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15 Space-Saving Garage Ceiling Storage Racks 15 Space-Saving Garage Ceiling Storage Racks

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15 Space-Saving Garage Ceiling Storage Racks

Written by: Benjamin Parker

Instantly free up floor space in your garage by adding these super affordable garage ceiling storage racks. Check out these delightful picks!

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Is overhead garage storage safe? The short answer: yes, it is. Garage ceiling storage racks are typically designed to provide easy storage and access to items in your garage. Storage racks such as pallet racks help optimize your ceiling space and can carry up to 1000 pounds of weight each. Before purchasing a garage ceiling storage rack, you should take note of certain factors including size, durability, and ease of installation/maintenance.





This Wall Control Storage System offers the highest quality tool storage for garages and sheds at an exceptional value. Almost ten times stronger and more effective than a conventional pegboard, it allows wall control slotted accessories to be hung up. It also works with magnets and 1/4-inch Pegboard Pegs, the latter which offer optimum versatility by allowing you to utilize your old pegboard pegs. 





This organizer skate rack and basket lets you and your family keep your ice skates, rollerblades, and roller skates at hand for your next fun excursion. Mount it directly onto your garage wall or get an Activity Organizer Wire Grid (sold separately) and attach the Skate Rack and Basket to it. Each rack accommodates two pairs of skates and skating accessories. Furthermore, you can install wall-mounted Grids in your garage, hall closet, entryway, and customize it to hold jackets, bikes, and more. 





This item ranks high in our list of best garage ceiling storage racks. Its semi open-fronted design is space-saving and can be stacked with louvered panels, shelving, and cabinets. Additionally, it has a reinforced base, stacking rim, and sides that are resistant to most industrial solvents. It also has a smooth inside face that guards against grease build-up from items like lubricants.




This garage ceiling storage rack can support items that weigh up to 1,000 pounds while maximizing garage space at 2.6 cubic meters. Moreover, its length and height are adjustable (ranging from four-eight feet and 19-35 inches respectively) to meet your various storage needs. It is one of the best overhead garage storages you should consider. 






Are you looking for a means to avoid water damage? Then this overhead door garage storage is for you. It protects your items and uses garage ceiling space to store items you don’t need or use frequently. Combined with six vertical posts, this rack is the optimal structure choice to ensure safety. This rack can carry up to 600 pounds thanks to its top-quality hardware.





Between its two 4’x4′ overhead rack units (made from high quality 3/8″ thick plywood), this item can support a total capacity of 600 pounds. It is undoubtedly a safe and heavy-duty product for your garage. Depending on your needs/preferences, either plywood or wire decking can be purchased to complement this product. 





This wall storage rack is a garage ceiling storage alternative: it can safely and comfortably hold up to 400 pounds of weight. The low-profile bracket design of this FLEXIMOUNTS wall shelf (sold in 2-packs) takes up little space but adds more room for your items. The package comes with all necessary hardware, including high-quality screws (all which have undergone rigorous testing) for easy installation. 





This 3-tier wall shelf makes for great garage ceiling storage racks!  It can safely hold up to 100 pounds per shelf, and its height can be adjusted to suit your needs. This storage wall shelf gives the garage, small pantry, or kitchen more storage space while being easy to assemble and dismantle. You can experiment with its placement until you find a spot/corner you’re satisfied with.





Are you looking for a means to avoid water damage? This FLEXIMOUNTS ceiling storage rack might just be the perfect overhead garage solution for you. Its integrated design makes assembly a joy, and it is super sturdy once built up. Made from heavy cold-rolled 14 gauge steel, this rack supports loads of up to 550 pounds and will last you for ages.






This garage storage rack can easily hold up a weight of around 250 lbs. Its height is fully adjustable, so rest assured that you’ll have room for a little creativity. Overhead storage is generally a great addition to any garage, and this particular piece is a great buy for its price.





Easily install this USA-made garage ceiling storage lift by following instructions from its box. HARKEN’s hoisted cargo box has an innovative design that enables loads to be lifted and lowered easily regardless of weight distribution. Its self-locking safety cleat grips instantly to prevent accidents from happening in case the rope is released by mistake. 





This garage ceiling storage lift rack is ideal and perfect for your bike. It enables you to lift and keep your bike when you are not using it, thus freeing up more floor space. It has a pulley system that allows easy lifting. This storage rack comes with two lift assemblies, one rope, and two hook pulleys, and can carry up to 45 pounds.





Easy to install and use, this garage ceiling storage bike lift is one of the best overhead garage storage to maximize floor space. It will easily store and secure up to eight bikes and carry up to 220 pounds at a single go. It comes with a lifting system so storing your bikes will never be a hassle again.





This product will help utilize wasted space in your garage. Made from industrial-strength steel, this sturdy product can hold up to 600 pounds. You can also customize the ceiling dropdown distance (from 18″ to 33″) according to your needs.





With this storage rack, you can create up to 16 square feet of additional storage space. This storage rack can lift a maximum of 250 pounds safely to the ceiling. Steel cables help lock the rack in place for peace of mind.


This overhead garage storage is super strong as it is made from top-grade steel.  Using this garage ceiling storage rack to organize your totes, bins, and storage boxes with ease. Installation is super easy, too!

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