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20 Fragrant Roses To Create A Natural Perfume Garden 20 Fragrant Roses To Create A Natural Perfume Garden

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20 Fragrant Roses To Create A Natural Perfume Garden

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Grab these fragrant roses to make your garden a stunning paradise of perfumes. Make heads turn and marvel at the beauty of your rose garden RIGHT AWAY!

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A rose symbolizes love and romance. The scent of the fragrant roses only adds to the roses’ charm and beauty. Unfortunately, many pure and hybrid varieties being sold today have lost their scent due to the gardeners’ emphasis on appearance instead of their smell. Due to this, natural flower lovers should go for flowers with a scent. This is especially important when it comes to roses. A rose with no fragrance is a complete letdown. Fortunately, you still have many fragrant roses around that you can add to your garden and turn it into a natural perfume conservatory. 



Please scroll through our list of 20 fragrant roses to perfect your natural perfume garden. We have chosen the best aromatic varieties to add to your list.


20 Fragrant Roses To Create A Natural Perfume Garden - Infographics



The bright and cheery canary yellow roses will add a sunshine vibe to any garden or landscape. Unlike other yellow rose varieties that fade into white over time, this one blooms the same throughout its lifetime. These varieties are also extremely hardy so can be grown in different types of soils. Besides, it is low maintenance and therefore no pruning is required due to its self-cleaning nature. Before shipping, the Oso Easy variety of garden roses are grown in Proven Winner greenhouses in the state of Michigan. At the time of shipping, plants are generally 6 months to a year old.


Oso Easy Lemon Zest Landscape Rose can be planted at different places, such as the driveway, along the fence, as a low flowering hedge, or pots. They have excellent glossy green foliage. The plant can climb a height of 2 to 3 feet and requires a minimum of six hours of sunlight per day to attain maturity. For successful blooming, grow them in hardiness zones 4 to 9. Being disease resistant, once you plant these fragrant roses, there will be little to no need to spray them with ins



With a deliciously fruity scent, Drift Peach roses are one of the most fragrant roses you can consider while designing your natural perfume garden. The small shrubbed variety is exceptionally floriferous and can be seen laden with soft peach flowers from mid-spring to the fall’s first hard freeze. This bloom is most vibrant in the US hardiness zone 4 to 11, which pretty much means almost all US states. Also, it requires full sun to semi-shade for maximum performance. But do ensure at least 6 hours of direct sunlight for their survival.



These peach rose shrubs are the best fragrant rose for cutting and are strongly disease resistant and self cleans themselves, mitigating the need for pruning.  With moderate water needs, it suits small gardens or along paths bordering them. However, please note that this is a deciduous type of shrub, so apart from flowers, the shrubs may also shed leaves in the winter months.




With rich color, excellent foliage and light fragrance, the Louis Philippe Rose Flowering Shrubs from Wekiva Foliage are a must-have in your garden. The deep crimson colour of the petals is brilliantly complimented with blush pink towards the middle, along with occasional white streaks. In fact, it grows into tall branches and shall look like big mounting shrubs on maturity. At the same time, these are very hardy and survive even in the hardest of conditions. Besides, it is highly resistant to diseases specific to plants and roses.



The sweet-smelling rose was named in honour of French monarch Louis XVIII. Suitable for garden beds and borders, it is essential to growing this lovely smelling rose in full sun for 6 to 8 hours of sunlight every day. This heat tolerant and heat resistant variety can grow up to 6 feet, with long branches. Even so, these can be grown in sandy soils as well. 




These seeds are exactly what you need if you are looking to flood your garden with a sea of colorful roses. You can grow hep flowers in almost no time. The seeds are produced from open-pollinated plants and stored in a controlled facility to maintain their viability. For germination, these seeds require nutrition-rich and well-drained soil besides good sunlight and water for optimum growth. 



You get 50 pieces of seeds with a high germination success rate of 87%. Sow them in your backyard or front garden. But make sure you plant these far away from the wall to prevent any reflection; it affects the blossom and burns buds. Also ensure that it gets ample ventilation, apart from Sun. The colorful flowers will be in full bloom for as many as 90 days. More details will be provided with the pack of seeds for the best performance. 



Another red-colored rose for your garden is Roza ‘Blaze’ rose. These mildly fragrant climbing roses thrive, providing flushes throughout, starting from spring and continuing till the first frost. In fact, these climber roses can brilliantly cover the facade of your main house, or an outhouse, with all its freshness and color pop.



For best bloom, plant them in a sunny location to get dark green foliage and witness the shrub’s beauty throughout most of the year. The plant will reach you with full roots and must be planted instantly in conditions described in the instruction booklet provided along. Though the best zones are USDA 6 to 8, others shall only require additional care for maintenance. To prevent the flowers from developing black spots, plant them in an area with good air circulation. However, don’t be disheartened when the plant goes dormant in winters since it will come to life again in the following spring.




If you want a rose variety with a strong scent, Love at First Sight Hybrid Tea Rose is just for you. An ideal floriferous shrub for your garden, this can add a delicious aroma like none else. It doesn’t grow much in height, stops at 3 inches only. The fragrance attracts pollinators throughout the summer, especially when it is in full bloom. However, its outstanding beauty is visible through the light pink or white undersides of the showy red blooms. Besides, the foliage is rather dark than most other varieties of roses.



Like the European garden roses, the buds are ball-shaped and bloom into a not-so-pointed and centrally located hybrid tea bloom. The rounded flowers are bi-coloured. red towards the front side with that turn pale on the inner side. Besides, it is a hybrid cultivar. The foliage appears clearer and black-spot-resistant. The package arrives with one bare root plant and generally in a dormant condition.




The yellow beauty is what your garden needs to look more vibrant and lush. The aroma of fresh Sunny Knockouts is like added toppings on ice cream. Like the other knock-out roses, this one needs full sun, and at least 6 to 8 hours of brightness to bloom and thrive well. With a nine-month life span, you can expect to see the flowers for longer between the spring end of fall season. 



Perfect for hardening zone 5 to 10. The plant requires little or no care; it is drought-resistant, pest-resistant, disease-resistant, and winter-hardy. It doesn’t develop any black spots, rust, or mildew and only requires light watering. And perhaps it’s a plant and forgets the tree, that knows how to survive. On arrival, you may receive a rose tree of about 2 feet height, while it reaches a height of 3 to 4 feet on maturity. 



The extremely fragrant roses from Zennixplus appear wonderful, with purple and blue hues all over the petals, making them one of the most sought after roses. The bloom will stand out from the rest with its striking color and will attract many without a doubt. Plant the seeds, ensuring the required conditions it needs, and see them growing and flourishing with minimal care. Each order comes with a pack of 50 seeds.   



For best results, it requires USDA hardiness zone 5. It may grow under other conditions, but it won’t be as good as stated. If you choose this flower, you will receive a pack of 50 seeds in the pack to grow this dazzling blue flower.




The Poet’s Wife, a lemon yellow-coloured flower with a strong sweet lemon aroma, is one of the most fragrant roses you can pick for creating your natural perfume garden. The perfume of the Poet’s Wife only turns stronger and sweeter as the plant matures. Moreover, the shrub roses will never fade over time and have an amazing repetitive bloom cycle. 



You will receive the plant in a container measuring 2.5 gallons with well-developed roots and ready for planting. As the shrub touches a height of 4 feet and an average expansion width of 3 feet, it’s most striking feature is the petal formation. The outer petals neatly placed against the informal petals group inside. These are perfectly complemented with the glossy and deep green coloured foliage below. It is generally well-branched. 




A native of East Asia, the red or slightly magenta colored roses are mostly used for ornamental purposes in homes and offices. The flowers have a sweet-scented aroma to them, and the plant grows well under most conditions and carries blooms up to 3 feet wide. It might reach a maximum height of about 6 feet, though this may vary to 9 feet as well. Besides, 4 to 6 feet of spacing is advised for best ground coverage and health of individual plants.



The extremely fragrant roses grow in clusters and bloom repeatedly, beginning from late summer and the fall season. Interestingly, the leaves on the Japanese Red Rose change color and appear bright yellow as the fall invites birds, bees, and butterflies. Besides, these flowers can grow under cold conditions and endure temperatures as low as -50 degrees F.  Hardiness Zone most suitable for this variety is 2 to 9.



11. Heirloom Roses Store – Perpetually Yours English Legend Soft Yellow Rose 


With its old-fashioned appearance, the ‘Perpetually Yours’ English Legend rose is another variety of fragrant roses you must consider having in your garden. Besides adding a wonderful scent, it makes your space look more vibrant and colorful. Plus, the fragrance is rightly moderate in strength and not overpowering at all. The soft yellow-coloured flowers that appear a shade lighter towards the petal edges are an instant eye-catcher. However, these are not fragile type and are resistant to several diseases and viruses. 



The continual blooming rose from Harkness of England can be planted along walls, pillars, trellis, arbours, fences, and posts to brighten and beautify your garden. It has beautiful foliage in dark green colour. And, yes, if you are living in hardiness zone 6 to 10, plant it without a second thought.




The lightly fragrant rose displays a stunning rainbow of colorful blooms. You will see many shades of gold, pink, reds, and orange flowers and these keep changing with new ones blooming. The flowers start blooming towards the end of the spring and can be seen in full swing all along the growing season. The fragrance is very light and misty. 



The roses are small in size and are often mistaken for normal shrubs. The climbing rose, due to its size, can be planted horizontally, such as along a fence. Suitable for hardiness zone 5 to 10, it is entirely free of disease and virus and thrives well in well-drained soil. The foliage is glossy yet dark green. And will surely fetch you great compliments.




A native of China, this rose shrub is a multiflora rambler variety that goes by the botanical name, ‘Rosa chinensis Seven Sisters’. It can thrive in poor soil conditions and even in shady areas. The fragrant climbing roses bloom from late spring to early summer in different hues such as creamy white, mauve, to rose pink on arching canes. With frequent pruning, this plant can reach a maximum height of 15 feet or even more, pretty quickly. Moreover, these are fast climbers. 



The plant may grow black spots during the heat, rainy and humid conditions. However, the plant is resilient and may cure itself. Barring alkaline or poorly drained soil, seven sisters can grow in any soil. Above all, it is a disease-resistant bush that can grow in 5, 6, 7, and 8 USDA zones. Blooms once a year. Do not expect to receive a plant with blooms or buds, as they might get damaged in transit.




Abelia ‘Rose Creek’ is a dwarf form of Abelia with small and stunning white flowers tubular in shape. The mildly fragrant flowers with crimson-coloured stems bloom from May till the first frost of fall. The stems can be seen in this color all year but in winter, it changes into deep blue color. 



This semi-evergreen shrub will add a new color to your natural perfume garden. It can flourish in low and full sunny conditions and must be pruned just before the spring starts. Note to plant shrubs 5 feet apart to provide space for growth for them to attain a height of 4 ft and spread as wide as 4 meters. If you like it, it will arrive at your doorstep in semi bare-root condition with little soil along. 




Who wouldn’t like to add this Rainbow rose that comes with a sweet and delightful smell? The extremely fragrant roses will keep your garden alive during the entire blooming season. The seeds of the Rainbow rose grow well in cold conditions. Therefore, it is recommended to keep the seeds inside the refrigerator for at least 60 days before sowing. After germination, it can attain a height of 3 to 4 feet and 3 feet wide.



One of the best fragrant roses for cutting, the blooms of Rainbow rose can stay fresh for as long as four weeks after cutting from the plant. Besides, many owners even love to dry the flowers as safe keeps. The hardiness zone most suitable for Rainbow rose is 3 to 11




Irrespective of your garden size, Coral Drift Rose is perfect for adding life and aroma to your landscape. Use them to fill the empty spaces (if any), brighten up the borders around some well-established cultivation or slopes to prevent erosion. It blooms from spring to fall without fail, year after year. The beautiful bright foliage stays closer to the surface and reaches a height of no more than 1to 2 feet with 2 to 3 feet maximum width, spreading linearly. 



Winter hardy and drought-resistant, the flower can be maintained easily throughout the four seasons. They are disease-resistant and heat-resistant as well. Along with the live plant, you will also receive a guide to take good care of the plant. Moreover, these are drought resistant and are easy to handle for both experienced and new gardeners.




The sweetly perfumed blossoms will add a beautiful sunset orange hue to your garden. They are regarded as the first teacup rose to have developed resistance against diseases and are scented too. The plants that will reach you are grown in the Proven Winners Stores’ greenhouses in southeast Michigan. 



It is essential to grow the At Last Rose at least 2 to 3 feet apart to allow them to grow up to 2 to 3 feet in height. These are easy to grow, and need no deadheading or spraying like other similar varieties. In fact, this low maintenance shrub starts flowering in spring and continues till the first frost. It is advised to grow them in a flower bed or on a landscape as the deciduous shrub has moderate water requirements. USDA zones apt for their growth is 5 to 9.




Let your garden bloom with this stunning purple climbing rose. Set against the dark green foliage, you get one of the most stunning combinations. With not much sunlight required by them to blossom, you can place them in a partly shaded area as well. But plant them at least 6 to 8 feet apart to allow them to attain their full height of 6 to 12 feet. These are also suitable for growing against a fence or low wall, as they will envelop all that comes in the way.



Climbing rose flowers can be seen repeatedly sprouting from early summer and continue until the last of the season, having only moderate water requirements. Sow them on arches or covering arbours. They also make for one of the best fragrant roses for cutting and can last two weeks. And they will also allure many more bees and butterflies in your garden or landscape. Purple climbing rose grows well in the Hardiness Zone of 6 to 9. 




The OSO EASY pink cupcake has one of these most fragrant roses that are hard to resist having in your garden. The blooms can be seen in lovely shades of pink along with a touch of coral. As the flower starts blooming on the glossy green foliage, you must ensure it receives full sun whether it is planted in containers or on the flower beds. At full maturity, it reaches up to 30 inches or at least 18 inches.



The floriferous shrub is self-cleaning along with a strong resistance to diseases. With a height of 2 to 4 meters, it produces flowers from mid-spring to mid-fall as butterflies and songbirds come visiting the beautiful landscape bloomers. The deciduous flowers grow well in moist soil. 
Plant them in USDA zone 5 to 9. 




First found in the Middle East, it is now loved the world over. Yellow rose by Seedville is one of the best fragrant roses for cutting, making them a perfect gifting option to family and friends. The late spring to fall rose variant blossoms repeatedly while measuring 36 to 48 inches. Place them at the minimum distance of 24 to 36 inches for best results.



For best growth, provide a partly sunny and partly shady location with moderate moisture needs, such as in the lawn, and patio apart from the garden. It repeatedly blooms from late spring till fall. Hardiness zone for growing Yellow Rose ‘Rosa’ bush shrubs is between 2 and 11. 



Turn your garden into a perfume heaven; you wouldn’t want to leave any time with the roses on our list. Not only are these flowers fragrant but also easy to grow and maintain. The best thing is that you can have a variety of colors in your garden with fragrant roses. SO, go ahead, plant one today!



How To Grow Fragrant Roses?

A rose lover has plenty of options when it comes to growing roses. You may choose as per your preference, liking, location, and accessibility, including:

• Seeds
• Cuttings
• Bare root or potted



What Is The Right Time To Grow Fragrant Roses?

Spring is widely regarded as the best time to grow roses, regardless of whether the variety planted is fragrant or non-fragrant. However, many gardeners believe fall is an ideal season to grow shrubs and perennials. If you have seeds, container-grown roses, or bare-root roses, plant them in spring to enjoy the blooms by summer. 



However, you must ascertain the last frost date by checking the hardening zone. Follow the zone guideline. The risk of any frost must pass away for the healthy growth of roses. Early spring (between February and early April) is the right time to plant roses.  



If you choose to plant during the fall, plant them six weeks ahead of the first frost in your part of the world.



How To Prune Your Roses?


Gardeners swear by this method for growing lush and healthy blooms. Ideally, spring is the best time to prune rose shrubs, right before the plant starts to grow out. One important tip that applies to all rose types is pruning to create an open space. Create an open area in between to allow good airflow for the plant to grow and bloom to its full potential. Achieve it by cutting all old and young stems carefully. 



Make your garden perfume heaven; you wouldn’t want to leave it any time with the roses on our list. Not only are these flowers fragrant but are also easy to grow and maintain. The best thing is that you can have a variety of colors in your garden with fragrant roses. Go ahead and plant one today!

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