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10 Home Gym Hacks For Small Spaces 10 Home Gym Hacks For Small Spaces

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10 Home Gym Hacks For Small Spaces

Written by: Ethan Hayes

Catch hold of these stunning gym ideas to set up a wonderful gym at home without breaking your wallet. Be healthier, stronger and comfortable INSTANTLY

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A home gym has become a modern-day essential if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, it can be especially challenging to outfit them with heavy-weight equipment such as treadmills, weight machines, bench-press machines, etc. This is why today, we’ll be sharing some great hacks that’ll help you utilize small spaces for your home gym in an ideal way. Let’s take a look:



1. Know Your Machines

Know your machines


You should know the kind of workouts that your body type needs and buy your home gym equipment accordingly. There’s no point in splurging on machinery that you’ll never even use. Moreover, you’ll only be taking up precious space that can be otherwise utilized in a number of different ways. Knowing the gym machines you need also means you know your body and where it needs improvement.



This understanding will help you better your exercise and diet routine as well. Your niche machinery can easily be placed around the gym with lots of room to spare – especially when you’re short on space!



2. Lots Of Light

look more more light filled rooms



If there’s one thing the effectively makes any small space feel larger than it is, it’s natural light. So, of course, that’s what you’ll have to emulate in ample amounts to make your home gym feel spacious and more energetic.  A large picture window can do the trick just right. This hack will also give you a nice view of the outdoors if you orient your home gym equipment in the direction of the windows.



3. Use Of Reflective Mirrors

Use of reflective mirrors


A great way to make your small home gym feel spacious is to pan its walls out with full-length mirrors. This automatically doubles the size of the space – granted that it’s just an illusion. This means that even though you’re still working with a limited amount of space, the reflective mirrors will make it feel like it’s twice its original size, which in turn will make you feel like you’re working out in a professional space!



It will also give you a great way to monitor yourself during your training session!



4. Non-Aerobic exercises

non aerobic exercises


So, here’s the thing: not everybody can keep up with rigorous and straining exercises that make you sweat and grunt (and occasionally even pull muscles) if done unsupervised. This is why every home gym should have a contingency for non-aerobic exercises such as Pilates, yoga, and stretching. This means that aside from the typical weight machines and treadmills, you also make room for home gym equipment such as mats, bouncy balls, small dumbbells, and mats for stretching out comfortably.



You’ll have to be really smart with space management on this front. Pro tip: just stick all the heavy-weight equipment to the side to make room for the non-aerobic exercises in the middle!



5. Keep It Simple

keep it simple


The best way to design a home gym in a small space is to keep it as simple as possible. Once again, knowing the type of exercise your body needs regularly comes in handy here. For example, most people generally use treadmill and resistance bands for regular aerobic exercising.



Therefore, only designing an area for such home gym equipment can result in the ideal use of the space that’s available to you. Adding anything extra will only make the room feel cramped and cluttered.



6. Utilize Existing Spaces

utilising existing spaces


Having a home gym does not always mean that you have to invest in all that expensive equipment just for the sake of authenticity. You can exercise just as well with compact equipment that can be brought out and used in regular old spaces. For example, you can break out your yoga mat or leg/arm press equipment and set it up in your living room-come-home gym studio. You can even do your workout while watching a show on your LCD!



7. The Single Equipment Notice

single equipment notice


Despite what you might think or believe, most people don’t need multiple home gym equipment to maintain their bodies in good shape. Unless and until you’re sharing this gym with a lot of family members, you simply need one to two machines tops to get a regular workout.



This not only helps you keep up with the demand of small-spaces, but also keeps you from splurging on equipment you’ll rarely ever use. People typically go for a treadmill or a weight machine as both are an all-rounder as far as gym equipment goes.



8. Convertible Spaces

Convertible spaces


There’s always a contingency space in every home that can be converted into a make-shift home gym with minimal effort. Whether it’s a garage, attic, or even a storeroom, you just need only a bit of imagination and creativity to make it a viable exercising space!



Just remember: keep your equipment as minimal as possible and make it as compact as you possibly can. Try not to spread things out and don’t be afraid to make this space multifunctional!



9. All-White Surroundings

all white surroundings


Did you know that white color is highly reflective? This means that it actually reflects the light that’s thrown onto it. Therefore, it’s the perfect color choice for spaces that are small and need a bit of help in looking spacious. It would be an excellent choice for your home gym. Paired up with natural light and full-sized mirrors, it would make even a tiny space feel like a veritable hall!



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10. Minimalism Works Best

Minimalism works best


Being a minimalist is also an excellent way to make the most of your small home gym. You’ll be sticking to the bare minimum of your equipment and taking off all the extra clutter from the walls, floors, and window designs. It’s a great way to organize the layout and keep out everything extra that might distract you from your workout in the future. More is less, we say!



And there you go – these are some fabulous home gym hacks for small spaces. We hope they help you sort out your layout, materials, and lighting in a better way!


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