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50 DIY Mirror Projects That Are Worth Trying 50 DIY Mirror Projects That Are Worth Trying

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50 DIY Mirror Projects That Are Worth Trying

Written by: Sophia Turner

Challenge your creativity with a DIY mirror project! Durable, safe, and fun, these DIY mirrors will help you with your next crafting experience.

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Looking for a new passion project? These DIY mirror projects will definitely challenge your creativity with their unique and innovative approach. You can use paint, paper, wood, or simply just rearrange the mirrors in a certain way. Not only will this get your creative juices flowing, but it will also serve as new decoration for your home or even office space. Who knew mirrors could be multipurposeful?


Below are some of the decorative mirrors you can use for your DIY mirror ideas:


Square DIY Mirror




To make customised gifts for your friends and family, use these square mirror tiles to design art projects, jewelry boxes, and picture frames. It proves to be useful and beautiful. For example, in a decorative pattern, glue the mirror mosaic tiles on a fragrant candle or vase to make party decorations or personalized centrepieces for an upcoming special event such as a birthday party, baby shower, or wedding reception. Most importantly, its smooth surface allows you to customize it without breaking a sweat – you can put accents like glitter or paint.




Something as small as these Bright Creations 2-inch mirror tiles will be suitable for any DIY mirror project. Mirror tiles may be used for detailed mosaic art; in your bedroom, entrance, kitchen, or bathroom, you can create DIY mirror projects in intricate or plain designs. These craft mirror tiles are made with sturdy high-quality materials; this value package offers sufficient supply for all your home decor needs or DIY ventures.




Another Bright Creations DIY mirror tiles have made it to this list and for a reason! Similar to the first two items, this also comes in a large quantity with every purchase. With whopping fifty-pack square mirror tiles, you will be able to create intricate mosaic designs without the hassle of going back to the store or waiting for your next package to arrive. To use this, you can simply add adhesive stickers or strong glue to the back of each mirror after decorating it with various accents. Give your home and office space a fresh new look with something as simple, yet elegant, as a DIY mirror from the glass.




With every purchase, you’ll get 144 pieces of square mosaic tiles already built with their own self-adhesive backing. Plus, each one is made of material safe for your DIY mirror ideas, such as real glass mirrors with smooth edges to prevent accidental cuts. Take note, however, that as this is made from real glass, some of its corners may break during transportation. You can create many types of art projects with these many tiles in one purchase such as decorating walls and ceilings, scrapbook making, art collage, and other interior decorations.




If you have a pig DIY mirror idea in mind, try going for one that already includes many tiles in one package. For example, this Juvale square mirror tiles package has 150 pieces that are essential for your decoration needs for wall and table designs. Moreover, these already come in various sizes perfect for exploring different art styles. Aside from that, these little mirror tiles are made of high-quality glass material giving you a nice and reflective surface.




Not all mirror tiles come in small sizes. Like the Alrens mirror tiles pack, each piece is at the size of 30×30 cm coming at six pieces in every package. You do not have to worry because it is just as safe and durable as the first tiny items as it also has a protective film on the surface. You can simply tear it off when you’re ready to decorate it. What makes this even better is that it’s easy to stick and remove at the same time. You wouldn’t have to worry about damaging your wall upon detaching it!




Square tiles can be arranged and decorated in ways that you may not have thought of. You can explore more of these DIY mirror ideas with a pack like the Bitto mirror tiles package. Each mirror included comes with protective films that ensure their high-quality and reflective surface. Plus it also includes an adhesive sticker at the back for easier application. Similar to the previous item, the adhesive won’t damage your wall or the surface you stuck it on.




Even a DIY mirror from glass can make for a safe and durable mirror project. A prime example of this is the Sntieecr mirror sheets. Although they are not made up of real glass, their acrylic material proves to be durable enough to have the same capabilities as others. Moreover, its adhesive also has a good stickiness, and its edges are smoothed out to prevent accidental cuts. However, as its material is not real glass, don’t you wouldn’t get the same reflection effect as that of a real mirror.




You’re going to get nine plastic mirror wall sticks with 6 X 6 inches, 0.04-inch diameter. Made of high-quality acrylic material, these mirror tiles offer a smooth surface that is simple to use and can increase performance. Moreover, it has a self-adhesive back and the surface itself is easy to clean. The plastic mirror is shatterproof and not easy to crack, to enjoy a safe space, and to shield your children from collisions or injury.




Mirror tiles made of real glass have some of the best perks such as their reflection effect, safe material, and environmental-friendly composition. A prime example of this is the Aleksander Hreben square mirror mosaic tile. You can use this to decorate your walls and ceilings as it is or with various decorations such as wood, glitter etc. You can even use this for scrapbooking or art collages. Given its compact dimensions, it proves to be a versatile tool for a craft like DIY mirror projects.




These durable and lightweight mirror tiles measure 6 x 6 inches and 0.2 mm wide. There is glue on the back which you can apply when the white covering film is stripped off. You can stick it on a smooth surface such as walls, doors, closets, and the like. However, do take note that they’re stickier than the usual mirror sheet so be mindful of where you’ll be placing it. This is mainly for interior decoration with the mirror’s reflection making your interiors more spacious. These can be placed in spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, and the like.




These wall mirrors are made up of non-plastic acrylic making them non-toxic and environment-friendly. To prevent the surface from scratching, it has white glue and protective film ensuring clearer mirror stickers. You can also fix them with ease without any tools since it has a back-adhesive which can be adjusted as per your preference. Places you can attach them to include smooth walls, wood, tiles, or window surfaces. You wouldn’t need to worry about damaging your walls as they can be easily removed.




Made of premium PVC material, these mirror sheets are suitable for surfaces like windows, bathrooms, TV backdrop etc. The back part has strong and sticky glue on it so that it won’t fall off easily. Because of their shape and size, you can freely combine them into a different shape or pattern. Given that, it is also ideal for a DIY landscaping decoration especially as its three-dimensional effect will make your wall look cleaner and more dazzling.




These standard mirror tiles are ideal for any DIY mirror project. Their compact size can be used for small-scale projects in which you can decorate the mirror themselves with accessories like paint and glitter or large-scale projects, where you can combine the mirror tiles to form the shape that you want. Moreover, its mirrored surface also highlights and blends with any type of color, making it a versatile tool for your craft.




The Elcoho mirror sheets have the same pros as most of the items listed, but their flexibility may prove to be a con in some instances. You’ll have to find a smooth surface to stick it on, otherwise, bumps and other inconsistencies will show up. However, it can also offer versatility. You can use this as an interior decoration to make your room look spacious and attractive. As for its composition, it is made of high-quality plastic with a smooth surface and ideal texture.




These mirror tiles can withstand a heavy load that can be used as a base for a statue or a votive holder. Decorate these to add more dimension and style to it especially to the item or room you want to highlight. Each mirror measures up to three inches, with five pieces included in each package. These are ideal when you want to try out your DIY mirror project for the first time.




These mirrors are coated with a reflective film that can shield the surface of the mirror from being distorted or scratched during transport. Until using it, you can peel off the films. This type of non-glass mirror is made of acrylic plastic, with a strong texture and a smooth finish. The iron content of the mirrors is low, but they are crystal clear—much clearer than your regular mirror. This clarity guarantees that for years to come you’ll enjoy working on your form!


Round DIY Mirror




To make customized presents for your friends and family, use these tiny round mirrors to embellish jewelry boxes, picture frames, and art projects. In a decorative style, glue the mirror mosaic tiles on a perfumed candle or vase to make personalized centerpieces or party decor. Moreover, to decorate the glass tiles for children’s arts and crafts or their school project, you can use paint or glitter; the smooth, reflective surface enables simple customization.




Mirrors will help create something spectacular with all your painting and design ventures. Transform a less mirror-inspired bland picture into a work of art. Embellish by glueing small mirrors side by side and above each other for a diverse yet unified minimalist look with a decorative border. One of the uses for these arts and crafts pieces is its delicate mosaic tilling. Add frames, jewelry boxes, mirrors, and doors to your frames for an extra aesthetic touch. Put a DIY mirror disco ball together, which can be painted with etching and painting. It is also suitable for children’s crafts, school art projects, and festive decor.




These will completely enrich your creativity and build your loved one’s harmonious, happy and romantic home. This acrylic wall style is non-toxic, non-friable, safe of the atmosphere, and anti-corrosion. It’s as transparent and reflective as a glass mirror, but without any damage, as it is not sharp and brittle. Moreover, the decorative sticker for the wall mirrors should be easy to paste and erase without damage to your wall. To cover the surface, there is a waterproof film used.




This one is your usual round mirror but the wooden handle makes it more unique. The unfinished wooden handle gives you more room to play and explore with your decorative skills. You can easily design it by drawing, painting, and adding other items such as glitters, crystals, and the like. This can also serve as an educational toy for children as it develops their creativity and other motor skills.




The key purpose of this mirror decal is for decoration. The distinctive nature of the form adds beauty to your room. Moreover, the reflective surface of the mirror will visually expand the space and make your house appear bigger and brighter; it is an ideal decorative wall sticker. These types of mirror stickers are best used on smooth surfaces such as TV background walls, windows, cabinets, and more. These ring-shaped mirror stickers are made up of high-quality materials such as acrylic ensuring that these won’t be easily broken. Although these are also long-lasting when used, always make sure that its surface is smooth and dust-free, or else the mirror sticker will fall off after 24 hours.




This ornamental mirror is constructed from high-quality acrylic. It’s more wearable than mirrors made of PS and no more scratches. It is also a perfect alternative to conventional glass mirrors: up to seventeen times more resistant to impact than equal-thick glass mirrors. A perfect reflection of the light is created by the crystal base, while the acrylic mirror is opaque but not as smooth and sharp as the actual mirror. Plus, it can be used as a present to your friends, partners, and families for decorating the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and more. With double-sided tape, the mirror backrest will attach directly to the wall.




You can make good use of your imagination to build your loved one’s beautiful, quiet and warm home. The window sticker’s surface is reflective. COCIVIVRE Wall decals for acrylic mirrors are not as transparent as a mirror but appear like a mirror. They look much like the mirrors of a funhouse. Acrylic mirrors are light and lightweight, and glass mirrors are thicker and easy to smash. After peeling off the thin plastic tape, you can see yourself in these peels and stick mirrors. COCIVIVRE wall stickers are all transparent.




These circular mini mirrors are made of reliable, robust, and durable acrylic plastic, built with a smooth finish, good texture, and good adhesives on the back for easier use. Each small adhesive mirror circle is built with a protective film, offering extra protection. Moreover, it helps to prevent scratching. Before applying, you only need to gently peel off the film and use them to make a variety of DIY crafts.




Included in this package are three sets of wall stickers that come in varying colors. You’ll get five in each set making it 15 in total. Each one is made of environment-friendly acrylic material which proves to be safe, shiny, and durable. The sets of five round wall mirror stickers also come in different diameters such as 5cm, 7.5cm, 10cm, 12.5cm, and 15cm. It is convenient to use as you would only need to tear off the mirror’s film and stick it directly onto a surface without the need for extra tools.




Decorative mirror design helps your home look artistic and beautiful. Your room will be lighter with the mirrored surface. Without any disruption to the wall, these decorative wall mirror stickers are removable. You can use them many times and reposition them as you wish. Given its composition, it cannot be used as a replacement mirror. To cover the surface, a waterproof film is used.




Such mirrors have a big influence on different projects in art craft and home decoration, wall decals, and make a perfect customized gift! As a focal point in every space, create a mirrored mirror piece and an eye-catching metal wall art sculpture that can be used as both modern or rustic wall art. To deliver a wonderfully built home decal aesthetic, it seamlessly blends in with wood, and marble fixtures and surfaces.




These small round mirror tiles are ideal for making charms and miscellaneous such as makeup mirrors. They are made of high-quality material which is proven to be practical and durable. It’s designed to be portable with workmanship that is exquisite enough and not easy to scratch. Its compact size makes for easier storage in places like your handbags.




These 1 mm thick mirror stickers have four measurements, 15 cm, 8 cm, 6 cm, and 3 cm in succession, which can be paired or positioned according to your choice. The plastic mirror is made with a smooth surface of high-quality acrylic material; remember, the surface has translucent protective films on it and the back has white glue itself which you need to take out upon using. The collection includes 52 stickers, plenty for your creative imagination. Moreover, the mirror sticker could be special, attractive, and bright for your home.




The kit comes with 100 small round glass mirrors, 100 small square mirrors, enough quantity to suit your various specifications. It can be set in different shapes, bring a sense of style to your home and fulfill your different needs. The tiny glass mirror corners are carefully cleaned so rest assured that it will not harm your hands and will be safe to use. Moreover, the back can be conveniently added with different glues to decorate your house.




This round mirror sticker is made of environment-friendly acrylic – not glass or plastic. You can use this as backdrops for your TV, ceilings, bathrooms, and more. Upon sticking it on your preferred surface, it is recommended that you remove the protective film so that the surface itself will look its brightest. Don’t worry if you want to place it somewhere else as removing and reapplying the mirror sticker will not harm any surface.




This mirror is made of high-quality acrylic and plexiglass making it lightweight, easy to fabricate, and shatter-resistant. Moreover, its durable acrylic material offers a surface that is usually used as an alternative to traditional glass mirrors. You can mount them onto flat surfaces with ease for various occasions such as weddings and the like.




What makes this one of the best round mirrors you can find is its environment-friendly composition. Plus, the application is also easy. Simply paste the decal onto a surface and easily remove it without damaging your wall. Thus, you can decorate your rooms with your next DIY mirror project suited to your tastes!



DIY Mirror with Unique Shapes




There are four distinct shapes of mirrors, including shell, rose, oval, and round. Each form has ten mirrors, which means you can make 20 double-sided mirrors, enough for your family and friends to build more compact ones. It is not easy to break and also lightweight as it is made of acrylic. These mirrors for the mold are specially customized. For both men and women of all ages, the trendy style of the finished compact mirror is suitable. This can be the best gift for resin art lovers or makeup lovers, which can also help you make presents for yourself, relatives, anniversaries, or holidays.




These butterfly DIY mirrors are the perfect addition to childrens’ bedrooms or playrooms. It is made of PVC material making it durable and anti-dust all of which ensures convenience for you. All you need to do is apply it on a dry and smooth surface. You must first clean the area you want to stick the butterflies on and then peel the protective paper. Paste and then simply lift the wings up!




Another butterfly-shaped mirror sticker has made it to the list. These are also suitable for spaces like children’s playrooms, dining rooms, or even your home office. Additionally, you can also give these as presents for special occasions especially to those with families and their own home space. Moreover, use these for events like Christmas, weddings, or birthdays and add a more magical and elegant touch to your home.




This reversible mirror wall sticker is made of premium PET acrylic plastic with a smooth finish, good texture, and a self-adhesive back. Plys is easy to use, compact, and simple to add on many surfaces. Moreover, the hollow style mirror wall decals, flower outline make it more distinctive. These style wall mirror stickers may be mixed freely in different shapes for decoration.




These hexagon-shaped mirror stickers are made of plastic material with a smooth surface that is both non-toxic and tasteless. You’ll be comfortable using this for your next DIY mirror idea as it is safe for people to play around with. Moreover, it has a reflective surface despite its plastic material. This decorative style will make your home or office space look unique and more attractive especially with its reflective surface making the room brighter.




Although these mirror stickers already have their pre-patterned design, you can still use them to decorate them to your preference. The letters are written in gorgeous cursive which will give your room a more elegant and light atmosphere. Similar to the previous items, its composition is made of plastic material which makes it easy to use with no extra tools necessary to apply.




Make your room shine brighter with these star-shaped mirror stickers. You can use this as your next DIY mirror project to decorate your space with a fun atmosphere. Given its shape, this would be more suitable in areas like childrens’ rooms, decorations for birthdays, and the like. To apply, make sure to tear off the protective film after installing the item and the mirror will be as clear as new.




Use these glass mirror tiles to decorate projects like picture frames and jewelry boxes. Moreover, you can use this to craft custom presents for your friends and family. Moreover, you can use paint or glitter to decorate the heart mirrors for school projects or kids’ arts and crafts; the clean, reflective surface makes for quick customization. Ultimately, this is the perfect size since each mirror measures up to 1 inch with a 0.05-inch thickness.




This wall sticker is made up of upgraded acrylic which has proven safety and environmental protection, not easy to break, non-toxic, and odor-free. Moreover, its pattern will definitely bring life and brightness to your room for a good atmosphere. By then, you can design them onto your wall into an eye-catching mural.




Each set comes with 54 pieces of silver butterfly mural stickers and six different styles of hollow-out designs that come in three sizes: 12 cm, 10 cm, and 8 cm. Their vibrant nature and well-designed wings produce an attractive appearance to decorate items. The silver butterflies display a stunning glitter effect on an ordinary wall offering a fascinating look. Light up wherever and whenever you want!




Like most of the items on this list, the material that these mirror stickers are made out of is acrylic, making it environmentally-friendly and waterproof. However, the surface remains reflective despite it not being a real glass mirror. It is a classic way to complete your interior design! With adhesive on the back, you can simply tear it off to apply them with ease. Tear off the protective film on the surface as well to reveal its brightness.




These acrylic mirror stickers are ideal for you to turn into a DIY mirror project. It will add to your home’s interior atmosphere in a more distinct and attractive way. Moreover, its reflective surface will make space clearer and brighter. Of course, the cleaner the surface, the clearer the reflection. In terms of application, these mirror stickers are easy to fix through their back-adhesive that you can remove and reapply without damaging the wall.




Being a DIY mirror made from real glass, rest assured you’ll get the clearest and brightest reflective surface to make your space more attractive. It has a 1.5mm thickness perfect for a small DIY mirror project. Moreover, this type of DIY mirror is perfect for card making, scrapbooking, and mirror balls. However, do take note that as it is made from real glass, the edges of each one may not be consistent.




These uniquely shaped mirrors can be hung anywhere in any space. You can group these together to create a collage or apply them separately on a smooth surface to create a versatile and personalized look. As for its composition, each one is made from acrylic making it easier and safer to work with. Given that, it is also non-friable and non-toxic. Moreover, it also comes with a frame that, although an imitation wood is still proven to be durable.




Made of acrylic and self-adhesive, the reflection is not as strong as a glass mirror, but it is not as delicate. In fact, it might be more stunning and safer than a glass mirror. The whole package comes with 33 pieces of mirror stickers that you can assemble yourself. Peel and stick the stencil paper on the wall and follow the design like puzzle pieces. The end product will produce an eye-catching wall mural for your space. Cost-efficient, impact-resistant, and being lightweight are just some of the few main reasons why acrylic mirrors may be a better option than a DIY mirror from the glass.




These are made of high-quality acrylic plastic with a surface that has a protective film to keep it from scratching during transit. Given that, it is also very lightweight but still has a strong mirror effect. Moreover, its self-adhesive back makes for convenient application and a customized craft experience.


Mirrors will help create something spectacular with all your painting and design ventures. Transform a less mirror-inspired bland picture into a work of art. Embellish by glueing small mirrors side by side and above each other for a diverse yet unified minimalist look with a decorative border. Challenge your creativity with a DIY mirror project!

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