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5 Best Stylish Bathroom Mirrors Of 2022 5 Best Stylish Bathroom Mirrors Of 2022

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5 Best Stylish Bathroom Mirrors Of 2022

Written by: Chloe Davis

These bathroom mirrors are guaranteed to adorn your lovely bathrooms! Hang them up to feel the wonder and magic for yourself.

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Bathroom mirrors are a common sight in every household. Despite that, these mirrors are often easily overlooked. For many, the mirror is just there because every bathroom has one. Others use it for quick glances and last-minute touch-ups. Little do they know, bathroom mirrors are more than just plain accessories.



Bathroom mirrors also serve as a vanity mirror. Usually, we think of vanity mirrors as something found outside of bathrooms. But actually, you can also keep your outfits and cosmetics in the bathroom using bathroom mirrors. This removes the hassle and the time wasted as a result of moving from one’s bathroom to their vanity mirror. It allows them to complete all of their preparation and styling in one place.


Concerns About Bathroom Mirrors


People may find the idea of fixing yourself up using a bathroom mirror a little odd. Some would say that lighting is an issue because the damp conditions in a bathroom might break any special lighting that you are using. Others are concerned with moisture causing the mirror to be blurred. After all, a blurred mirror is of no use when you’re trying to get the best views of yourself.


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Choosing The Perfect Bathroom Mirrors


Maybe you are now considering getting yourself a bathroom mirror. But what are the factors to be considered in getting one? Installing a basic mirror is good enough, though you may want to invest in a mirror with additional features to combat the concerns listed above. Mirrors with additional features can provide you with functionality and flexibility. These mirrors not only have good lighting fixtures and anti-moist features, but can also be adjusted to any desired angle.


5 Best Stylish Bathroom Mirrors Of 2022


Keeping these factors in mind, here are some of the best bathroom mirrors you can consider to help you get that perfect look.


This bathroom mirror is a vanity mirror with lights. The mirror has an LED-backlight that is long-lasting. This light can be turned on using a smart touch switch. Its brightness and color are also easily adjustable based on the surrounding light.



This mirror is made to have stable quality and be less corrosive. It comes with an anti-fog feature that allows one to see clearly in the mirror despite being covered with moisture. The mirror’s electronics are fully covered. It also comes with a detachable mirror that can magnify up to 3x.



Do note that this bathroom mirror needs to be plugged before it is used. It can be easily installed either vertically or diagonally on your bathroom’s wall.


This wall-mounted vanity mirror has a 1x and 7x quality magnification. It uses a 360-degree swivel design which means that the mirror can be adjusted to any angle that you desire. The mirror is clear with zero impurities. This means that it will provide the most vivid view possible for your makeup needs.



This bathroom mirror is installed on an adjustable arm that can be extended as needed. The adjustable arm is then firmly attached to your bathroom’s wall. The mirror frame and the adjustable arm are made of stainless steel that allows for durable use for a long time.



Unlike fixed wall mounted mirrors, this vanity mirror can be adjusted to focus on specific areas on your face. This is helpful when you want to apply makeup with extreme accuracy and detail.


This silver mirror is less corrosive and significantly more durable than most traditional bathroom mirror alternatives. The mirror has LED lights embedded on its margins, which can be adjusted from normal to brightest with a simple push of a button. Its anti-fog feature can also be activated to allow the mirror to maintain its clear reflection even when covered in mist.



Aside from the LED lights on its margin, the mirror also has LED lights on the back. This provides additional illumination for the bathroom. Its brightness and color can be adjusted as necessary.



You also do not need to worry about the mirror’s electronics being affected by moisture. The electronics are designed to be waterproof enough to withstand daily use in the bathroom.



This mirror allows one to achieve a perfect look by maximizing the use of its integrated LED lighting. The mirror has more than enough lighting to meet your needs when putting on makeup. The lighting can also be easily adjusted to suit any other bathroom conditions or lighting requirements.


Characterized by its circular design, this simple and compact bathroom vanity mirror with lights is slim and does not include an enclosing frame. Despite this, it is durable and resistant to scratches. This mirror also features LED lighting that can be activated by simply pressing a button. The light from the mirror’s LED is enough to illuminate your entire bathroom, and can last up to 50,000 hours.



Complete with an anti-fog feature, this mirror promises full clarity even when covered in mist. This feature can also be easily activated by pressing a button on the mirror.


This circular bathroom mirror allows for reflections with a 2.5x magnification. It is attached to a swivel and extendable arm that allows you to freely adjust its height and angle. Made of water-resistant materials, this mirror is extremely durable and ideal for daily use in humid conditions such as bathrooms.



Final Thoughts On Bathroom Mirrors


This just goes to show that bathroom mirrors are more than just random accessories. When you maximize its features, these mirrors become useful tools in getting that perfect look. We hope that this list is helpful in your journey of investing in a quality bathroom mirror.

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