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6 Garage Pegboards to Organize Your Tools and Accessories 6 Garage Pegboards to Organize Your Tools and Accessories

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6 Garage Pegboards to Organize Your Tools and Accessories

Written by: Ethan Hayes

Photographed by: Photo from LunaMaria on Adobe Stock

Garage pegboards are efficient ways to save space and energy in a household. Discover durable ways you can organize your garage tools and accessories.

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Garage pegboards are smart storage space options for homeowners. They can be hung on walls, can carry up to 1000 pounds or more, and can look stylish while doing so. Perhaps their most important feature is their organizational benefits; because they are heavy-duty, and can carry any heavy power tool you may have in your garage. 



Many fail to see the importance of maintaining a clean garage because of the number of things inside of it. It can be daunting to start organizing your garage spaces, especially with all the nuts and bolts that go with your accessories. The quick (and smart) fix to this is a garage pegboard. 


What Are Garage Pegboards?


Pegboards are boards, usually made of steel or hardwood, with small holes for pegs. These boards are often hung up on walls. Garage pegboards are particularly heavy-duty because they mainly carry hardware and power tools. One mishap can cause a domino effect in your garage, so it is best to invest in the right pegboard. 


Benefits of Garage Pegboards


They Are Space Efficient


Garage pegboards are an efficient way to save space in your rooms. Since they are hung up on the wall, they won’t take any floor area. Hang up even the heaviest of materials on your garage pegboards. Some really heavy-duty ones can even carry appliances, which are often big, bulky, and space-consuming. Pegboards are one of the many ways you can maximize your garage storage


They Organize Your Items


Garage pegboards do not only save you space, but they also organize your items. Since you hang the materials on your garage pegboard, you can see everything you own with just one look. Unlike drawers, where you have to scramble to find that “one thing”, garage pegboards will lay it all down for you. Hardware will never have to be hard to find again. Power tools do not have to be tucked away in a box in a basement either. 


They Are Practical and Stylish 


These pegboards can also fit any room. While garages are often associated with power tools and the likes, the best garage pegboards can spruce up any room it is in. Bathrooms, home entryways — you name it, a garage pegboard can offer assistance. You can also consider adding a garage pegboard in an area with craft storage drawers to make your storage areas stylish yet accessible.


They Keep Tools in Excellent Condition 


People think you can keep power tools wherever you want, but some storage practices can change a tool’s efficiency. Garage pegboards can help you not only organize your garage spaces but also keep your tools at their best. Proper storage of your power tools can help extend their shelf-life and avoid unnecessary rusting.




6 Garage Pegboards for Your Garage Spaces


Starting off this list of garage pegboards is Wallmaster’s 48-piece steel set. Topped with a galvanized finish, this is one of the most durable garage pegboards you can buy. Most garages contain a house’s heavy-duty materials. These materials are made of steel, which makes finding a pegboard that won’t rust more challenging. Wallmaster takes this up a few notches and provides buyers with an anti-corrosive board.



This garage organizer also provides its own pegboard hooks. You may think that these hooks are your standard size — some are, but others are curved, multi-tool, and more. A total of nine different sizes is what is in store for you. Other bonus features for Wallmaster’s pegboard include four plastic storage bins of the same size. Not everything has to be hung, such as screws and nails. Moreover, if you are the type to manage many crafting projects, you can definitely add these garage pegboards to your list. These storage boxes are a suitable fit for beads and other crafting materials too. 



When it comes to installation, these garage pegboards are easier to prop up than most. Get an electric drill, wall studs, and pegs and you’ll be set for installation. You do not even have to force it into a garage — as mentioned above, it can handle crafting rooms or front-door entryways. Since this Wallmaster pegboard makes space for any type of item, it is sure to make the most out of every penny. 

Key Features

  • Made with high-quality steel material
  • Has galvanized (powder-coated) steel for rust resistance, chipping, and cracking
  • Provides 9 different hook sizes
  • Beige


  • 48 inches x 24 inches
  • 4 plastic storage boxes (3.4 inches x 2.9 inches x 2 inches each)


  • Easy installation
  • Rust and scratch-resistant
  • Can fit any room
  • Hooks with different shapes and sizes


  • Durability inconsistencies for the plastic boxes

Another tool organizer for your garage is Torack’s 97-piece garage pegboard set. As garage pegboards come and go, no product is as serious as the Torack when it comes to optimizing storage space. Thus, this is the best choice for people with an overflowing storage area — sheds can have the standard hammers and nails but they can also have leaf blowers and bug sprays. If you have one of every garage staple and want to get organized, consider getting this storage pegboard set. 



With ¼ inch and ⅛ inch pegboard hooks, these garage pegboards from Torack have wide applications. You can even hang storage bins if you wanted to. Should you be the type to worry about the weight of the pegboard scratching your walls, Torack got you covered. These pegboards have a thickness of ⅝ inches. This ensures that your garage pegboards are completely separate from your wall. Use all more than 90 hooks and three storage bins however you like: this offering from Torack has a maximum weight of 1,200 pounds. 



Hanging your heavy-duty pegboard will be of no issue too. Just make sure you have an electric drill and wall studs.

Key Features

  • Made with metal
  • Powder-coated pegboard
  • 97-piece set


  • 48 inches x 24 inches long
  • 16-22 inches of wall stud spacing


  • Easy installation
  • Includes installation hardware
  • Can hang hardware, helmets, skateboards, and more
  • Can fit any room


  • Cannot be hung on drywall (only on wood, brick, cement, etc.)

Not all garage pegboards have to be maximalist by nature. For those who want a simple, standard garage storage space, Wallpeg’s pegboard kit is a smart choice for you. This set of panels, board hooks, and storage bins boast simplicity and accessibility for your storage area. You can have either 8 or 18 bins for your wall — and the choice is all up to you. Customization for simple garage pegboards is a plus, and WallPeg only delivers these pluses. Such is especially true with its two pegboard panels. 



Hang these panels however you want. One thing is for sure: wherever you choose to hang these, you can be sure it can take a hit. Give it purpose in your crafting areas, workshops, garages, and sheds. It can carry the average weight of the materials from these spaces. This pegboard kit also comes with mounting screws, which are another plus for easy installation. Its total size is 48 inches long, but it features 24-inch panels each. 

Key Features

  • Made with plastic and metal
  • Comes with 2 pegboard panels
  • Black
  • Comes with 36 pegboard hooks


  • Panels are 16 inches x 24 inches each
  • 32 or 48 inches wide when mounted (depending on the configuration of boards)


  • Easy installation
  • Wall mount plug
  • Comes with mounting hardware (metal studs)
  • Can fit any utility room


  • Best for smaller or medium-sized items



Available in 11 colors, these garage pegboards from Wall Control combine style with utility. Boasting a strength 10 times stronger than most garage pegboards, this is the best choice for anyone looking for a metal storage area for their garage items. Made with metal, these mimic the durability of legitimate metal pegboards back in the day. Hang these using their flush-with-the-wall design and then watch your utility spaces clear up. These garage pegboards can carry almost everything — find out for yourself using Wall Control’s complementary mounting hardware. 



Wall Control works best with range. You can be as creative with the pegboard pegs as you would like, using ¼ pegs, hooks, brackets, shelves, and more. Of course, what works best with Wall Control is the brand itself, so consider also buying hooks from the label. You can even use magnetic tool holders with Wall Control’s pegboard to broaden your customization options. 



These magnetic garage pegboards are not only high in quality, they even come with a lifetime guarantee. With this feature, Wall Control gives you the freedom to build up your garage pegboards at your own pace. This means you can grow your storage space even more as time passes. Such a feature is possible only through the brand’s modular style, brandished with shiny galvanized metal. Buy as many garage pegboards as you need. Wall Control’s pegboard will survive time and rusting — while making sure your walls do too. 

Key Features

  • Made in the USA
  • Metallic galvanized pegboard
  • Wall-mounted 
  • Available in 11 colors including orange, pink, and purple


  • 32 inches x 16 inches in dimension


  • Durable
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Stylish
  • Easy installation
  • Magnetic


  • Not compatible with certain mounting options

Boasting a standard wall peg style, these plastic board panels have full back ribs and can be mounted straight from the box. Buying a box gives you a set of four, which you can customize however you’d want to. These black plastic pegboard panels are the jack of all trades on this list. Garage pegboards should organize your tools and accessories effectively, and this is exactly what these panels set out to do.



Only available in black, these pegboards can fit any type of room with ease. While this product does not come with its own hooks and bins, the beauty of it is that you decide what to hang on your board (and how to hang them). Prop these pegboard panels up horizontally or vertically onto any wall of any room.

Key Features

  • Made with plastic
  • Wall-mounted
  • Black


  • 24 x 16 in panels
  • 24 inches tall x 64 inches wide or 16 inches tall x 96 inches wide



  • Easy installation (no spacers required)
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Does not use peg locks


  • Does not come with mounting accessories (such as screws)

The last garage pegboard on this list is Ultrawall’s garage storage organizer. Made with super steel and rubber-coated sleeves, these are scratch-resistant and heavy-duty. It can hold up to 1,200 pounds of materials all while being rust-free. You can put anything and everything on this Ultrawall Garage Storage and hang it up on any wall of your house. Hang your towels, bags, ropes, rakes, shovels, and power tools. This is the ultimate home storage unit, taking up little space while giving the most.



This 72-piece pegboard even comes with plastic hardware expansion for drywalls, which is not common for garage pegboards. It is also compatible with brick walls and concrete walls. What is included in a set of Ultrawall’s Garage Storage? Four pegboards, six steel rails, two shelves, and over 50 hooks of different shapes and sizes. If this was not enough, it also comes with 10 storage bins, making sure it fits even your shoes. While this is easy to install, a professional service team is available for anyone who has a hard time putting theirs up. This is uncommon for garage pegboards and may be appreciated by first-time homeowners. 


Key Features

  • Made with super steel
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Wall-mounted
  • Black, white, and red


  • 48 inches x 36 inches
  • Can hold up to 1,200 pounds of items
  • 36.2 item weight in pounds


  • Easy installation (perfect for ⅛ inch pegs)
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Cannot fit into small rooms, and can take up a lot of wall space

Garage Pegboards: A Means To An End


Many think that garages do not need maintenance. After all, it is your home’s “stash area”, right? While this mentality pierces into common thinking, it does not always have to be the case. An organized garage can mean longer lifespans for your expensive power tools. It can also mean you will save time whenever you need a quick fix to a household issue. The possibilities are endless the moment you stop limiting your garage: save space, time, energy, and money all at once. 



Garage pegboards are halfway there. Getting one means you will have your most complicated tools in the palm of your hand. Your nuts and bolts do not have to be tucked away someplace you can’t find them. Garage pegboards are a means to an end: one where you keep a household performing in tip-top condition. Pair them with garage storage cabinets and you are good to go.

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