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15 Best Christmas Plants for Your Winter Garden 15 Best Christmas Plants for Your Winter Garden

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15 Best Christmas Plants for Your Winter Garden

Written by: Sophia Turner

Bring home these SUBTLE, BEAUTIFUL Christmas plants to infuse colour, scent and warmth into your celebrations. Turn your indoor garden to an ABSOLUTE BLISS!

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Embellish your home with a symphony of colors using these popular indoor Christmas plants. While the Christmas tree is a ubiquitous feature every year, let’s explore what a world of a difference these indoor Christmas plants can do not only to your home decor but also to your cactus puns on your Christmas cards this year. If you’re looking for variety, fragrance or simply a splash of color, our list of popular house plants offers all that and more.


Best Christmas Indoor Plants


These Christmas flowers are a favorite in the US, for good reason. Humble and modest in terms of maintenance, the Poinsettia is most preferred in its red variant, although the newer whites and pinks are just as pleasing to the eyes. While these popular house plants are tropical bloomers, they are predominantly grown around Christmas due to their high demand. Keep them in a room temperature environment with moist soil and you will certainly have a winner.


The orchid cactus is an absolute pleasure to grow and care for with its gorgeous big flowers and long stems. You can show off your orchid cactus by placing it in a hanging basket and allowing its stems to gently flow down the pot. While this is a spring bloom, if cared for well with regular pruning and watering, your orchid cactus will last you for months and serve as an apt reminder of those cactus puns for Christmas!


Aptly known as the ‘Christmas Cheer’ the azalea is a Christmas plant that is sure to lift spirits with its visually delightful flowers in hues of pink, red and white. Usually a spring plant, it can be brought in when temperatures drop. Aside from water and cool temperatures, the azalea needs an acidic environment to grow, thrive, and showcase a vibrant red color. A good way to nurture azalea is by exposing it to tea. That’s right! The acidity of a tea bag can seep into the soil and become an ideal catalyst for growth.


We know what you’re thinking; roses and Christmas? Well, if you ask us, anytime is a good time for roses! These evergreen beauties can adorn a gorgeous dining table with effortless charm. Throw in some potpourri or pine cones to make the scene even prettier. As red is the color of the season, red roses will make the perfect indoor Christmas plants.


Cyclamen will make the perfect addition to your potted population this Christmas. Characterized by their pleasant scent and a wide variety of colors, these flowers develop a marbled texture that adds to their luxurious appeal. You can place your cyclamen anywhere in your home, away from direct sunlight, and in a cool environment to enjoy these marvelous Christmas plants for weeks to come.


You can never go wrong with orchids. These beauties are the perfect accent plant to decorate your home at any time of the year. The Cymbidium variety of orchids is most ideally cultivated in wintertime, making it the perfect Christmas plant. In fact, these indoor plants are lithophytes, growing well around and on rocks. Using the shape of the rock as support to grow and feeding off the debris at the bottom, these orchids certainly make for a pretty sight.


These gorgeous plants are symbolic of the arrival of the festive season. When well maintained, your Christmas cactus can last you for many years to come. All you will need to do is place them by a window with direct sunlight, water them when dry and check for signs of erosion every week.


What’s not to love about these majestic trumpet-shaped flowers? Amaryllis in refreshing hues of crimson can be the crowning glory of your dinner table this holiday season. In fact, these flowers are very commonly used as gifts during this time of the year. So don’t hesitate to pot a few extra and spread the cheer with these pleasing Christmas indoor plants!


Fragrant Christmas Plants


These beautiful white blossoms make for popular house plants, especially if you have a tall vase or dedicated indoor garden. Paperwhites exude a strong husky fragrance and you are better off placing them in a big airy room to ensure a mild pleasurable scent. A great way to increase the aesthetic appeal of your paperwhites is to pot them along a bed of white pebbles.


If you’re a fan of Italian and continental cuisine, then you are definitely going to be tempted to pot this popular indoor plant in your home. The rosemary grows to an estimated height of 6 feet but can be altered to the size of an indoor plant too. This plant also presents the perfect opportunity to practice topiary art and will bring a welcomed contrast of green to your other colorful Christmas flowers.


A symbol of love, the mistletoe is widely considered a traditional Christmas plant during the holiday season. Almost as important as much as your prized Christmas tree, the mistletoe is a plant that grows all year round and can keep you company throughout every season. This herb gives off a fresh woody fragrance and even can be used as a prop for many festive party games.


Underrated Christmas Plants


Regarded as a symbol of fertility and long life, the Holly is typically an outdoor plant that grows up to a height of 50 feet. But, with a little bit of customization, you can have a circular wreath of Holly on display indoors as an apt ode to the spirit of eternal festivities. Do note, that it’s best to invest in the female variant of the plant if you’re looking for red berries.


These tiny potted plants can be lined up along your French windows or any area with medium light. You will need a saucer placed below the pot to keep your surroundings clean and allow for comfortable water absorption. We absolutely love the white drizzle atop the tiny green leaves of the frosty ferns, which give it the ideal Christmas plant look!


We can’t possibly round off a list on Christmas plants without listing the iconic Christmas tree! Pardon us for stating the obvious, but no holiday season is complete without this yearly addition. Dress your Christmas tree in fairy lights and tuck your gifts at its base to enjoy the jolly season in all its splendor!


The Norfolk pine is a welcomed break from all the flowers these Christmas plants are going to bring you. Place this long-lasting plant in a room temperature environment with medium to bright light and water when dry. If taken care of well, your Norfolk pine can last you years with just a replacement of the top layer of soil.



Now that you’ve been made aware of the 15 best Christmas plants to grow at home, it’s time to consider the necessary steps to establishing your very own aesthetically pleasing indoor garden!

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