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8 Cool Hammock Ideas For Any Backyard 8 Cool Hammock Ideas For Any Backyard

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8 Cool Hammock Ideas For Any Backyard

Written by: Noah Bennett

The perfect way to relax outdoors, hammocks are a must-have for quality leisure time. Here's the ultimate guide to buying a great hammock for any backyard!

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Ask someone to imagine a holiday or a relaxing weekend outdoors, and chances are a hammock is in the picture.



The epitome of leisure and relaxation, hammocks are comfortable, cozy and must-haves in any backyard. They’re perfect for reading, resting or even cloud-watching.



We’ve put together some beautiful, affordable and super comfy hammock ideas for you – these will work in any backyard or home! Read on to find out more.






How To Pick The Right Hammock For Yourself

To make sure that you pick the perfect hammock, it’s important to keep a few things in mind. The ideal hammock should have the following qualities:


  • Comfortable
  • Should be able to easily accommodate a full-sized adult (for a single capacity hammock) or two adults (double hammock)
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy with a high weight capacity
  • Durable, fade-resistant fabric
  • Weather-resistant
  • A color/pattern that goes with your backyard’s vibe


How To Pick The Right Hammock For Yourself


Cool Hammock Ideas For Your Backyard

Looking for beautiful, comfortable, and durable hammock ideas for your garden or patio? We’ve got just the thing! Here’s our pick of swings and chairs that are sure to make your backyard hangout sessions super relaxing.





This colorful double hammock by Vivere is a must-have for your backyard. It comes with a sturdy steel stand so you won’t have to worry even if you don’t have big trees in your yard to mount it to.



Take your pick from three fabrics (cotton, polyester, and sunbrella) and a host of vibrant color combinations. For its price and the features it offers, we reckon this product is quite a steal.





This roomy hammock is made from real bamboo and is perfect for snuggling with your loved ones. We simply love its smooth, curved wooden edges, organic pattern, and breathable fabric.



What’s more, it is sturdy too – it can accommodate two adults or three children and hold a weight of up to 450 pounds.



Worried about carrying it around? No problem – this particular hammock can be folded up in a portable carry bag, and taken with you wherever you go.





Confession time: we have a soft spot for bohemian-inspired furniture. And this lovely hammock chair from CCTRO just stole and ran away with our hearts.



Made from 100% handmade cotton, it can hold up to 265 pounds of weight and is available in various shades including white, beige, and mocha. This hammock is perfect to curl up in for some alone time – something we all need, no?





It’s soft, it’s cotton, and it’s super comfortable – we dare you to not doze off in this hammock chair by Y-Stop.



It comes with two soft pillows, and a sturdy 40-inches hardwood spreader pole, to make sure the chair is always spread across at an appropriate width.



We like the way its fabric envelops you from all sides, and makes you feel safely cocooned within it.





The design of this lightweight and full-sized hammock is claimed to have been inspired by the crafting style of native Brazilian artisans.



While we may not be able to verify that claim, we can definitely testify to how sturdy and comfortable this hammock is!



Made of soft woven cotton, it can easily accommodate two full-grown adults and hold up to 475 pounds. Best of all, it also comes with a lifetime warranty.





If you’re looking for something that looks sporty and is tough enough to weather a storm, this camping hammock by Kootek would make a great choice.



It’s made of nylon parachute fabric that is extremely tough, durable, and is resistant to tear and fray. With the capacity to hold up to two adults and a whopping 500 pounds, this one promises not to cave under heavy weight. It is available in a host of shades (e.g. green, orange, and blue) and is pretty portable.






While lounging about under the open skies is usually a great idea, sometimes things come in the way to bug you – like bugs!



Designed to protect you from annoying mosquitoes and other bugs, this hammock by WintMing gives you maximum protection with its mosquito and rainfly cover.



It’s lightweight (3.3 pounds), easy to set up, and has a 440-pound holding capacity. We especially love the fact that it has hooks inside to fit a light lamp or anything else you may need.





Sometimes, you need a touch of the magical to light up your space. This beautiful, square hammock chair by Kinden does exactly that and more.



Made from pure handmade cotton, it has a lovely net pattern with adorable tassels on the fringes. Decorate it with the LED lights (they come in the package), and you’ll have an Instagram-worthy corner in your room, patio, or backyard!




Be it for a Sunday afternoon nap or a leisurely reading session, a hammock swing or chair is the perfect way to spend your free time outdoors.



With this list we’ve drawn up for you, we hope you find the perfect hammock that you’d want to lounge around in for a long time to come!

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