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18 Great Outdoor Storage You Can Never Miss 18 Great Outdoor Storage You Can Never Miss

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18 Great Outdoor Storage You Can Never Miss

Written by: Chloe Davis

Catch hold of the best outdoor storage options here that will ease your storage needs & improve the look of your patio, garden and other outdoor areas.

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Outdoor storage is always the most confusing aspect for people with gardens, patios, and swimming pools. While there are many options available out there, the most durable ones are difficult to find. We often limit our search to things like boxes and chests for storage, but indeed there is a lot more. Have a look to check them out!





This outdoor storage bench by Keter has loads of storage space under the seating deck. That too to the tune of 60 gallons. The outdoor storage bench is made of polypropylene, thus making it resistant to rusting and denting.  Besides, it has ample space for two to sit together.




The storage compartment can be locked using a standard padlock. However, you will have to buy the padlock, as it does not come along with the bench. The natural wood look is easy to add to any patio or garden though beige and grey variants are also available. 




It needs little to no maintenance, and will surely last for years to come. You may add foam seating or cushions for a comfortable seating experience. And may also store them into the storage slot, when not needed.





The Rubbermaid plastic shed features double-wall construction for extra storage. So not only it is a waterproof outdoor storage box but also resistant to water, dent, and leakage. And since it has removable slabs, you can also use it for storing taller tools like shovels and rakes. 




It also comes with an impact-resistant floor and can store all heavy-duty tools. When it arrives in the mail, you will get eight pieces, which will be easy to assemble. Please note that shelving is not included with this plastic shed. Besides, the elongated vertical design will be great for smaller spaces. 




This side table is ready to rock your garden space with its fantastic design and looks. The pop-up top smartly comes out and reveals the storage space within. It’s ideal to cold store your drinks while you barbeque or simply chill over with friends in the outdoor area. 




The resin construction makes it resistant to all weather conditions. Besides, it is not maintenance and durable as well. For cleaning the interior, all you have to do is pull its inner drainage plug, and the extra water from the ice will be drained in seconds. 




From the patio to the garden and even beside a swimming pool, this piece of furniture is spot on. It also doubles as a gifting option!





These wicker design resin seats by Suncast are an adorable storage cum seating option for outdoor use. With enormous 23-gallon storage space, you can store all your cushions and towels within the seat when not in use. While the back has a contoured airtight design ensuring comfort, it is the multi-wall construction that makes it extra durable.





This is one of the best outdoor storage solutions for all kinds of big and small utilities. With massive dimensions of 10.5 by 8 feet, it can even house your lawnmowers apart from shovels and BBQs. Besides, the 512 cubic feet of floor space, means lesser stacking and better organization. 




Furthermore, you need no brick and mortar to build this shed. All you will need is minimal efforts on assembling. It has a sturdy metal structure built with fire retardant materials. Thus, your outdoor storage unit will require minimal maintenance, as it is safe from rusting denting and rot. 




It includes a little window as well, so you will have some natural light in the interiors. While it will also ensure excellent air circulation, and your tools and other storages will not get stinky with time. 





Another storage shed, made of electro-galvanized steel, is a durable and sturdier way to store your garden tools and equipment. It has primarily been treated with zinc to make it resistant to rusting. 




It is easy to assemble with pre-cut sheets with drilled holes. Besides, the single sliding door is another space saver. So with this outdoor storage option, you will have 93 cubic feet space with high walls for taller equipment. The roof has been slightly sloped to eliminate water collection and stagnation on the top. 




The best part, though, is that it has an elegant look. And it will enhance the decor of your outdoor area, be it a patio or garden.





The Keter offers an amazingly crafted round storage box for outdoor use. Slightly barrel-shaped, and ambient wooden finish makes it excellent garden furniture. The box has 37 gallons of internal storage space, with a removable lid and built-in handles. The best items to store in it could be cushions and towels, though there is no limit. 




However, despite the wood looks, it is made of polypropylene, which is highly water-resistant. And it is versatile as well, since you may use it as a deck, seat, or only a box for storage. Thanks to its tough built, anyone as massive as 308 lbs can comfortably sit on this Keter outdoor storage box. 





The coolest part about this outdoor storage box is that it has a top lid as well as front doors. It features double-wall resin construction, which speaks out for its durability. Besides, it also means that this outdoor storage box is resistant to rust, dent, and even water. And doesn’t even fade away if kept in the sun.




It has a generous capacity for storing your cushions and blankets. Besides, the lid is powered by gas shots which make it smooth and easy to open and keeps it in place. The brand also offers other types of furniture, from chairs to coolers so that you can make your unique collection of garden furniture. 





This outdoor storage deck claims to be highly durable for heavy-duty with its High-Density polyethylene (HDPE) double-wall construction. The spring-hinge makes the lid open and closure quite convenient. While the 150 gallons of storage space can accommodate a lot of items. 




Additionally, the lid is lockable so you can stay stress-free for your free stuff. While the molded handles make it easy to carry around, it is impeccably water-resistant and keeps the interior absolutely dry. And thanks to its sturdiness, you may also use it as a bench. 





If your primary requirement for outdoor storage is restricted to your gardening needs, here it is. This workbench will not only allow you to stand and work on your pots and check them for maintenance. You may also store your small tools and saplings in the outdoor cabinet it brings along. A small drawer is also available. 




It is made of natural fir wood with a metallic countertop. The metal hooks on the side work as hanging storage. Since both the fir wood and galvanized metal sheet are sturdy, it can take the load of up to 220lb. When not in use, you may use it as a display deck for your most adorable plants. 





Though made of resin, this outdoor storage box wears a realistic wooden look. Besides, the resin construction is solid and makes it weather resistant as well as durable. And neither would it peel, fade or rust in any weather condition. The lid has a soft-closing mechanism thanks to the hydraulic piston fitting. 




Therefore, it doubles as a humongous storage unit with 150 lbs capacity. Whereas, the top lid can bear a weight of up to 660 lbs so that you may sit on it peaceably.





Your patio will seem incomplete without an excellent seating cum storage furniture like this one. This split seat and storage bench is crafted with slats on the low back. Plus, the warm walnut finish of this outdoor storage bench makes it an aesthetic pleasure to have at home.




It is made of rubberwood and its veneers in particular. Board. You may add a sheet of foam for a cushioned seating though that’s only optional. 





If you are a firewood person residing in a country house or prefer wooden logs for your furnace, this one will work as clever outdoor storage for you. The body of this storage unit is made of galvanized steel, which is resistant to fade, rust, fire, water, etc. 




Besides, the sloped roof means that there will be no collection of rainwater. Plus, you will have the option to store in the closed cabinet or external storage shelf. The cabinet can be bolted with a sliding lock. 





A portable table with storage space and the option to be used outdoors will serve the garden party lovers. For your BBQ get-togethers, as well as outdoor evening teas, this table can store your tools and snacks. 




Though it features a wooden finish, it has a stainless steel construction. On top, the addition of two wheels makes it easy to carry it in and out of the house. It also includes two sidebars to towels as well as hooks for other equipment.





With a durable and rust-resistant plastic construction, here is a rack for storing all your garden tools in place. It has a variety of storage slots for different kinds of devices. Moreover, natural vertical alignment makes it easy to locate your accessories and suffer less wear and tear. The sturdy wheels for mobility are a plus factor.





When it is about outdoor gardens, the hose also needs an optimal storage space. So here we are with an efficient hose hideaway that comes with a hose guide. You may roll and unroll the hose on its reel using a simple crank handle. 




Besides, you may open the top lid when needed to replace the hose or to check it. The resin construction makes it safe from rust and water. It ensures a tight water leak-proof connection between the reel and hose as well.





This stand is another option for storing your house in the garden or other outdoor spaces. It has a heavy-gauge steel construction as well as the brass spigot, which means that it is going to last for years to come. While the anchor system makes storing the horse a piece of cake. At the same time, it avoids any clutter in the garden area. It may store standard hose of lengths up to 125 ft. 





An instant solution for your outdoor storage woes, this one is pretty easy to set up. The frame is made out of steel metal, which means it won’t rust like iron, though strong and sturdy. Besides, it has been further treated with a coating to make it withstand all weather conditions. 




It comes with a triple layer rooftop cover, which is UV treated to make it fade proof. The brand itself recommends the need of two people with an estimated time of six hours for installation. So while purchasing, do take that into account.




So these are the best outdoor storage products available. While compiling the list, thorough care was taken to pick the most trustable products and brands. Besides, we also tried to accommodate all the varieties from ample storage to hanging racks for your hose. So we hope you enjoyed reading this as much as you will enjoy your purchase.

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