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Why Should You Choose Plastic Storage Cabinets? Why Should You Choose Plastic Storage Cabinets?

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Why Should You Choose Plastic Storage Cabinets?

Written by: Ethan Hayes

Plastic storage cabinets help you declutter in SO MANY ways unknown to you! Discover its different uses and turn your house peaceful & beautiful!

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There are lots of options you can find when shopping for storage cabinets. They come in a variety of materials, sizes, designs, and colors according to your needs and preferences. One of the most common type is plastic storage cabinets.





Plastic storage cabinets are a popular choice because they are affordable and widely available in the market. It is lightweight and functional for every use. But that’s not the only thing this type of cabinet has to offer.


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Benefits of Plastic Storage Cabinets

  • Plastic storage cabinet is highly stable and designed to resist corrosion. It is also nonreactive to acidic and chemical exposure.
  • Compared to a metal material, it is resistant to rust. A well-maintained plastic storage cannot rust ever, but a poor quality stainless steel may rust after several years. Since none of the parts are made from metal, plastic storage cabinets have better stability and resistance to corrosion and other reactions. This includes the internal parts to the hinges, locks, sliding drawers or shelves.
  • Plastic is moisture resistant. You can maintain your desired humidity level inside or around the cabinet without affecting its quality. In the case of spills, there are also no chances of degradation.
  • Plastic storage cabinets are very much suited for areas that you must maintain with strict sterility. This material is easy to sterilize, making it ideally suitable for laboratories, surgical rooms, and cleanrooms.
  • This material is lighter in weight compared to a metal cabinet of a similar dimension or design. It makes it easy to move and transport the storage cabinet from one place to another.
  • It can endure weight to make it reliable for storing and stacking items. Thus, this plastic material offers great structural strength.
  • Plastic storage can be molded or made into any design. This is one of its greatest advantages over steel or other metal. It’s clear, transparent feature also provides you with an easy view of the contents. It lets you look through what you need without rummaging the inside of the cabinet.


Ways You Can Use Plastic Storage Cabinets

There are many ways you can use plastic storage cabinets. It can be placed in different areas in your home such as the kitchen, attic, garage, or basement. These cabinets provide protection for your belongings and easy access whenever you need them.


Clothing Storage

Plastic storage containers with a locking lid are very useful in storing clothes. You can easily stack your shirts, jeans, shorts, underwear, sweaters, jeans or jackets in it. It protects your clothes from dirt, dust, and other damage.



Coats and Bulky Clothing Items

Storing bulky clothing items such as coats and sweaters can be quite challenging. Clothes typically made of cotton, cashmere, or wool should not just be placed in any old box, especially during the hot summer months. They need to breathe and be protected from other elements. Plastic storage cabinets ensure that the fabric will be protected from humidity and dust. You also do not need to cram them on top of each other to fit them in a box.


Plastic Storage Cabinets

Photo from HOMZ

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Open-Top Box

Plastic open-top boxes are very useful for items you need to put in storage and need to access often. Some of the items you can store in these boxes include seasonal clothing like coats, jackets, sweaters, arts and crafts supplies, or holiday decorations.

Akro-Mils 66486 CLDBL 12-Gallon Plastic Storage KeepBox

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File Organizer

Plastic storage cabinets are also good for organizing and storing files. The sizes may vary according to your papers and documents. Since it is transparent, you can easily find what you are looking for. It is an ideal and cheaper substitute for an actual file cabinet.


Plastic Storage Cabinets

Photo from IRIS USA, Inc.

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Papers and Crafts

The clear, plastic storage is perfect for storing papers, documents, and crafting materials. The flat, short boxes can fit in any closet or storage space. You can use them for tidying different things like art supplies, gift wrapping materials, work files, school supplies, and accessories.


Plastic Storage Cabinets

Photo from IRIS USA, Inc.


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You can use plastic storage boxes for storing different accessories like hats, scarves, gloves, chunky jewelry, and hosiery. It is also extremely useful for toys, tools, desk accessories, cables, and wires. Smaller plastic storage boxes are ideal for travel toiletries and cosmetics like lotion, face wash, moisturizer, and makeup. The clear plastic material is a good choice because it is stackable and very easy to wipe clean.


Photo from STORi


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Large Kitchen Items

Plastic cabinets are a great, multi-use storage option for kitchen items like cooking wares and utensils. They provide enough room to fit different tools but still light enough to carry and move around easily. Aside from kitchen tools, you can use plastic storage cabinets for pantry items like snacks, ingredients, or spices. These containers are easy to stack.



Garage and Outdoor Spaces

For more heavy-duty storage, you can also use plastic containers in your garage, in the shed, on your patio, or any other outdoor spaces. This is ideal for keeping your gardening tools, cleaning supplies, or sports equipment in place.


Photo from Keter


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Plastic storage cabinets are the best way to store various items in your home or office. From kitchen tools, toiletries, files, and craft supplies, to seasonal clothing. These square and uniformly sized containers secure your items and can be stacked. Its clear plastic material also allows you to retrieve items easily. These cabinets will surely utilize every inch of your storage space.

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