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100 Best Garage Ceiling Storage To Organize The Garage Well 100 Best Garage Ceiling Storage To Organize The Garage Well

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100 Best Garage Ceiling Storage To Organize The Garage Well

Written by: Oliver Mitchell

Display your collectibles without compromising floor space! Use garage ceiling storage that can be installed overhead to safekeep your belongings.

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Garages are usually designed for housing vehicles, yet they pretty soon become the storeroom of the house. We have all been there done that! But like most other areas of the house, there’s a limit to the items that can be stored therein. And you simply cannot place everything on the already limited floor space. 

Therefore, it is always smart to use the empty ceiling space and have more of it on the ground. So these amazing collections of garage ceiling storage racks, lifts, and other ideas that can be installed overhead, will help you tidy up your garage like never before. Have a look and find your best fit. 


This heavy-duty is the best overhead garage storage option. It is perfect for organizing your stuff. It features cold-rolled steel construction of the rack that can bear a load of up to 600 lbs completely safe. Most importantly, the rack is compatible with any type of ceiling joist and six vertical posts. The hammertone color is so appealing and attractive. Also, the brand fleximount itself has a good reputation in the market that you can count on it anytime. If you are looking for an option when you need to stock up or store your luggage/unwanted items this is the storage that you are looking for. Hang it up there and it’s sturdy and strong. So you needn’t worry about it falling out from the ceiling.


This is one of the best garage ceiling storage shelf racks. These by HyLoft can store up to 250 lbs though the weight must be spread evenly. It has an all-steel construction, so you can stay stress-free about its maintenance. Besides, all the hardware required for its installation is included in the package. It is sturdy enough to hold spare coolers, luggage, and a great range of other items. It isn’t very heavy since it weighs only 25.5 pounds, so you can install it in the garage with ease. This ceiling mount garage ceiling storage is the perfect addition to your garage to make it look clutter-free and spacious. If you need an organized garage then this is one of the best you can get out there in the market. 


With more stability, Fleximounts garage shelving can be a perfect garage shelving ideas for your storage woes. The floating shelves undergo strict quality tests to ensure durability upon mounting to any concrete wall or a wall stud. And you can easily install it on the upper section of the wall to keep the floor space free. Aided with high-quality velcro, the sturdy buckle design averts any accident from bending or falling. This is made of alloy steel, therefore it’s really sturdy. The metal look gives it a great look making it more attractive compared to the rest of the garage storage shelves in the market. It can carry up to 400 lbs which is really great and safe in loading. The only drawback of this is that it will fit into metal studs. 


The highly durable and efficient garage ceiling storage lift comes with all the installation accessories you shall require for the purpose. It is adjustable and can be mounted to any ceiling, even the ones that are angled. It is powdered by 8ft steel cables that can be securely locked in place. This is also a floating shelf and it has built-in nylon rings. The black colour enhances the overall look and makes it safe from any stains or rust in future. Its installation is a breeze and it comes with everything that you need for installing this great piece of garage ceiling storage.


These wall shelves are a delight to have in the garage space and keeping the floor space available for other items. The steel wire used in its construction is made from heavy-duty material that is powder-coated for additional durability. And with a load-bearing capacity of 440 lbs, there is plenty of heavy stuff that you can store on these. These garage storage shelves are designed in such a way to store general stuff in your garage. As per the space of wall studs you can decide how you want to install this particular garage ceiling storage. It is also suitable for concrete walls. Do not fret., it is really easy to install this. You do need any help and can do it all on your own. The grid design of this makes it easier to install without any hassle. 


Your heavy-duty kayaks will no longer keep your garage floor occupied in the offseason as this garage ceiling storage lift will store it close to the ceiling. The straps are universally designed to accommodate most types of kayaks that weigh up to 60 lbs. Moreover, the adjustable central strap makes it very convenient to use, and with no fear of this system falling off. That’s what makes this pro design even more sturdier and durable. This is a sure-shot investment and we guarantee that you wouldn’t regret buying this great piece. The pulley helps you hand it overhead which helps you considerably well in organising your garage. The mounting hardware and instructions make it really easy to install this as quickly as possible. 


Rad Sports brings an easy to install and use garage ceiling storage idea with this amazing lift. The hooks are coated in rubber to make them resistant to scratches. Also, the straps are super strong and can lift weights of 125lb and below. It is suitable for installation on ceilings that are up to 12 feet high. This isn’t tough at all to install. If you are fearing any accidental fall off, fret not, these are specifically designed with a safe locking mechanism. It can carry heavy stuff which makes it a great product worthy of its price. In appearance, you may be really doubtful whether it would be able to lift weights, but in reality, it does. All you need to do is trust us and go get this if this is what you have been wanting to purchase. 


Here are two super sturdy storage brackets that will be installed on the ceiling of your garage, and they will be ready to hold massive weights up to 250 lbs. Further, you have completely free to distance them according to the kind of items you wish to store thereon. Additionally, you can directly place longer storage items like rods, kayaks, etc., or place a wooden board for storing smaller items. Another added advantage is that it is scratch resistant with its white powder coat finish and made of good quality steel. So now you know the reason why it is one of the most trusted and dependable garage ceiling storage. All hardware is included,  so you needn’t purchase anything extra for installation.  


 The hoist lift by Great working Tools is another great garage ceiling storage idea as it keeps your kayaks off access when you don’t need them. This way, your kayak is also protected from unnecessary wear and tear. However, the best thing is that you will have to apply minimal force to pull up the kayak or when pulling it down, thanks to the convenient mechanism. Nothing can beat this marvellous creation where you can place your kayak overhead, when not in use at all. The pulleys help it easy in loading and unloading the kayak when need be. The highlight of tnis rope is that it has a thicker gauge which makes it easier to hold up to 125lbs. The secure lock mechanism prevents it from accidental release. All you need to do is to make sure that you install everything as per the instructions provided in the manual. If you did so, you are good to go. 


StoreYourBoard is another well-known brand that is known for products that chart high on strength and durability. Its high lift pro system used in this hoist holds the cargo box securely along with a center connecting gear to keep it in place. It is also laced with Auto-Locking Brake System, which means that a single person can operate it without flexing many muscles.  The highlight of this product is the fact that it can load any sized cargo boxes. The adjustable straps make it even more convenient for this purpose. It is made of higher strength loader straps. StoreYourBoard is also easy to install because it has been designed in a very user-friendly manner. It is really great for some home and garage storage. 


Heavy-duty garage ceiling storage lift is specially designed for ladders but has no limits when it comes to other items that can be held in its secure straps. The only limit is that you can store up to 60 lbs, but at the same time, that’s enough to store quite a range of items. The adjustable straps of this product can accommodate ladders of any width and length. The centre connecting strap of the ceiling storage helps it prevent the ladders from falling off the storage. Compared to the previous version, this product has upgraded, strengthened straps. The instructions are simple making it very easy to install without any hiccups which makes it even more ideal for a home and garage storage. 


Extreme Max garage ceiling storage lifts come with one of the highest storage weight limits for residential purposes. Also, it is easy to install, and the package includes straps, mounting brackets, lift hooks, pulley, and hoist rope. This is not made only to store kayaks but also to store bikes, canoes and ladders. The installation is also easy since the instructions are provided in the manual.  One person can easily install it without any hassle.  So you can install it with ease as per your time and convenience. This product can carry weights up to 125lbs. The only downside fo this product is that it has a limited lifetime warranty. But that shouldn’t stop you from not purchasing it. 


For the elderly and women, even using the ceiling hoists can be a bit of a disadvantage, so these electric lifts come as a relief. And that’s because once installed on the ceiling; it can be operated with a remote. Installation may or may not require the assistance of a professional. However, the best part is that all it requires is a regular socket that’s 110/120V, so you need to install a power plug. One thing that needs to be assured is that it needs a solid bar or a wooden bar that can afford to hand up enough weights. The added advantage of this product is that it can load stones, tress, mowers, engines etc. It is sturdy and strong, so you definitely wanna try this product. If you don’t, you are missing out on it. 


The RAD Sportz bicycle storage lift can also be used for ladders and similar items that can be hung on its hooks. Talking of hooks, they are coated with rubber to prevent friction and eventual scratching on the hooks as well as the items stored. Installation might require some expertise but not much time or effort. You can read the manual and install it by using several tools. The best thing about this product is that it can lift heavy products upto 100lbs. It is mainly used to hang bicycles. It can be hung on ceilings upto 12 feet high. Also, it has a safety mechanism that prevents the cycle from accidental release. So this is the best bicycle ceiling storage in the market you can avail. 


The heavy-duty CargoLoc can be installed on most ceilings with a maximum height of 14 feet. This product has a limited lifetime warranty and solid steel construction. And like most other garage ceiling storage lifts, its hooks are also rubber coated to prevent scratching. This comes with a two 8 inches strap and the installation hardware. It also has coated hooks that prevent scratches.  The only drawback of this product is that it has a limited lifetime. Many people have stated that it cannot be used for the long term. But some have even claimed that they could use it for a very long period of time. Therefore, if you want a mediocre product then this would be the right purchase. 


The Saris racks are surely one of the best garage ceiling storage ideas as it comes with eight suspension hooks. Therefore this ceiling-mounted rack can store up to four bikes at once. However, the best part is that these racks are made using completely recycled materials that are also resistant to rust. Also, if you do not have several bikes, the hooks can be used for other items that can be suspended on hooks. The speciality of this product is that it can hold up to 4 bikes. The best thing about this is that we can get access to individual bikes because of its super design. The suspension hooks get attacked to the wheels automatically. This product has a holding capacity of 50 pounds and it has a warranty of one year as well. 


If you love to go fishing and have a collection of rods in your garage, Old Cedar has a brilliant storage hack for you. Install a couple of these racks on the ceiling and securely place your rods thereon. It is designed in a manner that the rods will not fall off, while they will stay away from mishandling or potential damage on the floor. These racks are made from premium pine wood and can also be installed on the walls to hold up to nine rods.  This is a great way to utilise the ceiling space by not cluttering the floor. It is an idle sports equipment that can be placed outdoors. So if you are on the lookout for outdoor ceiling storage then here it is.  


Here’s another of the best garage ceiling storage ideas that allow you to store your fishing rods close to the ceiling. But this one is crafted from durable steel material and is universally designed to hold all types and sizes of fishing rods. This is the best piece to protect your fish rods from any sort of damage, rust or stain. It can be used both outdoors and indoors to protect it from the sun, rain, dust or any harsh exposure. It can be mounted in a garage, boathouse, camps or cabins. This is very user friendly and easy to install. Since it is made of heavy-duty steel the durability is also really high. 


This lift allows you to keep your bikes away from all the dirt, dust, and grime on the garage floor with overhead garage storage installation. Moreover, the pulley system can easily lift about 100lb bikes with absolute ease. Additionally, the locking mechanism ensures against accidental falls. This can be very easily installed on any ceiling with 12 feet in height. The hooks being rubber coated helps it from any scratch or slips. So if you use this, then you needn’t worry about cluttering your floor space with bikes anymore. After usage, just make sure that you store it in the ceiling with the help of this product and woah the job is done!


The high-quality fishing rod rack by home dom can be mounted on the ceiling and protects your rods from unnecessary wear and tear. Apart from that, it also saves a lot of your floor and wall space for storing other items. For additional durability, these steel racks have been coated in PVC. It prevents the fishing rods from any kind of corrosion because of the high impact steel that has been used to manufacture this product. It can hold up to 8 fishing rods. Since the product comes with hardware it is really easy to install in the garage or workshop.


The best thing about this garage ceiling storage lift is that it requires no mounting board. And it works so efficiently that it lifts 75 lbs bikes in a jiffy. Besides, the safety locking mechanism ensures that the bikes stay secure and don’t fall off accidentally. It is also truly versatile and can also serve as a ceiling mount storage for a lot more items. The rubber coating on the hooks prevents it from any kind of scratch. The great engineering behind the manufacturing of this product helps it to lift heavy bikes. The biggest plus point of this product is that it can very easily lift or lower it. The mounting system is very adjustable and versatile. 


With easy overhead garage storage solutions from this installation, these extra durable hangers make garage storage much convenient. Moreover, it is zinc plated to keep it safe from getting corroded or rusting. This product’s maximum weight holding capacity is around 50 lbs, so feel free to use it for bicycles and other heavier items. The biggest advantage of this product is that it possesses extreme strength since it is made of stainless steel.  So if you need to hang anything super heavy then this is the right product for you. The fact that is adjustable makes it super convenient to use. 


Laced with an 850-watt electric motor, this electric hoist is a power-packed piece of equipment that can lift 880-lb weight at once. The wire is pretty long and makes it convenient to install it on the ceiling in any part of your garage. A pull hook is also included in the design for dual line operation. Plus, the automatic braking system is an additional safety mechanism. It can be counted as one of the most reliable power equipment for garage ceiling storage because of the brand champion. It is highly durable and very safe due to the way in which it has been engineered to manufacture. 


The chain hoist with two hooks by Neiko has an enormous 1-ton weight-bearing capacity. It features a compact manual design with the use of 20MN2 premium alloy steel, making it absolutely durable. Even the rest of the gear features milled steel that has been heat-treated. It also has steel safety latches at the end, which will allow you to lift the items up to the ceiling securely. Additionally, a mechanical load brake has also been included in this chain hoist which is both reliable and maintenance-free. The clasp on the hook swivels 360 degrees to offer seamless manoeuvrability. However, the maximum possible height to install this lifting hoist is 15′.


The Garage Gator motorised garage storage idea helps you keep your bikes in a safe storage place and out of the way by utilizing the ceiling area. The motorized lift comes with a rod that is laced with eight hooks to latch the bikes. And once you are done attaching the bikes, the hoist will lift the entire rod at once with the press of a button. And thanks to its durability the bikes do not fall off, get scratches, or gather dust on the floor. Mounting plates and fasteners are included in the package. Apart from bikes, these hooks can be used for sports kits, ladders, chairs, among other heavier or bulkier items. The cable of the push controller extends up to 15 feet in length.


Store all kinds of heavy-duty items, including ladders, kayaks, bicycles, surfboards, and more with this versatile overhead garage storage installation system. It directly mounts onto the ceiling and can be lowered to about 78 inches below the ceiling. It is suitable to lift a weight of about 220 lbs/ 100 kg or lower, and the built-in winch makes it easier to operate. In fact, all one needs to do is rotate the crank handle, and no manual lifting is required. Besides, it is quite simple to install this hoist with pre-assembled drill patterns. However, ceiling fasteners are not included and will have to be bought separately as different ceilings require different kinds of fasteners.


With a minimalist yet sturdy design, this surfboard ceiling storage rack is one of the best selling in its domain. And the best part about these racks is that they feature a 190-degree bend to accommodate all kinds of boards with ease. It can store two boards at a time with no worries about the boards or the rack sagging or bending. Besides, it can also be mounted on the wall, ceiling, or even a dock. Additionally, to protect your boards against scratching, the rods have been covered with EVA Foam that handles them gently. And the best part is that it comes with a lifetime warranty and even a complete money-back guarantee. Just to confirm, you’ll get a pair of these hooks, which are obviously necessary to be able to stack boards thereon.


The Pelican Double kayak storage straps keep your kayaks secure and safe in your garage. It comes with two adjustable saddle straps, with each having the ability to hold a maximum weight of 100 lbs. That means collectively it can bear the weight of up to 200 lbs. Besides, two loops for storing paddles add to its space-saving feature. Additionally, the carabiners, 1.5-inch webbing, and D-ring closure system provide a safe and convenient storage solution. The webbing is designed to be durable as well as gentle on the boards during storage. Apart from kayaks, you may also use them for storing your canoes, surfboards, snowboards, and more. Please note that no hardware for installing the system comes with this product.


The ultra-heavy duty hooks by Vahodegn can be installed on the upper section of the wall, close to the ceiling. Gradually you will be free to store all kinds of heavy and large items like ladders, kayaks, lumber, chairs, and more. Just space the hooks as per the size of the items you need to store on them. For instance, since each hook has a load-bearing capacity of 50LBS, install one or more hooks so that the weight gets equally distributed. Moreover, these can be installed on most types of walls. And free up a lot of space on the floor for other items or to simply keep it clean. Also, this item uses low carbon steel which is more eco-friendly than most similar products out there.


This product comes with an enormous capacity to hold 440 lbs of weight and lift it up with minimal physical effort. The electric lift itself features a sturdy shell made of steel, while the steel cables are also braided for additional strength. The braiding also ensures that the cables do not twist and stay aligned. It has a dual-line operation thanks to the sheaves pulley lift hooks. A compact remote panel is attached to the main body. Additionally, the safety braking mechanism and overheating protection make it safe to use. This system can be installed on ceilings with a maximum height of 19 feet. Apart from storage, it can also be used to lift up items like boats and smaller automobiles for repair or maintenance.


For industrial-strength garage ceiling storage racks, SafeRacks is the best bet for you. It is compiled with a set of instructions and requires minimal maintenance. However, the best part about these racks is that you can store heavy-duty items on top of the shelves, while hooks are provided below for hanging bicycles and sports kits. And since it is height adjustable it can be installed on most ceiling heights as per your requirements, the range being 12 to 45 inches from the ceiling. Once installed you can store as much as 600 lbs on these racks along with a 120 cubic storage space freed off the ground. The C channel design of the columns also ensures better-built quality while the industrial-grade steel ensures strength.


The NL garage racks come with simple overhead garage storage installation instructions. And once set up, it will be ready to store around 1000 pounds of weight while freeing up around 2.6 cubic meters of floor space. Its height from the ceiling can be adjusted between 19 and 35 inches and the length between 4 to 8 feet. Plus, there are two additional legs in the middle to prevent the rack from sagging due to load. You’ll receive an instruction book and all the hardware required for installation. However, wire decks and wood boards are not included with this rack. For installing this rack by NL, you’ll need at least 18 cubic feet of space in the garage.


These Pro Series racks from NewAge Products will surely prove to be one of the best garage ceiling storage ideas, as they provide around 16 square feet of storage space off the floor. On top, the NewAge Products racks can hold about 600 lbs of weight while they also come with multiple installation options. The steel cables used in these racks are of exceptional strength as they are of aircraft grade. The powder-coated paint protects the rack from wear and tear, apart from corrosion. And since there could be some items that might slip off the shelves, there is an additional one-inch safety lip to add a barrier along the edges.


Here’s another best garage ceiling storage idea for your bicycle by Protocol Store. It allows you to conveniently store your metallic beasts away from the floor, where they might receive scratches and dents with accidental tumbling or friction with other items. It can be installed on ceilings up to 13 feet high, while it is absolutely easy to mount the bicycles through secure hooks. Teh hooks are in fact rubber-coated to be gentle on the bike’s body. Also, teh tires are the ones that are most torn when bikes are stored on the ground, but with this pulley, they do not suffer any wear and tear.


These racks are made from industrial-grade steel and are therefore suitable for storing heavy-duty items. Besides, each channel can hold 27-gallon totes 35 lbs in each tote, and up to 13 totes can be stored at once. The racks are also versatile and can accommodate different types of totes since the rails are adjustable, though totes are not included. Yet, all hardware parts are included. These storage systems may come in handy for seasonal items or items you seldom need like heavy tools that occupy unnecessary space on the ground. This product comes with a limited lifetime warranty and installation guide as well. You will probably not require hiring a professional installer.


The adjustable garage ceiling storage racks are one of the most compact ways to store kayaks, paddleboards, and ladders. It is made from the highest quality steel built with CNC folding and laser cutting mechanisms. Both hooks can hold a collective weight of about 150lbs or lower. And moreover, it has been through strict quality check mechanisms apart from ensuring that it is easy to install. Therefore, it is truly durable, and once secured in place, your kayaks will not fall off accidentally. The brand also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with the product. The body of the rack is Spray painted to make it resistant to corrosion and features a matte finish to not compromise on the aesthetics of your garage space.


This is one of the easiest to assemble garage ceiling storage racks thanks to the detailed and diagrammatically explained Installation Template. It features an integrated grid design that enhances its structural strength, and so does 14 gauge steel that can bear about 450lbs load. You can adjust the height from the ceiling in the range of 22 inches to 44 inches. Besides, you will also be provided with high-quality screws along with the racks which have passed quality checks. Its brackets are longer than most other racks. Also, you need not worry about the rack fixtures being compatible with the ceiling joists, as these racks are universally compatible for the same.


The NewAge racks have been specifically designed to mount onto wooden ceiling joists. With the use of 13 gauge steel, these have quite some strength, while the powder-coating makes it resistant to rust and corrosion. Therefore it requires little to no maintenance or repairs. And just in case you need more storage space, install two or more of these together, and make the most of your ceiling. Once you set this up, you will be able to store a maximum weight of 600 lbs. But please note that the hanging bars are not included in the package. Aesthetically, it comes in a hammer tone gray color which goes with most garage interiors. You may also install additional hooks on the lower side of these racks.


The garage ceiling storage racks by Fashion and Fascinating ensure no rattle or shaking while loading or unloading storage items. And that’s because it has been manufactured with Angle steel and 2.0mm screws. This is also the reason that these racks can be adjusted to fit in your garage space. And while it is good to store larger items, you may have to get an additional wire mesh for the base for storing smaller items. It does not include a wire rack or even a deck, so be careful of that if you are choosing this rack for enhancing your garage’s storage space. For storing bigger items you may not need a base, otherwise, you may purchase or arrange an extra board or wire base.


The height-adjustable garage ceiling storage racks by MonsterRax are a great advantage if you have a very high or low ceiling. All you’ll have to do is refasten the screws after adjusting the height to your preference, and this can be done in the range of 24″ to 45″. Nevertheless, these racks can carry 300 pounds of weight at once. At the same time, it has a tremendous breaking strength of 1,500 pounds. It features 14-gauge steel and grade 8 case-hardened lag bolts that make it one of the safest garage ceiling storage ideas. The racks feature a powder-coated finish and come with a detailed installation manual as well.


Kayaks are a seasonal asset yet require a lot of storage space. So it is always advisable to store these bulky items on the wall or ceilings and these racks will surely come to your rescue. The Malone overhead garage sling racks for kayaks require an easy installation yet provide safe storage. These kayak storage systems are laced with 1.5″ webbing which is wider than most other similar products. The D-ring closure system ensures that the kayaks are safe from accidental falls. It can hold two kayaks at once with a combined weight of 135 lbs.


This lift is designed for those seeking long-term storage for their bikes without compromising on their maintenance or occupying floor space. It can be affixed to the basement or garage ceilings, generally 4 m high. This lift is ideal for bicycles weighing up to 20 kg, though you can also use it for storing other similar items, under the said weight capacity. Besides, the handles have been covered in rubber for protection against scratches. Mounting instructions will be provided. You will receive a couple of pulley clamps and pulleys in addition to a sturdy nylon rope, a wall holder for affixing the rope, plus the screws required for installation.


The Torack hooks are meant for heavy-duty storage and are versatile enough to store long ladders to metal foldable chairs. It all depends on the way you install them. And though these are to be installed on the wall, if placed on the higher side, they will not occupy any floor space and you will still have space to install more wall racks. These are manufactured from corrosion-resistant material and have been further protected with a power coating finish. Once the hooks are snapped onto the railing they can be moved or slid on it, to store your items with ease. The double rod hook design is designed to hold items like rakes, sports racquets, etc.


Install the metal-made Tetra-Teknica hooks on the wall close to the ceiling of your garage, and they’ll be all set to hold your heavier storables like ladders, sports kits, bicycles, and more. These are cost-effective and convenient ways to declutter your garage in a convenient manner. You can completely rely on their build quality as the tubular hooks can hold a maximum weight of 25 pounds. These are mountable on most kinds of walls, be it brick walls or hardwood. Besides, it requires no maintenance as the metal is resistant to rust and the rubber tips avoid scratching the items while loading and unloading.


The Old Cedar Outfitters Store brings one of the most amazing garage ceiling storage ideas for safekeeping your fishing rods when not in use. These racks are to be horizontally installed along with the ceiling and come in a camouflage finish. But these are designed in a way that you can install them on the wall as well. Installation only requires fixing the screws in place, and it is ready to hold up to 7 fishing rods securely. When stored on these racks, the fishing rods will hardly suffer from any wear and tear, as they will neither have friction with each other nor with the rack. Moreover, the nooks can hold most types of rods as per brands as well as styles.


The two overhead garage storage racks by Yeejoy are to be installed in parallel so that they can hold longer items like lumber, ladder, kayaks, and many more items. Otherwise, these are also good enough for hanging sports kits, beach chairs, and smaller items individually. High-quality tubular steel has been used in its construction, along with design specifications like EVA arm protectors for scratch-proof storage. Each hanger can hold around 50 lbs. When used in combination, they can hold even more weight. The installation only requires drilling holes and screwing in the storage rack. Plus, feel free to install it on your garage wall, as it is compatible with wood, concrete, and plaster walls.


An outstanding feature about this bike hoist is that it holds your bike horizontally than vertically, unlike most other bike hoists. This way, there is little vertical height occupied and the chance of banging your head on the tires gets eliminated. It can be fixed on concrete as well as wooden ceilings with equal ease. Moreover, the slings gently hold your bike without scratching its surface. And you may use it to store bikes with a maximum weight of 55 lbs. To ensure the safety of both the bike and the items placed below, the lift has a rope locking mechanism in place. Besides, teh braid ropes are solid and enhance the strength of the storage system.


The double ladder ceiling racks by StoreYourBoard maximize the storage space with its two-sided design. But an even better feature about these racks is their height adjustability. And it can hold a combined load of 150 lbs, distributed on either side. Its arms are 25 inches wide and can be removed at the push of a button. Furthermore, the arms are designed with padded support and apart from being gentle, also avoid the ladders from slipping off. The height of this rack can also be adjusted, which you may optimize depending on the items you wish to store on top. For the convenience of installation, the mounting brackets can be rotated 360 degrees.


The rubber-coated hooks of the Rad Sportz bicycles hoist will help you store your bike without sustaining scratches in the process. This hoist is mountable onto the ceiling or rafter for holding the maximum load capacity of 100 lbs. The steel used is of durable strength, and the safety locking mechanism makes it fail-proof. It is suitable for ceilings of height 12 feet or below. The pulley and latches move smoothly and without any noise. Furthermore, you can use it to store anything that can be secured on the hooks and lies below the maximum load capacity. These hosts also come with a lifetime warranty.


Lift as much as 125 lbs of ladders, kayaks, cargo bags, and more on these easy to install garage ceiling storage lifts. The maximum ceiling height that it supports is 12 feet, while the sturdy straps and safe locking mechanism ensure that there is no accidental release for the safety of both life and property. It requires easy mounting to the rafter or ceiling joist in no time. Since it is a pack of two, you will be able to mount two kayaks on these hoists. These are suitable for storing cargo boxes as well.


Store your bikes along with the ceiling without flexing much of your muscles with these fantastic hoists. The hook and latches mechanism that this lift is laced with requires minimal force for lifting loads to the tune of 55 lbs. Besides, the gauge rope is thick; the hooks are extra large and rubber-coated, so your bikes will be handled gently. Larger hooks can also help you store ladders, cargo boxes, and similar items. And since you will get a pair of these, you can store two bikes or many more ladders.


Designed and manufactured to hold 150 lbs of weight at a time, preferably divided into either side, these racks are a must-have in your garage. The arms are around 25″ wide, while you’ll get an 18-inch gap between the rack and the ceiling. Besides, the arms are slightly padded to provide a cushioned support to the boards and other items stored on these racks. The entire rack features the use of heavy-duty steel which apart from being strong is resistant to corrosion or peeling. And it is designed with versatility as it can support all kinds of skiing boards. Its height is adjustable and the mounting bracket is rotatable.


Wheelbarrows and rakes are mostly used in the fall season, yet the rest of the year, they keep holding a lot of your floor space in the garage or in the yard for no reason. So why not employ the Best Garage Ceiling Storage solution for your wheelbarrows? This unique hoist with a patented design will fantastically hold your large, and heavy wheelbarrows, while you will have to apply minimal physical force to lift it. The floor space below can be used for storing other items or park your car without worrying about accidental falls. You will also receive a tie-down wall cleat to roll and hang the extra rope along the wall.


Get your entire fishing gear a safe place to rest with Rush Creek racks, and keep it safe from unnecessary wear and tear or accidental breakage. These racks can hold 11 fishing rods at a time and come in multiple finishes to match your taste. However, an even better reason to buy this product is that it can be installed on the wall as well. Also, the use of wood material in these racks makes sure that it offers minimum friction or wear and tear while in storage, or while handling. It’s easy to assemble and quick to install.


With garage ceiling storage systems having a capacity for holding over 125 lbs weight, there are many opportunities to free up the floor space. You may use it to hold canoes, kayaks, ladders, and similar items that otherwise do not stand freely in the garage and suffer avoidable depreciation. The hooks are made from heavy-duty iron and are further coated with rubber to reduce friction against the items stored on them. The ropes are also fail-proof as they are manufactured from sturdy nylon materials. Just make sure that the maximum height of your ceiling is not beyond 12 feet while purchasing or installing this site by VIVOHOME.


From ladders to pipes and lumber, the Henson overhead garage racks have a single point of installation but offer double-sided storage. Designed with tough tubular steel construction it is also resistant to corrosion. At the same time, the ends have been capped with plastic ends, to avoid scratches and paint peeling off the items stored. It comes with the hardware required for installation while it can store about 50 lbs of items. These racks by Henson can be mounted on the rafters or the ceiling joists only.


The multi-channel tote slide is manufactured off powder-coated steel. You will be glad to know that the channels can be adjusted to suit your ceiling measurements, so if you are not so sure of the fitting, try these racks. Besides, you will get all the hardware required for setting up this rack within the package. The rails can be adjusted as per the size of the totes, and the totes are to be bought separately. However, this garage ceiling storage system can easily support a maximum of 35lbs per tote. The number of totes it can fit depends on the dimensions of the totes.


The double-sided garage ceiling storage racks by StoreYourBoard come with a height-adjustable central column. It can be adjusted from 10 inches to 18 inches in height by replacing the screw positions. Besides, the arms can be removed off the rack with the push of a button. However, the best part is that it can accommodate all kinds of surfing boards and even be used to stack more than one on each side. It has the capacity to hold a maximum weight of 150 lbs, divided on either side. It is suitable for storing surfboards, kayaks, and other bulkier or seasonal storage items.


The Delta garage ceiling storage lift is a convenient option for hoisting bikes and ladders up to the ceiling space. As a result, you will have more space on your walls and floor for other items that you might need to access much more frequently. With the capacity to hold 50 lbs, it shall be sturdy for most regular bikes, while the pulley mechanism reduces the physical force required to lift the items. So no need to sprain your back or stress your muscles in lifting heavy loads onto ceiling racks. It also has a safety auto-locking feature against accidental falls. Though it can be handled by most age groups, adult supervision is advised.


The heavy-duty hooks by Shepherd Hardware come in three different sizes, such that the largest ones can even hold bikes and ladders. The tip here is to install these on the upper side of the wall, close to the ceiling so that the walls remain free for other storage options. The hooks are covered in powder coating that makes them safe from rusting and corroding. Each hook can accommodate 25 pounds and even more when installed with precision. Furthermore, they can be mounted on different kinds of walls, only the installation may vary. These are also anti-slip and non-marrying.


The four-foot-high Goplus Kayak storage racks are also ceiling mountable and offer a secure and durable storage solution. It frees up a lot of space on the garage floor as well as the walls for storing other items or simply keep it organized. Apart from kayaks, you may also use them to store your fishing rods, lumber, ladders, and more. It is crafted off heavy-duty tubular aluminum, that is immune to rusting. Moreover, it is easy to assemble, and each side can hold 75 pounds of weight. Rubber covers on the arms are designed for protecting your kayaks against scratches.


These garage ceiling storage racks for fishing rods can also be installed on the wall when need be. All the hooks have PVC coating to prevent accidental scratches while handling the rods. It can hold four rods at once. Installation requires only three steps. Mark holes, drill holes and then fasten the screws through the slots in the rack by YYST. to avoid any confusion you will get a pair of these racks to be installed in parallel to be able to hold the rods on either end. Hence your rods will stay safe, and your floor space will stay much roomier.


The Powerfly garage ceiling storage lift for kayaks keeps your kayak out of the way in your garage. With the ability to hold 125lb of weight, you can easily load all kinds of kayaks and snowboards on this hoist system. It works great with both high and low ceilings. The construction of this hoist by Powerfly features durable ropes and steel parts that are rust-resistant. The installation is easy, though the hardware is also included. Besides, the pulley system means that little to no physical strength is required to lift kayaks, as hence it is suitable for even women and the elderly to use it.


Mrhardware has another economical and Best Garage Ceiling Storage solution for your kayaks with their ceiling hoist system. It can lift items of at least 100 lbs weight with ease, while the hooks are rubber coated to avoid any sort of friction. It can be mounted on the ceiling joists or raptors with the use of minimal tools and prior experience. Moreover, it is suitable for ceilings of up to 12 feet in height only. The safe locking mechanism works well against accidental release and damage to the floor or items placed under it.


Check the Bike Lane garage ceiling storage ideas for bikes with 100 lbs weight-bearing capacity. The two storage lifts work well for bikes and ladders and help you do the heavy lifting without applying much strength. The rubber-coated hooks prevent the bikes from receiving any scratches. It is suitable for ceilings about 12 feet high, and there shall be no accidental release, thanks to the safety locking feature. The hooks are to be used to hold the handles and the seat to keep the bike in an upright position. And it supports different types of bikes, from general ones to mountain and dirt bikes.


One of the most unconventional garage ceiling storage ideas, install this roller mount track in your garage to hang your heavy equipment bags, sports kits, and even martial arts bags. You can easily install it yourself with the help of the attached instructions on ceiling joists or drywall. It is made from premium steel that has been powder coated to enhance its look and durability. Besides, they have interlinking ends, just in case you wish to connect or install two or more of these in your space.


The Onefeng Sports Store uses alloy steel for manufacturing its garage ceiling storage lifts. Besides, it has all the required features, including rubber-coated hooks, a safe locking mechanism, and double straps to hold the items securely. The use of alloy steel makes it chart high on the scale of strength. Besides, the nylon ropes are also strong and resistant to wear and tear. The maximum ceiling height that supports these hoists is 12 feet only. Yet the best part is that there will be plenty of floor space to store other items or to park your car.


The Meosu hoists come with three pulleys, a 45 feet adjustable rope, and a load-bearing capacity of 100 lbs. This space saver lift is also durable and holds the items for pretty long without needing maintenance. The use of a heavy-duty iron frame and sturdy nylon ropes ensure safety and durability, both at the same time. The safe locking mechanism locks the rope in place and prevents accidental falls on the floor or on your vehicle. It is easy to install with common tools found in most households.


The HOSKO garage ceiling storage lifts are no less on durability during the use of steel and premium nylon rope. The safe locking feature and large rubber-coated hooks also ensure that the items will be held in place unless intentionally lowered. If secured properly, it can hold weights of about 100lbs or lower. The pulley system helps in lifting heavy loads to the ceiling with minimal physical effort. At times the physical effort is reduced by about 4 to 8 times the item’s weight. And surely you will get much more space on the floor to keep your garage clutter-free.


Free at least six to eight feet of your garage’s floor space by installing the Racor ceiling pulleys that will hold bulky ladders, bicycles, and boards. Though it is height adjustable, it is ideal for installation on a maximum of 12 feet high walls. The pulley system of the lift reduces the weight of items by eight times, so it is very easy to use for women and the elderly. At the same time, the pulley locking mechanism makes sure that the items do not fall accidentally on the floor, potentially damaging the floor, or anything or anyone standing below. Besides, if you install this pulley system, you will have an additional 6 to 8 feet of floor space at your anvil for other items.


Another garage ceiling storage lift for your bike, but this one is made from aluminum, unlike the regular steel-made ones. The entire lift and pulley system itself weighs 3.7 pounds though it can lift massive loads of up to 50 lbs post-installation. Besides, the 32 feet adjustable rope and three swivel pulleys make it easy to use. It is also laced with a safe locking mechanism and protects against accidental falls. The hooks can be used for hanging different kinds of bikes including dirt bikes, mountain bikes, and of course the regular ones. The system itself has only 3.7 pounds of weight.


The Quick Shelf overhead garage storage installation racks are easy to install but will require a 24″ wide plywood to function as the base. It has only eight ceiling attachment points, and features galvanized steel spring wire that vouches for its durability. It has enormous storage capacity in terms of both volume and weight, with the maximum feasible weight being 1,400 lbs. And that is truly a lot! After installation, these racks can be used for stacking different totes, or simply placing the bulkier items on the shelf which are not required frequently.


The ceiling mountable white tote rack by Tote Trac is another great idea to keep your garage free from clutter. Each of these tote racks can hold two totes at once, with a weight of about 50 lbs each. Besides, it comes with additional hooks that can be used for hanging storage of bikes and other miscellaneous items. The addition of more racks will simply add to the storage capacity. Plus, it does not occupy any space even on the ceiling when not in use and the garage looks clutter-free all the time. Additional, removable J hooks can also be hung for storing items below the rack.



The height and length adjustable garage ceiling storage racks are often the best way to keep your garage organized. Big Bear Iron Aelirou storage ceiling rack is relatively easy to set up. All hardware required for the installation shall be included though you might need additional tools like a pencil, ladder, screwdrivers, etc. The rack can hold up to 1000 pounds of stuff while also increasing the space by 2.6 cubic meters. The body structure of the garage storage ceiling rack is made up of powder-coated steel that makes it strong and suitable for different storage requirements. For holding heavy-duty stuff, it comes with six legs, and all are adjustable.


SafeRacks provides one of the highest quality ceiling storage racks that will allow you to utilize the floor space to the maximum extent. So in this package, it offers a set of 10 deck hooks, four utility hooks, and four rail hooks. All are made of alloy steel and feature a white powder coating. Along with it, you get a lifetime warranty if you buy it from the manufacturers. The package includes 4 rail hooks, 10 deck hooks, and 4 utility hooks. Made with alloy steel with a powder coat finish making it extremely strong for t=your valuables to keep them safe.


This is one of the easiest on-the-pocket garage ceiling storage lifts for bicycles and similar items such as kayaks, ladder, canoe, and other types of push bikes. It fits best on ceilings with a maximum height of 12 feet and a load capacity of 50 lbs. The powder coating on the brackets and steel anchor along with nylon ropes and hooks coated with rubber makes the entire package is resistant to wear and gear and increases the shelf life significantly. Finally, it has a locking system to assure you of optimal safety from accidental damage. The Pulley system is excellent and works best for lowering and raising the bikes.


The RhinoShelf garage storage is affordable and an attractive ceiling alternative. It offers an array of garage ceiling storage racks in a variety of sizes. So you have enough options to choose from, to get the best one for your garage area. All racks feature a universal mounting design. However, these are intended for installation on the wall but close to the ceiling. Just a single person can mount it on the wall with the help of a Pictorial Quickstart Installation Guide. You must invest in this product and it enhances the home value almost instantaneously. The product is made in the USA and promises customer satisfaction.


Titan Overhead Storage Racks can be the best solution if you are tired of managing the scattered stuff in the garage. It allows you to adjust its height from 20″ 41″ from the ceiling. Made of a heavy-duty steel body, it has the tensile strength of easily holding up to 500 pounds. For better mount ability, it comes with 26″ ceiling brackets made to traverse both studs. Along with fitting your garage stuff, it still leaves enough space for your vehicle if you want to pull it under the rack. It provides 82 cubic feet of storage space that will make the same amount of space free for other items.


The Summitland garage ceiling storage racks can be adjusted for a height of about 27 inches from the ceiling. Dimension wise it is 48 inches wide and 48 inches long. Its matte finish and powder coating keeps rusting and scratches at bay. Overall, the rack provides you with a storage capacity of a maximum of 250 lb. You can benefit from its strength only if you plan a bit while installing it in the space. Summitland Extra Large Ceiling Storage Unit seems perfect for those facing storage issues in attics, utility rooms, basements, and garages. Store the bulky items or the large stuff into it. It has a breathable base, so you’ll not need to invest in an additional board.


The Fleximount garage storage shelves can brilliantly complement your ceiling racks, with three racks in parallel. It is available in two sizes, has wide mesh bottom shelves, and the best of all – it needs only a single-person installation. The heavy-gauge steel construction ensures stability and strength with the one-man installation. Yes, it is that easy as you get all the hardware along with it. You can assemble and disassemble the shelves easily as the steel construction allows space for 150 lbs per shelf for storage. You are also free to adjust the height as per your needs by mounting shelves on the slots provided on the wall slots.


The ZeroGravity bicycle storage racks offer an ideal storage solution for urban residents. The racks are designed to hold the bicycles in a horizontal position. It has a powder-coated finish and can hold only one bike at once. However, it requires it to be installed on the wall but close to the ceiling to keep the bikes out of the way. The bike rack comes with a strut system to aid in raising and lowering the product easily. It carries a US patent system. Moreover, no more than 20 minutes are required for installation as you hang 50 lbs of weight on them. Besides, it is built to support both men’s and women’s bikes ranging from road bikes to mountain bikes and beach cruisers.


RCR offers a ceiling-mounted rack that can be pulled up and down through a pulley system. Therefore, you’ll never need a ladder to place and remove items from the rack. So this is surely one of the best garage storage racks as it is absolutely convenient for people of all ages. The construction is purely heavy steel and arrives with a safety lock to keep your bikes safe while you leave them hanging. Surely, the Chinese storage rack is the best overhead adjustable lifted pulley system you can have if this is your requirement. And you must not forget it has the ability to make you free up space like no else.


The Garage 08 is another ceiling storage rack that can be fixed on any ceiling joist, even the sloped ones. It is one of the best ceiling-mounted storage racks you can have. Besides, it is ideal for storing bulky items and keeping the floor more spacious for other things. You can mount it in an attic, office, closet, basement, and above all garage. Also, the easy-to-install product can be mounted in minutes and one can bring the bikes down comfortably. The storage rack is patented and is sturdy enough to keep all your bikes safe and secure You must check the specifications before buying.


The Cartman bike lift can be secured to a ceiling of up to 12 feet high ceilings. Once installed, the pulley can lift 50-pound bicycles. It is also equipped with nylon ropes, solid steel construction, mounting hardware, and a pulley system. With all hardware such as a pulley system, rack, hardware rope, and mounting system provided, the installation is a walk in the park. A few minutes and you are set to use it. The assorted rope you receive is tough and offers sufficient length for ceilings measuring as high as 14 feet. Hanging is easy and once hanged, the lock mechanism takes care of the bike and prevents any damage from accidental fall-offs.


Featuring alloy steel and iron construction, the Ihomepark bike hoist comes with three pulleys and a 45 feet adjustable rope in the package. It is not only for bikes but also for other gears, kayaks, and extension ladders. The hoist can accommodate 100 lbs of the load, so you can conveniently use it to store items on the heavier side. Welded hooks and coating saves bikes from getting any nicks or scratches. What is better is that you can hang your bike vertically as well. Since made with heavy-duty iron, and nylon ropes, strength, and durability are not a warranty but a promise from Ihomepark.


They are laced with a safe locking mechanism, solid steel construction, and rubber-coated hooks. You can load bikes with a maximum weight of 45 lbs (adult bikes as well as children bikes), while the hoist can be installed on ceilings having height up to 14 feet. All installation hardware will come within the package. However, it can hold two trail bikes comfortably. The easy-to-install product requires at least 3 holes to be drilled before installation. It is extremely easy to use, even a child as young as 12 can get his bike down all by himself. Just the kind you would like to add to your garage freeing up the surface space.


The Harken garage ceiling storage hoist is mountable at a single point on the ceiling, yet it pulls the load up evenly. The patented pulley and lever system halve the weight of items, so it becomes easy to mount the bike using this setup. Besides, it features stainless steel hardware and durable 10 feet rope, along with an anti-drop mechanism to prevent any accidental damage. The slight wiggle you may notice while using it is normal. The sturdy rope will stabilize it instantly. The HARKEN storage bike hoist is a high-quality product made in the USA and comes with a 5-year warranty.


The HOMEE Store heavy-duty garage ceiling storage bike lifts are a true bliss for keeping your garage organized and spacious. While it can lift most styles of bikes, be it regular ones or mountain and dirt bikes, the only limit is that of 50 lbs load. It is easy to install, and the pulley system makes it easy to lift. It is constructed using high-quality steel and nylon ropes for strength and durability. Anyone can mount the hoist with the pulley system provided along; use the hooks, then lift and lock the hose as high as 12 feet. Apart from the bike, you can hang extension ladders, kayaks, and several other gears. All you need to do is to fix the hooks to the bike, lift and lock.


Store up to ten rods on this amazing rack by Cold Tuna and ensure that your fishing gear stays scratch-proof and safe the entire offseason. However, apart from overhead installation, these racks can also be mounted vertically and horizontally. Yet, they are completely resistant to corrosion and rusting and require no maintenance, whatsoever. In addition, the design of the ColdTuna ceiling mountable fishing rod supports multiple units and can be lined next to each other for maximum storage capacity. The high-quality rod with a top 90-degree bend increases the strength and ensures varied mounting options to the users. And, it is weather-resistant and completely safe.


Enhance the storage space in your garage by hanging the nonessential items onto the ceiling with these box lift straps from Fasty. The product is extremely popular worldwide and has found several takers. It can lift kayaks, bicycles, cargo boxes, and more up to a maximum of 100 lbs of weight easily. With minimal manual effort, all your bulky items can be moved comfortably into the garage. Besides, it is TUV (OSHA LAB), and ISO certified to be safe and is designed with the highest industry standards (VOLVO standards). Constructed with corrosion-resistant steel, it won’t rust as the straps will live longer with UV-resistant polypropylene coating over it.


The CARTMAN garage ceiling storage hoists have the ability to hold an enormous load of up to 100 lbs. Along with the storage Kayak Hoist, you will receive a rack, a mounting system, a pulley system, and a tape to ensure a smooth installation. Besides, they have a secure locking mechanism and nylon rope that ensures durability and safety from a ceiling as high as 14 feet. An even better reason to go for this hoist is that it reduces the weight of the items by four times. Modify the straps and adjust according to the height of the ceiling.


Lift all kinds of bikes of up to 45 lbs load with minimal to no physical effort with this fantastic garage ceiling storage lift. Besides, it is easy to mount on most ceilings, though the maximum supported height is 12 feet. And while it protects the body of the bike from scratches, the tires also stay in good shape. Those living in apartments will find it more useful. The quality is amazing and so is the price. So, use it in your basement or garages without a doubt. While it will declutter the space, it will help you use the open space in a far better way possible.



The Wallmaster garage storage racks hooks can be installed on the upper half of the garage to store chairs, ladders, and all things hangable. It features a heavy-duty stainless steel construction that has been powder coated for protection against rust. Moreover, the hooks are adjustable and can be removed or folded as well. At any point in time, if your storage needs change, you can reposition them on the tracks easily. This process will require a level and an electric drill only. Once installed, hang your stuff, and don’t fret over scratching or slipping; rubber-coated sleeves will take care of it.


The Titan Track is an ideal bike storage rack for not only your basement, carport, or pole barn but also for the garages. The company brings a mountable ceiling rack that comes with rubber-coated hooks for storing bikes, sporting goods, garden and lawn equipment bags, and more. Moreover, these racks come in three different size variations – 50, 74, and 98 inches. The fifty-inch one comes with five hooks, and each hook can be moved and rotated as needed. You can buy and add extra hooks for extra storage if needed. You can do this easily by removing the end cap. However, it is not suitable for heavier bikes.


The Ultrawall garage storage racks for bikes also help make the floor much more organized as you can hang the bulkier bikes right on the wall. The rack has a large capacity with the ability to hold 300 lbs overall. Besides, it is easy to install and is great for storing all kinds of bulkier goods that can be hung on the hooks. The steel frame of this product has been powder-coated for rust protection. The high on design safety hook ensures the stability of the hooks which clearly means you can rest your worries aside as it won’t get damaged due to an accident. In the end, it is suggested that you use a power drill to make holes on the walls before mounting and tightening the screws.


Install the garage wall shelves by this brand, slightly towards the ceiling, and there will be plenty of space available for other important items on the floor. But these racks are unique in the sense that they have motorized shelves that can go up to the ceiling for storage, while they can be loaded on the ground level. No manual lifting is required. So, go ahead and install the 2-level shelf yourself in easy and understandable steps; instructions for the same are provided alongside. Please check exact product specifications for size and height. This high-tech wall shelf will reach out at a click of a button.


The Qualward garage ceiling storage hooks can be directly installed on the ceilings or below ceiling racks for additional hanging storage. All hooks have been crafted from premium quality steel that does not bend or dent under heavy load. This feature makes the hooks have a long shelf life. Besides, you will find a scratch-resistant coating on them reducing the risk of slipping and damaging your valuables or rusting. When installed as per instructions, each hook may hold at least 50 pounds of weight. Lastly, you must consider Qualward garage ceiling storage hooks as these can save space equivalent to three bikes.


Here’s a pair of ceiling mountable garage storage hooks that can accommodate kayaks, bicycles, and similar items when installed at a proper distance. Or else, these can be used individually to store all things that are hangable. It has a minimalist design, rubber coating in the middle along with being suitable for heavy-duty loads. The premade holes make it easy to install. So, whether you want to hang your belongings on the wall or the ceiling, you can do it easily. Lastly, the feature that makes this product unique is its ability to be used in varied places including bathroom, kitchen, shed, basement, storage, or utility room.


The StoreYourBoard garage ceiling storage rack can accommodate a kayak on either side of the rack. The most noteworthy part is that it can bear 150 lbs, and all hardware and instruction will be included in the package. The easy to install rack can be set up within minutes. The biggest advantage is that you hang different types of kayaks on it, ranging from recreational to whitewater and from fishing to the ocean. Most importantly, you can hang it anywhere wherever an overhead beam is available. Just mounting the storage rack on it, whether it is interior or exterior, makes no difference to the installation. Once done, hang your kayak and free up space instantly.


The Action Club offers bike storage racks for your garage space’s better organization and mess-free look. The rack will last many years due to the steel construction and this makes it capable of holding the large weight. What makes it even more worthy is the powder coating to avoid any chipping, rusting, or cracking at any stage. Installation instructions will be provided along with the product. It is advisable to install these close to the ceiling, while the rubber hooks can hold four bikes at once. Besides, these hooks are stable thus mitigating any risk of scratch or damage due to falling off from the ceiling. It is affordable and will suit most budgets.


So these were the best garage ceiling storage ideas that will enliven your garage area with less clutter and more organization. Use these to store the least frequently used items so that they stay safe from dust and damage. Nevertheless, do not forget to check for size specifications and materials so that you get the best garage ceiling storage solution that fits all your needs. 



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