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Great Backyard Pond Ideas For Your Garden Great Backyard Pond Ideas For Your Garden

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Great Backyard Pond Ideas For Your Garden

Written by: Sophie Thompson

We reveal 6 terrific ways you can drastically transform your outdoor space to a serene home garden! Zen it up with your own backyard pond.

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A pond is fundamentally a mini-ecosystem that can help your garden thrive. But sometimes a pond can also create a beautiful centerpiece to your backyard.



Depending on the exterior architecture of your home there are various backyard pond designs and themes to pick from. Whether you’re building the pond yourself or it’s a pre-made application there are ways you can optimize your space with a backyard pond.



You can turn your backyard into a tranquil environment using the natural sound of flowing water from a pond.



So if you’re looking for designs you can find inspiration with the following six backyard pond ideas to create a beautiful outdoor oasis for your home.



Why Do People Install Ponds in Their Backyard?


Some environmentalists install ponds on their property because they’re important for biodiversity. They provide drinking water for birds and insects during the summer & it’s perfect to place amongst lush trees and plants.



But for aesthetic purposes, ponds add a unique focal point to any backyard. You can combine manmade and natural elements to create a pond that will look wonderful in any landscape setting.



If you have ample backyard space you’ll have a choice of many pond designs that will bring out the natural features of your landscape.



Ponds work well with smaller backyard spaces too but will require more thought and creativity.



For smaller backyards opt for pre-made ponds with water features that can be set in a corner space.



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Can A Pond Accentuate The Look And Feel Of Your Backyard?


As mentioned before, ponds can create a focal point in your backyard. Opt for corner ponds for smaller spaces or center ponds for bigger landscapes.



You can do more with larger centerpiece ponds and make them bolder to create a statement.



If you want to tie your pond in with the surrounding area of your backyard use the correct edging material. For rocky landscapes use paving stones for your pond trimming. Steel edging works for contemporary gardens than greenery and wood. Create a natural habitat by surrounding your pond with Plants and adding fish to the water.



If you’re looking for amazing pond ideas take a look at these six inspirational applications for your backyard.





6 Back Yard Pond Ideas


1. Rock Wall With Big Leafy Plants


Rock Wall With Big Leafy Plants



For corner ponds, add a natural stone wall to the area using chipped slate. Over time the slate will darken and moss will grow along the edges to create a natural green hue. Allow water to flow down the slate wall to create a pond waterfall.



Surround the pond with big leafy plants such as elephant ears. You can add a dash of color by planting colorful flowers in between the bigger plants.



Keep the dimensions of the pond small but give it more depth. You can add stepping stones to the pond for dipping your feet into the water during the hot summer months. Be sure to keep the edges of your pond neat and scrub the sides regularly to keep the water sparkly clean.



2. Japanese Koi Pond


Japanese Koi Pond



Japanese koi ponds are the most popular backyard applications you can get. These ponds need to be bigger so the koi fish you add to the water have ample space to swim.



Japanese architecture is typically streamlined so the pond’s trimming must be neat. You can add a Zen garden around the pond for an organized look.



Be sure to use white gravel so you can create a contrast between the pond and your garden landscape. For bigger Japanese koi ponds, add a miniature bridge over the water so you can stand on it and watch the fish swim.




3. Rock Pond With Water


Rock Pond With Water



Water features create a tranquil atmosphere in any backyard landscape. Create a series of rocks that overlap each other and install pond tubing in between them that allows the water to trickle down the sides creating a mini pond waterfall.



To achieve this look use natural stone such as marble in different colors for the structure of your pond and water feature.



The two most appealing colors for this design are polished emerald green or a lighter tone such as rose marble. The polished stone looks most appealing when water runs over the surface because the polished finish makes the water appear as though it’s sparkling.



Using natural stone for ponds and water features is ideal because it repels mold which makes it easy for you to maintain the pond.



4. Create A Water Oasis With A Pond Walkway


Create A Water Oasis With A Pond Walkway



A pond walkway is another Japanese design you might love. The walkways run through larger pond applications and have the appearance of a miniature dock.



You can create spiral walkways made with durable wooden boards. Stepping stones are also popular for smaller ponds.



To make your pond more appealing, add fish and place lily pads on the surface of the water. Use stones for the trimming and add reeds for a natural effect that ties your garden pond to the landscape of your backyard.



5. Raised Backyard Pond Using Paving Stones


 Raised Backyard Pond Using Paving Stones



A raised backyard pond almost has the appearance of a well. You can select between a simple round shape or an octagon application to create form. This backyard pond idea is perfect for smaller yards and is easy to create yourself. Simply dig a hole in your garden and coat the cavity with pond liner & underlayment.



Build rocks up to form the shape you desire and then add paving stones to the top for the pond trimming.



Fill the pond with water and add any stones or features you want that will accentuate the application. You can add a small feature in the middle of the pond such as a mermaid or a crane to create balance.



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6. Two-Tier Pond With Waterfall


Two-Tier Pond With Waterfall



Raised two-tier ponds look stunning in contemporary homes. You can use any material to create this look such as wood, metal or stone. Opt for any shape you want but to keep it streamlined use squares or rectangles.



The bottom tier should be bigger than the top tier as the above application will create a miniature pond waterfall. Keep the application streamlined by only creating the shape of the pond, leave out ornaments and other bulky features for a more contemporary appeal.



So did you find a backyard pond idea you’d love to try? If you liked any of these designs create one of them yourself and leave us a comment on how you made your backyard pond.



We would love to see how your garden pond design turned out, so any links to pictures from your Instagram or Facebook pages are welcome.



By sharing your thoughts or designs with us you may give other readers inspiration and the knowledge of how to create their own backyard ponds.

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