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20 Best Storage Ideas For Living Room That Can Never Be Missed 20 Best Storage Ideas For Living Room That Can Never Be Missed

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20 Best Storage Ideas For Living Room That Can Never Be Missed

Written by: Alexander Johnson

From ottoman benches, floating shelves and storage baskets, here 20 cool storage ideas are real stunners in your living room!

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We have all been through a storage catastrophe at some point in our lives. We have all been there: piles of clothes hanging around in the living room, blankets that need to be folded and put in place, chairs used as storage spaces. And the lack of storage furniture is the probable reason for this mess, right? But then again, how much storage space can you manage in a bedroom? The solution to this is very simple. When you run out of places in the bedroom, look at getting more storage for the living room.


Think about it this way: your living room is one of the biggest rooms in the house. It can handle a lot of little storage spaces here and there, like blanket storage, drawers, storage cabinets with doors, and lots of other creative storage furniture. You can put away all the items in the house that lack a proper storage space, like throws, your kids’ toys, fancy rugs, and whatnot!
That sounds pretty simple, right? And if you’re looking for something more general, our list of storage ideas will provide you with the inspiration you need.


And to make the choices easier for you, here is a list of suitable storage items for your living room that can be easily displayed and adjusted without punching a big hole in your wallet. 


20 Best Storage Ideas For Living Rooms



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One of the cleverest pieces of storage furniture is an ottoman bench. These benches have a hidden storage space under seats that you can lift up and put back as you please. They also come in various forms other than benches like individual seats and footrests. You can get these in various sizes and designs according to your individual space and budget. You can even opt for your favorite colors and textures. Not only are they charming and comfortable, but they also make a great hidden spot for you to put extra stuff away.



Another architectural masterpiece that can answer your blanket storage woes is a cube shelf. These are absolute genius ways of not only adding storage to your living room but also making it look beautiful. You can use it as a display corner for some of your precious items like trophies, souvenirs, and family pictures. It can even serve as a spot for book storage or any other item you wish. You can even add a small door to some of the cubes and turn them into small storage cabinets with doors for efficient blanket storage. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs.



Adding storage cabinets with doors to your living room may sometimes be a tricky business, but they can be the best storage furniture for your living room if you put your creativity and aesthetic sense to good use. They have a huge amount of storage space with an added factor of privacy and security. They come in tons of sizes and designs, so you can choose whatever suits your requirements. Living room cabinets can sometimes be a little pricey so you might want to spend some extra time looking around for one that not only meets your needs but also doesn’t cost you a lot.



Bet you didn’t think a bookcase would be on the list, right? But tell you what: these can be used for more than just books. You can use a bookcase as efficient living room storage by using it to put away extra stuff in it. Your throws, your crockery that is too fancy for the kitchen cabinets, and your decorative ornaments that don’t have a good spot to be put on will find a home in a well-situated bookcase. They also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors so there are options you can choose from.



Your coffee table can be a very good piece of storage furniture if chosen wisely and creatively. Innovative coffee tables have a good amount of space for you to put away your newspapers, CDs, and remotes. Out of the many, many options available is a table that has either small drawers or a tier underneath that can serve as storage for the living room. Just make sure you choose the right one according to your space and budget because these are harder to return or replace.



If you can’t get enough of the vintage aesthetic, you are going to love this living room storage idea. Chests and trunks not only look beautiful sitting elegantly in your living room, but they also have a ton of storage space. They are great for blanket storage and throwing your off-season clothes out of the way. They come in different sizes: big, small, wide, long, whatever size you can imagine! Find one according to your particular needs and get that extra stuff in your living room organized. 




These may or may not be the prettiest storage for the living room, but they can be very practical if placed appropriately. You can either search a little harder to find pretty baskets that you can put around the space, or you can place them under your couch or inside a living room cabinet to make your stuff more organized. 


They are big enough to hold your extra things that don’t have a proper spot in the house, and they are small enough to be hidden away. Practical and genius, right?



Drawers are a work of art when it comes to storage furniture. They look nice and bring lots of extra space into your room. They are versatile and can be used for multiple purposes: blanket storage, newspaper storage, and even storage for your excess makeup. They come in countless styles, shapes, colors, and sizes so it can be hard to choose just one. Here is a tip: narrow down your options on the basis of your budget and space so you can order the best one available.




Just like storage bins and boxes, these can be a little hard to adjust because, no matter how handy they are as storage for the living room, they don’t always look the best and go with your interior design or theme. However, similar to storage boxes, you can hide these away behind a couch or in a corner next to a big indoor plant. Just make sure you choose either the right design to display or the right size to be hidden when you are looking for one. 



Another creative way to adjust your extra stuff in your living room is to own a TV stand that has storage space, in the form of either drawers or shelves. There are numerous options you can choose from to pick the size, shape, and storage space that you need. You can choose one with shelves to display your CDs and trophies or one with drawers to hide your extra stationary or newspapers. However, these can be pretty expensive so make sure to choose one that fits your requirements and won’t be a bad investment in the long run. 



Side tables next to your beds and couches are a common sight, but they are much underrated as storage furniture. These small “tables” have a lot of storage space in them. They have drawers, tiers, and a whole bunch of sections where you can store things that are mostly just lying around the living room. Your remotes, your extra magazines, and your phone diary can all be put away in your side tables. Just make sure that the side table you pick is the right size and goes well with your couch. 



Storage towers are really tall living room cabinets. They look elegant standing next to a wall or on both sides of your TV or your window.  They are versatile in terms of things they can display. Not only are they beautiful pieces of furniture, but they are also a very practical place of storage for living rooms. You can choose one that has lots of small sections, cubes, or drawers. They are a great way to put away your souvenirs, trophies, plants and even books while effectively flaunting them for guests to see.  



Just like side tables, you can also add a small cart next to your couch. These are just as beautiful and practical as a side table with additionally. They have multiple tiers that can hold items like folded rugs, magazines, and plants. There are vintage carts, wooden carts, and metal carts that you can choose from online. They add an instant classy effect to your living space. All this and they are easy on the pocket, too. 



Similar to the concept of ottoman benches and chairs, some foldable couches have extra storage space. They could have either empty space under their cushions or drawers under them. You can store your extra shoes, throws, and wires lying around the house in these compartments so you can organize and clean up your space. These living room storage options are hidden spots so you can hide away all your mess and so no one will ever know! Just sell your old couch and get a new one that is more multi-functional.



Magazine storing racks are a great way to get extra newspapers, files, and magazines out of the way. But did you know that’s not all they can be used for? You can put away your remotes or room fresheners in these little holders and put them next to your couch or TV stand. As a bonus, you can find these in many designs and colors as well as textures and materials like jute, cardboard, metal, and plastic! They are a great economical option since they don’t hurt your finances, too.



Another creative yet chic addition to your living room can be a rotating rack. These come in small and large sizes so you can either put it next to your couch or set them next to your window. You can arrange your plants or CDs in there, but that’s not the limit of what you can do with it. Be creative and set it up to suit your specific needs. They have lots of storage and don’t take up a lot of floor space. You can get them in whatever color and material you want.



The easiest, most simple way of adding more storage space to your living room is placing hooks. They are so versatile that you can use them in a bunch of places to store tons of things. You can place hooks on your walls, inside your cabinets, and behind your curtains. You can store keys, cleaning equipment, and wires among other things. These are pretty inexpensive, too, so you can purchase a bunch of these and put them wherever you want a little corner to store something. Easy peasy.



Another easy way to add storage via hooks is to attach wall racks to them. These are small racks that can be hung on your walls (or inside your cabinets) and are used to store items that are lying around your home. Remotes, keys, and CDs are the most common things that are stored in these wall cabinets but you can use your imagination and go wild! Just don’t go too creative with the items you store because there is a limit to the weight these things can hold. Wall racks are also pretty cheap so you can get as many as you want.



These have a similar concept to wall racks but are different in terms of appearance and versatility. They are a bit bigger than wall racks and need more space to be hung. However, they can hold more weight and number of items in them. You can get these in different colors, textures, and materials, depending on where you want to hang them and what you want to put in them. The easiest way to display them is in the form of layers and tiers.



Last but definitely not the least, floating shelves are single shelves that are hung from the wall. Floating shelves provide one of the classiest ways to create storage for living rooms. You can get these in different shapes and sizes according to your needs and preferences. You can have them aligned in tiers or side by side to create the kind of effect you want. You can store plants, blankets, and books on them. Just make sure you don’t stock up heavy things on it as that can tend to be risky for some materials.


The only thing stopping you from getting more storage into your living room is your creativity! We hope these ideas inspire you to change things up in your living room!

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