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How To Incorporate a Full Grain Leather Sofa Into Your Space How To Incorporate a Full Grain Leather Sofa Into Your Space


How To Incorporate a Full Grain Leather Sofa Into Your Space

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Incorporating a full grain leather sofa into your space is now easy thanks to these helpful styling tips. Choose from the designs here that fit your taste.

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Leather is one of the many prized fabrics used in furniture upholstery. This is because they last four times longer than most fabric couches. Now from all the grains and coatings to choose from, a full grain leather sofa is the best option. Why? They’re durable, breathable, and a timeless piece that will last through seasons. But before buying, below is a thing or two about leather to know, such as how you could incorporate a full grain leather sofa into your space.


What Is Full Grain Leather Sofa


Full grain leather is considered the most robust and durable of all types. This is because the whole upper part of the hide is used, minus the hair. In the production, manufacturers will immediately prepare the hide for the tanning process to make it less susceptible to decomposition. And since the top layer has a tight grain pattern, it resists moisture better than others.



If you’re eyeing the best leather sofa, one made of full grain leather is best because of its density and versatility. The full hide remains intact, and the surface is kept in its natural state, so the hide is not polished, corrected, or weakened.



With proper care and treatment, leather furniture can last for a lifetime. Full grain leather sofa also looks attractive due to its rustic and unique appeal that can bring sophistication and value to your home. If you want to secure the best full grain leather sofa, read more about it below.


Types of Leather


Full Grain


As said earlier, full grain leather is the top-tier out of all the leather types. Since such animals live in the wild, their skin has also endured many scratches, scuffs, and other imperfections that make every piece of hide unique. This occurrence also led to its toughness gradually progressing over the test of time.



Moreover, it consists of tight, dense fibers exposed to elements like air, sun, and rain. This results in a durable and robust surface that can withstand tough use and survive daily wear and tear than fabric.


Top Grain


Known as the second most common leather type, top grain leather is more pliable and less expensive than a full grain. Although a full grain leather sofa makes much of a statement than a top grain one, the latter shows a more uniform appearance. The surface of the layer is sanded and buffed down to remove any imperfections imprinted on the top layers of the hide. Hence, they’re less durable than full grain leather and deteriorate much faster. However, you can choose this leather type manufactured using various dyes and finishes, and they’re easier to clean, too!


Split Grain Leather


Split leather is often found on the bottom part of the leather. It’s crafted from the fibrous part of the hide once it’s separated from the top grain. Though not of the best quality, its fuzzy texture is a feature why people use it to create suede.



Since this type of leather tends to split after a few years, it’s mainly used for making gloves, handbags, shoes, and other short to mid-term convenience. With this, it must retain a decent thickness to remain functional. But, its surface can be treated with coating and other chemicals to improve or alter its appearance.


Bonded Leather


This type of leather is the lowest grade of leather available. To say, some even suggest that bonded leather is not leather due to the nature of how it’s made. To make bonded leather, you need shredded leather scraps and emboss them with a polyurethane coating to copy the appearance and feel of high-quality leather.



The advantage you can get from using bonded leather over a full grain leather sofa set is that you can get it in various shades and styles. However, they scratch, peel, and flake easily and are a bit hard to maintain due to cleaning solutions that can easily strip the bonding agents away.


Top Grain vs. Full Grain Leather


The top two contenders for the best leather have promising qualities, but which is the best? Right off the bat, there’s no denying that full grain leather is the finest in terms of quality. Not only does it present itself as the highest quality grade of leather, but it also possesses a sense of distinctiveness as no two pieces of leather are alike.



Contrastingly, top grain leather may be the second-best, but it’s the most widely used type of leather due to its low price. Not only is it cost-friendly, but top grain leather is also thinner, therefore more workable. But unlike full grain leather, top grain has no visible imperfections since the natural grain is sanded down for a more uniform look.



Indeed, both are great investments to spruce up your living space. But in the long run, you might gain more from a full grain leather sofa than a top grain one. This is because the former boasts unmatched durability and water resistance the latter. Though top grain is cheaper, adding a few more bucks to your budget can eventually help you save more money.


How To Incorporate a Full Grain Leather Sofa Into Your Space


1. Tone It Down With Neutrals

Mirror above leather couch with pillows in grey living room inte

Photo Source: Adobe Stock Images



If you’re going for a neutral scheme, a full grain leather sofa can create an easy eye transition and homey feel to your living room. They also seamlessly blend with ivory walls and other neutral decors you have at home. Above all, having a brown couch to anchor your space provides a comforting ambiance and allows you to adjust freely from one style to another.


2. Infuse Wooden Accents

Living room interior wall mockup in warm tones with leather sofa

Photo Source: Adobe Stock Images



Keeping your living room light and airy is still possible if you have a leather sofa and many wooden elements at home. Like leather, wood is also known for its durability. When paired together, they make the best classic pieces that will last you a lifetime. Since most leather tones complement the lightness of wood, you can instantly create a cohesive look with a play on depth to influence mood and perceptions. It also does not take up too much visual space, so they’re perfect for making a small living room look uncluttered and spacious.


3. Go Bold With Your Interiors

Go Bold With Your Interiors

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If a bold statement is what you aim for, then a red sofa set is an odds-on favorite. You can blend it with vibrant walls and eye-catching accents to maintain an outgoing or dynamic interior. Aside from being a pop of color, you can also place a red couch in a neutral-toned room to create a dramatic contrast with an elegant twist. Truly, leather sofas in this color can create an eclectic space without much effort put in place.


4. Add Some Textile

Modern living room with bold striped rug

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Since leather sofas are bulky, minimizing their visual weight may be tricky, especially on the first try. For starters, you can layer it with pillows and throw blankets to mask its dark color and sizeable appearance easily. You can also add unique carpet textures in the picture to cloak it and bring the center of attention to certain parts or accents in your living room. By doing so, you can give character and add personalization.


5. Lighten It Up

Lighten It Up

Photo Source: https://farmhousehub.com/best-brown-couch-ideas-for-your-living-room/



A fresh and clean look in your living room interiors will always be a timeless attraction. But leather furniture can make a room feel cold and gloomy if not paired with the wall color and decor. Instead of letting your sofa disconnect from your ideal layout, you can brighten it up by incorporating light-toned furniture and decors. This would give a flowing and harmonious echo and quality to it. Above all, it would make your room much more inviting as there is a balance between light and dark hues, and the whole place will never feel too washed out.


6. Combine With Rustic Accessories

Brown leather sofa in an interior room with a bookcase.

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A farmhouse-style interior has been on the rise lately, and leather sofas are genuinely the perfect furniture to bring out that natural, aged, and casual design fashion. The key here is to create a warm and friendly atmosphere while being functional all at the same time. To achieve that, use dark hues of brown to accentuate an organic and rugged motif. Also, use more open shelving and hold back on displaying too many accessories to keep everything accessible while imbuing a relaxed nature.



You can slay a vintage and romantic air for your living space once you incorporate a full grain sofa in a shabby-chic interior. Dark leather furniture works excellent as it neutralizes walls and other decors’ light, worn-out tones. Since this design is about a lived-in look, a few vintage pieces can add a little personal touch. Mismatching patterns is also a hallmark of this style, so don’t be afraid of finding the beauty in oddity and imperfections.


8. Establish An Earth-Toned Design

Beautiful living room with leather sofa on green empty wall back

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Reconnect with nature in the comfort of your home by establishing an earth-toned design. This type of style can be extremely calming and grounding. Since full grain leather sofas are known for their dusky color, earthy green shades paired with indoor plants can set a tranquil ambiance soothing to the eyes. In fact, green and brown generally make people safe and secure as they dive into a peaceful mental state.




Styling a full grain leather sofa shouldn’t be a challenge when equipped with helpful tips while designing your living room. If you find yourself short on ideas, check this list so you can rock a leather sofa with whatever style you please.



Since we’re all about leather sofas, check these faux leather sofa picks if you want to build a cruelty-free lifestyle at home.

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