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5 Best Mint Seeds For Indoor Vegetable Garden 5 Best Mint Seeds For Indoor Vegetable Garden

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5 Best Mint Seeds For Indoor Vegetable Garden

Written by: Samuel Turner

Freshen your senses with the tantalising aroma of these 5 best mint seeds to make your lives better & healthier. Make your indoor garden the best forever!

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Want to relax and have a refreshing tea? Wondering which herb will bring a difference? However, a few leaves of mint coupled with your favorite tea gives you a refreshed feeling instantly.  Mint in your indoor vegetable garden always add freshness and goodness in your daily lives. Adding mint plants indoors can be rewarding in many ways!



For its medicinal, culinary and cosmetic benefits, this one is a must in your indoor garden. By doing so, you can have end number of sumptuous mint teas and also some cool mojitos. In other words, mint flavors produce magic to your sauce and dishes. Hands down, it is always out of the world! Nevertheless, when you add a handful to your salads, the aroma is just irresistible.



If your indoor vegetable garden has some space vacant for mint,  we bring to you the 5 best mints for your indoor vegetable garden. Bring mint plants indoors, and let the flavors take your culinary skills to the next level.


1. Home Garden (apple, pineapple, woolly mint seeds)

Home garden

Photo from Amazon



These seeds are a great add on in your indoor garden because it always grows into beautiful healthy mint plants with round leaves. Likewise, these plants are loaded with freshness. The flavor of the mint from these leaves can enhance your dishes. Therefore, use it in your food or any other purpose as you may like.



These mint seeds come to you from the best producers in the European Union. The seeds you get are always new and the highest quality mint plants. as they come directly from the source. To sum up, there are no middlemen involved.



These seeds always pass through quality control (a four-stage process) and conscious efforts are put to select the best ones. Subsequently, these seeds come in the most appropriate conditions of storage and packing. Bring this and start growing mint indoors and reap the benefits from it.


Get your hands on the mint seeds here



2. Orange Mint 1000 Seeds

Orange Mint 1000 Seeds

Photo from Amazon



Bring home the best quality seeds to give your dishes a flavorful delight. It exudes lemon or orange tone which gives an awesome taste by making your drinks refreshing like never before. The package consists of 1000 orange mint seeds.



Choose a beautiful pot to grow the orange mint and put a light layer of soil. Cover it and keep it moist (they can’t bear dryness). While growing mint indoors, make sure it gets the most of the sun. In fact, the more it sits under the sun the more it will grow and be rich in flavor.  Cut it and it grows back, however, indoor mints look good when it’s short and bushy.


A note of caution –partial shade is advised if you live in an extremely hot climatic zone.



Buy these orange mint seeds here



3. Kentucky Colonel Mint


Kentucky Colonel Mint



Pave way for Kentucky Colonel Mint and let it make waves! These mints are known to enhance the taste of everything that it gets into. Bring out the best mojitos, teas, salads, sauces and rice varieties. This is rich in flavor and you will win hearts for bringing the best food from the kitchen. You can make yummy mint jetty and mint sauce with Kentucky Colonel Mint.



It has a larger leaf and brings beauty to where it stays, make sure to keep it hydrated (not in excess water). It is important to not let the uppermost soil dry out. While growing mint indoors let the sun shine on mint leaves, it will make them grow well and grow healthier. It will grow up to be juicy and will be loaded with flavors.



Bring in decorative pots or kitchen-themed pots, it adapts well with the pots. Make sure to give it a trim and keep it short. Doing so will enhance the beauty of the place where it is kept.



Catch hold of Kentucky seeds here



4. Spearmint Seeds

Spearmint plant green leaf growing


Bring in some spearmint; it can be an ideal indoor mint. Also known as lamb mint, garden mint, common mint or mackerel mint. A pot of this in your indoors can be a great choice, but make sure it receives enough sunlight to make it grow healthy and flavorful.



This is a very flexible plant and can be planted on any soil type. Planting it on soils that retain water can be good for growing mint indoors as a healthy plant. It grows well on alkaline soils, but it can be grown on acidic soil as well. Put the seeds under a thin layer of soil and allow it to germinate under the light.  After a few days, you can find some small greens emerging from the soil in 10-15 days.



Keep it moist and give it a good dose of sunlight, soon they will grow to be healthy plants.



Time to hunt for some spearmint seeds here



5. 500+ Peppermint Seeds for Garden Planting

A bottle of peppermint oil



The peppermint plants can’t be forgotten, peppermint plant completes the indoor space. Apart from its culinary highlights, peppermint plant in your indoors can be a good mosquito repellant and its ornamental features are so prominent.



The best seeds are handpicked and put in a high-quality package. These seeds are ideal for growing peppermint indoors. Also, these grow very easily and they germinate really fast.



Always plant them indoors. It requires a good amount of sunlight to help it germinate and grow. So a thin layer of soil or a bio sponge is recommended to ensure enough light falls on the seeds. You need to give close attention during the germination stage, the peppermint plant indoor will soon make its appearance in 10-15 days. Soon the peppermints will be ready to go into your favorite dishes, enjoy the flavors from your home garden. Growing peppermints can be rewarding in many ways, so you can choose to keep it for the benefits it offers.


Fresh mint in a plate



This quintessential herb can be grown in your indoor vegetable garden. Growing peppermint indoors is easy. The benefits of growing pepper indoors are many and rewarding. Let’s count the rewards!


Benefits of mint:

• Mint beverages are refreshing
• Peppermint or spearmint leaves ease the digestive problems
• It is a boon for those affected with irritable bowel syndrome
• They’re packed with vitamin C and iron
• Has antibacterial benefits
• Has antifungal properties
• Is able to help with asthma
• Makes the body immune to several allergies
• It is a major ingredient in skincare
• Best in oral care
• Relief for bug bites


Indeed the overwhelming benefits of mint, makes way for mint plant indoor, so make space for mint as we take you through how to grow mint indoors.



A Complete Mint Guide For Growing Mint Indoors

Grow your own herbs indoors


Mint leaves always accentuates the look and feel of your indoor garden. It isn’t a cumbersome task to maintain the mint leaves because this lovely plant with beautiful green leaves runs on low-maintenance.



So, how do you grow mint indoors?

  1. Select the pot –  You need to select the right pot first, choose the one that suits your indoor
  2. Prepare the soil – Some grow on plain soil and others need well-manured soil. Select the one as per your choice
  3. Select the seeds – Choose the seeds that are apt for you. Go for the ones that is the most suitable for you.



Mint cuttings are sure to grow into healthy plants. Make sure to dip it in water for a good amount of time (an 8 cm length of cutting can be ideally used). Place the end of the cutting dipped in water, the stems will start to show the root in 12-14 days and plant it in the soil.



Mint is easily grown by just sowing the seeds. Always select healthy seeds- it is very important to select good ones. Use a seed starting kit for best results or a good potting mix can do the job well. Soil with equal amounts of peat, sand and perlite. Sow the seeds in ¼ inches deep. Keep the soil moist. It will take 7-14 days for the seedlings to emerge. Water the plants’ consistently and get them good sunlight.



How to care for your indoor mint!

❖ Water the mint adequately, do not overdo it. A dry upper layer of soil is an indicator to get some water in.
❖ Mist you mint, keep it humid
❖ Make the bunch get sunlight evenly; give it a side change every 4 days.
❖ Use all-purpose water-soluble fertilizer once in a month



Once native to the Mediterranean, the mint is now an inseparable indoor member. Growing mint indoors comes with a lot of benefits. Since we have done a quick peek on how to grow mint indoors, you very well know which is the best pick. Bring home your favorite mint and feel the freshness!


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