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20 Best Soap Making Kits For Beginners 20 Best Soap Making Kits For Beginners

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20 Best Soap Making Kits For Beginners

Written by: Samuel Turner

Customize your own soaps with these high-quality soap making kits! This fun and educational activity is perfect for both solo and group activities.

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Soap is one of our daily essentials and is often overlooked. It seems like a difficult product to make. However, the process behind it is actually pretty simple. In fact, it’s so easy that you can even make it on your own.



There are many soap making kits for beginners easily available to you. They will include different ingredients that may come off as daunting at first, but we’re here to show you how to work with them! There are different processes behind making your DIY soap and soap making kits will have the materials necessary depending on which one you buy.



Before we go on to the best soap making kits you can purchase, let’s discuss first how exactly you can make your own soap at home.



How To Make Your Own Soap

A child pouring soap mixture into moulds


You actually have plenty of options on how you want to go about your DIY soap as it ranges from super simple to complex methods. Your choice of soap making process depends on your preferences and what you need.



Melt And Pour

Starting with the easiest process, the melt and pour method is one of the most used especially by beginners. You wouldn’t need to do any complicated steps with foreign ingredients. Moreover, although it’s very simple, it still opens up space for creativity and versatility. You can experiment with various elements such as fragrance and color.



All you’ll need is a double-boiler or a microwave, measuring cup, spoon, soap molds, soap base, and optional items, fragrance, and color of your choice. As for the actual process, its name is self-explanatory.



You melt the soap base of your preferred amount in a microwave or through a double boiler. Once it has melted, you can add in some fragrance, color, and other items such as dried flowers or herbs. Pour them into your molds and let them cool. After an hour or so, you can remove them from the molds, and voila! You’ve got your DIY soap ready for use. Make sure to wrap it up and store it in a dry place.



Cold Process

This method is the most popular type of soap-making process, but it’s not as straightforward as the melt-and-pour method. You will need to make soap from scratch with ingredients such as lye, and fat. You can also add in optional elements like oils and fragrances to make your soap nicer. Since the process involves lye, which is a dangerous chemical by itself, make sure that you’re using a recipe that is safe and proven to be effective.



The standard cold process soap-making kits would include lye, oil or fat, soap mold, and other additives. Before you proceed with this process, make sure you’re wearing protective gear like safety goggles and gloves. These would ensure that none of the dangerous compounds you’ll be working with will make contact with your skin.



Depending on your recipe, add your lye to the water accordingly. Always ensure that you’re heating and cooling the mixed ingredients to their specified temperature. Afterward, mix the lye mixture with the oil until it thickens. Finally, pour it into your soap mold with a towel to cover it. Unlike the melt-and-pour method, you’ll have to wait for a few days for the soap to cure. Then, cure it in the open air again after taking it out of the mold.



Hot Process

The hot process method has essentially the same steps as the cold press one, but the hot process veers away when the lye is added to the fat. The soap making kits for this method will include the same ones as the previous one, but they’re done with a different recipe.



With your protective gear on, add your lye to the water, then stir that mixture into the fat constantly. Do this while boiling the mixture for a particular time as instructed by your recipe. By the time the mixture thickens, you can add in your additives. Finally, you can add your soap into the molds for several hours. Unlike in the cold process, you can either let it cure for a few weeks or use your DIY soap right away.




The final process is similar to the melt-and-pour method as you will use existing soap bars to create new ones. However, in this method, you’ll be adding different ingredients such as goat milk, herbal infusions, or tea. Upon blending this mixture again, you’ll finally have your own DIY soap. The soap making kits with this method is the same as in the melt-and-pour process.



Now that you have been introduced to the four basic processes of soap making, you can now take your pick from these 20 best soap making kits!




When you’re just starting off with soap making, soap making kits that come with all ingredients out-of-the-box and include clear instructions are extremely useful. This DilaBee melt-and-pour soap making kit includes everything you may need, down to even the fragrances. They’ve made soap making very easy and accessible to people who are interested in trying it out.



Other ingredients include a shea butter soap base, plastic molds, liquid dyes, a mixing bowl, pouring pitcher, stirring sticks, and soapboxes. Given all of that, rest assured that you’ll have the perfect soap making kit for beginners in your hands.




Making your own DIY soap is so easy that even children can do it. There are soap-making kits that cater to the little ones interested in creating their own bubbly soap. This Klutz Store kit, for example, is especially great for children aged six and above.



In it, you will find adorable molds that are shaped like cat faces and stars which appeal to children of any gender. Moreover, it also has fun chemistry facts about soaps and other experiments. Complementing the molds is a 36-page book that goes more into depth regarding the process.




This soap-making kit also packs quite a large amount of cocoa butter soap base. In fact, it can make up to 16 soap bars that you can gift to family and friends. Soy-free, vegan, and hypoallergenic, you can test your creativity levels even with soap making.  Included in this Grow and Make soap making kit are different essential oils and colorants to add variety to your DIY soaps. These are lavender, cedar, and blood orange, all of which will give your end product a scent you simply can’t get enough of.




Remember, soap isn’t all about decoration and aesthetics. You’re going to need soap-making kits with ingredients that are safe to use for both adults and children. The Kiss Naturals DIY soap-making kit is one that you can definitely trust.



Made from glycerin soap, rest assured that the materials the kit is made from are completely safe and natural. Free from parabens, synthetics, toxins, and chemicals, you’ll be glad to know that they are not tested on animals. Plus, they’re even made with reusable and recyclable materials!




Soap is something customizable to your preferred scent, appearance, and material. If vanilla scents with exfoliating properties suit your preferences, then this Life of the Party soap making kit is for you. It comprises a soap base, oatmeal powder, fragrance, and color for the perfect DIY soap. One box is enough to create 10 luxurious soap bars that will exfoliate and moisturize your skin thoroughly. 




If scent is what you prioritize, you can’t go wrong with this gorgeous option. This Life of the Party botanical soap making kit includes three fragrances you can mix and match according to your preferences. Because they are highly blendable, you can create a scent that’s completely unique.



The kit includes an opaque suspension formula soap, apricot seed, rose mica powder colorant, and the three fragrances (namely Warm Vanilla, Fresh Herbal, and Cool Citrus). It also comes with a plastic mold, clear instructions, and an extra loofah!




Soap-making kits are perfect examples of a practical, fun, and educational approach for kids. The MindWare soap making kit includes all the instructions and materials you need to make your first soap. Children can experiment with colors and scents, while also learning the origins of soap making as well as its scientific properties.



It also comes with a colorful guide book filled with detailed step-by-step instructions, tips, and creative ideas kids can try for themselves. Of course, each ingredient is safe to use as they are gluten-free and non-toxic: perfect for children aged 8 and above.




Out of the products we’ve listed under the same brand, this Life of the Party soap making kit is the most beginner-friendly one. The soap making supplies included are the basics you’ll need to create your custom soap bars.



Although the entire process is simple and straightforward, you can still exercise your creativity with this soap making kit. You’ll find clear soap, white soap, three different colorings, a cucumber melon fragrance, and white pearl powder inside the package.




If your kids love getting their hands down and dirty, get this BIG BANG SCIENCE kit for an easy start. Using the melt-and-pour process, they can follow the instructions that come with the kit with ease. In as quickly as 15 minutes, you’ll already have your end product!



This kit is also the perfect opportunity to teach them the importance of hygiene. Getting them into soap-making as well as teaching them the science behind it will help instill proper hygiene habits from young.




If you’re a lover of everything lavender, we’ve got another Life of the Party soap making kit for you. This lavender kit can make up to ten soap bars softly scented with a unique suspension base. To add to that, its ingredients are made with lavender botanicals that are natural and organic.



Other materials included in this soap making kit is an opaque suspension formula soap, purple color, lavender fragrance, lavender flowers, and a cavity mold. It’s also beginner-friendly as it comes with an instruction sheet for you to follow.




You can use soaps for more than just hand washing. This Life of the Party soap making kit can create up to ten soap bars that are perfect for a smooth shave. Your end product will be a creamy and rich shea butter soap with a cedar wood mint scent to complement your tastes. This kit also includes color.




This Chelseas soap making kit includes high-quality ingredients that make around twelve luxury soap bars. Complete with lavender essential oil and premium grade goal milk glycerin, you’re sure to have soap bars you’ll want to make more of.




The melt-and-pour soap making process is the perfect one for beginners. Luckily, you can do that with this Chelseas kit to start your soap making journey. Moreover, you’ll be able to learn how to layer and swirl your soap, which are 2 of the most popular soap design techniques.



The contents of the kit? Transparent and shea butter soap bases, two fragrance oils, a packet of dried lavender, liquid and powdered colorants, a soap mold, and two pipettes to measure your fragrance oil. Accompanying all of that is a complete instructions sheet for you to follow.




With this DIY Gateway soap making kit, you won’t have to buy a different soap mold separately. This one already has two that have a raised text for a unique and awesome design, while the other four have rose designs. Depending on your preferences, the appearance of your soap matters.



The soap-making supplies included in this kit are a goat milk soap base perfect for melt and pour, three soap dyes, four fragrances, a pouring pitcher, stirring sticks, and four soapboxes for easy packaging.




Although they are optional, dried flowers definitely add to your soap’s aesthetic. With this Chelseas soap making kit, you can create a pretty soap with all the other amazing properties other kits have.



This includes a detergent-free glycerin soap base that can make up to 12 to 15 soap bars depending on the mold you use. Of course, its other inclusions are the dried flowers and herbs as well as fragrances to enhance the quality of your DIY soap.




Most soap making kits have at least one to two soap bases. However, if you want to try your hand at different types all at the same time, this Pifito soap base sampler kit is for you. These include seven of the most popular natural soap bases.



You will also get other ingredients such as hemp seed oil, aloe vera, goat milk, cocoa and shea butter, and Castile. There is a total of seven pounds of vegetable melt and pour base, perfect to make a whopping 28 soap bars.




Although you’re making your own soap, you still have to make sure you’re getting high-quality ingredients for it. The Saint Terra soap making kit includes ones that are both premium and safe. Its melt-and-pour soap base is made with authentic liquid goat’s milk that will leave your skin feeling soft. It’s also hypo-allergenic, soy-free, biodegradable, non-GME, and non-comedogenic.




This Chelseas soap-making kit is perfect for both seasoned soapers and beginners. It includes everything you need to make high-quality soap such as premium-grade goat milk glycerin and some lavender essential oils. Moreover, you can make up to six luxury bar soaps with one of these kits.




Do you want to make large batches of soap despite being a beginner? No problem! This Chelseas soap making kit has a much greater value than the one-pound kit. It has the standard inclusions of the regular kit, making it a perfect starting point for beginners.




Experiment and try out various soap bases with this Saponify sampler kit. As beginners, you will be able to test everything out in order to find the one that suits your preferences. Each one is a melt and pour soap base for an easier process. With these, you can create different soaps from simple bars to complex ones with designs and other additives such as fragrance and colors.




Soap making kits are available to you and even children for both educational and recreational activities. The fact that there are processes and complete kits to do so means that anyone can do it! Embark on your soap-making journey with the kit of your choice today.

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