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Great Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Will Force You To Change Yours Great Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Will Force You To Change Yours

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Great Kitchen Cabinet Ideas That Will Force You To Change Yours

Written by: James Anderson

Revamp your kitchen cabinets with these 12 splendid ideas that are sure to stun you. Make heads turn like never before & see the magic happening!

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Replacing your old and worn out kitchen cabinets can give your home a contemporary appeal. Changing your cabinets can also increase the value of your kitchen. All you have to do is select kitchen cabinet designs that will accentuate the look and feel of your home. If you’re about to renovate your kitchen and you’re looking for unique kitchen cabinet ideas, take a look at our list of 12 unique designs. Thinking of giving your house a total makeover? These storage ideas are suitable for any contemporary home.

1. Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas



Grey Kitchen Cabinet Ideas



Grey is an elegant neutral tone that works well with low lighting. Install grey kitchen cabinets in your kitchen and use natural stone backdrops to complement the design. Grey kitchen cabinets go well with white marble tiles and countertops.



Use statement fixtures such as copper lighting and wall racks with your grey kitchen cabinets to create a sophisticated environment.



2. Oak Kitchen Cabinet Ideas



Oak Kitchen Cabinet Ideas



Kitchen cabinet designs made from any type of wood make a picturesque display. The most popular wood to use is oak as it’s durable and won’t chip, mold or tarnish over time.



Red oak kitchen cabinets are perfect for areas that have yellow ambient lighting. But for darker tones, you can use black oak kitchen cabinets with white walls and floors.



Oak kitchen cabinets are ideal for people living in colder climates as it retains heat well. Wood such as oak also emits a pleasant fragrance so your kitchen will always have a wonderful scent.



3. Stained Glass Kitchen Cabinet Design



Stained Glass Kitchen Cabinet Design



Are you looking for classic kitchen cabinet ideas? Perhaps you’ll love stained glass kitchen cabinet designs. The stained glass kitchen cabinet is perfect for people who want the aesthetics of the glass but don’t want to showcase what’s inside the cupboards.



Another way you can create a unique feature is by placing lights inside the cabinets to enhance the colors of the stained glass.



4. Red Kitchen Cabinets With A Glossy Finish



Red Kitchen Cabinets With A Glossy Finish



50s diner-inspired kitchen cabinet ideas have become quite popular over the years. To create a beautiful retro display, install glossy cherry red cabinets in your kitchen. Paint your walls white and use white marble tiles to enhance the color of your red kitchen cabinets.



5. Streamlined Kitchen Cabinets




Streamlined Kitchen Cabinets



Contemporary kitchens are all about organization and symmetrical shapes. Streamlined kitchen cabinet ideas work well in modern homes because they have no protruding handles and they all have one color.



Modern kitchens have no clutter and fixtures such as lighting & faucets are sleek. So ensure your kitchen cabinet ideas complement the simplicity of the rest of your interior designs.



6. Elegant Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas



Elegant Black Kitchen Cabinet Ideas



As mentioned before darker tones create an elegant look in modern homes. If you’re going for a sophisticated kitchen design then black cabinets will work for what you’re trying to achieve.



Combine your black kitchen cabinets with neutral tones such as grey floors and backdrops to break the color. Or create a contrast by using your black kitchen cabinet ideas with white walls and tiles.



Install low hanging light fixtures and use natural stone counters to keep the contemporary kitchen design consistent.



7. Multi-Colored Kitchen Cabinets




Multi-Colored Kitchen Cabinets



Creative or eccentric people will love the multi-colored kitchen cabinet designs because they’re unique and break the norm when it comes to interior decorating. Rainbow colored kitchen cabinet ideas evoke a happy and calm environment so they’re ideal if you have children.



You don’t have to use rainbow colors for these kitchen cabinet ideas as many beautiful colors go together well such as purple, black, and white.



8. White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Walls And Floors




White Kitchen Cabinets With Black Walls And Floors



Using light and dark tones is always the best way to turn a dull kitchen into an awe-inspiring display. If you’re on a budget then white kitchen cabinets are for you because the material used to build them can be bought at a hardware store at low costs.



Paint your walls black and use black tiles so your white kitchen cabinets will stand out.



9. Display Your Fine China With Glass Kitchen Cabinets



Display Your Fine China With Glass Kitchen Cabinets



Glass kitchen cabinet ideas are ideal for showing off your fine china because they aren’t always used or seen except on special occasions. So why not display your expensive dinnerware in a glass display cabinet?



Install full glass panes into your kitchen cabinet designs so you can have a full view of your dinnerware. Place small pots of flowers with lavender or jasmine inside your glass cabinets for an added effect.



10. Place LED Lighting Underneath Your Kitchen Cabinets




Place LED Lighting Underneath Your Kitchen Cabinets



The space between your kitchen cabinets and your counter is called a backdrop. The design of your backdrop joins the aesthetics of your kitchen cabinet ideas and your countertops.



Your interior designs need to flow together so to join the two applications place LED lighting underneath your kitchen cabinets. The lights enhance the look of your kitchen cabinet designs as well as your backdrop and counters.



11. Modular Kitchen Cabinet Designs



Modular Kitchen Cabinet Designs



Modular kitchen cabinet ideas are installed in smaller kitchens as they don’t protrude outwards. These kitchen cabinet ideas don’t resemble storage units as they’re designed to look like walls. The modular kitchen cabinets slide outwards on runners when you pull them out or they can open like traditional cabinet doors.



12. Open Kitchen Cabinet Display With Lighting



Open Kitchen Cabinet Display With Lighting



Some kitchen cabinet designs don’t have doors which makes them open planned shelving. Open planned kitchen cabinet ideas can be used to display ornaments, expensive dinnerware or plants. You can combine this feature with closed kitchen cabinet ideas for a unique look.



Place lights inside the open kitchen cabinet design to display your dinnerware or ornaments elegantly.



Final Thoughts



You can build any of these kitchen cabinet ideas yourself if you’re a creative person on a budget. DIY kitchen cabinets are easy to do if you’re refurbishing them. Opting to do DIY kitchen cabinets is ideal if you want a complete customized look in your home.



We hope our 12 designs inspired you to do your DIY kitchen cabinets. Tell us which of the 12 kitchen cabinet ideas you liked the most and share the designs you have in your kitchen by leaving us a comment below. We enjoy hearing from you and about your own design experiences. And for more inspiration for your kitchen decor, be sure to check out some of our ideas here.

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