like resistance to moisture and odour. This way, the can remains in its perfect condition for a long time. 



Outdoor Garbage Can Storage FAQ




1. How To Avoid Bad Smell Of Garbage Cans?

Sprinkling some baking soda or kitty litter at the bottom of the garbage can prevent bad smell from developing in the trash can.




2. Does Covering Garbage Prevent Maggots?

No. Maggots in trash can only appear when the trash isn’t taken out for days, and flies start gathering on the garbage. Covering it will only prevent the flies and insects from entering the garbage can.




3. Why Does My Garbage Can Storage Have Maggots?

It’s because the garbage has been accumulating inside the can for days and was left uncovered. Covering the garbage can with a strong lid, and emptying it regularly are two vital steps to avoid maggots.




4. Which Large Size Garbage Can Storage Is Perfect For Outdoor Use? 

 Large-sized garbage can be suitable for you if you notice that the trash that you produce is quite a lot. When selecting a size, be sure to take into account the space you have outdoors and the overall trash produce you normally have to deal with.



Normally, a 30+ gallons sized trash can is suitable if there is a lot of waste products. Otherwise, 12 gallons and 10 gallons of trash can sizes are suitable for indoor use.




5. What Outdoor Garbage Can Sheds Are Good For Enclosing Your Trash? 

Outdoor sheds are becoming increasingly popular with more and more people opting to hide away their trash cans from plain sight by storing them in a shed.



There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to an outdoor shed. Generally speaking, a 12 by 12-foot outdoor shed might be suitable if you have a large outdoor space or yard. You can go for smaller sheds depending on the available space.



6. How To Organize Waste Using Outdoor Garbage Can Storage?

Outdoor garbage can storage can help you get rid of all the trash and junk piling up inside your home. Make a habit of throwing away everything in dustbins inside your home and then gather all of that to dump in the outdoor garbage can. This way you’ll have an organized system in place to take out the trash without letting it get piled up.

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