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8 Best Living Room Storage Ideas to Stay Clutter-free 8 Best Living Room Storage Ideas to Stay Clutter-free

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8 Best Living Room Storage Ideas to Stay Clutter-free

Written by: Lily Evans

These eight living room storage ideas are guaranteed to keep your space free from clutters. Give an enticing look to your living room like never before!

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Why Do You Need To Hide The Mess In Your Living Room?

Messy living room


Your living room gives away a lot about you, so why not make a statement? People focus on your living room’s decor and interiors. But magazines, toys, cables, and cords often remain cluttered in the living room, making the space unpleasant to be in!


The environment you are in can have an impact on your mental state. A clutter-free and well-organized living room can actually lift your mood and give you a sense of peace and joy.

How Do You Do It?

Organising your living room


Storage furniture is the only solution if you have things in your living room which need to be hidden from others’ sight but can’t bear to part with. You have options from different dressers, sideboards, and baskets to smart functional pieces with hidden storage like tables, ottomans, and benches. The key is to choose the right living room storage furniture that suits your taste and lifestyle. The wide range of colors, styles, materials, and designs available these days make the work much easier.


Modern storage furniture can help you move things out of sight to give a more spacious and brighter look to the living room. Vintage storage furniture can be used in the living room if you have a bigger space and want to portray a more retro ambience.


Living rooms are multifunctional spaces. If certain things are positioned in the right places, your living room will always look tidy and forever pleasing! Whether you are thinking of restyling your house or moving into a new space, investing in your living room storage is one thing you should never skimp on.



Living Room Storage Ideas – 8 Ways To Stay Clutter Free - Infographics



Best Living Room Storage Ideas


1. Install Floating Wood Shelves

Floating wooden shelves


Getting furniture off the floor makes any room bigger, and installing floating wood shelves is a fabulous idea that gives your living room that much-needed floor room.


The corner spaces and vertical spaces in your living room are often not used. Floating wood shelves are great to utilize these unused spaces as it can give a pleasing view of the room when done right.


Like the vertical open shelves and the wall-mounted shelves, floating wood shelves are perfect to display your possessions. They also help to keep things you don’t want to be touched out of the reach of your children.


The LACK series of IKEA Storage Shelves are perfect to display your books and other valuables. They come in different sizes and are among the most affordable range of floating wood shelves in the market.


If you are looking for other options apart from IKEA, then you can find a wide variety of affordable and attractive floating wood shelves on Amazon.


Check out other interesting floating wood shelves on Amazon.


2. Go For An Elegant Side Board Storage Unit

Sideboard storage unit


Every living room should have sideboard storage. They are cabinets to go for when creating your living room.


Sideboards are very useful and take less space than the usual storage options. They can be used to store magazines, board games, and other items you don’t want to be seen.


Add some style by decorating the top of your sideboards with plants, lamps, or precious mementos. Simple candles and a bowl of fruits can also do the trick. You can go creative and place any cool decor that can enhance the overall look of the living room to a whole new level.


Buy some sideboard storage units from Amazon.


3. Coffee Table For More Living Room Storage

coffee table with storage

Photo from Amazon



A coffee table is an essential living room storage solution. It is a centerpiece which not only enhances the look of your room but is also a great piece of storage furniture that has plenty of functions nowadays.


Choose coffee tables with hidden shelves and drawers. The gorgeous tiered coffee tables (wooden or glass) will also work well for this purpose. They can hold small items like books, pens and remote controls.


Buy HOMECHO Industrial Coffee Table from Amazon.


4. Lovely Baskets For Storage

Basket storages


Basket storage units are pretty and affordable options. They fit really well in all types of living rooms. They take up very little space and can be moved easily. The squidgy shapes and great tactile quality of theses baskets add character to your living room.


Storage baskets are very versatile. They serve as useful storage furniture for pillows, blankets, and other small things that may otherwise lay around.


Buy some attractive baskets from Amazon.


5. Buy A Sofa With Inbuilt Storage Units

White sofa with storage

Sofas are found in every living room. These can be good living room storage furniture that can hide your mess. Look for the ones with shelves or drawers attached to it.


They have become the favorite cabinets to go for when designing living rooms. Sofas with storage are perfect to store books, blankets or toys.


Sofas provide huge storage space. This is extremely useful when you are in a hurry and don’t have the time to keep everything in place.


FRIHETEN Corner sofa with storage from IKEA Storage furniture is a great example. Similarly, you have affordable and great options for sofa with storage spaces on Amazon, check them here.


6. Get Some Beautiful Nesting Tables

nesting tables

Photo from Amazon


These are functional furniture that comes in different designs. Nesting tables are a good practical solution for small spaces.


They come in sets of two or three that can be stacked when not in use. They can be pulled out when needed and provide extra surface space in your living room. Nesting tables can be used to keep cups while watching TV or hold lit candles while relaxing.


If required, such sturdy tables can be used for additional seating space. Nesting tables are not only useful but a great style statement. They are made from wood, acrylic, and metal.


Get Domesis 3-Piece Wood Nesting Tables from Amazon.


7. Find A Cable Storage Unit

nesting tables


To organize the cables and cords in your living room is always a task. Get a cable storage unit to hide the clutter and prevent family and guests from tripping over them. You can use your drawers or shelves to keep these hidden with the help of an extension cord unit.


A cardboard box or recycled shoebox would be an ingenious idea to organize the cables.


Get D-Line Cable Management Box from Amazon.


8. Get An Ottoman

ottoman storage

Photo from Amazon


Storage ottomans are another example of versatile cabinets to go for in your living room. They can be fun and visually appealing as well.


Use them as a leg rest when you are relaxing or watching a movie. Ottomans can be alternatives to sofas or give you extra seating space when required. They are also handy storage units to stuff in toys, pillows, blankets, and more.


Buy great ottomans with storage from Amazon.

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