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Pergolas To Make Your Outdoor Space More Vibrant Pergolas To Make Your Outdoor Space More Vibrant

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Pergolas To Make Your Outdoor Space More Vibrant

Written by: Henry Campbell

The perks of having a Pergola at home is unknown to many. If you are ever pondering on getting one let's help you in making the right choice.

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Are you looking to decorate your garden, patio, pool, or other outdoor spaces at your house? Are you stuck with ideas on how to make your outdoor space look more beautiful?



A pergola is a perfect choice to go for! This impressive structure will surely enhance the look of your outdoor area. It is so beautiful that during the Italian renaissance, it was popularly used in many homes.



In fact, the origin of the word pergola comes from the Italian word of “Pergula,” which means “projecting roof.”



So what exactly is a pergola? For those who might not know what a pergola is, it is an outdoor frame structure where you can easily customize according to your style.



Besides its beauty, pergolas provide privacy, shade, and not to forget it increase the value of your home!



A pergola is an effortlessly stylish way to add beauty to the outdoor space you use for different occasions from a nice family gathering or some relaxing alone time.



There are many different types of pergolas out there. So to help choose which one suits your home, we have compiled a list of 7 Pergolas Ideas To Make Your Outdoor Space More Vibrant.



So what are you waiting for? Get your pergola kits and built your dream pergola.



pergola infographic

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1. Elegant Mediterranean-Style Pergola

Mediterranean-Style Pergola

Photo by Axlex Block on Unsplash



Transform your backyard to a high-end look by building a Mediterranean inspired pergola. We love to spend time in the patio gathering with friends and family, so why not make this important spot more comfortable and lovely.



A Mediterranean pergola will create an amazing and relaxing area for you and your loved ones. The warmth feeling that the Mediterranean theme provides is also perfect if you have a Jacuzzi at your home.



A little touch of this style will bring a slice of beautiful Mediterranean to your beloved home.




2. Beautiful Garden Pergola

beautiful garden pergola

Photo by The Framed Bear on Unsplash



Do you have a beautiful garden and looking to make it lovelier? You must have pergolas at your home. Grab your pergola kits and start creating your own oasis in your backyard!



A garden type pergolas are lush with hanging flowers giving not only a lovely smell but a colorful look to your home. This is the chance to pick your favorite flowers and add it as a part of the structure.



Using plants as pergola covers is also a unique way in creating your pergolas.



A garden pergola can also be built as an entrance to your home. Make your house stand out amongst other houses in the neighborhood.



3. Exotic Island-Style Pergola

exotic island style pergola

Photo by Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash



The summertime is synonymous with the beach and the island vibe. If you love the beach but don’t have the time to actually go there, why not create it yourself!



Island-style pergolas are exotic and stunning and will make the outdoor area a harder place to leave.



In other words, you’ll be enjoying more time outdoors! If you have a pool, the pergola is the perfect combination.



The pergolas can also serve as shade after your swim. Have a dip in the pool and relax in the pergola with a delicious cold mojito.



Going island style is one of the best pergola ideas you can go for.



4. Charming Bali-Style Pergola

bali style pergola

Photo by Vin Crosbie on Flickr



The island of Bali is famous for its enchanting and relaxing atmosphere. If you’ve been to Bali, you may realize that many of the beach villas are equipped with beautiful pergolas. It is commonly built next to the pool or as part of the patio.



After a long day of work, going outdoors and enjoying the breeze is desirable. Go traditional and customize your dream pergola in Balinese style.



You don’t have to go all the way to Bali to get the heavenly feeling. Bring Bali to your home instead! Get your book and have a nice read in have your daily meditation in there.



To complete the Balinese look, add some bohemian style cushions, pillows and small wooden furniture.



5. Wooden Outdoor Pergola

wooden outdoor pergola

Photo by toddpharistx on pixabay



The wooden style is a classic look that will never go wrong.



Wooden pergolas are one of the most popular Pergola ideas out there and for good reasons. It looks elegant, and it blends well with many different colors.



A wooden pergola suits perfectly with an outdoor grilling place. Your next barbeque party will look better than before.



Also, if you’re looking to have a wild wild west or desert-style theme, pergolas made of wood should be your choice.



Surround your new pergola with plants and make sure to have some cushions and pillows to complete your outdoor dream space.



6. An All-White Pergola

all white pergola

Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash



If you’re looking to have a pergola which will blend perfectly with different styles, an all-white pergola is the way to go.



Whether it’s for the pool, your outdoor bar, or dining area, having a white-coloured pergola will not disappoint you.



You can add many different features to your customize pergola.



Install some beautiful lightings to create a nice ambience at night and have some panel pergola covers that allow some light to shine through. Perfect for hot sunny days in the summertime.



7. Modern Weather-Resistant Pergola

weather resistant pergola

Photo by Bryan Agua on Unsplash



If you want your pergola to stand strong throughout the whole seasons, you can certainly do that.



A solid base Pergola with a canopy as pergola covers on the rooftop can provide shade and strength without sacrificing the beauty of the pergola. A weather-resistant pergola is perfect for creating an outdoor space for parties and entertainment because you can host it there all-year-round!



With this type of pergola, you can incorporate many different styles into it.




Play around with different pergola ideas and be creative. If you’re playing to DIY(Do it Yourself) building the pergola, make sure to get some essential pergola kits.

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