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11 Best Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables for Your Rustic Home 11 Best Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables for Your Rustic Home

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11 Best Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables for Your Rustic Home

Written by: Grace Wilson

Create a greater dining experience with a reclaimed wood dining table. These eleven charming tables are durable and will make your home more inviting!

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Are you thinking of incorporating reclaimed wood dining tables in your rustic home? Or looking for sustainable ideas that will complement your space? Look no further because we got you! This article will give you a rundown of the best reclaimed wood furniture that will help your space maintain its natural appeal.



Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables and the Things to Consider in Choosing One


First things first, let us discuss the factors to consider when getting a reclaimed wood dining table for your home.



Dining tables, as we know, can be considered as the focal point of any home. It is through dining that people get together and have meaningful conversations. Aside from this, dining tables also come in handy when studying and simply relaxing.



With dining tables being a vital part of our lives, they must create a striking impression. And when it comes to a rustic home, it is no easy feat. To achieve a naturalistic approach, you can try using reclaimed woods. And to be able to maintain and complete a rustic motif, here are some of the important things to take note of:



Materials and Durability


It is safe to say that reclaimed wood dining tables are always dependable. Coming from various consumer and industrial sources, these repurposed and recycled furniture are of premium quality.



They come from all types of woods that are most naturally sturdy. Some of the most frequently used woods for this are pine wood, rubberwood, fir, acacia, and many more.



In addition, the manufacturers and craftsmen also subject them to thorough processes to ensure that they can function well. For example, some of these tables incorporate iron base support that may enhance their strength.





The shape also plays an important role in choosing your next reclaimed wood dining table. Although you can have your preferences when it comes to this, the one you will choose must suit the room where you will place them. We wouldn’t want them crowding a small space nor taking up the entire room, do we? Not only that but the shape must also be based on how many people you are trying to accommodate with them.



It is then best to remember that for a small number of people, square-shaped tables are always ideal. The same goes for round and oval-shaped tables. These two, however, can also provide a bigger seating capacity due to their edges and the position of their legs. Rectangular-shaped ones, on the other hand, can suit both a compact room and a wide one. At the same time, it can also accommodate a medium to a large number of people given that its size can do this.



Color and Style


To fully achieve the rustic theme for your home, the furniture you put in the theme must possess naturalistic and inviting qualities. And what’s better than getting a reclaimed wood dining table to achieve this?



With a reclaimed piece of furniture like a dining table, you will be able to mimic the color of nature with its earthy tones and neutral colors.



Moreover, you have a lot of options for styles that fuse a rustic approach. For example, there is the farmhouse dining table which mainly uses rough yet durable solid woods. This works great in giving your home a warm atmosphere. Additionally, reclaimed wood dining tables provide a great balance of modern and rustic aesthetics. They are usually made of solid woods with a combination of wrought iron. Together, these elements can create a sophisticated look and feel in your dining space.



But if you prefer to keep it traditional, you can also choose from different exquisite traditional dining table styles available. They come with muted colors but are usually in a dark solid wood finish, qualities that will add elegance and coziness to your space.



To further help you choose your next reclaimed wood dining table, here are some of the best selections to consider:



Love the great outdoors? You can bring its enchanting ambiance right inside your home with this counter-height dinette table from Sauder.



With its materials coming from high-quality trimmings and post-milling leftovers, the Boone Mountain table is an absolute mood-setter. It is of country rustic style and has an oak finishing which makes it perfect to set a warm atmosphere in your home.



Not only that, but it is also suitable for all your needs. This reclaimed wood dining table has a spacious top surface that can provide ample room for all your dinner time essentials. It can accommodate plates, napkins, and a full spread of food. Likewise, it can also accommodate up to four people, making it perfect for evening meals with your family.

Key Features

  • Craftsman oak finishing
  • Countertop pub-style
  • Rectangular shape construction


  • 1 tabletop
  • 4 feet
  • Overall dimension: ‎55.12 x 25.59 x 35.39 inches


  • Includes a convenient path for cords
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Handy and sturdy


  • Its veneer is thin and scratches easily
  • Not easily detachable


If you are someone who finds beauty in simplicity, you will love the rustic reclaimed wood dining table from Stone & Beam.



This rectangular dining table is made out of reclaimed fir wood. It imparts a natural, simplistic look. Because of this appealing look, it works great for your rustic interior and other decorations. Moreover, its sturdy construction will make this piece last through many of your family dinners. It’s also ideal as a work or craft space.

Key Features

  • Ladder-rung pedestals
  • Hardwood construction


  • 1 tabletop
  • 4 feet with 2 sets of ladder pedestals
  • Overall dimension: 78.74 x 37.4 x 29.9 inches


  • Heavy-duty
  • Easy assembly


  • The color shown in photos may be inconsistent
  • Scratches easily



Looking forward to that overdue tropical vacation? Why not get a prelude and relax at the comfort of your own home with this reclaimed wood outdoor dining table from Furinno?



This Tioman dining table is engineered with recycled Malaysian rubberwood. It is sturdy and dependable for your various needs. For instance, you can use it when you want to spend the day sipping a coffee while reading or when you simply want to watch the sunset from your backyard.



You can also situate it in any area in and out of your home. It is ideal outdoors, like your garden, where you can be closer to nature. However, it is also excellent in your kitchen and dining area where it can easily blend in. With this dining table, you can create your oasis right at your convenience.

Key Features

  • Umbrella hole
  • Dark meranti wood construction
  • Water-resistant surface


  • 1 tabletop and 4 legs
  • 1 umbrella hole
  • Overall dimension: 35.5 x 59 x 29.1 inches


  • Comes with an umbrella hole
  • Easy assembly
  • Budget-friendly


  • The surface gets easily scratched.


Create a greater dining experience for you and your family with the help of this reclaimed wood dining table from the Signature Design by Ashley. The Grindleburg is another rectangular reclaimed wood dining table like the ones we previously discussed. But it has fair characteristics that may set it apart.



First is its seating capacity. It can accommodate up to six people, which is ideal for a quiet morning breakfast or joyful movie-night dining. Aside from this, the Grindleburg features the natural beauty of reclaimed pine wood. The simple lines also complement the overall aesthetic and the timeworn look. As a result, it exudes a homey aura that fits just right for that rustic vibe.

Key Features

  • Trestle style base
  • Rustic finishing


  • 1 tabletop
  • 2 trestle style base
  • Overall dimension: 76 x 42 x 30.25 inches


  • Has a lot of top space
  • Easy-to-follow instructions


  • Strong odor




Are you hosting that anticipated get-together party? This exquisite, reclaimed wood dining table from Signature Design by Ashley can wow your guests and make every moment unforgettable.



Just like the Grindleburg, this another offering from Signature Design by Ashley has a large seating capacity. It can accommodate up to eight people which makes it great for intimate parties and gatherings. At the same time, you can set it in an eat-in kitchen area, bistro-inspired space, or formal dining room.



It also has captivating features that can add character to your home. Examples of this are its clean-lined, chunky profile, and rich tonal variation. These features will give your dining space a rugged yet pleasant atmosphere.

Key Features

  • Butcher block style
  • Distressed finishing


  • 1 tabletop
  • 4 paneled base feet
  • Overall dimension: 42 x 76 x 30.25 inches


  • Versatile and heavy-duty
  • Easy-to-follow instructions


  • May be bigger than expected


Need a space-saver? This small reclaimed wood dining table is just what you need. The vidaXL has a square shape that makes it ideal for small spaces and a small group of people. You do not need to worry about its stability because it has a sturdy, solid reclaimed wood construction. It is 100% handmade. And its woods came from various sources such as teak, mango wood, and acacia.



You can even see the signs of wear and the visible grain structure which both trace back to its history. These elements allow it to produce a retro style that will surely complete a rustic appeal.

Key Features

  • Multicolored surface
  • Solid reclaimed wood
  • Square shape


  • 1 tabletop
  • 4 feet
  • Overall dimension: 31.5 x 32.3 x 30 inches


  • Comes in multicolor
  • Polished and waxed


  • Might be too small and narrow


You can complete the traditional rustic home with the Florence Round Dining Table from Coaster Home Furnishings.


With its solid pine and mahogany construction, this reclaimed wood dining table makes a piece of elegant and functional furniture. Its round shape gives you a considerable amount of floor space which makes it ideal for tight spaces. Moreover, it has a rustic and natural wood look that matches well with your other furniture. Having it in your home gives you the confidence to always be ready for small gatherings and dinners.

Key Features

  • Traditional pedestal and base
  • Light-gray glaze finishing
  • Round shape


  • 1 tabletop
  • 1 cross-foot base
  • Overall dimension: 59.75 x 59.75 x 30 inches


  • Has a glossy finish
  • Heavy-duty


  • Some screws may not always fit


We’ve mentioned that people have various references for their rustic homes. And if you are one of those who likes to add a contemporary touch, the following reclaimed wood dining tables are made for you.


The Alpine Furniture’s Prairie Reclaimed Wood Dining Table is worth a try.


Made of solid and recycled pine wood, it has a two-tone distressed finish that adds to its rustic aesthetic. In addition, its angular black metal legs can give your place a geometric look. This leg design also ensures its stability and functionality.

Key Features

  • Distressed finish
  • Angular metal legs


  • 1 tabletop
  • 2 angular metal legs
  • Overall dimension: ‎42 x 84 x 30 inches


  • Easy to put together


  • Too lightweight


We cannot talk about reclaimed wood furniture without mentioning the high-quality products from Umbuzo. This reclaimed wood dining table comes from top-notch fir and pine woods. It also has two metal legs that keep it stable and stylish. Because of these features, you can guarantee its great weight capacity. Not only that, but it also went through a hand finishing to get that laminate and a fine look that you’ll love.


Umbuzo reclaimed wood dining table can also serve various functions. Aside from a dining table, you can make it your work or recreational table. You can even place it in your living room to entertain guests.

Key Features

  • Rustic wood top
  • Metal legs


  • 1 tabletop
  • 2 base feet
  • Overall dimension: 72 x 30 x 30 inches


  • Sturdy
  • Wood top has a great color


  • May get damaged during shipping


Umbuzo also has another quality wood product for your various needs. This handcrafted modern wood multipurpose table can function as a desk, kitchen table, or sewing table. If that’s not enough, you can also use its green and teal colors to add a colorful accent to your rustic interior. And lastly, it can surely keep up with your daily use with its sturdy steel powder-coated legs.

Key Features

  • Distressed finishing
  • Colorful surface
  • Crossed metal legs


  • 1 tabletop
  • 2 base legs
  • Dimension: 48 x 24″


  • The colors are deep and attractive


  • Difficult to put together



Looking for more examples of rustic dining tables with a modern touch? This reclaimed wood dining table from Rivet might be just what you need.


Rivet Industrial and Metal Round Dining Table comes with a starburst pattern that can add a stunning effect to your dining area. Its top is made of recycled elm wood which is a material known to be naturally tough and sturdy. Plus, this table has iron legs and a swivel function that give it a stronger and more functional design. With all these charming features, the Rivet dining table can undoubtedly give you a long-lasting service.

Key Features

  • Round shaped-top
  • Starburst pattern surface
  • Adjustable base design


  • 1 tabletop
  • 1 iron base and 4 legs
  • Overall dimension: ‎35.4 x 35.4 x 30.3 inches


  • Can fit three to five chairs
  • Stylish


  • Wobbly


Why You Should Go for Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables for Your Rustic Home


There is certainly no “out with the old” rule when it comes to reclaimed wood dining tables. They have unique features that trace back to their history. Here are some of the reasons why you should give them a try:



Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables Have Rich History


Dining tables with reclaimed wood composition are infused with a rich history. This is because reclaimed woods come from a large variety of sources.



They come into two main categories: the post-consumer reclaimed woods and the post-industrial ones. The post-consumer reclaimed woods consist mainly of reused materials coming from barns, old and demolished buildings, and even from retired boats and ships. On the other hand, the post-industrial woods are leftovers and waste from manufacturing factories and farms.



With this plethora of sources comes the long history that these woods possess. When you get a piece of furniture that has come a long way, you will get to be a part of its continuing story. Such is the case when you have a reclaimed wood dining table. Knowing your furniture has a story adds a certain charm to it regardless of where you place it.



Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables are Unique


Since reclaimed woods have a rich story, signs of this will show up. The so-called “wear and tear,” as well as the natural aging signs from these trees, are visible. And all these make the furniture much more appealing.



For instance, placing a reclaimed wood dining table with natural, imperfect patterns in your home will give it a vintage atmosphere. It may also make your dining area homey. Apart from quaint and rustic dining tables, reclaimed wood can also function as impressive wood wall designs, beams, and flooring.



Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables are Durable


Reclaimed wood furniture isn’t all about aesthetic value. The great news is that they are also durable and can serve you for a long time!



The reason for this is that the variety of woods are of high-quality and naturally durable. Some are also made of solid hardwood. Moreover, manufacturers and craftsmen also make sure that reclaimed wood products get great care and design. And you can see this with the structure of the reclaimed wood dining tables that we’ve discussed earlier.



Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables are Eco-Friendly


Finally, reclaimed wood dining tables are sustainable. Not only are they visually pleasing but their production also gives more opportunity for upcycling. It is because there is less use of resources and energy in producing reclaimed furniture. As mentioned previously, manufacturers and craftsmen do this through the means of salvaged woods and trees that no longer serve their purpose.



Along with the aesthetic qualities and durability, sustainability is one of the reasons why the production of reclaimed wood is expanding. People are starting to switch to more sustainable means. And not just for their dining tables but also for coffee tables, desks, and other wooden products.



These reclaimed wood dining tables do come in all shapes and forms. And they offer great benefits as well! Did you find the one from our list that will help you create more memorable dining moments? Let us know!

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