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Bedroom Storage

Maximum comfort and durability: these are what our bedroom storage options promise. From bedside drawers to cabinets, you're sure to find what you need right here!

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Bedroom Storage Products

Seville Classics 31.5" Foldable Storage Chest

Furnish your home with Seville Classics' Foldable Tufted Storage Bench Ottoman in Charcoal Gray. Remove the tufted cushion top to reveal a generous storage area for organizing clothes,...

ROMOON Dresser Organizer with 5 Drawers

Say goodbye to the messy life A brand new neat and orderly life becomes something to look forward to with this essential drawer storage dresser! → Storage Solutions:...

First Hill Thomas Rectangular Storage Ottoman Bench

Infuse everyday elegance into any room with this First Hill storage ottoman bench. More than just an accent piece, the wide ottoman bench provides both graceful seating and...

Turn-n-Tube 5-Tier Corner Shelf

Minimalistic yet stylish, instantly elevate the look of your bedroom with this classy-looking shelf. It takes just 10 minutes to assemble and can be cleaned using a damp...

Fabric Storage Bins With Flip-Top Lids

Sturdy, durable and environmentally-friendly, restore order to your room using these fabric storage bins. They can be used to securely store a wide variety of items including books,...

Rustic Wood Floating Shelf

A good shelf doesn't have to be expensive: this product is proof of just that. Not only is the installation process a breeze, it's sturdy and saves precious...

Bedroom Storage Buying Guide

Purpose Of Bedroom Storage

As the popular saying goes, "home sweet home" - and in a house, there's no room quite as comfortable as a bedroom. So, what can you add for a more lively and homely vibe overall? Buy bedroom storage to organize your items, of course! Tidying up your bedroom not only clears your mind, but also makes the room feel extra-welcoming.

Factors To Consider When Buying Bedroom Storage

Your bedroom is a safe haven for your family and you. So, there are some things to consider when buying bedroom storage (while maintain the aesthetic value of your room):

Room Space

The size of your room and its dimensions are the first things to consider when going for a storage purchase. If your room is dingy and small, it would be best to go for collapsible furniture or the kind which doesn’t take up too much space. After all, adding a huge closet to a medium-sized room would be counterproductive to what you’re trying to achieve. Adding shelves and compartments in the walls or in-bed storage is one way to go.

Room Color

If the default look and feel of the design of your room feels close and dingy, it is best to go for glass or light-colored bedroom storage. Getting more bedroom storage with dark rosewood material or mahogany would destroy the look of your room. It would only make it feel more closed and something to avoid when buying. If your room is spacious and large, you can experiment with the interior design colors to make the best possible look.

Human factors

Having kids and pets in the house also means the more shelves you have the more things are going to fall. These things are bound to happen and it is best to childproof your furniture or place your shelves out of reach where anyone might bump into them accidentally or even hurt themselves. You should avoid glass material in such a case, and keep your bedroom storage options towards the safer side and towards the ceiling.


Materials are one of the most important things to consider when buying room storage options. It is important for safety as well as durability. Going for padded or leather-bound storage chests as an example should be done if you maintain and clean your room regularly and can take care to maintain it over time. Whereas, metal stands and closets are a great way to add protection and hide your precious belongings. Wooden storage options are not only long-lasting but safer to use and affordable and offer much more customization options and safety from personal injury. 

Bedroom Storage Options Available

Note: apart from the options below, there are countless options to explore in creating some additional bedroom storage. It all depends on your room size, interior design, wall colors, lighting among several other factors. Your bedroom is your palette and storage is your paintbrush, and you can customize as you like!


If you love to showcase your books, collectibles or prized possessions, a shelf near the roof is a great idea. You can go for a wooden shelf which can be either individual or stacked to store more of your books. Or even better to customize your shelves in different kinds of woods and material and even try glass shelves. Your collectibles, trophies, books can stay at a safe space that is as exposed as it is safe with shelves as an option for bedroom storage. Built-in shelves look especially attractive when you’re matching them with a close matched color for your walls. 

Clothing rack

Your dresses and suits can do with a little more care and if you’re proud, hang them in a separate small corner to showcase! But, this can be better done with a closet than hanging random cloth racks and lines in corners. 

Multifunctional closet

Not only is a closet great for structured and neat storage for your clothes but can act as an all-rounder bedroom storage option. A multifunctioning closet would consist of drawers, cloth racks, shelves and other options to store your clothes and possessions compactly. You can store your little accessories, make space for your daily office wardrobe among several other uses. Since it would be a multifunctional bedroom storage space, it would be safe to assume it wouldn’t fit inside a medium to small-sized room. Coupling the style and size with medium to large-sized rooms would make it look amazing. 

In-bed storage and shelves

You are one of the people who love making use of space anywhere you can get. Your bed is no different and it can be another space to add some hidden bedroom storage. It is a common practice to gee beds with storage shelves or compartments built on the underside. You can store your seasonal clothes and other things you do not need to open your bed storage for. Also, storing your heavy jackets and seasonal blankets would finally be sorted and make space available somewhere else. Shelves under the bed is another great option to add for showcasing some of your decorative items. It can be indoor plants, books, or even gadgets. This also makes it a safe space from your pet which keep knocking things over from shelves installed on the walls.

Wooden boxes

You can make use of randomly sized wooden boxes and hit two targets with one arrow. Not only would they be incredibly pleasing to look at but making use of them as your own collage can be a great idea. You can add indoor plants in one box, books in another, your trophies in another, and the choices are limitless. Leave the boxes as they are in the raw wooden color or paint them as per your room color and have fun customizing as much as you want. You can shuffle things and boxes around when you start feeling bored or unoriginal with your decorative choice too.

Storage cubes and cube crates

Much like the above mentioned wooden boxes, going for storage cubes can be a great option too. Installing storage cubes in your bedside cabinet or a long and separate table like storage can be a good interior design idea too. Storage cubes area good option to install in your child’s room, as they can store random toys and other messes out of sight without much organizing. Cube crates are another good idea to make use of when storing random collectibles, items, and items to be hidden away. You can hide them in your closet or storage, as they may not be a good idea to showcase in the bedroom.


They are one of the bedroom storage options that can put you in a dilemma to store outside or hide them away in a closet or storage space. However, when decorated, or customized as per the interior design of your room, trunks can be a good bedroom storage idea. Moreover, you can use them as-is for your clothes to use or store books, items of daily use to keep out of sight. This also enables you to get rid of the ‘chair’ you are bound to use for putting away your clothes.

Around the bed storage

Using your bed as an option for bedroom storage can be a great option, whether it is under or around the bed. It is a trendy thing to do, and also acts as a good bedroom storage space to structure and showcase tiny little things and even books. It is also a good idea to install around the bed shelves in children’s rooms. You can even use storage cubes to keep toys and other messes out of sight and simply store the cubes inside the shelves. 

Wall bed

Using a wall bed is not only a great space-saving option but lets you use your bedroom as any range of options you might use it for. Creating space when you’re not sleeping or relaxing on the bed can be one of the best ideas to create some much-needed bedroom storage in small or medium-sized bedrooms. Additionally, you can even customize your bed for making custom storage options around it to add even more space and structure. It can be an all in one option to act as your bedside storage for lighting, books, compartments and other options.

Corner Shelf

Corner shelves can be a great option to decorate your corners and store some ornamental ideas for your bedroom and showcase them proudly. It can be a small indoor plant, vases, photo frames or other things you would like to stay in a corner but still accessible. You are in total control of how you want your corners to look like and getting custom or pre-made furniture for them can be a good idea. Moreover, you can choose to customize all or two of your corners to add some symmetry to your bedroom.

Common Materials Used For Bedroom Storage

As shown above,  there are numerous options when it comes to bedroom storage, and limiting yourself to just one kind of material can be a bit boring. So, customizing your shelves and closets in not only shape and size but materials can be a good idea. Let us have a look at some of the options to explore for your bedroom storage. 


Glass is ideal for shelves, special extended closets to store your shoes, and even corner shelves. However, the glass you get from bedroom storage stores is ideally different and somewhat polycarbonate to protect from easily cracking or breaking. It is a great option to consider if you have light bedrooms and want it to glisten and shine. Glass is generally a really good idea to consider for spacious rooms where you aren’t bound to bump into it and it can be safely stored and kept away in corners or out of reach to fall or be damaged easily.


This is the most widely used kind of wood used in manufacturing furniture and is widely used in bedroom storage options. You can go for a hardwood closet, shelves, or other forms of bedroom storage. There are various kinds of wood and colors available to use and customize your room as needed. It comes from trees like maple, walnut, and oak. It is more expensive than softwood and is really durable. Moreover, it also has amazing fire resistance. So, using it for furniture can not only yield a natural color look, but also other uses.


Softwood comes from evergreen trees. Trees like pine, cedar, spruce, fir, and juniper are examples of what falls under this category. The soft and light nature makes softwood a better choice for furniture. It also has bad resistance to fire.

Frequently Asked Questions On Bedroom Storage

1. What kind of storage do I need for my bedroom?

The kind of storage you need depends on the space and requirements for your items. If you have a large bedroom and are looking for more space, an extended closet or a multi-functional closet or cupboards can be good options. Storage cubes, shelves are some of the options to look for organizing your bedroom.

2. How to maximize storage in a small bedroom?

The best way to making max use and make your small bedroom would be to use collapsible furniture. This can be in-bed storage, or wall beds, sofa cum bed, among several other options. It would also be a good idea to go for lighter colors to not give it a dingy and closed look.

3. How to use storage cubes in a bedroom?

Storage cubes are some of the best things you can get as far as bedroom storage goes. The uses and customizability of storage cubes are quite versatile. You can use them on shelves, inside wall compartments, and even tables or over the bed shelves.

4. How to add storage to a wall in a bedroom?

You can add storage to a wall by installing shelves inside the walls, or looking for collapsible furniture to go inside the walls when not in use. Additionally, adding storage to a wall in the bedroom would require some planning and change in the interior designing of the room to make space for shelves and compartments. 

5. How to hide storage totes in a bedroom?

You can hide your storage totes in extended closets or using large multi-functional cupboards. The best way would be to look for an extended closet or hide them behind cupboards by getting a small storage space added to your bedroom. 

6. What to store in bedroom storage bench?

Bedroom storage benches are a great option to add to not only make sitting space but hide linens and blankets when not in use. You can add and hide things you might use daily and tuck away when not in use. 

7. How to organize bedroom storage?

The main motive of your bedroom storage is to add space and give a structured layout to your items and over time it can lead to the opposite if not managed properly. You can do a wardrobe cleanse or organize your storage cubes or just move things around between cupboards. Using drawer organizers is also a good idea to keep your storage organized properly.

8. Why should I buy a bedroom storage chest?

A bedroom storage chest is one of the best purchases you can make as it serves the function of tossing away your things when you don’t feel like organizing. Additionally, it can be used to store items you don’t use daily or just hide precious belongings that you want to keep out of sight.