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10 Best Gym Equipment For Your Home Gym 10 Best Gym Equipment For Your Home Gym

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10 Best Gym Equipment For Your Home Gym

Written by: Grace Wilson

Here are the best gym equipment to complete your home set-up. Can't do without your daily cardio and reps? Get pumped up with these.

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For the fitness geek, the gym is a place of utmost importance: it is where he/she spends hours sweating it out, in hopes of achieving the “perfect” body. With the whole #fitforlife trend going on, special training spaces – otherwise known as home gyms – are increasingly becoming indispensable parts of our homes.



A home gym allows for 24/7 training, away from the scrutiny of strangers. It’s perfect for those who are short on time, but shudder at the thought of skipping their fitness routines. So, with what to equip a training room at home? Also, what are the most needed gym equipment? Let’s find out.






Without a doubt, the pull-up bar or chin bar represents the foundation of any home gym. Simply hanging from the bar will decompress the shoulder joint and the vertebrae, while stretching our pectoral and dorsal (shortened) help strengthen our grip and activate our stabilizing muscles.



Its usefulness in training lies in allowing us to perform dominated. If we talk about simple and effective exercises in the training with self-loading, a few match the dominated. Unsurprisingly, this exercise and all its variants are part of the backbone of the Unchained Revolutionary Fitness program.



Whether in its detachable, telescopic or (ideally) fixed version, it acquires a pull-up bar as soon as possible. So, get a chin bar for your home gym as it is one of the best investments done in gym equipment.




Parallel bars will be the basic support for your funds in parallel or dips, an interesting exercise that forms, together with the dominated and chest flexion, the holy trinity of the calisthenics for the upper body. But its usefulness goes far beyond the dips. Do you know, among others, the inverted oar, the L-sit or the front lever? The repetitions count by tens.



An interesting alternative to the parallel bars would be a multifunction bar or station. By combining the pull-up bar with the parallel bars, you will have a really complete accessory to get started in calisthenics. If your budget is very tight, go with this option: try using two solid chairs that are at a similar height, in lieu of parallel bars. The tradeoff is that it will be difficult for you to ballast or make more complex movements safely. 





The ballast belt will allow you to incorporate additional ballast to your body weight and thus progress in body exercises as fundamental as the dominated and the dips. Although there is no exact threshold of repetitions, the 8-10 repetition range is a good starting point to start ballasting.



Avoid putting chains around your neck or dumbbells between your legs and invest in a specific belt. The cost will be minimal and your performance in body movements will take off. We promise!




Small, light, cheap and effective. The fast or quick rope is the definitive cardio machine that will take your cardiovascular resistance and coordination to another level. But that’s not all. Given the number of muscles involved in every jump, jumping rope has been proven to be an extremely efficient way to burn calories and lose fat.




No home gym is complete without a weight bench. This gym equipment is used not only to execute bench press with bar and its multiple variants, but also for as many common exercises such as rowing with dumbbell set, the French press, etc. But remember that not every bench is worth it. Your weight bench should be able to support not only your weight, but also that of what you are lifting.





The very versatile kettlebell comes in a variety of weights, sizes, and even shapes. Undoubtedly, the rise of Crossfit has popularized the use of Kettlebell set, whose history in the field of strength training and martial arts dates back to 18th-century Russia. Not surprisingly, it is an extraordinary and simple accessory to develop power, coordination, flexibility and endurance. Yes, all of these in one tiny(ish) package. Notwithstanding the above, it is advisable to have basic knowledge of body exercises before training with the Kettlebell set.


Get this gym equipment today!




As you may have noticed, seemingly simple gym equipment usually lead to the greatest amount of gain. For an example of this, look no further than Gymnastic rings (or Olympic rings). Unbelievable as it may seem, these two small hoops are known to give even the most competent athletes plenty of trouble. So, what effect exactly do gymnastic rings have on your physical health? Among other benefits, these help to develop balance and strength in your upper body (no more flabby arms!)





Looking to build muscle or increase muscular endurance? Then the dumbbell’s for you. It is clear that dumbbell sets are an excellent tool for working out at home. Indeed, having your own weight equipment allows you to build muscle mass in isolation. While lighter dumbbells (those less than 5 pounds) can be used while on a treadmill or during aerobic workouts, heavier dumbbells are good for some serious bodybuilding. An additional benefit is that they potentially correct muscle imbalances derived from bilateral training.



Barbell sets are useful for building brute force and hypertrophy. In fact, long ago in the nineteenth century, Eugene Shandow (the father of modern bodybuilding) dedicated several pages to bar exercises in his classic System of Physical Training.



Barbells come in many different weights. Whereas some people are able to handle heavy barbells with ease; 50kg is more than enough for others. Our recommendation is that you start off by buying a barbell set with a total weight of at least 100 kg.



While this might seem like a lot, it’s actually not much for exercises such as bench press, deadlift and squats.



“A treadmill? But that’s so basic.” Well, yes. Yes it is – but a treadmill is always good to have, as part of any fitness regime. It’s a piece of very useful gym equipment indeed. With a treadmill, you can quickly lose weight, maintain yourself in good physical shape, and also regularly train your stamina. Treadmills come in many types and forms. From the most basic to others much more complete such as treadmills with powerful motor and different features to monitor your pulse at the same time. In addition to protecting you from rain and other kinds of bad weather, magnetic treadmills reduce the pressure that is placed on your joints.



Be sure to install a large mirror in your home gym. No, we’re not encouraging you to become a narcissist – it’s you to monitor your own performance. Heavy exercises (such as squats and bench presses) are best done with a partner, who will ensure that you stay safe while you exercise. Put on your favorite songs, and have a blast working out!

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