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10 Best Thanksgiving Table Decor That Surely Please Your Guests 10 Best Thanksgiving Table Decor That Surely Please Your Guests

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10 Best Thanksgiving Table Decor That Surely Please Your Guests

Written by: Ljiljana Gacic

Take a look at our Thanksgiving table setting ideas for simple & over-the-top STUNNING ideas. Impress your guests and make heads turn like never before!

With the hectic pace of life, we all whole-heartedly welcome the holiday season. Are you ready? Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you want to amaze your guests with a stunning thanksgiving table setting, you’ve come to the right place for ideas!



Opting for magical, awe-inspiring decorations is easier said than done. So many choices, so many mesmerizing decorations make it easy to exaggerate and turn a once beautiful Thanksgiving table setting into a crummy one.



Therefore, let us help you. Feel free to borrow some of our Thanksgiving decor ideas to make your attention-grabbing dining table setting.



10 Best Thanksgiving Table Setting Ideas To Please Your Guests




1. Thanksgiving Exhibition Of Pumpkins




Let’s face it! Pumpkins are one of those inevitable thanksgiving decorations that you just have to include. Not making room for at least one pumpkin in your Thanksgiving table setting plan would be unforgivable. However, what’s the story behind the popularity of pumpkins?



Being an autumn fruit, pumpkins grow out of a flower and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors.



Namely, for Native Americans, pumpkins are a symbol for man’s power and as such they also symbolize life. That alone should encourage you to place plenty of pumpkins on your table and get the colorful variety you strive for.



2. Get Creative With A DIY Pumpkin Vase



Do you have some free time to indulge in small, creative projects? Thanksgiving is simply one of those holidays that can help you let all your creativity out. You can experiment a lot with Thanksgiving decorations.



If your dining table isn’t big enough to display an array of pumpkins but you don’t want to leave them out, we have a fantastic suggestion for you. How about making a pumpkin vase? You could use one of those white pumpkins but if you want more color, feel free to go for an orange one. As for the flowers, you can use just about any that you like or go with whatever you feel would fit best as your personal Thanksgiving table decor.



Are you wondering how to make a pumpkin vase? Firstly, cut the stem out of the pumpkin and scoop out all of the seeds. Then you should just fill your pumpkin with water. Finally, cut the flowers to the desired length and tuck them into the water adding some height as well to make a lovely arrangement. Just imagine all those gorgeous thanksgiving colors as an essential part of your Thanksgiving table setting.



3. Stick To Traditions With The Cornucopia



For those of you who don’t know, the cornucopia is a horn-shaped basket from the time of the Ancient Greeks. It is believed that a goat broke off its horn to give it to Zeus as a sign of reverence and then Zeus placed an image of a goat in the sky, today known as Capricorn. This exchange symbolizes gratitude and offering hence it’s been a part of the Thanksgiving table decorations for years.



Fill your cornucopia with fresh fruit and vegetables to create a beautiful table decor. Keep the traditions alive by creating an amazing setting spellbound with a rich array of Thanksgiving colors.



4. Use Red Napkins For An Elegant Table Setting





One of the greatest things about Thanksgiving is that it’s an autumn holiday. You can experiment with plenty of colors just like nature does every autumn.


However, if you want to create a romantic Thanksgiving table setting, then you should try to incorporate more red. This is, after all, the color of love too. Therefore, red napkins on white plates might give you the contrast you need but also the elegance and romance for a nice family dinner.



5. Go For Unique Table Decorations


Go For Unique Table Decorations



Are you looking for more unique and original Thanksgiving table decorations? Don’t worry. You are in the right place.



Letting that charming autumn nature help you create the most stunning Thanksgiving table setting is all you need. Just go to the park and pick some colorful leaves off the ground. Wash them, dry them and turn them into the perfect decor for your plates.



6. Don’t Forget The Cranberries

cranberries on the table



Just like pumpkins, cranberries are also a symbol of Thanksgiving. You are probably thinking about a delicious cranberry sauce to top your turkey, but cranberries are a wonderful decoration as well. Therefore, don’t forget that a few branches of cranberries might spice up all your Thanksgiving decorations.



Whether you choose to place them randomly on the table or simply as a decoration on the plates, you won’t make a mistake.



7. Simple Thanksgiving Table Setting




Even though you are allowed to experiment with colors when planning a holiday table decor, you can still make an elegant Thanksgiving table setting with a combination of two or three colors.



Making a lovely decoration of white and green can symbolize life and prosperity. Additionally, you could always add up a couple of small pumpkins to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive.




8. Make Thanksgiving Table Setting Personal




Don’t ever forget that Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and giving. If you are running on a tight budget, you could always make a present for each member of your family.



A small size pumpkin and a written note on why you are grateful to have them would be a great surprise for all of them once they join your perfectly set Thanksgiving dinner table.



9. Lightly Dim Rooms And Candles




Do you want to create a cozier atmosphere? You can easily achieve it by distributing plenty of candles around your dining table.



Lightly dim rooms give away a relaxing, calm setting, perfect for rich family dinners. What’s more? Candles will certainly help you keep a memory of old ages when there was no electricity.



10. Small Details To Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Table Setting




When you are decorating a Thanksgiving dinner table, you should pay attention to small details while still incorporating all those charming Thanksgiving colors.



Placing several pinecones and nuts all over the table will bring darker shades to your colorful table. On the other hand, those can make it seem even closer to nature and harvests too. And if you’re feeling a little extra festive, throw in some fairy lights to decorate your dining room to give the whole place a warm, inviting vibe.



Whatever you opt for, make sure you have a lot of fun while setting your Thanksgiving dinner table and if you want, share your ideas with us.

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