100 Best Storage Baskets To Declutter Your Space

November 25, 2019

A study published in the “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin” found that people who lived in cluttered spaces were more likely to fall prey to depression, stress, and fatigue. On the other hand, people living in more organized spaces described their homes as “restorative” and “restful”.


Yes, you can achieve mental clarity by investing in something as simple as storage baskets. Read on for the very best storage basket options in the market!



100 Best Storage Baskets To Declutter Your Space

A simple storage basket can do wonders for the limited storage space in your house. Storage baskets have evolved tremendously over the years. They come in diverse shapes, sizes and colors so that you can match them according to your interior decor. With unlimited options, designs and aesthetics to choose from, storage baskets offer a very practical yet stylish storage option for organizing and decluttering indoor space. 



When shopping for a storage basket, be sure to take into account the kind of material that you’d like to opt for and what color and design you would want to get. Moreover, depending on the space you have available in your house, you’ll need to decide whether you want to buy storage baskets for shelves, single basket, multiple ones, etc. Getting multiple baskets can provide you with more options in terms of how you decorate the space. Several home-owners use multiple baskets and hang them in a decorative fashion to get the most out of them. Make sure you do proper research before making the final purchasing decision. 



In this article, we’ve compiled a list of some of the top 100 storage baskets available online for purchase. We’ve taken into account the quality and the overall longevity and use of these baskets into account. Moreover, other factors such as design, aesthetics and color options have also been considered. Let this list inspire you and give you some ideas on what you could potentially buy. And if you find something you like, just follow the link to check out the latest price of the item. So, without further ado let’s dive straight in.


Multi-purpose plastic storage baskets are always a safe investment when it comes to buying storage products for your home. These plastic baskets by Teyyn come in a grey color and feature a space-saving stackable design. They come in a pack of 6 and can be used for storage needs for the kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. 


If plastic isn’t exactly the material you’re looking for, consider investing in these polyester and cotton-made baskets. These baskets feature a very minimal design and a simple structure. Moreover, they come with cotton handles that can support a weight of upto 25 pounds easily. You’ll notice a hard cardboard interior to provide some support to the overall cotton-structure. You can store clothes, towerls, toys, DVDs, office and craft supplies in these baskets easily. 


These baskets come in a variety of different colors. If you are looking for storage cube baskets to declutter your home or office space, these baskets are a really good option. Moreover, the baskets are super easy to carry around so they don’t exactly have a weight of their own. Additionally, they are made out of a very breathable and stylish fabric. They also feature handles that make it easier for you to pick and move these baskets around. 


Baskets that fold flat are honestly a blessing. These baskets by Trademark Innovations are made out of wicker material. You can use these baskets in the laundry room, bathroom as well as for storing other supplies. The wicker material is durable and long-lasting so you won’t need a replacement even after frequent rough usage. 


This basket is made of non-woven fabric and comes with a drawstring that you can pull on to close the top. This way you can hide away items from plain sites if you desire. Moreover, the basket is perfect for storing everyday items, whether its clothes or other household items like newspapers or toys. Additionally, the basket also features a side loop that you can use to lift the basket with ease. 


From Hiyagon comes a cotton-based storage basket with stitched handles that provide support when you lift or move the basket around. The basket is multipurpose and comes in various colors. You can use this basket for storing kitchen items, bathroom items or other miscellaneous objects like toys, baby clothes, newspapers and magazines, etc. The basket is collapsable and can be folded flat with ease. 


A very minimal yet stylish design, this basket features canvas storage that can be used to store toys, clothes, blankets, sock, etc. Moreover, the basket is made out of thick cotton and features strong fabric handles. The design is collapsable so the basket is portable – which is something to consider if we find yourself moving a lot. 



You’ll notice a lot of fabric storage bins on our list here and there’s a good reason for that. Fabric storage bins are very portable, easy to clean and naturally very space-saving in terms of their design. This bin is made out of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Moreover, it comes with dual carrying handles for easy transportation. 


These grey baskets are made out of a combination of polypropylene and steel. Furthermore, the design is super functional. These baskets are easy to clean and are the perfect size to be stored on a shelf or inside a shelf for organization purposes. 


These woven storage bins come in several different colors. Moreover, they feature a firm steel frame that allows them to handle heavier weight objects easily. The woven pattern on these baskets itself is pretty stylish. From groceries to other household accessories, these baskets are suitable for storing all kinds of items. 


Trademark foldable storage baskets are made out of paper rope and feature an iron frame that provides the whole structure with sturdiness. Additionally, these storage baskets feature a walnut finish that gives these baskets a very vintage appeal. 



These baskets feature a cement color and have ventilation that keeps your items dry and airy. If you are looking for high quality baskets to store a diverse range of house items from clothing, laundry items, toys, towels, etc. get these! 



For all of you who have an interest in farm house decor, these wall-mounted metal wire baskets might be a good investment. These baskets feature an open design so you can easily view all the items inside. Moreover, unlike most metal wire baskets, these ones are designed to be space-saving and can be easily folded when not in use. 



From Seville Classics come these impressive hand woven baskets. They come as a pair and feature a steel frame with handwoven hyacinth on top. The design itself is gorgeous and gives the illusion of a wicker type material. They’re perfect for everyday use in the laundry room, bathroom, living room and even for organizing your closet. 



Take your closet organization to a whole another level with these storage bins by Granny Says store. These bins come with a thick cardboard and 2 handles that makes it easier for you to move the basket around. Moreover, the storage bin features a lidless design that makes it easier to view the items stored inside. 



Collapsible baskets are always a good idea especially if you already have little space to work with in your home. This particular set provides a light-weight design and can be used for multiple storage needs including for storing craft-supplies, games, magazines, toys, DVDs, etc. 



Sorbus offers these very stylish 7-piece woven baskets that come in various different colors including, aqua, beige, black, chocolate, white and grey. These baskets are sized differently so you can store diversely shaped items inside. Whether it’s books, baby clothes or toys or larger magazines, clothes or toiletries, these woven baskets will store it all. Given their unique design, you can store them in any room you like without worrying too much about the decor. These baskets will fit right in. 




This storage basket is ideal for organizing items in the laundry room, bathroom, closet or kitchen. Moreover, the basket features a neutral color pallet and is designed to be super lightweight. Additionally, to give the basket a sturdier shape, it features a linen design as opposed to the otherwise commonly used polyester fabric. 


We have a soft spot for hand-made baskets. These gorgeous woven storage bins are designed to be stackable to save space. They come in a set of three and are suitable for storing diverse items like fruits, baby clothes, magazines, etc. 



Fabric storage bins are often overlooked because they are thought to be flimsy. That is simply not true. Most modern fabric storage baskets are designed to be super sturdy. These ones by Tegance Store come with a sturdy base and thick ropes for holding and dragging them around. Moreover, a metal round frame at the top ensures that the baskets remain in shape even when not in use. 



These baskets feature a very appealing wicker look that is perfect for storing items that you want to remain dry. You can store toys, clothes, books, magazines, DVD’s and a whole other bunch of stuff inside. Decluttering can become super easy with one of these around the house. 



Ever heard of a basket made out of seagrass? Well, these decorative storage baskets feature natural woven seagrass in their design with add-in handles at the side. These baskets are not only beautiful to look at, they seem super durable too. Store your beauty supplies, clothes, toys, paperwork and other items around the house and declutter your space easily. 



These baskets are super high-quality and offer foldable storage. Moreover, they are environmentally-friendly. They are heavier and sturdier than other commonly available storage bins. So rest assured that these would last you a long while. 



Wiselife storage baskets are made out of super durable fabric. Moreover, they feature a steel frame that provides additional support to their overall structure. They are decorative and feature a colored pattern on the fabric so you can place them out in the open, like in the living room, bedroom, etc. Do note that these baskets are easily collapsible. 



Add a quirky flare to your bedroom or living room space by getting one of these baskets. Made from soft coiled rope, this basket comes with a playful bear face design at the front. Being super soft, these baskets are also ideal for a kid’s room. You can decorate your child’s room, by using this basket as a toy storage bin. 



These baskets are made out of seagrass, much like one of the baskets mentioned above. Seagrass looks gorgeous in an indoor space especially when styled properly. If your house primarily features predominantly vintage decor, invest in a seagrass storage basket. These particular ones by Trademark Innovations come in a set of 3 and they will instantly add a touch of earthly feel to your space. 


Honey-Can-Do offers another wonderful storage option with their nesting banana leaf baskets. They come in a set of three and feature a stackable design. You can store and stack them up to save space, when not in use. These banana leaf baskets will hold everything for you, from DVD’s, CD’s, Toys, Books, etc. 



Sometimes all you really need to declutter is a good old fashion plastic storage basket. If you’re struggling to organize your drawers and frequently find them cluttered and overflowing, get yourself one of these plastic storage baskets. They feature a hollowed-out design and come in classic minimal grey and black colors. You can organize your shelves, drawers and cabinets using these storage baskets.



These organizer baskets are made out of a combination of jute and cotton linen. Moreover, they are equipped with handles, which is always an added advantage. They offer a simple lightweight solution to your storage problems and also come with a collapsible design that makes it easier for you to store them away when not in use. 



Grey color goes with everything. These plastic storage baskets are stylish and feature a deep design that allows for extra-large storage space. You can use these baskets practically anywhere, from the kitchen to the living room and from the bathroom to the closet inside your bedroom. They are highly versatile overall. 



White baskets have an aesthetic appeal of their own. If you are inclined towards the more minimal side of house decor, check these baskets out. These are made out of soft cotton ropes and feature sturdy handles. Moreover, they are also washable. Most suitable to be used in a child nursery, you can use these baskets free of worry because they are soft to the touch and won’t harm the baby’s skin. 



This 100% natural and eco-friendly basket is made out of cotton ropes. Mostly suitable as a baby’s diaper organizer or as a clothing organizer, it can easily handle weight. Furthermore, it comes with right handles that can sustain heavy items easily and also come in handy when moving stuff around. The basket overall is soft but sturdy, so it wouldn’t break or tear apart when you store heavier items inside. 




TcaFmac Baskets come in different patterns, colors and designs – all of which you can check out on the Amazon listing. The baskets feature a sturdy wire frame but a collapsible design so you can easily tuck it away when not in use or during transportation. Additionally, the cotton rope handles provide additional support. Use these baskets as file organizers, bathroom toiletries organizers or magazine organizers, the usage you can get out of these baskets is limitless. 




Organize toys and other random objects around the house in these beautifully designed organizer bins. These baskets come in various different vibrant colors. Choose and pick your favorite from a total of 5 options. Be sure to take into account your house decor/ room decor when purchasing.  



These baskets feature an all-white design. Designed by the HAN-MM brand, these baskets are made out of cotton rope and so are super soft to the touch. Additionally, they are non-toxic and made out of purely organic and natural products. You can use these baskets for storing art supplies, for organizing your closet items, storing papers, books or other home and office supplies. 



Cotton rope fabric is a pretty popular material used for storage baskets, particularly those used indoors for organizational purposes. This all-black basket is made out of natural cotton fiber rope material and is perfectly suitable for storing underwears, clothing, nappies, wipes, chargers, baby clothes and laundry items. Since the basket is made out of a soft material, you can also easily fold it whenever you like without a hassle. 



These storage bins come in several different sizes and are highly versatile in terms of their usage. You can use these baskets as desk-organizers or get them in X-large size if you wish to store items that are slightly bigger and heavier. Large items like clothing, heavy books, etc. can be stored inside these baskets easily. Moreover, the baskets feature built-in handles as a part of the design that make it super easy for you to carry the baskets around whenever you need to move things around.



All-black designs are a good option because they somehow go with any kind of house decor. These storage baskets feature holes in their design to allow for proper ventilation so your items remain dry. The hole also provides the items with breathing space, especially if you’re planning on storing food items inside. Additionally, these baskets come with contour handles that can be held on to easily. 



If you are looking for an extra-large storage basket, this one by Hinwo is a good buy! Featuring a thick canvas fabric with PU leather handles, this basket is sure to last you a long time. Overall, you can expect to enjoy 70 lbs of ample storage space. Moreover, the basket is stylish and features a modern design. There are also several colors that you can choose from. Also, the baskets are foldable and support a collapsible design. 



A highly unique design, if we must say so ourselves. These baskets feature a wireframe. You get two wire baskets with a removable taupe fabric liner. The basket offers versatile storage space for your kitchen, bathroom, pantry, etc. Do note that the fabric features poly-cotton that is machine washable. If you are interested in the rustic farmhouse decor, then you’ll absolutely love these baskets. 



This metal household storage basket is made out of steel wire which is super durable. Moreover, the wire is totally rust-proof. The basket features an elegant mesh design that provides versatile usage. You can use the basket in the kitchen too. The wire is also suitable for use inside the refrigerator.



Hinwo’s striped baskets are not only beautiful to look at but also highly practical because they come with 70 litres of storage space. Additionally, these baskets feature a PE lining that gives the baskets their shape. Moreover, the baskets are super easy to clean, you can wipe any dust or debris off of them easily and keep them looking brand new. 


Freezer organization can become tricky if you don’t manage space right. Getting food storage baskets to store more in less space is one great way to start organizing. These baskets are made out of rust-resistant wires that also come with built-in handles. You can lift these baskets easily this way and remove and replace them inside the freezer without a hassle. 




These storage baskets are non-woven and feature handles at the sides for easy lifting. The interior of these baskets is made out of plastic and the baskets can hold up to 25 lbs of weight easily. Additionally, these storage baskets also come with a label at the side that you can use to mark what’s inside a storage basket. 




44. Giftburg Decorative 3 Piece Canvas Wire Basket

These baskets feature a stylish faux brushed copper finish. Moreover, the wired exterior design makes it easier for you to remove the interior fabric and clean the baskets with ease. The baskets come in a compact set of 3, that can lock together whenever you need to transport them. 



Cotton rope baskets are quite popular, which is why we’ve featured so many of them on this list. This particular one by Hinwo is made out of pure cotton fabric and features a collapsible design. The design itself is stylish, simple and aesthetically pleasing. 



Rattan baskets are in high-demand and if you are looking for simple storage baskets for home organization, get yourself one of these. Not only do they come in various different colours that you can choose from, but they are also super light-weight so you won’t have to deal with any extra weight. Use these baskets in your office, home or for the outdoors – these baskets won’t disappoint. 



Hiyangon square storage baskets are not all that different from some of their rectangle and canvas basket options. These baskets are 85% cotton, 10% PE and the remaining 5% of the handles that are designed to help you lift the basket. Store toys, books and clothes in these baskets to declutter and organize your space. 



Wall-hanging storage is a great way not only to declutter but also decorate your space. These super stylish and minimal storage baskets feature 100% cotton woven rope thread. You can style these in the kitchen, your office, etc. You can even use these for hanging and styling plants in your space. 



These storage bins come with a wipe-clean polypropylene woven fabric. Moreover, they feature an epoxy coated frame. The baskets on their own look very stylish and modern. You can use them to hold everyday items like your keys, magazines, books, etc. Furthermore, the design is ideal for using the baskets in closet organization as well. 


This large storage bin features a printed polyester and comes with a very deep storage space that is able to hold 20 lbs of weight pretty easily. Moreover, the bottom of the basket is made out of strong cardboard that gives the entire structure some stability. The basket is stylish and can be used for diverse purposes including toy storage, snack storage, clothing storage, etc. 



These seagrass storage baskets come in a set of 4. You can use these baskets for organizing your bathroom toiletries or use them as laundry baskets, they’re highly versatile so you’ll find them very suitable for practical usage. Moreover, they are light-weight so carrying them around will be a breeze. 



Made out of thick cotton and linen cloth, these baskets feature a very unique design. The elongated rectangular structure makes these baskets space-saving in nature. So, they’ll easily fit into closets without taking up too much extra space. Moreover, they are collapsible and come in a very stylish black and grey design that goes well with almost everything. 



These grey baskets are made of high-quality, long-lasting plastic. If durability is what you’re looking for, these plastic storage baskets are as good as it gets, especially under a budget. The baskets also feature a handle design that makes it easy for you to carry them around. 



Declutter your space with these cube baskets. They feature a collapsible design and come with handles at the side that can be used to lift and move the baskets. From clothing and toiletries, to DVD’s, CDs and old books and magazines, these baskets offer sufficient storage capacity for you to store all your items. 



Label your baskets and keep your home organized! These non-woven baskets with handles are the perfect solution to your clutter problems. They are made out of a very sturdy polypropylene board and are super deep with a 25 lb holding capacity. The label at the side is highly convenient since it allows you to mark the baskets and quickly identify the items. 




From Wiselife comes another pack of gorgeously designed storage baskets. These storage baskets come with a linen design and a super sturdy rectangle basket that can be used to store DVD’s, shoes, books, towels, blankets, etc. These baskets also come with rope handles that are great at providing easy access as well as the added benefit of portability. 




DII vintage chicken wire baskets come in 6 different color combinations. The design primary includes bronze wire baskets (a set of 5) with removable fabric liners. Most suitable for storing food items, the baskets can come in handy around the house for storing small items as well. You can even style these in the living room or the bathroom, if that is where you lack storage space. We should also mention that the overall look and feel of these baskets is very farmhouse, so if that is the interior decor you personally like, go ahead and get one of these baskets. 




Collapsible design allows you to store these fabric storage baskets flat when not in use. TcaFmac Canvas storage basket is made out of 3 layers of 100% canvas and an EVA liner. Moreover, an internal wiring frame provides support to the basket structure and gives it a sturdy feel. The basket also features rope handles. You can use this basket for decluttering around the house, e.g. the playroom, living room, bedroom, etc. 



Sea Team 3-pack baskets are super large and provide 75 liters of storage space in total. They are approximately 15 x 10 x 10 inches in size and are suitable for storage inside a closet. You’ll find these baskets to be super convenient as they are highly versatile and can be used for organizing clothes, towels, blankets, toys, etc. 



This basket features two tone colors that are very stylish. The foldable cube offers plenty of storage space for holding small accessories, books, socks, clothes, laundry, etc. Moreover, theser baskets are super light-weight. Welaxy makes these baskets out of recycled PET felt. The basket is soft to the touch and very elegant to look at. 


When you order this particular package, you get 1 large rope basket and a small bonus one as well. These baskets are made out of cotton rope so they are very soft. The baskets are most suitable for storing keys, lotions, remotes, jewelry, accessories and can also serve as baby hampers. The soft handle at the sides makes it easy for you to lift the basket. 



If your laundry room is a mess, try out of these large capacity laundry baskets. This one by Dress U Up features linen and hemp material which allows the basket to stand naturally and retain its shape even when there’s nothing inside. The basket material is super easy to clean and with a 75 L of space, you’ll never have clothes lying around haphazardly in the laundry room ever again. 


Designed out of a combination of soft cotton and jute rope, this basket is beautiful and saying that would be an understatement. This basket would be most suitable for a bedroom or for storing small delicate items like jewelry. Moreover, the handles on these baskets are designed to look like knots which adds to its overall aesthetics. 


Install this basket in the pantry, the kitchen or the bathroom depending on your storage needs. It comes with black chicken wire and features handles and a stunning aqua fabric to go along with the rest of the design. The poly-cotton blend fabric is actually pretty easy to clean so you can rest assured that you’ll get plenty of practical usage out of this one. 


Another gorgeous basket by DII store, these feature a hand-woven design and are made out of 100% polypropylene. The design itself is super refreshing and looks similar to wicker or a rattan basket. If you’re into nude colors and natural design, these baskets would be suitable for you. 


Pick your favorite size from an option of three: medium, large and jumbo. These baskets feature a grey-white elegant design and come with collapsible features. Moreover, they are stackable so once you’ve got your items organized inside, you can simply stack these baskets on top of each other and save yourself some space. These baskets have a minimal design so they can be suitable for office, home or outdoor usage. 



This large rope basket is made out of 100% natural cotton woven thread rope, a material that is safe for kids. The enhanced cotton handles feature double stitching so they don’t come apart when you’re transporting heavier items inside the basket. 



Organize your closet space with intent. Invest in one of these foldable cloth storage baskets and organize your undergarments separately using these storage cubes. Upon purchase, you’ll find 2 large square bins, 2 small squares and 2 small rectangular bins. Store your underwear, bras and socks separately using these separate storage baskets. Moreover, you can even month these baskets using the in-built threaded holes. 


Made out of eco-friendly durable felt, this storage basket features a cube like shape that fits shelves pretty easily. Whether it’s a bookshelf you’re trying to organize or a bedroom closet, these cube baskets will help your decluttering attempts significantly. Furthermore, the basket is collapsible despite being super large, so you can enjoy easy portability with this as well. 



These large fabric storage baskets are made out of thick canvas with thick ropes for handles in case you want to move them around. The chic design is pretty neat especially because it allows for these baskets to be used as decoration items as well. If you choose to keep these baskets out in the open, you won’t worry about them looking out of place. Moreover, these baskets are lightweight so you’ll find them to be super portable. 



Huddle’s small baskets are made out of super durable cotton ropes that don’t come apart after long-term usage. These baskets are perfect for storing keys, phones and remotes, etc. You can style these on the living room table or put them inside a cabinet to store small items. Overall, these small baskets are multi-functional so you can be as creative with them as you like. 



Durable plastic baskets are always a good idea. They last you a long while and you can easily store diverse items inside without having to exclusively reserve them for storing one item or the other. These white plastic weave baskets by Lesbin are just the right size for storing diverse items, from office supplies, laundry to everyday household items. 



The color on these baskets is jaw-dropping. If vintage aesthetics are your go-to decor style, then these baskets would be perfect for you. Made from jute, cotton and linen, these baskets are lightweight and collapsible. From toys and baby products, to laundry and stationary, these baskets can store practically anything without a hassle. 



Featuring predominantly black, grey and charcoal colors, these baskets are foldable and the perfect size for storing a diverse range of items like socks, books, newspapers, etc. These cube storage baskets are made out of PET felt which is super soft to the touch and doesn’t scratch easily.




Sunny Living wire metal baskets are ideal for holding food items and other goods. You can store snacks, fruits, vegetables, spice jars, etc. The open wire design makes these baskets perfect for use in the kitchen. These metal baskets are made out of stiff metal wire that provides support to the structure overall and adds to their durability. 



We haven’t featured a lot of wicker storage bins on this list so here’s one by Yesland. Primarily made out of seagrass material, these baskets will add an instant element of nature to your house. If you want to make your interior decor warmer, be sure to include wicker storage baskets to achieve that effect. Moreover, these baskets also come with a lid so your items can be kept safely inside and won’t fall out.  



With heavy-duty cardboard at the bottom and durable herringbone as the primary material used, these baskets are designed to last you a long time without having to order in a replacement. Moreover, these baskets store weights up to 28 pounds. The dust-proof and stackable designs are another key feature to take into account. 



Woven baskets for your bathroom are a great idea, especially if you frequently find yourself losing items. This woven grey wash basket is ideal for storing tissue papers and toilet rolls. Moreover, the three compartments on this basket can also be used for storing other toiletries and bathroom essentials as well. 



This package includes 4 storage baskets featuring a green and grey color that is ideal for the office and workspace environment. Alternatively, these baskets are equally good for usage in the pantry, bedroom, playroom, etc. Moreover, the baskets are made out of strong durable plastic so they can sustain heavier weights easily. 



Great for organizing toys, books and other small items, these baskets feature a woven design and holes for breathability. The grey color goes well with almost any kind of interior decor. So, even if the baskets are out in the open in plain sight, they would manage to look aesthetically appealing. 



These baskets are light-weight and easy to carry around. They are fashioned out of non-toxic and environment-friendly plastic. Therefore, they are odorless and completely natural. You can use them in the living room, bathroom, office, classrooms, kitchen, studio and even the garage. Furthermore, the baskets also feature holes for handles at the side so you can lift them easily. 



Probably one of our favorite storage baskets on this list, this basket is made out of cardboard and high quality non-woven fabric. However, it is designed and fashioned in a way to give the illusion of wooden material. So, the baskets are foldable despite the wooden and rather rigid appearance. This storage bin also features handles at the side that can be used to lift the bin around easily. 



This is probably the largest cotton rope basket on this list. With 17.5 x 13.7 x 12.5 dimensions, you’ll get plenty of storage space. The construction of the cotton rope is super strong so it won’t wilt under weight. You can store laundry, toys, books, office supplies, clothing and all other items in here without running out of space. 



Ideal for a kids bedroom or the classroom, these storage baskets feature vibrant colors and a plastic mesh design. The colors are highly diverse so you can pick and choose your favorite. There is a set of 6 different colored baskets included in this package. Check out the Amazon listing for the full specifications. 



This office drawer organizer basket is made out of felt that is super soft and comfortable to the touch. The vibrant orange color with the grey exterior works really well in a professional setting. You can place these storage baskets inside your office desk drawer and store all your office stationery and keep things organized. 



Homipooty storage basket is made out of canvas fabric cloth. This cloth is not only wear-resistant, it is also durable and features an internal water-proof coating that keeps your items nice and dry. The basket also features leather handles on the sides. If you’re looking for a simple to use large basket that can be used for versatile organizational purposes, this one is a pretty good buy. 



Like most storage baskets being designed these days, this rectangular one by Hiyagon is also foldable in design and can easily collapse. Overall, this basket provides an easy-to-use light-weight option for storage purposes. Store cosmetics, toys, books, clothing and basically whatever item that needs organizing inside this basket. 



A great feature on these baskets is the double strap handle feature. This double strap is capable of holding heavier weights with ease, without breaking or coming apart. The basket itself features polypropylene strapping and a durable metal frame that keeps it in shape. Moreover, this basket can be easily cleaned with a damn cloth so it doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. 



Hand-woven baskets are just charming and elegant all at once. These handwoven walnut colored baskets by Granny Says are made out of moisture-proof material. So, ideally, you’d want to use these in the bathroom for storing toiletries. Store towels, oils, shampoos inside these baskets and keep things inside the bathroom neat and organized. 



The mixed grey and natural color on this large woven storage basket is perfect for your living room. Whether you plan on using it for storing your living room blanket inside this basket or for storing your child’s toys, this basket won’t run out of space. The basket features a modern durable cotton rope design that also comes with handles. Moreover, it can be easily carried and moved by kids so that is another thing to keep in mind. 



This fabric storage basket by Coomhome comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large. Be sure to select one based on your specific storage needs. The basket is made out of durable jute, cotton and PVE lining. Moreover, it features super strong pop handles that make it easy for you to grab this basket and drag it around.



Get one of these for your closet. These baskets feature a trapezoid design that make it easier for you to search, find and select clothing items. You can fold all your clothes and undergarments and store them neatly inside these storage bins. Furthermore, the strong handles at the side also allow you to easily pull these bins out of the closet whenever required. 


This is a fruit storage basket designed for the kitchen. Made out of steel and featuring an antique black color, you’d be surprised to find that this storage basket is actually hand-crafted. The storage space offered by this storage basket is quite ample and you can store sufficient amounts of products without running out of space. 



These foldable baskets by Sorbus are absolutely wonderful for closet organization. They are super lightweight and provide an easy solution to all your overflowing clothing situation. This one also features a trapezoid design so that it’s easy for you to pull this basket out of the closet when searching for items. 



This natural woven basket is made out of water hyacinth and features a sturdy iron frame with handles for lifting and moving the basket around easily. The design and construction itself is pretty high quality. Moreover, the vintage appeal of the basket is another added advantage for those of you who have a vintage interior decor at home. Additionally, the basket is suitable for usage in the living room, bedroom, closet and the kitchen. 



Organize all the small items like diapers, razors, toys, socks, tools and cosmetics in these small wall storage hanging baskets. They are made out of high quality linen and can hang on the wall easily. Alternatively, you can also use them as flower pot holder if you’re looking for decorative options,.


Syeeiex storage baskets are made out of durable linen and thickened eco-friendly EVA. Moreover, the top of the basket features an additional durable metal frame that keeps the basket in shape. Like most storage baskets, this one also features a foldable design. You can use these storage baskets for organizing shelves and closets. 



Made from 100% canvas fabric, these foldable mini square baskets are ideal for storing toiletries, baby products, pet products, etc. Being small, these square baskets will fit any shelf easily. They are stylish to look at so they combine both the ornamental aspect and the practical one. 


Last on this list is a gorgeously designed wire storage basket. This storage basket features a criss-cross wire design that makes the basket look very artistic and aesthetically pleasing. The construction is primarily steel. However, the basket will not rust or corrode over time because the steel is resistant to both. You can use this basket for storing linen, clothing and other bed and bath accessories. Moreover, note that these baskets also come with super comfortable wooden handles. So, lifting and moving these baskets around won’t be a hassle at all. 




You’ll notice a lot of fabric storage bins on our list here and there’s a good reason for that. Fabric storage bins are very portable, easy to clean and naturally very space-saving in terms of their design. This bin is made out of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. Moreover, it comes with dual carrying handles for easy transportation.





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