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1TB Thumb Drive: A Cheatsheet For Beginners 1TB Thumb Drive: A Cheatsheet For Beginners

Latest Tech Trends in Home Improvement

1TB Thumb Drive: A Cheatsheet For Beginners

Written by: Chloe Davis

1TB thumb drives are the answer to your need for faster speeds and extra storage space! Find out more about it with this beginner's guide.

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Have you ever felt a need for more space to free up space in the hard drive of your computer, and to transfer files between PCs? Look no further, for the 1TB thumb drive is here to rescue you. Find out all about this extraordinary storage device right here. 



3 Best 1TB Thumb Drive Products



What Is 1TB Thumb Drive?

Encrypted USB drive, thumb drive or flash stick device plug in with computer notebook. Technology storage breach concept.



Conventional knowledge is that 1 Terabyte of storage equals 1,000 GB of data. But realistically speaking, 1 TB is only about 931 GB of actual space. This is because computers measure space differently than we do. 



Theoretically speaking, a 1 TB thumb drive should be able to hold roughly:



  • 310,000 pictures captured with a 12MP camera or
  • 500 hours of HD video or 1000 hours/40 days of video or 250 movies or better still
  • 17,000 hours of music or whatever else your creative mind can think of or
  • 6.5 million pages of a document, in the form of presentations, PDFs, and Office files that should be equal to 1,300 physical filings of cabinets paper



1 TB USB thumb drives come in various colors, shapes, sizes, and with different writing and reading speeds. They also utilize common USB specifications such as USB 2.0 and above. Plugging a 1 TB USB thumb drive into your computer device gives you 1 TB of additional storage space as long as the drive is connected. This makes thumb drives convenient for both traveling and sharing data between devices. Files stored on the drive stays saved for as long as you want, and become accessible when you plug the drive into a working PC. 



Benefits Of 1TB Thumb Drive

Because of the data storage potential a 1TB USB thumb drive holds, such thumb drives are made to be waterproof as a form of protection. This also prevents oxidation and loss of precious data. In cases where such thumb drives are rated USB 3.0 and higher, the convention is that they are backward compatible with lower specification versions such as USB 2.0.




USB thumb drives are compatible with your laptop PC, your desktop computer, tablets, and (in many cases) with devices that can operate with USB 2.0 specifications and higher. Depending on the brand, they generally support a read speed of 300MB/s and above and a write speed of 200MB/s and above, hence delivering excellent performance. Some of these 1TB USB thumb drives also support ready boast functionality. 



What happens is that, when ready boast is turned on and your PC needs extra RAM to run heavy applications, your PC will be able to turn to the USB thumb drive plugged into your host computer. This will cache data into it and make it run or act like a real RAM. When you’re playing a game, this translates to smoother and better gameplay.




Black USB flash drive



Operating at a storage temperature of about -25° to 85° C and temperatures of 0° to 60° C, these thumb drives are designed to be easy to carry around. Another good thing worth mentioning about 1TB thumb drives is that they are compatible with Windows Vista (SP2), Windows 7 (SP1), Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10. They are also compatible with Chrome OS, Mac OS X v.10.8.x+, and Linux v.2.6.x+ OS.



Having a USB thumb drive that holds about 931 GB of storage space seems like far-fetched idea to many folks. With so many counterfeit products floating around in cyberspace these days, it pays to stick to well-known brands that make quality 1TB thumb drives instead of purchasing from random or unknown brands.



Uses Of 1TB Thumb Drive

hand connecting thumb drive to laptop usb port



As A Security Key 

You can lock and unlock your computer with your 1TB thumb drive and an installed program like TockenLock or Predator. In this way, you can use your USB drive as a key for security purposes.



To Run A Different OS

Here, instead of getting an external hard drive, you can use your thumb drive to install an operating system of your choice e.g. Linux instead of Windows.



To Run Portable Apps

Using PortableApps.com, you can build your own customized app suite and store it on your USB flash drive, for use at any time. This will help you to reduce re-downloads of apps and having to carry your PC with you.



As A Backup Kit

As a backup kit, you can use your 1TB thumb drive to back up all your files and apps, preferably in a compressed form like .zip or .rar. This makes them secure against virus attacks or false positive anti-virus reports.



Memory For Entertainment And Games

1TB thumb drive provide sufficient memory for recording movies and TV series from your favorite channels. By using it, you can easily record media in HD or save raw footage for later use. Last but not least, you can also use your 1TB thumb drive for your PS4. This way, you can save console memory and take your games with you wherever you go.



How To Avoid Buying Fake 1TB Flash Drive

fake flash drive



Be Wary Of Super Low Prices

Although “cheap is good”, the monetary commitment for getting a 1TB flash drive must correlate to the value the device promises to offer. An exception to this, however, is during flash or clearance sales. In this case, purchasing cost will be slashed (drastically) by a certain percentage privy to the seller’s choice.



Opt For Well-Known Names

Be it a computers, mobile device, or network equipment, the brand of a particular product matters. Go for a brand that’s well known as you’re likely to get more protection that way.



Big brands have spent their time perfecting their trade. They even mass produce industry-standard products of the same quality and specifications. And so, when it comes to purchasing your very first 1TB USB flash drive, don’t make the mistake of buying from suppliers whose name you’ve never even heard of. Take your pick from several reliable brands such as Kingston, SanDisk, and Samsung.



How To Manage 1TB Flash Drive

format flash drive using windows 10



  1. Format your new 1TB thumb drive the first time you connect it to your PC.
  2. If you want to do more with your thumb drive (e.g. petitioning and changing file system types), download and use MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition software.



As a reliable 1TB USB flash drive producer, Kingston is a leader in the flash and memory products market.



Kingston’s DataTraveler Ultimate GT has two choices for you to choose from: either a 1TB or a 2TB flash drive. With the 1TB option, you shoot 4K or 8K RAW video footage and store high-resolution music, images, movies and more.



The DT Ultimate GT flash drive also offers USB 3.0, USB 3.1 USB specifications, and read speeds of more than 300MB/s and write speeds of more than 200MB/s. This makes it faster than the traditional external hard drives we are used to. With these record-setting 1TB thumb drives, users can easily access, make edits, and transfer files without any lags. The 1TB drive has also been optimized to be pocket-sized and feature a shock-resistant zinc alloy metallic casing. The latter helps to protect your personal data anywhere, any time.



Are 1TB Flash Drives Any Good?

1tb flash drive



A brand like Kingston gives its users up to 5 years worth of warranty on their products. On average, the 1TB flash drive is expected to last a minimum of ten years. Now, this may not hit home for you so I will explain further.



Imagine that you can carry a compact device smaller than your external hard disk on the go for over 10 years, without the risk of data loss or damage to your thumb drive. Doesn’t this seem like a good deal for your money? Yes or no? Of course, the answer is a resounding yes because it’s worth every dollar of yours.



How about those who have been dying to have a second operating system loaded on their machine? Can an OS be run on the 1TB USB thumb drive you have? The answer is yes. To run a second operating system – say, the latest version of Windows 10, version 1909 – it is recommended that you use a flash drive that is at least 16GB. The downside here is that the portable second OS created will run at a speed slower than the Windows installed on the hard drive.



But what if that could change? What if you can have a 1TB capacity USB flash do all the work for you? If you’ve been looking forward to the future of external storage devices, then look no further – a 1 Terabyte thumb drive is the answer to your prayers.

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