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Why You Need To Have Grasscloth Wallpaper At Home? Why You Need To Have Grasscloth Wallpaper At Home?

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Why You Need To Have Grasscloth Wallpaper At Home?

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

We reveal 4 amazing grasscloth wallpapers you won't find elsewhere! Opt for these eco-friendly options and you won't regret.

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Looking for the ideal wallpaper that could tie all your décor together?


Wondering how to decorate a living room filled with your favourite rattan chair, wicker chair, or rattan cane without looking like a gypsy room from the 18th century? Then the grasscloth wallpaper will suit your needs.


Even though it may look like it, the grasscloth wallpaper is not new. It was the ‘in-décor’ in the early ’60s. But now it has been reintroduced back into the décor scene and has become the most classiest wallpaper in vogue now.


But what is the hype behind this wallpaper? What makes it special and unique? How can you incorporate it in your living room décor? This article will answer all those questions and more.


What Is A Grass Cloth?

Grasscloth is the common term that describes wallpapers that are manufactured from natural fibres such as hemp, raffia, jute, arrowroot grass, seagrass, and bamboo. These natural fibres are turned into handwoven strands pasted on a backing of rice paper.


Grasscloth wallpapers have a pattern that is both tactile and vertical. All grasscloth wallpapers typically look and feel the same.


While majority of the grasscloth wallpapers have a vertical pattern, there are others that have both horizontal and vertical patterns.



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What Makes Grasscloth Wallpapers So Special?

One of the popular refrains about grasscloth wallpapers is its unusual and unique qualities. But have you ever wondered what in reality sets apart these natural wallpapers from synthetic wallpapers?


They Are Versatile

Grasscloth wallpapers can be used in any kind of interior decoration setup. They are capable of holding their own without seeming out of place. So irrespective of your style, preference or taste, grasscloth wallpapers will fit right in.


They Are Environmental Friendly

Unlike synthetic wallpapers, grasscloth wallpapers are made from natural materials. This desired feature makes them eco-friendly. Also, people with allergies can opt for uncoloured grasscloth wallpaper. A feature that is not applicable to synthetic wallpapers. Besides, for people with kids, the natural component of grasscloth wallpapers makes them an ideal choice over synthetic wallpapers.



They Are Durable

Grasscloth wallpapers are durable and sustainable for a long time. Their colours do not fade, which means you don’t have to constantly replace them like synthetic wallpapers.



They Create An Ambient Atmosphere

Grasscloth wallpapers are famous for regulating the humidity and climate of a room. They provide a natural ambience that is both comforting and calming. In addition, their heat and sound insulation qualities can make one feel like they are close to nature.



How To Design With Grasscloth Wallpapers?

grasscloth wallpapers


So how can you use the grasscloth wallpaper in your home to give it that classic look? Here are some tips for you.


Use Its Colour To Your Benefit

In interior design, it is a common knowledge that light colours make the size of a room larger while darker colours shrink it.


This rule of colour application also applies to grasscloth wallpapers. If you have a large intimidating room that you want to make cosy, go for dark grasscloth wallpapers, and vice versa.



Keep It Simple

If you really want to showcase the beauty of your grasscloth wallpaper, then apply a dose of minimalism to the rest of your design.


These wallpapers shine more in areas where there are simple and clear or clean shapes. While drawing out your interior design outline, always remember that less is definitely more.



Use Natural Accessories

Now, if you are looking to bring out the beauty of your grasscloth wallpaper, accessorize with natural materials like stone, flowers, plants, wood and bamboo.

So your wicker chairs, rattan chairs or even rattan cane will definitely fit the tone of the wallpaper.

However, no need to throw your plastic or metal accessories. They can contrast nicely with the wallpaper to give a modern look.


Ditch The Bright Colours

When making your choice of grasscloth wallpapers, stay away from extremely bright or artificial colours. The final outcome will look garish and tacky in your home. Instead, go for neutral tones or natural colours.


If you are still insistent on bright colours, then select muted tones of the bright colour you want. For instance, a subtle tone of yellow could be refreshing to your décor. Pastel colours are also another option to consider because they match the tone of the design.



Rules For Installing A Grasscloth Wallpaper

Before you hurry to install your wallpaper, here are some rules that should guide you.



Mind The Location

In the event that you forget everything in this article (which we hope you don’t, just bookmark and save), never forget that grasscloth and water do not mix.


Grasscloth is highly prone to visible watermarks following either exposure to high humidity or water, itself. And since coloured grasscloth wallpapers have been tinted with natural dyes, their contact with water means these dyes can bleed and stain other furnishings and materials in a room.


Not a good thing if your wicker chairs and rattan chairs are family heirlooms.

Besides, the wallpaper cannot be cleaned because it reacts badly with water. So in essence, discard any plans for decorating your bathroom wall with grasscloth wallpaper. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.



Avoid The Bumps And Bangs


Grasscloth wallpapers should not be installed where they could become susceptible to frequent bumps or bangs that come with moving furniture or heavy traffic.


The reason for this is due to the delicateness of grasscloth. Besides, repairing them won’t conceal the bumps responsible for their wear and tear.


Keep An Eye On Your Cats

For reasons that are yet to be discovered, cats love the natural texture and smell of grasscloth. In fact, it is almost like catnip to them.


If you have a kitty in your home, seriously reconsider draping all your walls with grasscloth wallpapers.


For one, your cat is definitely going to turn your grasscloth into a post for sharpening claws. For another, the scratches left by the cat could deface your wallpaper.


So if you’ve got cats, install the grasscloth wallpaper at a height they can’t reach, that is we’re assuming your cats have lost all ability to jump. Or just shelve the idea altogether.



Use Professional Help

Keep your DIY kit and YouTube videos in the locker when it comes to installing your grasscloth wallpaper. Instead, ask the professionals for help.


Unlike synthetic wallpaper, grasscloth wallpaper installation requires time, special tools, experience and an obscene amount of wall preparation.


In addition, considering the high expense of grasscloth wallpaper it is always better to hire an experienced installer who knows exactly what they are doing.

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