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Best Thanksgiving Table Decor To Please Your Guests Best Thanksgiving Table Decor To Please Your Guests

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Best Thanksgiving Table Decor To Please Your Guests

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Take a look at our Thanksgiving table decor ideas that are sure to impress your guests and make heads turn like never before!

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With the hectic pace of life, we all whole-heartedly welcome the holiday season. Are you ready? Thanksgiving is just around the corner and if you want to amaze your guests with a stunning thanksgiving table setting, you’ve come to the right place for ideas!



Opting for magical, awe-inspiring decorations is easier said than done. The market is oversaturated with innumerable choices of mesmerizing decorations. As a result, narrowing down on a few may prove difficult, whereas, displaying too many decorations can turn a once beautiful Thanksgiving table setting into a crummy one.



Therefore, let us help you. Feel free to borrow some of our Thanksgiving decoration ideas to achieve your dream dining table setting —


1. Exhibit Thanksgiving Pumpkins




Pumpkins are a classic Thanksgiving decoration that you just have to include. Not making room for at least one pumpkin in your Thanksgiving table setting plan would be unforgivable. However, what’s the story behind the popularity of pumpkins?



Being an autumn fruit, pumpkins grow out of a flower and come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Namely, for Native Americans, pumpkins are a symbol of mankind’s power and as such they also symbolize life. That alone should be encouragement enough to place plenty of pumpkins along your table, to celebrate the passing of yet another year of life.



With that being said, your decorations do not need to be predictable. There are many ways to incorporate classic elements in your modern setting. Get creative with pumpkin plush toys, pumpkin-shaped LED lighting or even DIY your very own Thanksgiving table centerpiece!



If your dining table isn’t big enough to display an array of pumpkins but you don’t want to leave them out, we have a fantastic suggestion for you. How about making a pumpkin vase? As for the flowers, you can use just about any that you like or go with whatever you feel would fit best in your personalized Thanksgiving table decor.


Pumpkin-Themed Thanksgiving Table Decor

Artificial Pumpkins

Harvest Scarecrows Table Decor

Thanksgiving 3D Pumpkin Lights


2. Stick To Traditions With The Cornucopia




For those of you who don’t know, the cornucopia is a horn-shaped basket that was first conceptualized by the Ancient Greeks. It is believed that a goat broke off its horn as a sign of reverence to Zeus, who then placed an image of a goat in the sky. Today, this astrological symbol is known as Capricorn. This exchange symbolizes gratitude and offering hence it’s been a part of classic Thanksgiving table decorations for years. You can fill your cornucopia with fresh fruit and vegetables to create a beautiful table decor.


Cornucopia-Themed Thanksgiving Table Decor

Color-Changing Cornucopia Centerpiece

Cornucopia Wicker Basket

Artificial Wicker Cornucopia Basket


3. Use Red Napkins For An Elegant Table Setting




One of the greatest things about Thanksgiving is that it’s an autumn holiday. You can experiment with plenty of colors just like nature does every season.


However, if you want to create a romantic Thanksgiving table setting, then you should try to incorporate more red. This is, after all, the color of love too. Therefore, red napkins on white plates might give you the contrast you need while also exuding a sense of elegance and romance for a nice family dinner.


Thanksgiving Napkins

Thanksgiving/Fall Cloth Napkin Set

Disposable Thanksgiving Napkins

Burgundy Napkins


4. Go For Unique Table Decorations


Go For Unique Table Decorations


Are you looking for more unique and original Thanksgiving table decorations? Don’t worry. You are in the right place. Letting that charming autumn nature help you create the most stunning Thanksgiving table setting is all you need. Just go to the park and pick some colorful leaves off the ground. Wash them, dry them and turn them into the perfect decor for your plates.


Nature-Inspired Decorations

Artificial Maple Leaves

LED Maple Leaves Garland

Artificial Maple Leaves For Parties


5. Don’t Forget To Add Cranberries


cranberries on the table


Just like pumpkins, cranberries are also a traditional symbol of Thanksgiving. You are probably thinking about a delicious cranberry sauce to top your turkey, but cranberries work wonderfully as decorations as well. Therefore, don’t forget to include a few branches of cranberries to spice up your overall Thanksgiving decorations.


Cranberry Decor

Artificial Red Berry Stems

Red Berry Garland

Wooden Cranberry Garland


6. Experiment With Color




Even though you are allowed to experiment with colors when planning a holiday table decor, you can still make an elegant Thanksgiving table setting with a combination of two or three colors. A white and green color palette can be used to symbolize life and prosperity. Additionally, you could always add a touch of orange in the form of small pumpkins to keep the spirit of Thanksgiving alive.


Subtle Thanksgiving Table Decor

Maple Leaf Table Runner

Thanksgiving Dinner Plates

White Pumpkin Garland


7. Personalize Your Thanksgiving Table Setting




Beyond the much-awaited scrumptious feast, and joyous reunion of family, Thanksgiving is holiday for gratitude and giving. These core values which can be promoted in any way, don’t necessarily require one to spend money.  If you are running on a tight budget, you can always personalized presents for each member of your family. Leaving a small size pumpkin and a written note by each plate can make for a sentimental surprise, that is sure to fill your guests with warmth.


Thanksgiving Note Ideas

Pumpkin-Shaped Thank You Cards

Thanksgiving Table Place Card

Thanksgiving Greeting Cards


8. Candle Lighting




Not all Thanksgiving table decors are designed to represent classic holiday motifs. While some merely take up space, others possess the ability to alter an atmosphere without much adjustment. Those looking to achieve a warm and cozy atmosphere around the dinner table can consider incorporating candles. Despite being a rather mundane household item, this Thanksgiving table decor can help to facilitate a relaxing and calm setting, perfect for a hearty family dinner.


Thanksgiving Candle Decor

Turkey Candle Holder

Flameless LED Thanksgiving Pillar Candles

Mercury Glass Candle Holder


9. Small Details To Spice Up Your Thanksgiving Table Setting




When you are decorating a Thanksgiving dinner table, you should pay attention to small details while still incorporating all your favorite Thanksgiving colors.



Placing several pinecones and nuts across the table will help to balance the overall vibrancy of your table with darker shades. Subsequently, those with more subtle decorations can consider incorporating fairy lights to further enhance the overall appearance.


Small Thanksgiving Table Decor

LED String Lights

Artificial Acorns

Thanksgiving Napkin Rings


Now that you have fresh Thanksgiving table decor ideas to impress your guests, the most important thing to always remember is – have fun! After all, the holiday season is a  time for gratitude, family, and most of all rest. While your Thanksgiving table decorations can help to liven the atmosphere and make for a memorable backdrop, intimate conversations, self-care, and a warm inviting environment should always take precedence.

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