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How Plastic Storage Drawers Help You Declutter The Mess? How Plastic Storage Drawers Help You Declutter The Mess?

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How Plastic Storage Drawers Help You Declutter The Mess?

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Plastic storage drawers are more than a savior if you need to organize and clear the mess of your house. Grab them and tidy up your house right away!

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Many of us are obsessed with buying new things every day. Be it a household item or your wardrobe essentials, everything needs to be kept protected to increase their life. For this purpose, today we have integrated a list of plastic drawers to fulfill all your storage needs. Plastic containers are a great option to house a good variety of things as they are inexpensive, durable and serves a decorative purpose for your home. Let’s dive in and learn about the best plastic storage for your home!



Different Types of Plastic Storage Drawers


Before we hop on to discuss the different uses of plastic storage drawers, let’s learn about the various plastic containers that you can get online or in your local market. 



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Plastic Baskets


Plastic baskets are available in a number of different shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns. You can always find a plastic basket that can complement the décor of your home if you look hard enough. These storage options are good if you want to store a few, small items. Plastic baskets usually cost more than other types of plastic boxes but are still cheap.


Plastic Cupboards


If you have a lot of stuff lying around the house like kitchen items, important tools, or clothing, getting a plastic cupboard is a good option. Plastic cupboards don’t cost a lot of money and can easily be fitted in any room. Sadly, there aren’t a lot of options available in terms of texture and patterns. Fortunately, you can find these cupboards in a variety of colors and sizes that will suit your tastes.


Plastic Storage Bins


Plastic storage bins are ideal for individuals who have a lot of random things in your home. You can use plastic storage bins to declutter your home. Store the stuff that you don’t need every day in plastic storage bins to be stored in your basement, attic, or some other place in your house.


Plastic Storage Drawers


Plastic storage drawers can easily be added into your existing closet space to help you efficiently store your clothes. You can also organize other things in your house more efficiently with the use of small and large plastic storage drawers. These drawers are rather cheap and are available in a number of sizes.


Plastic Storage Boxes


If you want to store items while keeping them protected, using plastic storage boxes is a safe bet. Plastic storage boxes are often available for very cheap and usually range from small to medium in size.


Trash Can Container


Most people think that they can only be used as trash cans, but there are a number of other uses for these containers due to their shape. These containers can be used in a library or study room to hold extra stuff that an individual might not necessarily need currently but could be of use in the future.


Benefits Of Having Plastic Storage Drawers

If you have decided to use plastic storage containers to help you around the house, you will experience the following perks from incorporating them to your storage routine. 



Cost Factor And Ready Availability


One of the biggest benefits of using plastic storage containers is that they are budget-friendly. On top of that, you can get plastic storage containers almost anywhere. Even if you shop online, you wouldn’t even have to wait a couple of days to get your products. Some online retailers and manufacturers even provide same-day delivery services.


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Overall Convenience


It is extremely easy to use plastic storage containers due to these being stackable and storable anywhere in the house without being worried about their condition and sturdiness.


Clear Visibility


This is one of the benefits of using plastic containers that are often overlooked. Imagine a scenario in which you are looking for the paintbrushes that you have stored last year somewhere around your house. You know which room you stored it in but not exactly where in the room did you place it.



Now, you could have easily looked for your brushes without turning the room upside down if you had plastic boxes. This wouldn’t have been possible if you had wooden boxes. You probably would have had opened every box in the room to get to your paintbrushes.




Plastic is one of the most durable material that are present on earth, and you can rest assured that your plastic storage container is also bound to be durable. However, you should still take precautions and purchase plastic boxes from reputed manufacturers.


Aesthetic Factor


Plastic storage containers often rate lower when it comes to their aesthetic factor. However, there are some types of plastic boxes that are rather visually pleasing and can complement nicely with the rest of your home décor like plastic baskets.


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Uses Of Plastic Storage Drawers In The Kitchen


Let’s look into the potential uses of plastic drawers in the kitchen. 


Storing Dry And Wet Ingredients


One of the most common uses for a plastic container within a kitchen is to store dry and wet ingredients or food items like spices. It is even better to use seal-tight plastic storage products so that the food items or ingredients stay fresh for longer.


Floating Shelves


You have your containers and dishes in the kitchen, but what if you don’t have enough space to organize them? In this case, you can use floating plastic shelves that you can get installed to your kitchen walls. You can even install those shelves on your own with little to no hassle.


Extra Kitchen Cabinets


You can never have enough space in your kitchen. Furthermore, it is also suggested that you should keep your fine china away from the dishes that you use regularly. And if you don’t know where to store all your fancy kitchen equipment, then extra high-quality kitchen cabinets is the right answer to fulfill your requirements.


Waste Disposal Boxes


You can’t have a kitchen without a dustbin or waste disposal box in it. This is probably the most basic plastic storage item that you can get online. Some waste boxes are also equipped with slide functionality which makes it easier to use.


Using The Rolling Storage Cart


If you like enjoying a cup of tea or coffee and some snacks in your garden or if you simply like to have food outside your kitchen, having a rolling storage cart can really make your life easier. You won’t just be able to put food items on top of the cart, but you can also store various ingredients in its compartments.



If you would like to test all of these uses, you can do that by simply browsing through the list of products that we have shortlisted for you. 



Top 12 Plastic Storage Drawers That’s The Best In The Market



How Plastic Storage Drawers Help You Declutter The Mess - Infographics




This is a rolling storage cart that comes with semi-transparent, large-sized drawers. The cart has locking wheels that make it easier for you to move it in whichever direction you want to. The dimensions of this product are 15” L x 25” W x 32” H.



If you want to store some basic kitchen items or equipment in drawers in a more organized manner, this is the product for you. There are six different containers ranging in their sizes to give you the freedom to customize your drawer however you want.



This is a sturdy cabinet that comes with an aluminum-like finish. The cabinet is black in color and has plastic feet that help it escape any possible moisture. This set of plastic storage drawers for clothes, commodities, etc. have good reviews and can be considered as one of the best storage options you can buy in the market. 




Wire baskets are great for storing fruits and vegetables separately inside or even outside your refrigerator. These baskets are deep and can be stacked on top of one another. The baskets are very durable and can hold a lot of your fruits and fresh produce.




You can never have enough small containers in your kitchen to store all sorts of foods and ingredients, and this is exactly what you get if you purchase this product from Freshware. The containers are made with premium craftsmanship that can be easily cleaned. They are a popular option for plastic containers since these are stackable and come handy in parties.



Uses Of Plastic Storage Drawers In The Bedroom


There are also various ways in which you can use plastic storage containers in the bedroom.


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Displaying Memories Through Floating Shelves


Your bedroom is your private space, and it is understandable that you would want to showcase some of your memories in it. And what better way to do that by installing some floating shelves near your bed or on some wall?


Your Under Bed Storage


Most people tend to collect a lot of stuff in their bedrooms as they grow older. These items can be very personal and aren’t stuff you want to put anywhere else in your home. This is why you can also utilize the space under your bed to make an under bed storage option for these precious items.


A Fitted Wardrobe


If you want your clothing items to be organized efficiently without ruining the order of your closet, fitting your wardrobe appropriately is the right move. You can do this by putting in various plastic drawers and storage boxes inside the wardrobe to serve as spaces to store clothes, accessories, and other items.




Having a nightstand that holds all the items that you might probably need during the night is always desirable. Get the ideal nightstand by adding some plastic drawers to your nightstand or by getting a durable plastic nightstand.



Here are some of the great plastic storage drawers that you can use for your bedroom: 




This product has 15 floating shelves that have the dimensions of 5” x 5” x 2.5”. These shelves are easy to install and durable. They look good in your room and will last in your room for years.




You can use this plastic storage bin to make an under bed storage for yourself. The dimension of this product is 40” x 20” x 6.125”, allowing you to store a myriad of items in it. You can stack these storage bins over each other to provide more storage. This product also comes with a clear handle for easy portability.



If you wish to organize your closet in a better manner, these plastic shelves will more than come in handy. These shelves are available in all three sizes: small, medium, and large. These shelves are stackable and come with slide railings for easy access.



Opt for this plastic storage unit with three shelves if you are looking for some extra space in your bedroom to store some of your stuff. It is available in white color and will work well with many room’s aesthetic.




This is another storage unit that you can use in your bedroom. This unit is dark in color and has a weave pattern on it to give it a more natural look. There are three shelves in this unit for you to store a myriad of items.



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Efficient Uses Of Plastic Storage Drawers For Educational And Creative Purposes


In this last section, we’ll look at some unique ways in which you can use plastic storage containers to help you seamlessly pursue your hobbies and education. Some of those unique uses are mentioned below.


Study Center


If you are a student or if you have a child at home, you know that organizing the study table is never an easy task. But what if you could remedy that problem by coming up with a study center? By using various plastic storage containers, you can arrange all the items that your child can need while studying into various different compartments inside the study table or the general study area.


Arts and Craft Supply Storage


Having an arts and crafts station can be a dream come true for somebody who loves art or is a professional artist. One can easily build arts and craft supply stations with the help of some differently sized plastic storage boxes.


Organized Bookshelf


Organized bookshelves don’t just make it easier to find the book that you are looking for, but they also have a very pleasing aesthetic appeal. By using some plastic separators, containers, or even buying a plastic bookshelf online, you can easily achieve that.


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Tool Drawer


You could be a mechanic, engineer, gardener, or you simply love to play these roles in your spare time. Regardless of your profession, you might have a lot of tools for different uses. What better time than now to organize them by using some plastic storage boxes?



If you get started on these tasks then, you will need your plastic containers. If you don’t know where to start searching or what to buy, we have prepared a list of such containers that you can consider purchasing.



This is a plastic container that you can easily use to store all sorts of mechanical tools, gardening tools, and similar equipment. This container has an ergonomic design that makes it easier for to push and pull.



This is another plastic container that is tough and long-lasting. This product can easily be used not just for storing items but also for transporting them over small or large distances. The box comes with a secure lid to keep its contents safe and secure.




This desktop drawer system has three compartments and an open tray top. This makes it easier for students or adults to store items that the might need to study or engage in hobbies like painting or sewing.



This is a multifunctional organizer that is not just for organizing books but also for displaying all sorts of items in rooms or in other parts of the house. This product is available in various sizes and colors so you can store a variety of stuff in it.



This is another plastic shelf that is very durable and sturdy. This shelf can be used for displaying items used in your interests or storing tools and other equipment in the garage or the tool shed.



These are some of the top plastic containers that you can use in various aspects of daily life. Let us know which tip worked the best in making your home a little more organized and beautiful.

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