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10 Green Bedroom Ideas For Deep Sleep (100% Guaranteed) 10 Green Bedroom Ideas For Deep Sleep (100% Guaranteed)

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10 Green Bedroom Ideas For Deep Sleep (100% Guaranteed)

Written by: Nora Hadi

From plants to prints, quickly give your room a makeover using these stunning green bedroom ideas. Exclusive tips inside!

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If you’re thinking of bringing some more green into your life, what better way to start than by redecorating your bedroom? Yup, you read that right: get ready for some green bedroom ideas. Your bedroom should be your happy place, a room where you can escape to and relax after a long day. It should be a room filled with things that inspire you and give you the best start – and end – to your day.



When you’re thinking of redecorating your bedroom, the color green might not be the obvious choice. But if you’re looking for something refreshing and calming, it is by far the best color to go for. The soothing shades of green will not only make you feel more in touch with nature, but has a calming effect on your eyes and mind as well.



Here are some of our favorite green bedroom ideas to restore peace into your life.



1. A Green Feature Wall Is All You Need

Green feature wall



If you want to make a statement but maintain an elegant feel to your room, having a bold feature wall is the best option. Choose from darker greens for a moodier, forest feel or lighter shades for brightness and an airy vibe. The best thing about having a feature wall in your bedroom is that you don’t need to do anything else to decorate – unless you want to.



Something as simple as a bold, one-color wall has a huge impact on the rest of your room.



2. 50 Shades Of Green

50 Shades Of Green



Mixing the different shades of green creates more dimension and diversity in your bedroom while sticking to one main color. Be sure to choose greens that complement each other and don’t contrast too much. You can choose a lighter or darker green color palette or go somewhere in between for a happy medium.



Having one recurring shade and various different shades around will help keep the harmony and pull the whole look together.



3. Decorate Your Space With Plants

Decorate Your Space With Plants



Nothing says freshness and calmness like plants! This bedroom decorating idea is perfect for those who want to bring some life into their rooms. Also great for anyone who doesn’t want to splurge on repainting and buying all-new furniture, plants offer a pop of delightful green and can be dotted anywhere around your room.



From hanging plants to standing trees, you’re sure to wake up feeling happy and healthy with your leafy friends around you!



4. Use Lime Green For Brightness

Use Lime Green For Brightness



If you want to liven up your bedroom and brighten up your home, a lime green color should do the trick. While lime green might seem a bit too garish for your bedroom, having a feature wall or a large window with natural light combats the overwhelming feel of the color.



If you’re unsure about redecorating your bedroom in lime green, why not try some splashes of color, accents, décor, or even a small block of color. While the lime green bedroom idea isn’t for everyone, it is definitely a statement – and a bold one!



5. Pure Green Minimalism For A Refreshing Look

Pure Green Minimalism For A Refreshing Look



Embrace gentle minimalism for a clean and organized bedroom. The combination of minimalism and green décor is perfect for anyone who wants to declutter and bring some more space into their bedroom.



Having most of your belongings neatly stored away creates a light and breezy feel, the green accents add a freshness to space. Perfect for people with smaller bedrooms, having a minimalist green bedroom creates the illusion of a larger space.



6. Floral Patterns Are Perfect For Plant Lovers

Pure Green Minimalism For A Refreshing Look



One of the most popular green bedroom ideas includes incorporating beautiful floral or leafy prints into your room.



Whether it’s floral bedcovers, pictures or stencils, filling your room with leaf prints will make you feel like you’re in a tropical rainforest. Not to mention, it will give your bedroom a calm vibe, restoring peace and nature to your room and mind.




7. Pick A Deep Forest Green For A Jungle Effect

Pick A Deep Forest Green For A Jungle Effect



If you want to wake up feeling like you’re in the middle of a deep, dense jungle, having a forest green theme to your bedroom is your best bet. While lighter greens may be brighter and airier, choosing a deep green adds sophistication and elegance to your bedroom. Combining a deep green with lighter colors is key.



Whites, silvers and even some yellows are the best colors that will go with forest green. Mixing light and dark colors ensure your bedroom doesn’t end up too dark.



8. Yellow Adds A Touch Of Sunshine

Yellow Adds A Touch Of Sunshine



Who would have thought that one of the best colors to pair green with would be yellow? Whether you have green accents in your room, a green feature wall or even varying shades of green, throwing in a bright yellow touch gives your bedroom a unique flare.



Just like this yellow cushion in the picture, you can transform an otherwise one-color arrangement of pillows into a bright, eye-catching focal point.



9. Green Accents Are Simple And Effective

Green Accents Are Simple And Effective



One of the best green bedroom ideas for a lower budget is to decorate your room with green cushions, throws, prints and plants.



Instead of redecorating your bedroom completely, consider purchasing some green décor to add color to the space. The best thing about using accessories to transform your room is you can easily change it up again in the future when you’re ready for a different look.



10. Choose Soft Green For A Soothing Look

Choose Soft Green For A Soothing Look



If you’re aiming for a softer, gentler look for your bedroom, there are a few ways to achieve this look. Choose a lighter green for accessories such as cushions and throws or couple a soft green with white or off-white for a sweet, dream bedroom look.



A light, soft green color is great when it comes to mixing in floral patterns and even a darker accent or two. In this picture, the dark green plant adds a much-needed contrast to the green shades of the bed.

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