Achieve The Best Ceiling Storage For Your Garage: The Ultimate Guide

July 23, 2020

Garage being the haven for all your tools, must be kept organized and in decent condition. However, that usually is never possible, especially when you’re constantly working, moving tools around. This way, the garage stays messy 24/7.



Garage ceiling storage has become a need of the time. It helps in keeping the garage clutter-free and organized all the time, so you don’t have to hunt for your tools everywhere.



One can utilize overhead garage storage by installing sturdy racks that are capable of holding a significant amount of weight. This guide will elaborate on all the things one must keep in mind when getting a garage ceiling storage, including the material, durability, installation process, etc.




Garage Ceiling Storage And Its Importance

Garage with rolling gate interior


Floor storage areas in the garage could be hard to manage for some people. The tools and other items could be laying just about everywhere, presenting a disorganized view to those who step in. This is where ceiling storage comes in handy.



Why only utilize the floor when you could use the vast roof space in a much better way? Ceiling garage storage is of the utmost importance when it comes to the safety of your garage tools and mechanical equipment. One can conveniently store all the items on an overhead storage rack as they provide a large space area, without worrying about creating any sort of mess.




When Should We Consider Garage Ceiling Storage Lift

things to consider


There are several reasons as to why and when should you consider getting a ceiling garage storage. Some of the fundamental factors that can lead you to get a garage ceiling storage lift are:



Huge Space

One of the primary reasons for installing a ceiling garage storage is the giant space area that it provides. As the floor area stays occupied with other heavy-duty items like cars, bikes, etc. the airspace can be utilized for securing the tools and items which are prone to damage if left on the floor. Moreover, with all the dangerous items securely kept on the ceiling storage, the garage automatically becomes risk-free for kids. 




These garage storage units help keep all the garage tools and items adequately organized. Say goodbye to the clutter lying around the garage, creating a hazard in case of someone steps over it. And since the ceiling garage storage unit is suspended in the air, it’s easier to see and locate all your necessary items.



Easy Installation

While picking out a ceiling garage storage rack, one must go through the installation guide it comes with and checks if it’s an easy process. Many racks come with a simple installation process and can be installed on every kind of surface. They also have adjustable sizes to fit every type of room.




Because all the items are in the roof space, they are out of reach of children and pets. You don’t have to worry anymore about taking lots of precautions while stepping into your garage, or about the Mobil oil and car tools being in the reach of everyone. And of course, storing your valuables overhead would prevent them from seasonal rainwater damages too.



Where To Buy High Quality And Affordable Garage Ceiling Storage?

where to buy garage ceiling storage?


To get the right fit for your garage that’s best in quality and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, you need to do quite a bit of research. Tons of options are available in the market with sky-high claims. However, one must be wise enough while making such a purchase.



The best places to find just the right garage ceiling storage are Amazon and Walmart. These two online stores would help you narrow down your choices that aren’t only affordable but also ensure superior quality there is in this product category. Plus you can always benefit from the substantial ongoing sales on these websites.



Perfect Ceiling Storage For Your Garage

Every garage has a different structure. Some are way too spacious while others are relatively smaller. When it comes to ceiling storage for garage, you must pick the right kind that fits perfectly in your garage. This is usually a one-time investment; hence thorough research must be done beforehand to make the right purchase.



Numerous options are available in the market for ceiling garage storage for all sorts of garages. We have shortlisted some of the frequently used rack types to help you pick the right one for your garage.


For garages that have an angle in their roof space, a hoist ceiling storage would be the perfect fit. Made from high strength steel, this storage unit comes with built-in nylon rings that can be adjusted according to any ceiling design and size. They are highly durable and can hold up to 250 pounds of goods. The safety lock system ensures the goods remain locked in their place once the unit has been raised to the ceiling. This is the best overhead garage storage.


Due to its simple design, the SafeRack overhead garage storage can be easily installed on any ceiling. The sturdy metallic body of this unit easily holds 600 pounds of weight at a time. This means that there’s plenty of space for storing giant boxes, sports equipment, oil cans, lawnmowers, grass trimmers, and a bunch of other heavy-duty stuff. There are hooks on the underside of the unit that is capable of holding items like cycles, tent material, basically everything that can be hanged.
The adjustable garage ceiling storage racks are another great option as they come with long brackets. Adjust them to a height that you want, and you’re good to go. An easy installation package is included when you purchase the unit that helps in step-by-step assembling and installation of the entire unit. The cold steel body of this unit allows you to attach clamps and hooks so that you can easily hang bikes and other items. It also lets you add several racks to enhance the storage options.



How To Organize Your Garage Ceiling Storage

The first thing to do before you organize garage ceiling storage is to get rid of all the junk present in your garage first. Throw away all that you haven’t used in years. After that, clear up as much space as you can from the floor space to make enough parking room for your cars, bikes, etc. Remove all the clutter, especially all the risky, dangerous items.



Start storing these valuables categorically. Take large boxes and store sports equipment in one, car equipment in another, and lawn equipment in another. This way, none of your items will get mixed up. Label all the boxes before putting them on the ceiling storage rack.



Spare one rack for the tents and camping stuff, or hardware items like paints, brushes, and buckets. This way, by categorizing all the items, you’ll be able to make the most of your overhead garage space.



How To Utilize Ceiling Storage Of Your Garage

All that extra storage on the ceiling of your garage can be utilized if you pick up the right type of racks and storage units. Get an expert consultation who can guide you about the type of storage units that’d help you make the most out of your garage ceiling. You even have umpteen number of garage ceiling storage DIY videos to help you make one.



Items which you’re not going to use any sooner because of, let’s say, the current weather, should be kept in the ceiling garage storage. Only keep a few necessary and all-time use items in your proximity. The rest of them can go up on the racks.



Depending on the structural design and space of your garage, you can pick a storage unit or even two, for different items. For heavier items like lawnmowers, bikes, furniture, snow removing equipment, you would need a much stronger rack like the SafeRack or Hoist ceiling storage. For other items that don’t weigh a lot, a much lighter rack would do fine.



Right Type Of Racks For Ceiling Storage

There is no shortage of options in the market when looking for racks for your ceiling storage purposes. It makes the decision somewhat difficult on how to choose the best option for your garage ceiling storage. There are several parameters to look before setting your sights on a particular storage rack. Hereunder, we will look at some ceiling storage rack types as well as the factors that you need to keep in mind before buying one.



Ceiling storage has immense value as it increases your storage capacity as well as boosting the vertical storage options. You can store almost anything in these storage racks and can rest assured of their safekeeping. The primary considerations for selecting a ceiling storage rack include the size of your garage, safety provisions, weight capacity, and compatibility with the ceiling structure.



Secondary factors include whether you want a motorized system or adjustable height racks. These factors will also determine which ceiling storage racks you can opt for. In essence, the storage racks should be of solid construction, able to withstand the requisite weights, durable, and should fit into your ceiling storage system. They should also avoid hindering the normal working of your garage storage space.



The Fleximounts Overhead Garage Storage Rack is one of the leading storage rack systems available in the market. It can support weights of up to 600 pounds, and the metallic steel build makes it a highly durable and reliable option. The system comes with M8 screws and bolts that are of top quality and ensure the utmost safety. It can easily be installed on concrete ceilings as well as on studs..
The HyLoft overhead storage system is another excellent option to increase the utilization of the vertical space present in your attic, garage, and basements. Made of steel, it is durable, strong, scratch-resistant, and lasts a lifetime. With a moderate capacity of 250 pounds, it can easily stow away most of your stored items. The adjustable height feature is impressive as the height of the storage system can be varied according to the needs of the user.
As the name implies, this storage rack indeed provides a monster storage of up to 600 pounds. It can easily fit in all your bulk items, including heavy-duty plastic storage bins, making your organization capabilities a lot more efficient. It is easy to install, quite durable, has a powder-coated finish, and is made of heavy-duty steel to provide the utmost strength.




Things You Should Never Store In Your Garage Ceiling Storage

Like all other storage systems, the Garage Ceiling Storage system also has some dos and don’ts. Here we shall focus on the things you must avoid storing in your ceiling garage storage:



Flammable And Hazardous Materials

   Flammable And Hazardous Materials


It is often observed that ceiling garage storage is used to stow away unwanted stuff which may be quite harmful. These include propane tanks which are a household fixture for families enjoying a BBQ in the outdoors or camping purposes. Storing these tanks pose a significant risk; they are flammable, and the extra temperatures inside the garage can increase the risk of them catching fires.



Don’t Store Your Valuables

Having extra storage space in your garage may tempt you to free up more stuff from within the house. Be careful on what you choose to purge though, as you may end up benching some of your most valuable things to the ceiling garage storage. This purging of valuables is not a healthy practice as the garage can be subject to harsh weather conditions, including humidity and fluctuating temperatures. These forces of nature can easily damage your belongings.



Storing Your Refrigerator

old fridge in the garage


Another tempting space-saver for households would be to store their extra refrigeration option in the garage. Do not do this as it will only increase your electricity bill. This is due to the garage being subjected to higher temperatures (as low insulation), and hence the refrigerator has to work a double shift to maintain the same cooling. Thus increasing its energy requirements and making it a less than an affordable option.



Electronics And Vinyl Records

Just like other items on this list, old electronics often find their way into the garage. These devices can be subject to great temperature fluctuations and hence making them unusable. Another item in the same vein but having slightly different characteristics are the vinyl records. These may represent a collector’s years of endeavor and hence should not be stored in the garage ceiling storage.



Items That Attract Pests

Many rodents and pests are commonplace in your house’s outdoor settings. These can easily find their way into your garage storage and wreak havoc on items of clothing, sheets, jumpers, books, paper, and firewood.



How To Insulate Garage Ceiling?

Insulating your garage ceiling should be a top priority. The garage ceiling, if properly insulated, can protect all your storage items in the garage. This is due to the avoidance of heat accumulation inside the garage, which is a nuisance for you stored items.



The ceiling of your garage can easily be insulated the same way as your walls. The only consideration you need to keep in mind is to opt for much thicker insulation such as the R-40 insulation. This is due to the higher rates of temperature flows between the garage ceiling and the outside.



There are many easy to use materials that can be used for insulating your garage ceiling. These include cellulose, fiberglass rolls, mineral wool, and loose-fill insulation. Amongst these the cellulose and fiberglass option is most suitable for garage insulations.



Fiberglass is easy to install as it comes in rolls which can be unrolled and placed in between the joists of the ceiling. On horizontal surfaces such as the garage ceilings, fiberglass needs to be just placed and may not even need any fasteners to be held in place.



On the other hand, the cellulose insulation requires a finished garage. However, it can be easily blown into the attic and ceiling walls to provide the insulation you’re looking for.



A good tip when insulating your garage ceiling is to measure the width and length of the roof you’re aiming to protect. This estimation will save time and energy while you’re up the ladder and fixing the pieces of insulation onto the ceiling.



10. Garage Ceiling Storage Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Here are some garage ceiling storage FAQs to help you organize garage ceiling storage in a better way:



1. How To Make My Ceiling Stronger?

Here are some of the ways by which you can enhance the strength of your ceilings:

  • Use the roof truss structure to enhance the load-bearing capacity of your ceiling.
  • If you are looking for flatter constructions, opt for the reliable I-Beam construction.
  • Using laminated beams can also increase the strength of your ceiling.
  • Use construction adhesives as much as possible to strengthen the joints.
  • Do a damage assessment once in a while to check for any cracks or weak points in the ceilings. After the assessment, address the cracks by renewing the plaster, strengthening the trusses, etc.
  • A quick fix for the cracks includes injecting them with urethane or epoxy to seal the cracks. It makes the ceiling strong and can save you a lot of hassle. For extensive structural damage, the advice of an expert should be sought.



2. Is PVC Ceiling Safe To Hold Storage?

No. PVC ceilings cannot sustain the loads required to store items and build ceiling storage.



3. How Efficient Is A Garage Ceiling Storage?

The ceiling garage storage is an efficient way of stowing away your items. It has an added advantage over the vertical storage option that it provides a lot more space to store your items.



It clears a lot of space on the garage floor which you can then use for other purposes. Even if you don’t need the floor space, it presents an elegant look and gives a much more organized feel to your garage.



The only drawback you may experience is that the items can be difficult to retrieve in times of need. However, an easy remedy to this is by using modern storage racks with appropriate hooks which make storing items a breeze.



4. Maximizing The Use Of Garage Ceiling Storage

When optimizing your storage space, it is essential to utilize every nook and corner of it. The vertical storage space can be exploited in several ways. Here are some of the ways by which you can make the ceiling garage storage more efficient:

  • To store your miscellaneous items that can be of small or medium sizes, you can hang a net from your ceiling. This hanging net will reduce the clutter from the garage floor.
  • Basic hooks can easily add a lot of functionality and ceiling space utilization. There are many simple hooks that, when employed, can help stow away your daily stuff.
  • Adjustable height ceiling-mounted shelves present another excellent opportunity to enhance ceiling storage.
  • Remove the cardboard boxes and use the heavy-duty plastic storage boxes. They provide safety, dust and heat resistance, and aversion to pests and bugs.



5. Effective And Advantageous DIY Garage Ceiling Storage

To effectively utilize overhead garage storage, you don’t need an expert. Here are some of the DIY garage ceiling storage hacks that you can employ to increase storage space.

  • Plywood is easy to use and sturdy material that you can easily assemble to make yourselves ceiling shelves. These shelves have a moderate capacity and can store boxes and also utilize unused space over the garage doors.
  • Using an overhead rag holder is as easy as they come. Find a spot between the joists and place this box from where you can easily retrieve paper rags with ease.
  • By using PVC pipes assembly on the ceiling, you can easily make a ladder storing system. These pipes help the rolling of the ladder and provide enough strength to the ladder to be kept in place.



6. How To Save By DIY Garage Ceiling Storage

The DIY projects mentioned above to build garage ceiling storage are simple and easy to do by yourself following some instructions. The most common DIY projects that you should be aiming for are to employ hooks or use material such as PVC pipes to build ceiling shelves. These two options are the most economical and don’t require much capital as the other options requiring full-fledged installations.



When looking for DIY projects, try to avoid complex assemblies that require expert knowledge. Plywood shelves, simple box holders, and using hooks can save you a lot of time and money.



7. Best Materials To Consider For Your DIY Garage Ceiling Storage

When looking for the best materials for your DIY garage ceiling storage, then look no further and use PVC pipes or plywood. Plywood is easy to work with and readily available. The tutorials are plenty, and you can easily set up the storage racks if you follow the instructions carefully.



Similarly, PVC pipes are another option that provides strength as well as ease in usability. PVC pipes come in different sizes making them suitable to be arranged in a variety of ways. There are also connectors that hold these PVC pipes together and assist in making such arrangements. The constructed design makes it easy to use this ceiling storage system to stow away ladders, brooms, camping stuff, etc.



8. What To Check On Your Garage Ceiling Storage Lift

Here are some things to check before opting for a Garage Ceiling Storage Lift:

  • The capacity of the storage lift. For example, a bike storage lift supports typically up to 50lbs. Meanwhile, the storage rack lift can hold up to 250lbs.
  • What type of rope is required for the lift system?
  • What type of ceiling is in place? Does it support the lift system?
  • How much space will the garage ceiling storage lift occupy?



9. What Is The Estimated Cost Of A Garage Ceiling Storage Lift

A standard garage ceiling storage rack will cost around 250USD.



10. When And When Not To Use Garage Ceiling Storage Racks

Garage ceiling storage can be used around the year, at any time. However, in some situations like if your ceiling has a leakage issue or a damp wall problem, then it’s not advised to build and use a ceiling storage unit as your valuables would be at a high risk of damage.



11. How To Create Your Own Garage Ceiling Storage Racks

Creating your own garage ceiling storage racks can be simple enough if you have all the right tools. Here are some of the steps for creating your very own ceiling storage racks:

  • Determine the dimensions of the racks you are going to build.
  • Start the assembly by joining the frame and the shelf.
  • The ceiling beam is where you mount the supports next.
  • Place the frame assembly onto the supports and secure them with studs and connectors.
  • Cut and place the plywood onto the frame. The frame will, in turn, support the plywood planks.
  • Start storing your items atop the plywood supported by the frame.



12. Considering Wood For Your Garage Ceiling Storage Racks

Wood is an excellent material for making storage racks. It is durable and sturdy and can be made fire resistant by coating it with certain chemicals. Moreover, it is widely and cheaply available as well as providing workability. Many people already have plenty of expertise in working with it, making it a smart choice for constructing garage ceiling storage racks.

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