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20 Ingenious Kitchen Storage Racks Ideas To Try 20 Ingenious Kitchen Storage Racks Ideas To Try

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20 Ingenious Kitchen Storage Racks Ideas To Try

Written by: Grace Wilson

Instantly level up your space with kitchen storage racks that are guaranteed to organize and give your kitchen the stylish touch it needs.

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Kitchen storage racks are great for organization and beautification of your kitchen space. However, there are several options to choose from, so the process of buying one can be rather overwhelming. We’ve done the work for you: listed below are the 20 best kitchen storage racks out there.



With this kitchen rack, you get 3-shelf shelving units strong enough to hold up to 250 pounds of load. Apart from kitchen use, it is perfect for use in other locations such as offices, garages, and more. Made from steel with a chrome finish, this rack is very durable. It is flexible as you can adjust the level through the adjustable leveling feet. You can also adjust the wire shelves through 1-inch increments without the use of tools.


Similar to the kitchen rack above, this rack is made of durable steel for stability and features a chrome coating finish that protects it from harmful elements. The difference is that this one has five shelves as opposed to three on the other one. Each shelf is able to hold 350 lbs, which means plenty of storage for you.



This kitchen shelf serves heavy-duty purposes when you have several or bulky items to store away. Each of the five shelves can hold 300 lbs. It is very mobile because of the smooth roller-caster wheels that can help you position it quickly. The tires also have a locking feature so your rack doesn’t go sliding all over the place. This rack is made with plated steel to prevent corrosion.



This is another heavy-duty kitchen storage that can take some good weights and not buck away. It comes with a removable wood shelf you can use for other purposes such as for butcher’s block or for slicing some veggies. You can quickly assemble it without any specialized tool or skill. It also has an adjustable hanging bar that can give you that much needed extra space.




This rolling cart comes with a removable wood top which is excellent for use as cookware, butcher’s block or any other purpose you deem fit. It is durable as it is made of chrome-plated steel. Apart from the wooden top, it has another two chrome shelves that can hold 50 lbs each. It has four chrome hooks by the side which offers you excellent hanging tool storage. This rack is fitted with four smooth-rolling wheels and two locks.




This heavy-duty storage rack is made of durable steel material. It has a black finish which provides both protection from rust and style for decorative purposes. Each of the four racks are able to hold 440 lbs, bringing its total capacity to 1400 lbs. The wire shelves on the racks are adjustable in 1-inch increments. It is fitted with four 3-inch rubber caster rollers for smooth movement.



This rack is made of denser metal mesh which enhances its strength, functionality, and style. The flexible casters on which it sits makes moving about very easy. It is multi-functional and you can use it anywhere around the house, office, or garage. Also, it is effortless to assemble, requiring just 1 minute for complete assembling.




Another great rack choice from Lentia. This rack is fitted with dense metal mesh to boost strength and functionality. You can set it against a wall as a wall basket, and you can move it to the center of your kitchen with the incorporated flexible casters for smooth movement. It doesn’t require any unique tool or skill for installation and takes just 15 minutes for that. Each of the five shelves is capable of holding 90 lbs.





This kitchen rack has a drawer for storing kitchen utensils. It also has cabinet space on the sides which are great for storing pots, pans, and small appliances. Despite its bulky nature and load-carrying abilities, it is effortless to move about due to the four rollers wheels installed on it. It is made of high-quality wood with a white finish for durability and beauty.




Made of CARB compliant composite wood, this kitchen rack is both durable, stylish and suitable for any interior décor. The wood used for making this rack does not give off any offensive wooden or chemical smell. The shelf is simply elegant and multi-functional as it can fit perfectly into any room. It comes with four shelves, with each shelf being able to hold 25 lbs. This rack is effortless to install and requires no screws whatsoever.




This storage cart table comes in a stylish design that is sure to impress. Fitted with a sturdy top pan that can carry your microwave oven and other everyday kitchen utensils, it makes an excellent microwave cabinet. In addition to the sturdy top, it also has 3-tier and 4-tier shelves that provide you with ample storage space to store items like kitchen storage containers. The standing is constructed with a P2 MDF board and a metal frame which makes it very sturdy. The metal frame gives it support, stability, and large weight capacity. It is easy to install and also easy to clean.




With this shelf, you get a long-lasting option because it is made of rust-proof and oxidation resistance steel chrome shelving. It resists dirt buildup and corrosion. Each of the six shelves is able to hold 350 lbs giving it enormous weight capacity. The height of the individual shelves is adjustable so you can modify them according to what you want to store. It also has rollers fitted with a slip-sleeve locking system.




When talking about kitchen storage racks, this wooden beauty is a must-mention. It is crafted from real wood and high-quality fittings to give you support for your kitchen accessories. This sturdy and durable rack can also be used outside the kitchen. It is the actual definition of space with two open shelves, two baskets, storage drawers, and wine racks for your bottles. And all these are found in one compact and portable kitchen rack.



This kitchen rack is built with heavy-duty steel for strength with a brilliant chrome finish for both style and preservation. The steel framework makes this kitchen rack very stable as it can accommodate up to 200 lbs of load. It also has adjustable shelves so you can make room when you want to store large items.


Kitchen pantry organizers like these provide plenty of room for storage. It is constructed with dense particleboard. Beneath this kitchen rack, you have a small basket that is similar to wall baskets. It also has 5 tier shelves and a sturdy top shelf for storing condiments, kitchen appliances, kitchen storage containers and more. Consider this as a multi-purpose kitchen shelf that you can use as a storage shelf, microwave cabinet, utility shelf, and spice rack.




Even if you have a relatively small kitchen, this kitchen storage rack will fit in well because it is built portable. It is built with durable gleaming and chrome-plated steel. There is a top wooden slab that you can use as cookware or for holding your appliances. Just below the top plate, you have two shelves for storage. It also has six s-hooks for hanging some kitchen utensils. 


This kitchen storage rack is built tough to withstand the kitchen environment. It is made from high-quality materials such as an X-shaped reinforced bars for legs. This gives it support and durability. The board can resist scratches and dents. It also has protective pads at the bottom to keep the rack from scratching your floor. With its 3-tier and 4-tier shelves, it is perfect for your kitchen space. 




Another great way to save space in the kitchen is by using an over the door organizer. It comes in pairs, each providing you with 15 clear pockets for storing groceries and supplies. Since the pockets are transparent, you can locate items quickly. It is obviously effortless to install since all you have to do is hang it on standard door rods. This hanging organizer is perfect for small kitchens.



A microwave cabinet is another way to save some space in the kitchen. It allows you to store your microwave while safely tucking away other items too. This one here is a good example because it provides you with really spacious drawers that have metal drawer guides. The solid doors are vein-lined and painted in white that can stand the test of time. It also has an adjustable shelf behind the door.




Of all kitchen storage cabinets, this is one you must check out. It is very spacious with a middle shelf reserved for storing your microwave. The upper and lower shelves are for utensils and other appliances. The top of the microwave cabinet is also great for placing items. You can use it as a coffee station. It also features four wheels for mobility around your kitchen. You can lock the wheels when you need it stagnant.



Nobody likes a cluttered and clumsy kitchen. Luckily for us, kitchen storage racks, kitchen pantry organizers, microwave cabinets and over the door organizers are available to help us. We hope you’ve been inspired by our kitchen storage ideas, and that you are ready to make your purchase today.

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