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10 Best Attic Room Tips To Transform Your Space 10 Best Attic Room Tips To Transform Your Space

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10 Best Attic Room Tips To Transform Your Space

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Create your ideal attic room with our clever tips! You'll be surprised by how little tweaks go a very long way.

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Think your attic is the most redundant part of your house?  Well, we’re here to prove you wrong.



Although seemingly isolated from the rest of the house, a little creativity, imagination, and effort can turn every attic into a pretty exciting space.



Searching for great ideas to transform your attic? Here are 10 to get you started:



10 Best Attic Room Tips To Transform Your Space


1. An Art Studio

attic space



No matter what medium of art you practice, the attic can be turned into an exciting studio. Got a yen for sculpture? The attic can be the perfect place to mould away! In love with painting? The fumes of oil paints and turpentine will never ventilate right out your attic windows!



For architects, there’s no better place to spread out your messy drafts. If you’re a graphic designer, the attic is the perfect place to get in tune with your digital and manual gadgets.



Bottom line: Attics-turned-art-studios are havens for those in the field of art.



2. A Rooftop Den

A Rooftop Den



The attic is a great place to design your own personal rooftop den! You know what’s even better? It’ll give you some great views of the outdoors. All you need to do is design a cozy room with comfortable lounging furniture and adequate entertainment – a TV, a PS4, or whatever else tickles your fancy.



Whenever you feel like you need some “me” time, simply retreat to this den and bask in the solitude. A rooftop den is also perfect for close gatherings – time to catch up with those friends from college!



3. An Astronomy Studio

Astrionomy studio



If you harbor a love for constellations, then your attic can be transformed into an exciting little astronomy studio. It doesn’t matter if you’re taking your hobby professionally or just passionately – the attic windows can lead you to your very own slice of heaven right inside your home.



You can set up a telescope by the dormer windows or even install a skylight in the slope of the roof for better access to the sky.



4. Children’s Bedroom

Children’s Bedroom



Imagine taking the attic stairway and emerging into a bedroom that’s straight out of a fantasy – that could be your kids if you play your cards right. While the walls of an attic require some major insulation to keep the temperature steady, it can be easily transformed into a gorgeous bedroom for kids.



You can decorate with a creative, whimsical theme so that whenever your kid enters this space, they’ll feel like they’re entering a totally different world of their own.




5. Cozy Personal Retreat

Cozy Personal Retreat



Nothing has to be full of activity to be as exciting as possible. A cozy personal retreat can be just as thrilling if designed right. Furnish the attic with your most comfortable furniture and paint the surroundings in relaxing shades.



This way, whenever the peer pressure of the world becomes too much, you can simply retreat to this nest and curl up with an action-packed fantasy book or a romantic comedy of your choice.



6. Luxury Spa Bathroom

Luxury Spa Bathroom


The attic is the perfect place to indulge in your very own personal spa bathroom. The space is usually large enough to accommodate everything you’ll ever need for your dream spa. You can even place an oversized bathtub or Jacuzzi right by the attic windows without any fear of anyone invading your privacy.



Go for a large shower stall complete with a rain-dance fixture, and install a double-vanity that hides your aromatherapy equipment!



7. Your Personal Library

Your Personal Library



Any bookworm would understand the absolute joy of owning a personal library (the smell of books – who could resist?) While the rest of the home may become too cluttered with books, the attic can be a great place for installing some book racks, a divan, and a rocking chair.



It’s isolated from the rest of the house, which means you won’t get disturbed at all. You’ll also feel palpable excitement while climbing the attic stairs, and emerging into a room filled with your favorite books.



Imagine – a place where you can simply curl up, to read all you want. How lovely.



8. Bedroom With A View

Bedroom with a view



If nothing else, you can just as easily convert the attic into an exciting studio bedroom!  Place your desk by the attic windows to enjoy some amazing views while working. The bed can be the centerpiece and you can go for any style you want – yes, even a canopy one!



You can also furnish with other eclectic items such as ottoman stools, layered rugs, gorgeous light fixtures, and personal knick-knacks that make the space feel like it truly belongs to you and you alone.



9. A Man Cave or a She Shed

A Man Cave or a She Shed



Whether you’re a man or a woman, the lack of personal space in a home with growing families is very real, and can feel absolutely suffocating. This is where your attic can come in handy – you could convert it into a masculine man cave or a feminine she shed (half-and-half is even better).



Picture this: you climb the attic stairway and enter a cozy space. A space in which you can finally spend quality alone time, after the chaos of a long day. You can pack the room with a number of entertainment items like pool tables, a surround sound system, or anything else you like.



10. An Attic Office

An Attic Office

Working from home is fast becoming the new top trend, but there’s seldom enough space in a conventional house to add a personal office. This is another way that you can transform your attic into an exciting new space to get some work done.



You can have meetings with potential clients here or simply close yourself up with some solitary work for a pending deadline.



These are some great ideas to transform your attic into an exciting space.



We hope some of them inspire you to recreate your own attic into something straight out of your dreams.

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