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15 Space-Saving Bathroom Storage Tower Ideas 15 Space-Saving Bathroom Storage Tower Ideas

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15 Space-Saving Bathroom Storage Tower Ideas

Written by: Kevin Ashwe

Save space and give your bathroom a 360° transformation: these storage tower ideas are just the answers you've been searching for.

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A bathroom can be small sometimes; in such cases, you might face difficulty finding suitable storage options. But worry not, for that can be changed with our bathroom storage tower ideas, which free up much-needed space in a stylish manner. Stay with us as we bring to you our stunning bathroom storage tower ideas. And if you’re keen on learning more about storage, you can discover more stunning storage ideas here.



15 Space-Saving Bathroom Storage Tower Ideas - INFOGRAPHICS




Add a touch of class to your bathroom with this tower’s cinnamon Cherry elegant finish and a cascade granite finish accent. It comes with an adjustable shelf that grants you flexibility with your storage. Not to forget its adjustable shelf just behind the detailed door louver. You wouldn’t also worry about durability because this tower is built to last. It comes with a faux granite finish and an EverSheen top-coat. These finishes give the tower a clear and durable surface that can resist stains, scratches, and heat. It has a reversible door that you can open either left or right, depending on your preferred hand.




This is a 4-tier storage tower that can give a dash of nature to your bathroom. It is built with a 100% natural seagrass made strong with wire surrounds and mounted on a metallic frame. Perfect for storing all accessories, clothing, paperwork, beauty product, and general household items. Hence, it is suitable for use in any part of the house, office, or dorm, not just the bathroom. The baskets that fit into the four tiers can be removed and used independently for storage elsewhere other than the bathroom. It comes with rubber feet that make it stable, steady, and unable to harm your floors.


It is no surprise that this linen storage tower made it to our best 15; it is painstakingly crafted to wow and will fit perfectly into any interior décor scheme. This organizer comes fitted with a faux-slate shelf and a panel made from wainscot that gives it a modern contemporary look. There are two adjustable shelves that are great for storage: these are customizable, so you can adjust according them to your needs any time. It also comes with a cross-linen organizer that helps you separate and organizes your towels and other bathroom supplies in an orderly manner. The bottom cabinet is also separated into two shelves, still to provide you with organized space so you can separate items and locate them easily.



This bathroom storage tower is great for even the smallest of spaces in your bathroom. You can easily roll it into tight spaces such as in-between shelves or cabinets. It is multipurpose as it can also be used in the kitchen, garage, workshop, office, or any other place you deem fit. Made of thick plastic, it is sure to stand the test of time. This storage tower that might just be all you need for a more organized you. The 3-tiers mean you can keep related items together so that it will just be like they are at your fingertips. It is fitted with wheels and casters, which makes it very mobile as it can glide effortlessly across your floor without leaving stray marks. Also, it is relatively light with a weight of 4.19lbs, further attesting to its mobility.


This floor cabinet comes in an elegant and simple design, with its white finish that makes it fit perfectly with the usual bathroom white tiles interior décor. It might have a simple design, but it is still very effective both functionally and space-wise. The storage unit is multi-functional as it is designed to fit into any room in your house. It is also very spacious so it can comfortably house your common bathroom items with style. This bathroom storage cabinet is made stable and durable with a quality PB board. It is fitted on four raised feet, making it suitable for areas where water damage might affect it. Also, it is very easy to clean and maintain.


This is another bathroom storage cabinet that is great value for money. It is perfect for storing towels and toiletries, but can also be used for storing a wide range of other items. The tower shelf comes in a metallic body that is both stable and durable. It is given a brilliant chrome finish to add that allure that we all want in our living spaces. With six provided spaces for your items, you can declutter your items and still have extra storage space for other things. It is also mobile as it is fitted with shelving feet that won’t scratch nor scuff your floor.


When talking about linen cabinets, this one is a must mention: it is simple, but without a doubt functional and stylish. With its white finish, you can be sure that this cabinet will blend in flawlessly with any interior décor you may have. The upper portion of this linen tower has three compartments where you can de-clutter items and arrange them in an orderly manner that will catch the eyes. It is also very easy to assemble and does not require any specialized knowledge beforehand.



Something very stylish and built to fit into a wide range of both modern and traditional decors. It comes with a white body that is built for style. This linen cabinet is also great for space as it has one internally adjustable shelf with a door and three other open shelves for storage. It is very sturdy and stable and can hold a load of 33lbs on the top, 11lbs the second shelf, and 33lbs for both the third and bottom shelves. A high-quality MDF material that has proven to be durable is the main material of this tower shelf cabinet. It comes in a mobile flat-pack, but it is very easy to assemble as detailed instructions are provided in the package.




This narrow bathroom storage tower comes with a hinged door that covers its entire height. The door will keep your tissues out of sight in a dry, classy, and orderly manner. Behind the door, you have adjustable shelves that can allow you to choose from five different positions so you can store different items of different heights. It is made from high-quality and sturdy wood, which gives it a great build quality and a long-lasting usage. The tower is easy to assemble since you will not need any specialized tool or experience for that. It also comes with a slot at the top where you can place your facial tissue box.


This bathroom storage tower comes with a well finished metallic body that holds a tempered glass. The metallic body is given a chrome finish that is sure to dazzle. It is also great for storage with its three shelves which you can use to store a wide range of items. Also, it is great for maximizing spaces because they can easily fit into tight spaces. This tower is multi-functional since it is also built for use in kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and even offices.


This is another product to organize all your bathroom necessities. It is built with a thick and sturdy bronze-rich metal frame. For aesthetic, it is given an oil-rubbed epoxy finish making it a classy item of furniture for any part of your home. It comes in a sleek and curved design that is sure to fit perfectly into any interior décor you already have going for you. This storage tower is made classy with a decorative accent that is incorporated on the top of the frame to give it an elegant look.




Style meets function in this 4-drawer narrow dresser, which is a lightweight storage tower complete with vertical drawers and a wood surface. The wood top provides a hard surface for displaying toiletries and various items. There are soft fabric drawers that are removable and foldable with easy pull handles for quiet opening and closing. It is a sleek shelving unit suitable for compact spaces and will easily complement most other pieces of furniture in your home.



This linen tower is available in 2 color variants (white and a stylish charcoal black) and comes equipped with 4 drawers. Think of a storage cabinet where style meets function. It is very slim and can fit into the tiniest of space and give you maximum space. The drawers are removable and foldable, giving further options for easy storage. It is also lightweight, making it very mobile and flexible.



This is one of the best linen cabinets out there. The linen tower provides you valuable storage space right inside your bathroom. It has cabinets to safely tuck away your bath towels, toiletry materials, and other linens. With its compact body, this slim bathroom storage tower is good for managing enough space. It also comes with concealed storage where you can store things you want to keep away from view. The concealed storage is placed behind the tower’s door. This tower is highly decorative too as it features a white finish and two chrome –finish knobs. It is very easy to assemble, with installation taking just 30 minutes.


This storage tower is made of seagrass and steel. The seagrass adds a touch of nature to your home while the steel framework strengthens the cabinet. While the outer shell is made with high-quality wood for a sturdier build. The cabinets are fitted with four seagrass baskets that can easily be withdrawn. You can fold the baskets flat when you are not using them. Apart from the four cabinets with the seagrass baskets, it also has two free shelves at the top. You can use this to make the most out of any available space in your house because it is a slim bathroom storage tower that can fit in easily. Its slender design allows it to fit into spaces that other storage units won’t fit into.



There you have it; these are great bathroom storage ideas you can try today. You have seen how diverse they can be in terms of style, storage abilities, prices, material, and other features. Normally, you would have found it difficult to sieve through all the options, but with this list, you can just decide on one and go for it. No matter what your preferences are, there is bound to be something here for you.


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