The Ultimate Guide To Have The Perfect Outdoor Garbage Can Storage

Getting the right kind of outdoor garbage can storage can seem like a pretty easy task on the surface. You might think to yourself it’s just a trash can, as long as it holds all the stuff inside, you’re good. The truth is, a trash can be much more than just a mere container.



A bunch of things like size, material, shape, need to be kept in mind while investing money in it. Why? Because a trash can is usually a long-term investment. Once you purchase it, it’s very likely that you’ll continue using the same one for a couple of years before you replace it with a new one. Therefore, making a good choice from the get-go can make things easier for you in the long run.



Every outdoor space is different and can accommodate different kinds of outdoor garbage can storage. In this guide, we will be talking about all the essential aspects you must consider if you plan to buy outdoor can storage.




Ultimate Buyer’s Guide For Outdoor Garbage Can Storage



There are a number of things you need to consider before you go ahead and invest in a trash can. Getting the wrong item can mean wasting your energy, effort, and of course, money on something you most likely won’t be able to use.



This buyer guide will briefly explain the points that must be kept in mind while you decide on an appropriate trash can for your outdoor space.



The Right Kind Of Material

Outdoor garbage can storages are made of either metal, concrete, or plastic. A metal consists of steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. The plastic ones consist of polyethylene and resin while concrete ones include polymer concrete.



Metal outdoor storage for garbage is the most widely used by those who need a durable option that is also under budget.



Benefits of garbage can storage include being comparatively inexpensive, heat resistant, extremely durable, termite-repellent and overall having good wind-resistance as a mean to prevent the can from toppling over. However, they aren’t very trustworthy when it comes to water leakage, and are also prone to rust and corrosion.



Another option is concrete, which is again, weather-resistant material and can withstand high-pressure winds and severe hot climates. It can also be used as a barricade and is a highly strong material to be used in constructing outdoor garbage can storages. The only disadvantage of concrete is its cumbersome body due to which it can be a challenge to move it.



Last on the list is plastic, which is widely used because it offers a wide variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Outdoor garbage can storages made of plastic tend to be very durable and can go a long time without any wear and tear. Plastic outdoor storage trashcan requires little to no maintenance and is easily movable.




Appropriate Size

Size is usually not the foundation for selecting the right kind of bin. However, you need to consider the scope for the area you are going to put it in and the amount of trash you throw away on average.



Outdoor storage for garbage with the size anywhere between 28-40 gallons is considered enough for regular use. In case you have a family of a lot of people or your neighbors also use the same trash can as yours, you might need large-sized outdoor storage for garbage that has over 42 gallons of space.




Where Can You Buy Outdoor Can Storage?

Several options come up when you search for places to buy outdoor can storage from. Nevertheless, only a few out of those options are reliable.



Amazon, Walmart, and Home Depot are three of the most efficient and trustworthy online stores which will give you the best of the products. Their buying and shipping procedures are hassle-free and straightforward with a sale going on almost throughout the year.



Also, if you are a regular customer of any of these e-commerce stores or have made a purchase in the past, they will provide you with discount coupons that you can redeem at your next purchase.




5 Benefits Of Having An Outdoor Garbage Can Storage

Benefits of outdoor garbage can


  • Nobody likes trash being spread around everywhere. Having an outdoor trash can will let you put away all the junk in it so that your house remains clean and tidy as ever.
  • Throwing the litter in an outdoor trash can will keep all the icky smells away from your house.
  • A bunch of items in the litter can be easily recycled. Dumping then in outdoor garbage storage will make it easy for the garbage truck to pick it all up and take along with them for converting it into useful items.
  • Trash, when left open to the air, can cause a severe fire hazard if it includes flammable material like paper, cloth, cardboard, etc.
  • It is also open to all the animals and birds which they may spill over your yard or home garden. Putting all the garbage in covered can storage will save you from such a hassle.
  • Regularly dumping all the trash in garbage storage can reduce the effort of picking up a hefty trash bag at night to throw away all of it. It not only carries an unpleasant smell but also requires extra effort.




Types Of Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Ideas

The minimal yet classy finish of timber can make wooden garbage cans look appealing and enhance the outdoor space of your home. When it comes to the benefits, a wooden outdoor garbage can makes for an ideal choice. Wood is moisture resistant, and so, you don’t have to worry about harsh weather conditions or heavy rainfalls affecting it either..
Resin holds a reputation for its strong properties when added to the plastic. It is an affordable yet strong option for dumping all the trash as the moisture-resistant body keeps the water away in every season. Resin garbage can come in a variety of contemporary designs including wicker and many others.
Rubbermaid is a trusted name when it comes to storage containers and other household items. Their trash cans are used all over the world in both household and business outlets as they are famous for their water-resistant, sturdy bodies. They come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.
If you are looking for a garbage can storage with minimum absorption and maximum utility, then PVC is your best friend. PVC storage cans are the ultimate choice for all those who are looking for something sturdy to place outside their houses. The material possesses some great advantages, like resistance to moisture and odour. This way, the can remains in its perfect condition for a long time. 



How To Organize Outdoor Garbage Can Storage

Where there are people, there is trash! A lot of stuff keeps piling up; people keep moving from place to place and take along things with them, generating tons of garbage and waste material.



However, we need to understand that even when there are outdoor garbage can storage bins placed outside our house, we still need to reduce the waste. This way, the garbage storage can wouldn’t stay filled up to the brim all the time, and we will be able to utilize the useful trash for recycling and other purposes. The garbage can storage will stay organized and in good condition.



  • The first thing to do is to understand your needs regarding trash storage. The size you need for the garbage can, the material that would be suitable, where to place it, etc. If you have a house full of people or you have neighbors who share the same trash storage can as yours, you need to place a sturdier, large-sized bin outside. You could also put two medium-sized containers with some distance between them if you have space.


  • See which material needs to be thrown out and which can be recycled. It’s not always wise to throw everything away. Stuff like old food, paper, and newspaper are all the items that can easily be used in gardening and landscaping to increase the fertility of the soil.


  • Keep small trash bins inside the house in every room or around a common pathway so that everyone in the house throws the junk in those bins rather than gathering it in a room or somewhere else. A proper disposal method for the trash would make it easy to collect it all and dump in the outdoor garbage can at the end of the day.


  • Never let the outdoor garbage storage can overflow with the trash. This will only create a mess in the yard, spread nasty odor, and attract insects and pests. Separate the useful items which can be recycled to reduce the amount being thrown away.




How To Utilize Your Outdoor Garbage Can Storage

utilise garbage can


Utilizing outdoor garbage can storage may seem like an easy task. One might think it’s just about taking all the trash out and dumping it in a large container. Well, it’s much more than that.



Having a garbage can storage doesn’t mean it can be filled to the brim all the time. There must be a proper way of disposing off the useless trash of your house while neatly maintaining the trash can storage. Doing so will enable you to utilize outdoor garbage can appropriately while keeping it tidy and in good condition all the time.



  • See if you require separate garbage can storages for different types of garbage. For example, if your local municipal community offers garbage recycling service, then it’s better to keep one trash can only for dumping items that can be recycled and the other one for those that can’t be converted.
  • Make a routine of cleaning up the garbage can storage thoroughly every few days to get rid of anything stuck inside and unpleasant odors.
  • For better cleanliness of the storage can, a garbage bag can be placed inside so that all the trash is gathered inside without touching the surface and walls of the can. When the trash truck comes to empty the container, you can see the can remains squeaky clean from the inside.
  • It’s essential to keep the garbage can covered at all times to prevent any insects and pests from entering it. It will also keep the rainwater and moisture away from the trash.




Sizes Of Garbage Can Storage Perfect For Your Outdoor Area



The truth is, there’s no standard perfect size of a garbage can storage to a place outside your house. The outdoor garbage can size depends solely on your usage and the amount of trash you produce.



Measuring the size or the capacity of a garbage can storage can get confusing, mainly when calculating it in gallons or liters. Typical garbage cans used indoors in a bathroom, room, office, etc., are no more than 40 gallons. However, the ones used in outdoor spaces are of more than 50 gallons as they have got to store large amounts of garbage.




Top 4 Ideas To Hide Your Garbage Can Storage

Garbage can storage when placed outside the house can seem like an eyesore to many. Not everyone wants to feature a giant trash container out front that doesn’t go with the rest of the appeal of the house. The question is, how to hide the garbage can?



There are several ways to either camouflage the garbage storage bin with the rest of the exterior of the house or hide it in a way that’s not very apparent. Here’s a list of ideas you can use to keep the garbage storage can hide outside your home conveniently.




Garbage Shed



Placing the garbage storage can in a garbage shed is the easiest and most effective method of keeping them out of sight. Garbage sheds, also called garbage houses, have a structure similar to that of outdoor storage cabinets.



They are available in a wide variety of designs and sizes and can hold more than one garbage can inside. These garbage sheds will not only safely hide the garbage cans but also add more to the aesthetic of your house.




Roof Garden Camouflage

A green-top box with grass and some flowers and a little cabinet below, that’s all you need for an enhanced curb appeal. The cabinet is spacious enough to accommodate a can or two, depending on your requirement.



DIY Fence

If your house has a fence already, then there’s not much that you need to do to hide the garbage storage can. Get some plastic or wooden panels to create a wall similar to the one you already have, spray paint it with the matching shade and voila, easily hide the garbage cans behind the DIY fence.



Mini Garden Boxes


A bunch of options is available when it comes to placing box-shaped containers in your garden, yard, patio, or porch. These boxes serve several purposes like providing storage space for external clutter, keeping toys and bikes safe, great for dumping your gardening equipment, and of course, placing the garbage cans inside.



These boxes come in various styles, and materials including wood, metal, stainless steel, plastic, and concrete, and are designed intricately to match the theme of your house.




How To Make Your Outdoor Garbage Storage Can Water Resistant

Waterproofing any piece of outdoor furniture is vital as they are always at the risk of getting damaged due to exposure to harsh weather. Heavy rains, dampness, moisture, floods, etc., can cause rust and corrosion in the material while softening it from the inside.



Depending on the material of your outdoor garbage can, there are different ways through which you can waterproof it.


  • To waterproof, wooden garbage storage can paint it with tung or linseed oil. Alternatively, varnish or lacquer can also be used.
  • Silicone caulking is one method of making metal water-resistant.



Most of the time, the garbage storage cans are already waterproofed by their manufacturer, so you don’t need to worry about that. It’s recommended to buy only those garbage cans which have water-resistant mentioned in their description.




A Must Have In Your Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Shed

Garbage storage sheds are becoming a necessity to hide garbage storage cans. High windfall over, pests, and insects, snow-covered tops, are the problems that can easily affect the quality and design of garbage storage can. A few must-haves for your outdoor garbage shed are:




5 Easy Steps To Have Maggots-Free Garbage Can Storage

Maggots love staying in environments full of mess and dirt, particularly garbage storage areas. This gives them the perfect home for nurturing and feeding on the protein they acquire from the trash.



Here are a few tips to avoid maggots from reaching the garbage can storage.



  • Regularly empty and clean the can. Flies start laying eggs if the trash remains at its place for an extended period.
  • Spray the can with a disinfectant solution to keep the maggots and flies away.
  • In case you see the flies and maggots present in the garbage, don’t panic. Empty the trash can first and then wash it off with a bleach-water solution.
  • Pouring boiling water over the area where maggots are present will immediately kill them.
  • A mixture of vinegar and water is another effective remedy for a maggot-free garbage can.



Outdoor Garbage Can Storage FAQ




1. How To Avoid Bad Smell Of Garbage Cans?

Sprinkling some baking soda or kitty litter at the bottom of the garbage can prevent bad smell from developing in the trash can.




2. Does Covering Garbage Prevent Maggots?

No. Maggots in trash can only appear when the trash isn’t taken out for days, and flies start gathering on the garbage. Covering it will only prevent the flies and insects from entering the garbage can.




3. Why Does My Garbage Can Storage Have Maggots?

It’s because the garbage has been accumulating inside the can for days and was left uncovered. Covering the garbage can with a strong lid, and emptying it regularly are two vital steps to avoid maggots.




4. The Large Size Garbage Can Storage That Perfect Your Outdoor

 Large-sized garbage can be suitable for you if you notice that the trash that you produce is quite a lot. When selecting a size, be sure to take into account the space you have outdoors and the overall trash produce you normally have to deal with.



Normally, a 30+ gallons sized trash can is suitable if there is a lot of waste products. Otherwise, 12 gallons and 10 gallons of trash can sizes are suitable for indoor use.




5. Outdoor Garbage Can Sheds For Enclosing Your Trash Outside

Outdoor sheds are becoming increasingly popular with more and more people opting to hide away their trash cans from plain sight by storing them in a shed.



There are plenty of options to choose from when it comes to an outdoor shed. Generally speaking, a 12 by 12-foot outdoor shed might be suitable if you have a large outdoor space or yard. You can go for smaller sheds depending on the available space.



6. The Best Garbage Can Storage



Honestly, picking a favorite garbage can is absurd. But there are several pros and cons of several different kinds of available options. However, our top pick is this amazing storage shed designed by Suncast. It’s beautiful to look at and also comes with padlocks that can easily keep the rain out of your trash can.



7. How To Organize Waste Using Outdoor Garbage Can Storage

Outdoor garbage can storage can help you get rid of all the trash and junk piling up inside your home. Make a habit of throwing away everything in dustbins inside your home and then gather all of that to dump in the outdoor garbage can. This way you’ll have an organized system in place to take out the trash without letting it get piled up.



8. The Cheaper Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Home Depot

Home Depot offers a number of great options in the outdoor storage can variety. The prices may vary depending on the size and overall capacity that you opt for when selecting a trash can. Normally, the average sales price for the cheap garbage storage cans starts at around $60 at the least.



9. The Best Wooden Small Outdoor Garbage Can Storage?


Wood is a great option for outdoor garbage can storage. It is easier to blend in with the rest of your house décor and also lasts a long while.



10. DIY Garbage Can Storage Outdoor

DIY garbage can storage is always an option if you’re feeling up for the task. Wood is normally easier to work with and is more affordable as compared to metal or plastic. Alternatively, you can buy a garbage can and then make a DIY enclosure instead. This way you can save up on cash that you would otherwise spend on an outdoor storage shed.




11. How Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Cabinet Help You Find Solutions 

Hiding the outdoor garbage storage cans inside a storage cabinet has multiple benefits. It keeps the harsh external factors away from damaging the garbage can. Factors like high winds, snow, heavy rainfalls, storms, etc., can all be accounted for with an outdoor storage cabinet.




12. The Outdoor Garbage Can Storage Shed Is The Best Solution 

A storage shed will not only conveniently hide the garbage storage can but also protect it from everyday annoyances like extreme weather conditions, pests, and flies, animals, etc.

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