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10 Best Nerf Gun Storage Options To Minimize Mess 10 Best Nerf Gun Storage Options To Minimize Mess

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10 Best Nerf Gun Storage Options To Minimize Mess

Written by: Emily Roberts

Unsure of how to organize your child's toy weaponry? This article covers some great Nerf gun storage ideas to minimize clutter in the room!

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Oh, Nerf guns! Kids simply love them! We totally believe it when they say you just can’t wean them off that toy weaponry as they’re truly fun to play with. So, we understand if you can’t veer your child off from where nerf guns are.



You may succumb to your child’s tantrums when he/she is hell-bent on having it. But you may also very soon regret the decision when you realize you don’t know how to stack the growing collection at home. If that is your current state of mind, worry not! This article covers some great Nerf gun storage ideas that can be very useful. Stay with us until the end or you may miss some great tips.


10 Best Nerf Gun Storage Options To Minimize Mess


Parents all over the world have understood the significance of pegboards especially when they have tons of Nerf guns at home. There is no other uber-efficient way than a pegboard to neatly organize all the guns in one go. The WallPeg pegboard is specifically designed to be an ideal Nerf gun storage unit. It has 4 large plastic bins and 36 flex locking peg hooks. The hooks are not sharp, so it is absolutely safe for kids. Made from polypropylene, this product weighs only 3.2 ounces.


  • Can hang all Nerf guns in one go
  • The hooks are not sharp
  • Safe for kids


  • The yellow cups are too small.

Ever wondered how comfortable it can get when the Nerf gear is stacked up neatly together at one place? The NERF Elite Blaster Rack makes it a dream come true! The Nerf blasters, darts, and accessories can be placed safely in an organized manner in this cute little Nerf gun storage rack. What’s even more appealing is that you can store up to 20 blasters on this little Nerf shelf. Not that little, isn’t it? 



There are several shelves and drawers to neatly pile up the Nerf darts on and several other hooks and storage options to use according to your needs and preferences. Isn’t it a relief to see all the Nerf-related accessories and equipment in one place? It’ll be like a candy store for you and your kid!


  • Can store a lot of guns
  • Can store other Nerf equipment and accessories


  • Plastic material may not be durable

This over-the-door storage unit is compact and perfect to store your Nerf gun and its equipment. It’s an ideal Nerf gun storage because of its innumerable compartments for various equipment and accessories. Soft to the touch and easily transportable, this storage unit can be moved effortlessly around the house and your kids can even carry it out with them to play.



Furthermore, this over-the-door storage unit comes complete with three strategically positioned targets, which can be used during playtime. This product also features mesh pockets to help you store Nerf darts and other small accessories.


  • Can be incorporated into playtime
  • Easily portable
  • Easy to hang strap and hook


  • Can only store a few Nerf guns

If your child’s room is already small and filled with all sorts of toys, then the best Nerf gun storage solution is a good quality Fdit transport case. This bag not only serves as a storage bag but also as a convenient and portable carry-on bag for outdoor family adventures. Store all your necessities and toys in this palatial carry-on and enjoy a day outdoors as a family. This bag features durable canvas material and a large capacity to store an entire collection of Nerf equipment and accessories. What’s more, it even comes complete with an adjustable strap and mesh pockets for additional storage.



Since this item serves as a huge Nerf gun storage solution, your kids can take this bag to the park or a friends’ house without the need to filter further. By storing all your toy weaponry inside one bag, you reduce the risk of losing smaller Nerf guns, equipment, or accessories. This bag is definitely worth the price you pay because it is highly durable and absolutely safe for your kids to use.


  • Durable canvas material
  • Can store Nerf guns and smaller accessories
  • Portable
  • Adjustable straps


  • Compartments are quite big, making it challenging to categorize items

Yes, we know vest kits are for you to wear. But how about being a bit more creative and having it as a great Nerf gun storage solution? This particular UWANTME detachable vest kit for Nerf guns is perfect for storing two guns and every other accessory related to Nerf guns. One compartment is for storing a small gun and the other one for storing a bigger one. It also has spacious compartments for Nerf darts and bullets.



The magical straps used in the vest can help you adjust the size accordingly. You can store bullets, Nerf darts, lightening headbands, tactical head masks, and more in one vest. Nothing is better than this perfect UWANTME detachable tactical vest! All you need to do is store all your Nerf equipment in this and fold it neatly or hang it in your wardrobe or behind your bedroom door.


  • Comes with all accessories
  • Good quality fabric makes it very durable


  • Can only a small gun and a large gun

If you want to go really economical then this is the perfect Nerf gun storage solution one can go for. All you need to do is buy an over-the-door shoe rack and store the endless number of Nerf guns in your children’s bedroom. The major benefit of doing so is that you can neatly hide the Nerf guns behind the door and prevent any sort of unwanted envy from your peers. 



The durability of the product depends on the kind of over-the-door shoe rack you buy. Some come in plastic and some in cloth. If your child has very heavy Nerf guns, then it is ideal for you to go for thick cloth-based shoe racks which can accommodate heavy guns. With this, there is no scope for any Nerf gun to fall or slip out. 


  • Very economical and user-friendly
  • Can store as many Nerf guns as you want


  • Difficult to store all Nerf gun accessories

Have you ever thought of buying an XL cooling rack and transforming it to a Nerf gun storage rack? Well, that’s what most parents nowadays do. It is simple, affordable, and can store a huge number of Nerf guns without any hassle. It can also be repurposed to other collections once your kids grow up and no longer fancy Nerf guns. So cooling racks by then can be used for several multiple purposes. Therefore, it can never turn out to be a bad investment. 



The majority of the cooling racks are made of stainless steel or wrought iron. So you know that it can hold up Nerf guns that are made of plastic without any problem. Just nail a wall and hang the wiring rack on it, then fill the rack with your amazing collection of Nerf guns, and you are done for many more years with this Nerf gun wall storage you have created. It is as simple as this!


  • Simple and affordable
  • Can be repurposed for other collections
  • Can hold up several heavy Nerf guns


  • Not very flashy or attractive

One of the most efficient ways to store your Nerf guns is to store them all neatly and beautifully in a glass cabinet. The main benefit of doing so is that the glass cabinet can be repurposed to several other collections in the future when your kid surpasses the stage of Nerf guns. The vest, Nerf gun kit, numerous Nerf darts, bullets, and other accessories can be kept in different compartments of the glass cabinets. 



Your kid can flaunt his favorite collections with ease and pride whenever there is a guest at home. It need not be just glass cabinets, any used worn-out cabinets can also effectively serve the purpose of a good Nerf gun storage. So you needn’t splurge by investing in a new one.


  • Can store all accessories and equipment of Nerf gun
  • Can compartmentalize different accessories accordingly


  • Serves the purpose only if your child has a huge collection of Nerf guns

This is one of the best Nerf gun storage ideas. There are several hooks and strings on the tool rack organizers that may be excellent for stocking and storing your kids’ Nerf guns. You can neatly stack them in different strings or hooks and use them depending on your need. This would be ideal for children who possess a great collection of Nerf guns and for parents who are finding it really difficult to store them all in one place.



All you need to do is make sure that the tool rack organizers are of good quality and that they can hold up various Nerf guns. You can just hang them on a wall and your children can take them off the hooks when they are about to play and have exuberant fun. 


  • Excellent for storing different Nerf guns
  • Hassle-free wall mount


  • No cons to mention

Another fun yet a super-convenient way to make an effective Nerf gun storage is by putting into use a good rolling storage cart. A rolling storage cart with shelves has different compartments. Therefore, it is ideal to store the entire collection and accessories of Nerf guns inside them. The whole Nerf gun kit itself goes inside a rolling storage cart without any hassle. So when you are in dire need to use it, you can have easy access to the Nerf darts, accessories, and Nerf guns.


As a parent all you need to do is train your child to neatly pile up his/her Nerf guns inside the storage cart and voila, you get a clutter-free, mess-free house in no time! Isn’t that a great deal for the money you pay? The vibrant colors inside the transparent shelves make it look more dashing and colorful on the outside.


  • Easily movable from one place to another
  • Shelves help you neatly store the Nerf guns without any damage


  • No cons to mention since it can accommodate an entire Nerf gun collection.

With this, we come to the end of the best Nerf gun storage ideas. We assure you that by incorporating these simple tips or by purchasing the recommended products listed here, your home is going to be clutter-free and more peaceful. So it’s time to shoot away the mess created by Nerf guns and be relieved that you have these Nerf gun storage solutions at hand.

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