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10 Colors To Use In Your Boho Home 10 Colors To Use In Your Boho Home

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10 Colors To Use In Your Boho Home

Written by: Alexander Johnson

Here are 10 Boho-inspired colors that are sure to tranform your living space into a colorful abode. Revamp your home with these tips from our experts!

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The bohemian style is loud. And boy, is it unapologetically so. Also known as simply boho, boho chic, and bohemian, this interior design style is said to have been influenced by various other styles (ranging from hippie to rocker). It is characterized by the use of vibrant colors, natural materials, tribal designs, and fun prints.



Below are 10 funky ideas for colors you can use in your boho home:


boho colors infographic


1. Virtuous White


virtuous white



Bohemian style interior design is often distinguished by its use of vibrant colors. Despite this, white can be used on the walls and for your furniture. The color is perfect for small houses with little natural light.



If you decide to use white on the walls, do not forget to introduce furniture, accessories, textiles and decorative objects in vibrant or striking tones. The same applies if you incorporate an abundance of white furniture into your space. This is very important because otherwise, the overall environment of your house will come off as cold and boring.


2. Classy Grey


classy gray



Not a fan of white? Then how about a color that is very fashionable today! Grey remains at the top of the list and is revered as the color for chic and elegant furnishing. This color can help you achieve a bohemian home interior. Of course, if space constraint is one of your pressing issues, we recommend using a lighter shade.



Take note that you’ll need to do more than use only grey. To create a certain optical illusion, you must incorporate more vivid colors in the rest of your decor/infrastructure.


3. Dynamic Red


dynamic red



Red in the boho home enlivens, adds energy and introduces a cheerful mood. This color works best in small doses: treat it as you would oriental spices, and add it cautiously in pinches.



Red will divert attention from items of equipment that have already been treated. It’s very versatile and suits any style. It looks great in the company of powder pink and delicate orange and adds spiciness to earthy colors (especially subdued green).



When incorporating red into your home, it is best to opt for smaller accents and accessories such as lamps, rugs and pillows. More daring choices would be red fronts of a kitchen or red bathroom cabinets. If you’re thinking about refurbishing, maybe consider a red radiator or a red sink.


4. Comforting Brown


comforting brown



Evoking images of Mother Nature and the earth, brown is one of many colors that can create a warm and elegant atmosphere in a boho home. Its range of shades are rich and varied. These shades include cocoa, beige, caramel, chestnut, cinnamon and more.


Warm brown is a tone that immediately creates a welcoming and comforting atmosphere in any room. It is, therefore, the ideal color to create a friendly atmosphere in large rooms. However, despite its benefits, homeowners should avoid overindulging in brown. Too much of this color can create a sense of claustrophobia. Like all colors, it is necessary to learn how to play with brown’s numerous variations.


5. Playful Purple


playful purple



Any bohemian style home is incomplete without a dash of purple in it. Choose between any one of the color’s innumerable shades, including lavender, orchid, mauve, wisteria, and plum, to reap the benefits of a lively interior aesthetic.



Purple is best combined with other colors. We recommend using a darker shade for walls, and lighter tones for accessories to achieve maximum chic-ness. Although energetic, purple is a color meant to be used sparingly. For paint work, we advise you to facilitate a little more light by using a brighter shade on walls.


6. Lively Blue


lively blue



Blue, especially in combination with white, is most commonly associated with the sea. It is reminiscent of holidays and lazy summer afternoons. Interiors in such colors are perceived as clean, fresh, orderly and larger than they really are. We also absolutely adore the combination of blue with copper or brass, as it’s very elegant and classy. Subsequently, a drop of honey or amber yellow can also work to revive delicate blues.



Recently, the noble garnet has gained many supporters – especially among interior designers and architects who have been promoting it as the new black for some time. Blue is, therefore, a color with many faces and views. Its beauty lies in a skillful selection of complementary shades and colors. For example, blue with the addition of red in a child’s room will create an interior that inspires and encourages fun. Light blue tones on the walls of your home provide luminosity, spaciousness, and freshness. However, if dark blue catches your interest, it is best to use it on a single wall.



Keep in mind that blue combines incredibly well with white, so don’t hesitate to use it in your boho home.


7. Delicate Pink


delicate pink



Often overlooked, pink is also a common color present in most bohemian style homes. Many individuals even believe that shades of pink represent kind and generous people, the same way lighter rose shades reflect warmth, sensitivity and romance.



This cheerful color is sure to bring joy to your life, and is best used in spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms.


8. Zesty Orange


zesty orange



Orange is one of the most used bohemian style colors. In addition to transmitting heat and energy, it is a color linked to movement, communication, and creativity. As such, it goes well in offices, study rooms, living rooms and children’s or teenagers’ bedrooms. It can also be used in kitchens or dining rooms as it whets your appetite.



Another way to add orange into your boho home is through accessories. Use cushions, hang decorations or even buy a carpet with a touch of the orange shade in it.


9. Gorgeous Green


gorgeous green



Soothing and refreshing, green is a color that is becoming increasingly important in our boho-chic style interiors.Green has been a ubiquitous color in reference to nature and has multiple shades that can allow you to bring many effects into your boho home.



Contrary to popular belief, green is highly compatible with blue. From mint green to olive green, choose the shade you need, according to the effect you want to give. For a modern appearance, the shade Green Amandine pairs well with wrought iron and is also a compliment of pastel pink.


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10. Youthful Yellow


youthful yellow



Yellow, depending on the saturation of the color, can either be energetic and stimulate us to act or in a pastel shade, mute and tuned for relaxation. Saturated and vibrant shades enliven minimalist, subdued interiors. They brighten darker corners of the house and areas where there is less natural light.



Energetic yellow looks best when accompanied by grey, anthracite or pure white. It also is also flattering when used alongside black. In fact, some people would swear by the yellow-black combination.



Choose solid yellow mainly for accessories, decorations, and fabrics. Meanwhile for walls, lighter/pastel yellow shades are preferred as bright yellow can appear too overwhelming.



What do you think of these colors for decorating boho home? What colors would you use to decorate your house in the bohemian style?

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