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8 Best Coffee Table That Will Brighten Your Living Room 8 Best Coffee Table That Will Brighten Your Living Room

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8 Best Coffee Table That Will Brighten Your Living Room

Written by: Amelia Brooks

Check out the best coffee table of the year. Unique and affordable, they are long-term investments that will be the highlights of your living room.

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Coffee tables are said to be one of the most important pieces of furniture at one’s home. It is the centerpiece of every living room as it attracts attention and sets the mood of the entire space.



Coffee tables also play other roles aside from setting the mood of a living room.  It can also provide extra dining space during parties. When work needs to be done at home, the table can serve as a workspace. During much quieter days, it can be used to store items such as books, remotes, and other accessories.



Coffee table designs are really important when thinking of buying one for your living room. When considering coffee table designs, one should think if these could be the main focus of attraction in the living room. The tables should also be good to hold drinks and food, as well as to store items. 



Looking for coffee tables that can bring excitement to your living room? Here are the eight coffee table designs that you should take a look at.



8 Coffee Table Designs To Brighten Your Living Room - Infographics (Revamp)



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This modern coffee table provides a simple yet stylish look in your living room. The table is made out of high-quality medium-density fiberboard. While its design is simple among the other coffee table designs in this list, it is resistant to any wear and tear and is also affordable.



The table has a two-tier design. The upper tier is mainly used for holding drinks and food. It can also be used as a dining space and as a workplace. The lower tier is ideal for storing items such as books, magazines, remote controls, and other accessories.



The exciting bit about this simple coffee table is its LED lighting. The multi-colored lights are installed under the upper tier and add color to any living room. It is also helpful when there is a need to illuminate your stored items, especially at night. If you’re looking for fantastic coffee tables, this one is definitely a great option to pick.



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This is an interesting entry among coffee table designs. It is a rustic coffee table as well as a glass coffee table. The main highlight is that this coffee table has storage space.



It has a glass top and it is supported by an iron frame that is durable enough for daily use. This coffee table got its rustic look because of the wooden shelf under the glass top. The two drawers and the top of the shelves provide storage space to place various items.


This coffee table’s exciting bit is in its feature of being able to mix both modern and rustic features. It’s rare for one to see a coffee table like this. The table does a great job of mixing both modern and rustic elements while still keeping an elegant look. This sort of table is ideal for living rooms that have both modern and rustic elements.



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This is a rustic coffee table and a coffee table with storage made out of heavy-duty medium-density fiberboard. It has two lower shelves and one sliding door shelf. It also has a weathered medium brown finish that makes it look like aged wood.



This table adds an elegant touch to your living room. You realize it when you place every drink on its top or the books and accessories that you store on its shelves.



The exciting thing about this coffee table is how it can easily give your living room a sense of elegance, despite only replicating the look of aged wood through its brown finish. This table is ideal for those who are looking for something elegant but also want durability and affordability to come with their coffee table.



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This is a coffee table with storage that has an elegant and modern look. The table is made using a high-quality medium-density fiberboard. Its top has a brown finish while its other parts have a white finish. The table features simple lines, angled legs, and rounded corners.



The table comes with two drawers and a shelf which are ideal for item storage and organizing. It is compact enough to fit into any living room. It is also durable enough for daily use for many years.



This simple coffee table design can excite people with its elegant look. It also looks both modern and retro at the same time. This is due to the table’s mix of brown finish that has a rustic look and a white finish that gives a modern look.



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At first glance, it is easy to think of this as just a storage box. But this is actually a rustic coffee table in the shape of a storage box. The table is made of solid and durable reclaimed wood. This makes the table give an antique feel.



The tabletop can be used to place drinks, food, or decorative items. When not in use, the top can be opened to reveal three compartments. There is an additional drawer on the side. These storage spaces can be used to store and organize books, magazines, utensils, and other accessories.



The exciting thing about this coffee table design is the many features integrated into the table. First, it gives a unique antique feeling due to the use of reclaimed wood that includes marks of wear from the wood’s previous uses. Second, the table is sure to be of high quality. It is handmade and its polishing, painting, and lacquering were done with great care. Lastly, it is flexible as the table can serve both as a coffee table and a storage facility at the same time.



This is a wooden coffee table design directly taken from cedar stumps. The cedar is cut into a unique petal shape to be turned into the top for the table. The tabletop is handmade which means that no two pieces of this table are the same.



The table has a layer of clear coating. The tabletop is supported into place by hairpin legs. This is enough to support cups, books, magazines, decorations, and accessories.



This gives an excitement to any living room it is in by bringing a piece of nature into your space. As every set is unique, it gives off a sense of elegance. The use of a cut taken from a cedar stump and its petal shape gives the table a feel as if it’s is also a piece of art. This easily lights up the mood of any living room.





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This is a glass coffee table with a resin elephant statue. The main focus of this item is the elephant statue that is made with high-quality designer resin mixed with real crushed stone. It is hand-casted and individually hand-painted by artisans.



Supported on top of the elephant statue is a glass top. It is a wide and thick glass top that is able to hold drinks as well as ornaments.



Among the products on this list, this one is unique because of the Indian elephant statue. Having this table is almost like having an actual piece of art in your living room. The statue is very detailed and is hand-painted carefully with royal hues. The coffee table will quickly attract the attention of those who see it. This is ideal for those who are looking for an eye-catching centerpiece for their living rooms. There aren’t a lot of coffee tables like this, after all!



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This is a modern coffee table that adds a stylish and exciting feel to your living room. While the table looks simple at first, you’ll be amazed when you realize that it has rotating layers. The layers can be rotated to any desired angle.



The whole table is made of solid wood. When its layers are not rotated, the top can serve as a place to hold your drinks. When the two layers are rotated, it creates two more layers of additional spaces for other drinks, items, and accessories.



This is one of the most exciting coffee table designs we have on this list due to its flexibility and functionality. This is surprising due to the seemingly simple design of the table when it is not rotated. It is also amazing how much space is added when the layers are finally rotated. This is helpful when the table is getting crowded and a quick space-adding solution is required. This table is functional while still being able to retain its stylish and modern look.




That is a list of eight coffee table designs that bring excitement to your living room. Among the coffee tables featured in the list, which one is your favorite? Do you want to get yourself an exciting coffee table after reading through this list? If you are ever considering buying a coffee table, we hope this list would help you decide on which to get.

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