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10 Loft Ideas For A Charming Space To Call Your Own 10 Loft Ideas For A Charming Space To Call Your Own

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10 Loft Ideas For A Charming Space To Call Your Own

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Do you get inspired by the loft ideas shown in English series? Well, here we give you 10 loft ideas to get you started. Have a look and get inspired!

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The star of many a TV show (e.g. Glee and Gossip Girl), the loft is a place of solitude and escapade. It’s perfect for hours of daydreaming on end, or when you just need a break from life in general.



Well, how did the loft come about? You’d be surprised to know that the idea of having a loft apartment is not new. Rather, it began long ago, back in the ’40s in New York. Fast-forward to today, and many people either have lofts in their houses, or are living in loft apartments.



So, if you are one of them and wish to upgrade the attic of your home, here are 10 terrific loft ideas to get you started. Take a look at these and get inspired!





1. Attic Bedroom With Loft Bed

Attic Bedroom With Loft Bed



Of course, the bedroom is the first thing that comes to mind after cleaning the attic. And this is really a good idea because this non-standard, small room is simply created for silence and privacy.



To create your comfy bedroom in the loft apartment, all you need is a loft bed. Install one or two loft beds near the walls, and add decor and lighting of your taste. Industrial lighting can create a sleek, rather classy ambiance.



Neutral shades and wooden wall cladding will help to emphasize the atmosphere of comfort.



2. Cozy Lounge In The Loft

 Cozy Lounge In The Loft



How about upgrading the loft area into a cozy lounge?



Light finishes, a large semicircular sofa, a TV, a stylish round table will help create comfortable conditions for relaxing in this non-standard space.



Even a small area can work to bring this loft idea to life.



3. Loft Idea For Bathroom

 Loft Idea For Bathroom



If your house has a sewer, the loft will be the best place to build a bathroom.



Due to its small size and location in the house, a loft is always warmer than other rooms. This, in turn, makes it a perfect place for taking baths. Walls and floors are best covered with ceramic tiles; the ceiling, on the other hand, can be made of either wood or plastic.



Place a large bathtub near one of the walls, a toilet in the corner. If you have enough space you can even hang a sink!



4. Library In The Loft Area

 Library In The Loft Area



Another loft idea is to turn this attic place into a library. With just a couple of windows, the loft usually receives a good amount of sunshine. Hence, it is a great place to build a small home library.



Afraid that a library would be too costly for you? Don’t be. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t cost much to create a reading place/area in the loft. A rustic wooden bookcase, a couple of armchairs and voila! You now have a pretty space of your own.



5. Billiard Room Loft Idea

Billiard Room Loft Idea



Of course, a billiard table and equipment costs a lot of money – but if you are willing to invest in your hobby, then the attic is ideal for creating your own mini-club.



To make this loft idea work for you, place soft sofas on either side of the table. Also, do not forget to take care of the lighting.



Do not hesitate, your friends will appreciate your loft idea, and your billiard room will become your favorite meeting place.



6. Loft Idea With A Gym

Loft Idea With A Gym



By placing a minimal set of sports equipment in the attic, you can turn the loft into a personal gym. One of the interesting loft ideas is the construction of a climbing wall. To do this, the inner part of the roof slopes must be sheathed with special panels and hooks should be attached.




7. Install Home Theatre

Install Home Theatre



There’s nothing quite like a Netflix binge session with your SO (10th rerun of Stranger Things, anyone? A fluffy carpet, a soft sofa that unfolds, a large TV or vice-rector, a stereo system – and now your attic has already turned into a cozy family movie theater.



For finishing such a space, neutral light colors or a brick of a warm shade are best suited.




8. Turn Your Loft Into A Workshop


Turn Your Loft Into A Workshop



If you like painting, making crafts, tinkering, or often repair various things, turn the loft into a workshop.



Some of the simplest tables, do-it-yourself storage systems, machines, and tools will help create a comfortable working environment and unload the garage, which for many men is also a workshop.



9. Use Loft As A Nursery For Kids

Use Loft As A Nursery For Kids



Children and younger students are always drawn to the loft. This room has a special magnetism and mystery in their eyes. Therefore, re-purposing the attic as a play area is definitely a good idea.



On large racks, you can place absolutely all the toys, create thematic areas: a kitchen, a workshop, a dollhouse, and so on, place children’s books and even set up a tent.



Delight your little ones, and watch their imagination grow!



10. Place To Relax

Place To Relax



The best thing about a loft is that it doesn’t have to serve any specific purpose: in fact, we highly recommend mixing and matching elements for a versatile space!



Create a bright finish, pick up a pair of modern chairs, set up a tennis table, football, hockey or a chess table, synthesizer, stereo system and other things that inspire you and enjoy a space in which you can simply enjoy life.




Apply the above ideas, and turn your loft into a charming space to call your own! Use any one of these to upgrade your loft apartment and keep adding cool designs to your home with us.

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