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10 Must-Have Toiletries For Your New House 10 Must-Have Toiletries For Your New House

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10 Must-Have Toiletries For Your New House

Written by: Sophia Turner

Top 10 toiletries guaranteed to keep you clean and fresh all day! Don't hesitate to add these essentials to your new house today.

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Do you know the best part of moving into a new house? You get to use a fresh new toilet! There’s nothing more enticing than a spanking new interior design style, gleaming tiles, new grouting, and up-to-date fixtures!



Moreover, you get to restock the whole bath with new toiletries! It’s fun, but can be bit annoying if you can’t really recall everything you need on the first try and end up needing something on the fly.



10 Must-Have Toiletries For Your New House - INFOGRAPHICS



1. Toothbrush/Toothpaste With Holder

Toothbrush/Toothpaste With Holder



The basics are the best and the first thing everyone always remembers while stocking the bathroom of their new house is a toothbrush and toothpaste! It’s only right, as brushing your teeth is an ingrained morning habit. However, what many people forget is a holder. Of course, you can go with a simple His & Her Mug set, but having a cute holder can help you keep track of your brushes better.



Moreover, as long as we’re talking about oral hygiene toiletries, it’s always recommended to keep a mouthwash and floss kit handy as well!



2. Air Freshener

 Air Freshener



Another thing that you’ll want to stock your new house with is an air freshener. It’s an important thing to have in a bathroom, and having a spare or two can save you a lot of grief.



Now, the odor of the freshener is a personal preference. Some people like the freshness of mint and lemon while others prefer floral notes. You can have a pair of both to satisfy your entire family. Note that this is an important item to have in your toiletry bag at all times! Alternately, you can opt for a scented diffuser if you’re looking for something permanent.



3. Soap, Shampoo & Conditioner

10 Must-Have Toiletries For Your New House



The bath/hand-wash toiletries are an absolute essential to stock your new homes with. When it comes to soap, both a bar and liquid bottled one can be placed on the vanity side or on an overhead shelf. The shampoo and conditioner is usually placed close to the shower. There’s typically a small built-in niche in there where you can keep your bath essentials as well.




The best part: you can find travel-size toiletries for this particular item-list and even have a few of them stocked in the guest bath to emulate a starred hotel! This way, you’ll even have a few to-go if any impromptu travel plans come up.




4. Fresh Towels


Fresh Towels



Not having fresh towels stacked in the bathroom is a major toiletries faux pas. Imagine wanting to clean up after a shower or a face/hand wash and not finding a clean towel to wipe anywhere. Here, it’s important to note that you’ll need a full stock of fresh towels at any given time in your new house and bathroom.



You can place a stack of these in wicker baskets under your vanity. Or you can go for an in-built shelf for your folded towels. You’ll also need a handle for the one that’s currently in use.




5. Skincare Routine

Skincare Routine



The latest trend in dermatology seems to be nightly skincare routines. Most of these products are used in tandem with water – foams, VC Effectors, exfoliates, masks, etc. – and are typically used in the bathroom.



If you’ve got a skincare routine going, you’ll need to carve out some extra space on the vanity for such toiletries. They come in various shapes, colors, and sizes – mostly travel-sized toiletries – so they’ll definitely add some visual diversity as well as a sense of homeliness to your space.



6. Shaving Paraphernalia

Shaving Paraphernalia



Of course, you can’t really forget all the shaving paraphernalia and related toiletries that you’ll need in your new homes. These include shaving cream, brush, razors, and aftershave.



You’ll also definitely need a shaving kit holder to keep all of these things organized. The good thing is that they’re all small enough to fit in a toiletry bag, so you can go for that as well if you need to keep them out of sight.



7. Toilet Cleaning Supplies

Toilet Cleaning Supplies



Lastly, you’ll also want to stock up on some toilet cleaning supplies because once you start breaking into the new house and bathroom, things are going to get messy. They vary in size and quantity, so you can have a separate shelf installed for them.



If you need an idea of what you’ll be stocking here, here’s a short list: disinfecting wipes, bleach, toilet cleaner, mold remover, squeegee, all-purpose cleaner, etc.



8. Brush & Plunger

Brush & Plunger



The toilet brush and plunger are like Black Widow and Hawkeye of the bathroom universe! You need both of them to get a clean toilet seat and you know what? You can’t really use a single set of these in all the bathrooms in your home! It would be really gross to drag around a single set from one bath to another throughout the whole house. This is why when stocking the bathroom, it’s better to invest in this particular set of toiletries the most.



You’ll definitely rejoice when the cleaning process starts and you don’t have to share them with the rest of the bathrooms in your house.




9. Toilet Paper & Stand

Toilet Paper & Stand



The most understated yet important bathroom essential remains the toilet paper. There’s no use utilizing the bathroom without it, but most of us only ever remember to stock the toilet paper when it’s already too late!




This is why having an inbuilt toilet paper stand in your new bathroom should be a must. This way, whenever you remember too late, you can simply reach out to the stand and install the roll on the fly. By the way: this is also a must-have product for your travel toiletry bag!



10. Dustbin




Lastly, you need a dustbin/trashcan if you want your toiletries to be fully complete. If you’ve ever been in a bathroom without a proper trashcan, you’ll understand what a nightmare it can be. Most people go for a generic plastic bin, but you can also go for a stylish stainless steel one as well – especially if you want to match the style of your bathroom interior. Amongst the list of necessary toiletries, this is definitely one you’ll need for your new house.



These are the top 10 toiletries that you’ll need for your new house. All of these are of utmost importance to maintain good personal and bathroom hygiene.

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