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20 Best Fujifilm Camera Picks In 2022 20 Best Fujifilm Camera Picks In 2022

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20 Best Fujifilm Camera Picks In 2022

Written by: Grace Wilson

Give a rest to your phone camera & make a difference by selecting the best Fujifilm camera for capturing your best moments like never before!

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Probably one of biggest advantages of buying a Fujifilm camera is that they offer a great deal of variety. You can always expect the best out of the products that they design, and their products always meet the needs of the target audience they design it for. Therefore, the question isn’t what Fujifilm digital camera should you buy; rather, what kind of photographer are you? Fujifilm cameras are designed for diverse types of camera users, from the occasional shooters and avid enthusiasts to professional photographers.



Fuji designs some of the best compact and mirrorless cameras in the world, and knowing what you’ll be using the camera for can help you narrow down your search and make the right decision.


Designed For Enthusiasts & Professionals Alike

From entry-level cameras to a professional Fujifilm waterproof camera with sleek designs and varying portability levels, Fujifilm has something for everyone. Certain models are specifically designed for travel photographers, others are better suited for wedding photographers. So, before you go ahead and invest in Fujifilm cameras, take some time to think about your personal needs and preferences as a photographer. For example, if you’re a travel photographer, portability will probably be your biggest concern. You’d want to invest in a model that is compact and easy to carry around without compromising on photograph output quality.



If you’re struggling to make a decision, however, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of 20 of the best Fujifilm cameras that you can check out. We’ve also mentioned who these cameras are best suited for to help you make an informed decision.



20 Best Fujifilm Camera Picks In 2020 - Infographics



If there’s one Fujifilm camera you’ll hear about a lot, it’s the X-T4. As far as professional mirrorless cameras go, X-T4 is the best Fujifilm camera you can purchase. X-T4 features an APS sensor, 26.1 MP, 4K resolution and a superior battery life. This professional camera is most suited for high-end users and professional photographers and videographers. Videographers will quickly come to appreciate the long battery life, the high resolution deliveries with the X-Trans sensor, and the sharp auto-focus capabilities. The image stabilization capabilities are honestly amazing on the X-T4. Moreover, this camera is also perfect for shooting still life.



The next Fuji camera on the list is the compact X100F. This particular camera is the fourth generation of the Fujifilm X100 series. The camera offers full HD resolution at 59.94 fps. Moreover, this camera is suitable for both amateurs and professionals alike. The X100F lack image stabilization, but its superior focus and ISO performance make it worth the money if you are looking for a professional camera for travel or street photography.



As mentioned earlier, Fujifilm caters to all kinds of target audiences. The X-A7 is a Fujifilm camera that is most suitable for Instagrammers, fashion enthusiasts and beginners with a taste for aesthetics and appeal. With a retro camera design, the X-A7 comes with cool features like a smart selfie mode, a 180 degree tilting screen and an auto-focus capability that makes it easier for you to take pictures. If you are a vlogger or an Instagrammer who runs a blog, this retro camera will not disappoint.



Low-light photography doesn’t get any better than this. This Fujifilm camera features a sturdy DSLR-type exterior and an ergonomic design that makes gripping the camera super easy. The camera offers full-HD and 4K, and its Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities add connectivity. Moreover, this is a professional camera so it is both dust- and water-resistant. Interestingly, the camera can also perform surprisingly well at extreme low temperatures. The X-H1 also offers superior auto-focus and stabilization features that are excellent for shooting films and videos.



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5. Fujifilm X-T3 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Professional wedding photographers and occasional hobbyists who love taking candid photos can benefit a lot from the X-T3. The camera offers some very unique features like the face-detection and eye-detection that operate in the AF-C mode. This, coupled with autofocus and continuous shooting capabilities, makes it an excellent partner for on-the-go wedding shoots.



Granted it’s a little expensive, the GFX-100 is probably the best Fujifilm camera when it comes to commercial photographs and advertising photography. Moreover, it’s exceptional quality output is most suited for landscape photography as well. Unlike other medium-front cameras, the GFX-100 features 5-axis stabilization that allows you to shoot photographers at lower shutter speeds. The auto-focus feature on this professional camera is remarkable to say the least. Moreover, the sensor on this professional camera measures 43.8 x 32.9 mm.



The X-A5 is probably one of the best Fujifilm camera for beginners. Although this X-A5 has a low battery life than other Fujifilm cameras, the camera overall offers features that are ideal for beginners including a touch-screen, an integrated RAW converter, rapid focus, and an overall compact design for portability. The camera is capable of shooting 4K resolution photos and videos with a frame rate of 15 frames per second. Additionally, the X-A5 also offers Bluetooth and Wi-Fi features. If you’re into the whole retro camera vibe, then the X-A5 is a great option.



Fujifilm cameras are highly diverse in terms of their designs, capabilities, and purpose. The XF10 often gets compared to the X100F a lot, and for good reason. The two do share a lot of commonalities, but the XF10 is the better option for photographers who have a tight budget. With a retro camera design, the XF10 offers old-school functionality with its lack of autofocus. However, the design itself is slim and perfect for a hobbyist photographer who is more into the aesthetic appeal as opposed to high-end performance.



One of the latest in the X-series by Fujifilm cameras, this professional camera comes in a superb retro design and is ideal for high-end photographers. This model is an improvement on the X-Pro 2 in multiple ways. The Fujifilm X-Pro 3 professional camera comes with an advanced hybrid viewfinder, a 26.1 MP X-Trans sensor, and a unique design with a rear screen. Do note that this hidden LCD might not be a suitable option for everyone, so make sure you know what you’re getting into when buying this.



This is a Fujifilm Instax that comes in a stylish design and takes instant photos with its remarkable macro lens. You can take shots and selfies up close using this adorable Fujifilm camera. In fact, you can take shorts from a distance of up to 35 cm. However, do note that the Instax Mini 9 comes with cartridges that can be expensive to buy. The overall polaroid quality makes this camera worth its expensive cartridges, and the camera has the capability to adjust shots according to the changing exposure. Furthermore, the Fujifilm camera Instax comes in five different body colors that you can pick your favorite from.



With 24.2 megapixels, the X-T200 is a very compact entry-level camera that comes with advanced settings and a built-in electronic viewfinder. Do note that the X-T200 comes with a 30-way tilt screen. The video quality on the X-T200 has improved significantly and offers a 4K resolution at 30 fps.



Street photographers can invest in this stylish and highly durable Fujifilm camera. The X-E3 captures colors beautifully and consistently delivers high-quality images. This is because the camera features the X-Trans CMOS III APS-C sensor and the X-Processor Pro, which also comes with other models like the Pro Series and the X100Fs. The autofocus system on this camera is pretty good, and this professional camera has a fast response rate that photographers will love.



Retro cameras have a charm of their own, and this Fujifilm camera is the perfect choice for you if you are into the whole old-school vibe. The X100V offers 4K resolution, a hybrid viewfinder, and a friendly fixed lens of 35 mm. You can snap on the go and really get your passion for photography going. Moreover, the compact design also makes it excellent for travelling.



Adding another retro camera to the list, the Fujifilm XP-140 features a compact design and a 920k-dot LCD screen. Contrary to popular belief, all Fujifilm cameras are not targeted towards high-end users. This one can be used by enthusiasts, beginners, and hobbyists alike. Do note that this camera does not offer manual control, but the image quality it produces is superb. With 4K resolution and 15 fps, this camera isn’t a bad bargain at all for photographers who love taking pictures by the beach or other bodies of water.



If you’re looking for an affordable medium format camera, the Fujifilm GFX 50R is a great Fujifilm camera that you can pick. It offers full HD resolution and a leisurely auto focus that is helpful while taking photographs on the go. Moreover, the compact design is an added advantage for traveling and moving around. Do note that the maximum continuous shooting speed offered by the GFX 50R is 3 fps.



If you are after a DSLR format but want the capabilities of a Fujifilm camera, the Finepix S5 Pro is what you need. This particular model comes with an ergonomic design and captures great images. It’s the first Fujifilm DSLR camera that offers a live view. For those of you who are looking to get a high dynamic range in their cameras, the Finepix S5 Pro is a good bet.


This Fujifilm camera offers a very high dynamic range so you can capture all photographs in great luminosity. Moreover, the color results you’ll get from this camera are incomparable to other models. However, do note that this camera is most suitable for amateurs and beginners. Professional level photography might require something more powerful than the S5 Pro.



Like most polaroid cameras, the Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 also has the only drawback of costing you a lot in terms of the film that you’ll need to purchase for it. The design of this Fujifilm camera is very retro and vintage, perfect for people who are in love with the classic aesthetic. The structure is compact and highly portable so you can travel with it with ease. The Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 itself features a dual shutter button and offers high-performance flash. This flash is optimal for all kinds of lighting, enabling you to capture the best image possible.



Another highly portable Fujifilm camera on this list, and this one has an affordable price tag that is hard to miss! The X-T100 is popular amongst beginners and hobbyist photographers. Its convenient features like USB charging and low battery consumption both make this entry-level camera an attractive option for those just starting out. Moreover, the camera also features a three-way tilt screen, which is great for taking selfies and the like. This camera also comes in five different colors that you can pick from.



Some of you out there need a budget-friendly option, we totally get that. The X-T2 is aimed at both occasional shooters and avid fans, so this specific Fujifilm camera can be used by entry-level professionals as well. The X-T2 features high-quality APS-C format and a 24.3 MP sensor. The model does feature a lot of controls and buttons, however, which can be annoying for some. Beginners and those just starting out in photography might appreciate this hands-on design, though.



The Finepix XP130 may not be able to produce 4K resolution images, but this Fujifilm camera has several other attractive features that make it a worthy addition to this list. The Finepix XP130 comes with a 1/2.3-inch image sensor with 16.4 million pixels. The model also offers an incredible battery life, auto-focus, and eye-detection features. Additionally, the the Finepix XP130’s 5x optical zoom on this thing is remarkable, allowing you to really zoom into things from a distance.


The exterior body on the Finepix XP130 is dust-proof and water-proof. Moreover, the model can perform well in low temperatures. Did we mention the underwater mode yet? That’s right, the Finepix XP130 also features underwater modes that allow you to shoot while underwater. The rugged external case and overall body of the camera is completely water-proof so you don’t have to worry about damaging the equipment as you work. Moreover, the Fujifilm Finepix XP130 comes in five different colors. Be sure to take your time and pick the one you like best.

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