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6 Cute Thanksgiving Plates To Add On To Your Festive Table 6 Cute Thanksgiving Plates To Add On To Your Festive Table

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6 Cute Thanksgiving Plates To Add On To Your Festive Table

Written by: Anjali Patodi

Impress your guests with these stunning Thanksgiving plates & dinnerware sets INSTANTLY. Make hosting easy & super fun in the festive season!

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Thanksgiving is one of the most celebrated festivals in the US and Canada as an ode to the blessings received in the past year.



Just like all other festivals, there is a whole lot of food to be made, shared, plated and relished! While the juicy roasted turkeys and the moist delicious pies make an appearance every season, here are some interesting thanksgiving plates ideas that are sure to make your festivities a whole lot of fun! 



If you are looking to bag some of the best dinnerware sets this season in a wide range of options, we’ve picked out some of our favorites to help you along the way.



thanksgiving infographic






Thanksgiving is synonymous with great food. Mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, casseroles, and pies are all centered around the might full-roast turkey. If your obsession with this stuffed turkey feast goes beyond just the food, you can flaunt it on your plate too!



These fancy plates sport a plump American Turkey at the center that’s sure to stir up quite an appetite! Surrounded by an intricate design, these plates are gorgeous additions to your dining table.



You can indulge in plate-wise heating as these can be safely lodged in your microwave. These thanksgiving plates are also dishwasher safe, making cleaning an easy affair. If you like your entire spread to comfortably fit in one plate, these plates will give you no reason to complain. 


Double Up This Plate As Thanksgiving Decor

If you don’t want to repeat your cutlery set for consecutive years, you could always use this set of plates as Thanksgiving decor. That way, you needn’t invest in dedicated Thanksgiving decor every year. Place them at your fire mantle place, a table-facing shelf, or even put it up on the wall to get that thanksgiving vibe rolling. 





As a thanksgiving table decor idea, there’s nothing more nostalgic than a commemorative plate adorned with the most iconic words of thanksgiving. This thanksgiving table centerpiece will surely enhance your season’s spirit and provide additional joy as part of your Thanksgiving table settings.


Ideal Gift Before Thanksgiving

If your child’s birthday falls just before Thanksgiving, this Thanksgiving paper plates set is the perfect return favor for their birthday party to help usher in the festive season!





If you are looking for cutlery that’s neither the delicate ceramic /glass nor the flimsy paper plates, we have found you a great option in Thanksgiving plates. This is one of the best dinnerware sets that are low maintenance yet not disposable if you are worried about an unwanted pile-up of garbage. 



Each of these four plates has an imprint of different elements of the festive season including turkeys and pumpkins.



Melamine offers a smooth glossy finish that lends a sense of class and polish to your dining table. They are also dishwasher friendly so you don’t have to bother about a tedious cleaning up process. Melamine does not break or crack easily, so these plates are sure to last you for years to come. 



Professional Cleaning Tip for Melamine Plates

While melamine does not crack or break easily, you may end up damaging the top glossy coat if you scrub these with a hard metal scrub. It’s advisable to give it an initial rinse to get the curry and dessert off until you have time to wash at leisure. Do not scrub the surface hard. Simply wipe off hard stains with your fingers under running water.




If you’re someone who likes your thanksgiving decor coordinated with thanksgiving napkins, plates, and dessert plates, look no more! We’ve found you the best dinnerware sets that are going to please the perfectionist in you.



With a bundle of 50 dinner & dessert plates and 100 specialized thanksgiving napkins, you have your entire festive season sorted. 



With a pretty print of orange and red autumn leaves, these plates and thanksgiving napkins are pleasing to the eyes. Despite being thanksgiving paper plates, they are quite sturdy, large, and strong to hold your entire spread in one serving. The print on these plates also adds to the overall decor and festive spirit. 





Introducing fun elements in your dining décor never goes out of style. The best dinnerware sets are those that are unique and eye-catching.



These pumpkin-shaped plates are definitely something your guests will remember for a long time to come. The plates are big enough to house a generous serving of your entire spread. The glossy finish of the melamine plate ensures it looks pretty on your table. 



Handy Plate for Kids

If you are hosting a bunch of kids at your Thanksgiving dinner, you can hand them these plates without worrying about spillage or breakage. Not only is melamine difficult to break despite an occasional drop, but the oval shape of this plate with a depth at the middle will also ensure there is hardly any spillage out of it.  





For those of you who are looking to line your Thanksgiving dinner table with some quirky paper plates, these hexagon-shaped plates won’t disappoint.

Sporting a cozy print of the fall season, these plates come in batches of 50 and are ideal for a house full of guests. Their shape is with a depth in the center, minimizing chances for spillage and ensuring your gravies stay well within your plate. 

The plates are also BPA-free and 100% food grade made of biodegradable paper, allowing you to not feel the pinch of harming the environment as you use them. 




The idea of celebrating Thanksgiving is truly in the little things, aside from the overall festive vibe of giving thanks and reveling with your loved ones. We hope our Thanksgiving dining suggestions have helped you gear up for the season! 

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