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9 Thanksgiving Crafts For A Fun Filled Holiday Activity 9 Thanksgiving Crafts For A Fun Filled Holiday Activity

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9 Thanksgiving Crafts For A Fun Filled Holiday Activity

Written by: Sophie Thompson

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Thanksgiving is the time for turkeys, sweaters, pumpkin spice, and everything nice. There’s something about Thanksgiving that fills you with fuzzy warmth and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. And the best way to channel that energy is by spending time with the people you’re most grateful for.



Eating, or gorging yourself with pies, isn’t the only way you can spend time with your family on this Fall holiday. Two words: Thanksgiving crafts. Yes, that’s right, ready your all things brown, orange, and beige because you’re about to turn out for what? Thanksgiving crafts!



Thanksgiving Crafts Checklist


Before you get crazy in your arts and crafts station, you have to prepare some things for a proper Thanksgiving craft masterpiece. Now, we’re not saying that you have to adhere strictly to this checklist, but having these under your DIY craft belt will keep you from getting gobbled up by the Thanksgiving pressures.



Fall-themed Colored Papers


Just like Christmas’ green and red, Thanksgiving has its color palette. With that, make sure you have a lot of orange, red, yellow, and brown colored papers in stock. Colored papers are one of the most versatile art materials you can use to forge any Thanksgiving craft. 



Fall Leaves


Aside from the abundance of food during Thanksgiving, leaves will also overwhelm your surroundings. Now, don’t be shy in picking up a leaf or two or more. Adding fall leaves to your Thanksgiving craft project can make it more authentic and creative. 



Popsicle Sticks


Popsicle sticks are classic arts and crafts items. And having them on hand is always a good idea, especially for Thanksgiving crafts. There is so much to do with popsicle sticks you can create a frame, a house, puppets, and many more. 



Googly Eyes


Need we say more? Of course, googly eyes are a must-have item in Thanksgiving crafts! How else will your paper turkey, pumpkins, and DIY pilgrim puppets stare at you while you eat your Thanksgiving dinner?



Strings And Ribbons


Thanksgiving is a holiday where hair and headpieces are a focal point in terms of decorations. So, having strings and ribbons ready in your arts and crafts station will come in handy not only in creating a hair illusion but also for making festive Thanksgiving garlands.



Colored, Pens, Pencils, And Markers


Other basic art and crafts materials are colored pens, pencils, and markers. Have them ready for your Thanksgiving crafts session because this is the foundation of a great holiday doodle. 



Scissors And Glue


You should also have scissors and glue in check in your Thanksgiving crafts inventory. These are essential tools to cut and mend craft emergencies.





The most important thing you need to tick off in this checklist is family. Remember, you’re doing Thanksgiving crafts to spend more time with them during the holidays. So, don’t be afraid to gather your family members and friends to the living room for some quality Thanksgiving arts and crafts bonding.



9 Thanksgiving Crafts For A Fun-Filled Holiday Activity


Once you have everything checked on your Thanksgiving crafts checklist, it’s time to DIY some paper turkeys while the real turkey is cooking in the oven. Here are nine easy, fun, and Instagram-worthy Thanksgiving crafts you can do with the family. 



1. Gratitude Turkey Pumpkin

Gratitude pumpkin craft

Photo by Toddler Approved


This Thanksgiving craft is easy as pumpkin pie. Making a gratitude pumpkin doesn’t need much work but doesn’t fall short of reminding us what Thanksgiving is really about. Grab some colored paper and cut some feathers shapes, and glue them on wooden skewers. That’s about it! Have your kids write the thing they’re most thankful for this year, and stick it to the turkey pumpkin for display. This is a great and simple Thanksgiving craft that will always be a hit every holiday.



2. Felt Pie Garland 

Felt garland Thanksgiving craft.

You can easily make this felt pie garland just in time for your Thanksgiving dinner. All you need are pieces of felt fabric, scissors, a stapler, glue, and a string long enough for a garland. 



On the felt fabric, trace in some pie shapes and cut. Try using different fall colors of felt cloth so, you have a more festive Thanksgiving craft garland. Glue the layers of your felt pie, and then line them up on a piece of string. Staple each pie on the string and secure each before displaying the garland across the room. 



3. Apple Stamping Pumpkin Craft

Apple stamp Thanksgiving craft

Photo by Made To Be A Momma


Thanksgiving crafts are always more fun with paint. Make an eco-friendly stamp with a leftover apple from your orchard or pantry, and mark your decorations with a cute pumpkin. 



To make the apple stamping pumpkin, grab an apple and cut it in half. On a separate container, pour orange paint and dip your halved apple. Make sure the paint covers the halved side of the apple and then stamp it into a piece of paper. You can use a brown and green marker to add some details to the pumpkin. You can also add googly eyes to make your pumpkin stamp come to life. 



4. Turkey Windsocks

Turkey windsocks Thanksgiving craft

Photo by Happiness Is Homemade


Save the cans from your beans and sweet potato puree, and use them for Thanksgiving crafts for later! You can turn these unsuspecting cans into long turkeys that are as fun to make as it is to look at. So, prepare brown paint, cans, googly eyes, colored papers, ribbons, markers, scissors, and glue.



First, paint the can all brown, which will serve as the turkey’s body. Then cut feather shapes from the colored paper and glue it to the top of the can. Cut more paper into long lengthwise strips together with ribbons, and tape them into the bottom of the can. Then, glue the googly eyes to the can as a finishing touch, and voila — a turkey windsock!



5. Leaf Turkey

Leaf turkey Thanksgiving craft.

Photo by Easy Peasy and Fun


Making a leaf turkey is one of the easiest Thanksgiving crafts you can do that even the little ones can manage. In a piece of paper, glue the Fall leaves you collected in a way that looks like turkey feathers. You can layer different colors and textures of leaves to get a more vibrant turkey craft. After gluing the leaf turkey feathers, cut out a peanut shape from a piece of colored paper. You can draw a cute turkey face on the paper and then paste it onto the center of the leaves. You can add other details with colored pens.



6. Owl Puppet

Owl puppet craft

Photo by Good Housekeeping


Aside from turkeys, owls are also a Thanksgiving icon. Pay tribute to these majestic creatures by mimicking them in the great art of DIY crafts. Grab a paper cup that will serve as the owl’s body. Then decorate the body with a variety of colored paper that are cut like feathers and add more details with a marker. On a separate paper, trace an owl’s face and glue it to the top of the paper cup. And there you have it! Use the opening of the cup below to put your hands in to use it as a puppet.



7. Thanksgiving Turkey Cookies for Teachers

Thanksgiving turkey cookies

Photo by A Turtle’s Life Is For Me


Teachers are one of the many people you should be thankful for. Bake some love into your favorite cookie dough with your family members. Wrap the baked goods in clear plastic and have your kids decorate them as cute round turkeys, a way to show their gratitude to the unsung heroes that make heroes.



8. Fall Leaf Painting

Leaf painting Thanksgiving craft

Photo by Minne Mama


Fall leaf painting can be a great distraction for the kids if you’re still tending to Thanksgiving dinner. This craft project doesn’t need much parental guidance because it’s just paint and paper. Create beautiful silhouettes of Fall leaves by simply painting over the edges of the leaves. You can use different paint colors or different shapes of leaves. There are no rules here, just have fun!



9. Turkey Paper Headband/ Crown

Turkey headband Thanksgiving craft

Photo by Sew Woodsy


Get your scissors and Fall-themed colored paper ready for constructing this quirky turkey paper headband craft for the whole family. The first thing you need to do is to cut a vertical piece of paper that can fit around the heads of your family members that will serve as the base of the crown. Trace and cut some feathers, a beak, and googly eyes on different pieces of colored paper. Then assemble the different paper pieces, and create the most adorable turkey that will ever perch on your head during Thanksgiving.



Ready-to-Use Thanksgiving Crafts Form Amazon


Thanksgiving is one of the busiest holidays of the year. And every bit of convenience helps especially when it comes to preparing intricate family activities. We understand that a multitasker can only do so much. So, don’t fret as Amazon has some ready-to-use Thanksgiving crafts you can check out.



Keep both adults and kids busy with this easy Thanksgiving craft, and have a little turkey craft competition. You don’t have to sacrifice your craft table storage for extra materials for this one. All you need is just another piece of paper to construct your sticker masterpiece on.

Key Features

  • 22 Make-A-Turkey sticker sheets
  • Two different sticker designs with 11 stickers on each sheet


  • Standard paper sticker
  • Each sheet measures 9.45 (W) x 13.39 (L) inches


  • Simple and stress-free family activity
  • Stickers don’t make much mess compared to DIY projects
  • Stickers are vibrant and colorful
  • Encourages creativity because you can mix and match stickers however you like


  • The stickers can be difficult to peel off the sticker sheet




If you still haven’t had enough of the turkey fever, then this DIY Turkey Necklace Fall Craft Kit is the perfect Thanksgiving craft. Make intricate and goofy necklaces with the family that makes the perfect Thanksgiving dinner accessory.

Key Features

  • 12 foam turkey pieces with four different designs
  • 200 pieces of multicolor beads
  • 20 meters of thread


  • The foam is made of 2mm of premium EVA material.


  • Foam turkeys have self-adhesive
  • Foam turkey design have googly eyes
  • Long thread for necklaces


  • Beads are a choking hazard



Display the people and the things you’re most grateful for this Thanksgiving with Winlyn’s Fall Picture Photo Foam Frame Craft Kit. Spark your family’s creativity with this easy Thanksgiving craft, and have a blast creating new memories as you remember previous ones.

Key Features

  • 12 Assorted circular and rectangular foam frames
  • 90 pieces of glitter Fall leaf foam stickers
  • 57 pieces of Maple Oak Elm Fall leaf foam stickers
  • 81 pieces of pumpkin, owl, corn, and sunflowers foam stickers
  • One sticker sheet of sparkling gem stickers
  • Six pairs of googly eyes


  • Made of high-quality EVA foam material with self-adhesive on the back


  • Thanksgiving craft kit is packed with countless stickers
  • Sticker designs are cute and vibrant
  • Can make up a lot of foam frames enough for the whole family
  • Comes with instructions and a design guide you can follow
  • Very easy to use


  • Some stickers are a choking hazard



Involve the whole family when you decorate your home in Fall colors and turkey feathers this Thanksgiving. Don’t worry about preparing all the different art materials because you can get all that without the hassle with the YOMIQIU Thanksgiving Turkey Crafts Kits from Amazon. This Thanksgiving craft kit has it all! So, just make sure your family is ready for some serious arts and crafts.

Key Features

  • Hemp rope
  • Two pieces of double-sided tape
  • Six sets of DIY turkey kit


  • Made of thick premium paper


  • Craft pieces are colorful
  • Designs of the turkeys are cute and are a hit to children


  • Double-sided tape is hard to peel off
  • No instructions included



Wreaths are also a Thanksgiving staple. Make it a family bonding for the books with a thanksgiving craft session with Supla’s 3D Pumpkin Fall Leaf Wreath Craft Kit. This craft kit can make multiple wreaths that you can display all over your house.

Key Features

  • 12 3D Fall Maple leaf pumpkin wreath and 12 green foam wreath
  • 400 pieces of fall leaf stickers
  • 36 pumpkin and pumpkin leaf foam stickers
  • 36 pieces of pipe cleaner green stems and 36 artificial acorns
  • 12 assorted fabric ribbons
  • 250 pieces of googly eyes
  • 32.8 meters of wire twine
  • Two black gel pens
  • One roll of double-sided adhesive dots


  • The wreaths measure 6.3 inches in diameter.


  • An extensive amount of pieces to mix and match with.
  • The colors of the foam stickers are vibrant and eye-catching.
  • Convenient to use with the self-adhesive tape at the back of the pieces.


  • Thanksgiving craft kit has a bad smell upon delivery; would need to air it out for at least a couple of months.
  • Most of the pieces of the craft kit are choking hazards.



If you think bookmarks are now obsolete, think again! There are many books in need of bookmarks because one does not simply dog-ear a book. Bookmarks are one of the easiest crafts you can do during the Thanksgiving break, and with this Fall Decorations DIY Bookmarks Fall Craft Kit — everything just got easier. This Thanksgiving craft kit has a great variety of pieces that can fit your Fall bookworm aesthetic.

Key Features

  • 36 pieces of foam bookmarks in eight different designs
  • 169 pieces of different Fall foam stickers
  • 50 pieces of plain pom-poms
  • 60 pieces of pipe cleaners
  • 100 pieces of googly eyes
  • One sheet of rhinestone gem stickers
  • 36 pieces of clear cellophane bags
  • 36 pieces of gold twist ties


  • Foam bookmark designs are red, wavy-edged orange, mustard yellow, yellow, wavy-headed green, brown, red polka dots, and brown diagonal lines.
  • Each bookmark measures 5.9 inches in length.


  • Thanksgiving craft kit can accommodate a class of 30 students
  • Has a lot of accessories and different colorful pieces
  • Makes a nice craft activity that can also encourage children to read


  • Some serious choking hazards



Transform your pumpkins into turkeys with the Konsait Thanksgiving Pumpkin Turkey Making Kit. This Thanksgiving craft kit can be a great addition to your Thanksgiving table decor. You can have your family write on the feather pieces the things they’re most grateful for, which always makes up for interesting dinner conversations.

Key Features

  • Six different turkey designs with 50 craft pieces each set


  • Made of premium cardstock
  • Paper design sizes: turkey head: 5.5 inches in length, wing: about 4.5-2.75 inches, feathers about: 6.8-7.87 inches


  • Reusable and can be easily repositioned when removed
  • Colorful and vivid prints


  • You may need a different adhesive as the dot glue the craft kit comes with loses its adherence quickly.



Why Family Activities Are Important In Thanksgiving


It’s always been an unspoken rule that major holidays should be spent with family. However, it’s often taken for granted because of reasons beyond each of your family members’ understanding they just don’t get that video games are a lifestyle. But you must try as much as you can to be involved in family activities, especially during Thanksgiving.



For most people, Thanksgiving is the only time they get to spend with their family. So, make the most of it! Help your grandmother with the pies, catch up with your siblings on their new careers over Scrabble, or open your arts and crafts studio for a wholesome Thanksgiving crafts moment with the kids. 



There’s nothing wrong with doing your own thing during the holidays, but remember this is only a once-a-year event. So, do your best to show your gratitude. Take a page from Fast and the Furious franchise’s Dom Toretto, who knows time is always well-spent with family.

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