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5 Best Keurig Models To Get You The Perfect Cuppa 5 Best Keurig Models To Get You The Perfect Cuppa

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5 Best Keurig Models To Get You The Perfect Cuppa

Written by: Emily Roberts

Brew sumptuous coffees at home with Keurig coffee makers that are guaranteed to turn your kitchen to a stunning coffee blending space. Keep the aroma coming

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The Keurig company created its first signature coffee maker back in the ’90s for office use. Since then, the range has expanded and Keurig machines are now a staple in many kitchens. There are several coffee machines available in the market today. So if you are wondering why you should get a Keurig, keep reading!



If you want a fast coffee maker that does not compromise on flavor, then Keurig is the one for you. It requires only minimal cleanup and looks great on any countertop. Keurig models provide way more choices than a traditional drip coffee maker. Don’t just stop at coffee; you can also make tea, hot chocolate, cider, and much more with these machines.



Keurig models are available in a wide range to suit all budgets and requirements. You might get really confused to nail down one for yourself, so let’s help you with it. Keurig comparison can get a little tricky. All Keurig machines basically work in the same way: you have to fill the water tank, insert your chosen coffee pod, and place your chosen cup size under the dispenser. Then press the button, and wait for your brew to be delivered.



Additionally, there are a few common features in Keurig models regardless of which model you choose:



  • A removable drip tray: This allows for easier cleanup and space for your mug 
  • One-minute brew time: While the time it takes for the machine to heat up varies, all Keurigs take about one minute to actually brew your coffee.
  • Compatibility with Keurig pods: This includes a couple of different types of pods, but you will not be able to venture out into other brands very easily.
  • Removable water reservoirs: The sizes of Keurig water reservoirs may vary, but they are all removable. This feature paves the way for easy refilling and cleaning.
  • Auto-off: Coffee makers have a heating element, which eats power if it’s permanently switched on. The auto-off feature powers down the machine after a preset period (from one minute to two hours) from its last use. 



The major difference between Keurigs is the water reservoir capacity and cup sizes. It is just a matter of deciding which model would suit your needs the best.



In this article, we compared different Keurig models available on Amazon and picked the five best that have excelled in terms of quality and rating. We put forward an extensive Keurig comparison to make your quest easier for you! 



From its sleek design to exceptional features, this versatile machine has a lot to offer!



It has a reservoir that holds up to 75 ounces of water, so you can make up to seven cups of coffee in a row without having to refill the water. You can choose from cup sizes of 4 to 12 ounces.



One of the best features it offers is that it’s programmable. If you hate preparing the machine and waiting around in the morning for your first cup, you can set it up the night before and your coffee will be ready in the morning. How cool is that!



This machine delivers hot water on demand for soup, oatmeal, tea, and more. One of its most exciting features is the iced setting. This option allows you to brew over ice for a full-flavored, refreshing cup of iced coffee.



In addition, this coffee machine has five temperature control options. So you can choose whether you want your coffee just warm or piping hot each time.



When you look at the difference between Keurigs, K-Elite is easier to maintain as it will notify you when it is time to clean the machine. Lastly, the K-Elite also has a noise-canceling feature for a nice quiet brew.


Key Features

  • Descale alert which removes built-up deposits for a fragrant brew
  • Produces a steaming hot cup of coffee in under a minute
  • Can be used with My K-Cup Universal Reusable Coffee Filter


  • Features generous 75oz water reservoir
  • Accommodates travel mugs up to 7.2 inches tall
  • Available in the most popular coffee sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12oz


  • Easy to operate
  • Makes excellent, strong coffee


  • The top has to be completely removed for water to be added
  • More expensive than some other Keurig models



The K-Classic or K55 has long been another one of Keurig’s most popular models. K-Classic is another very popular and affordable Keurig model. Their easy-to-use interface makes it ideal for brewing newbies.



The major silver lining about K-classic is that it gives you coffee in less than a minute. And then it shuts off automatically to save you from terrible power bills.



Compared to other Keurig models, this water reservoir has a capacity of 48 oz and allows you to blend six cups before having to refill. It also has a descaling function that will get rid of limescale build-up. This will ensure that your coffee machine will carry on brewing without problems for a very long time.


Key Features

  • Energy-saving: automatically powers off if left idle for 2 hours or more
  • Very easy to operate: just insert the coffee pod, select brew size of choice, and voila!


  • Item dimensions: 13.3 x 9.8 x 13 inches
  • Item weight: 9.00 lbs
  • Brews multiple k-cup pod sizes: (6, 8, 10 ounces).



  • Fairly quiet
  • The interface is very user-friendly


  • The classic model comes equipped with basic features only


This mini coffee maker is very compact but packs a punch with a 6- to 10-ounce cup capacity. This basic Keurig model is ideal for small kitchens and office spaces.  K-Mini takes up less space making it easy to transport. If you need your coffee wherever you go, this one can be your travel-friendly companion.



The auto shut-off control of this machine kicks in after 90 seconds, which is a lot quicker than a lot of models. It comes with cord storage. K-Mini is relatively inexpensive for a Keurig machine.



Sometimes, all you really want is a cup of coffee without a lot of bells and whistles. This slim and sleek Keurig model definitely delivers that.



Key Features

  • Easily accommodates travel mugs
  • The auto-off mechanism is activated 90 seconds after your last brew
  • Available in a range of matte-finish colors


  • 14.6 x 13.5 x 5.8 inches
  • Weight: 4.6 lbs
  • Makes coffee from between 6-12oz



  • Comes in a gorgeous shade of grey
  • Fairly ergonomic
  • Sturdy, non-plasticky build


  • Brew strength cannot be adjusted
  • Cannot accommodate tall mugs
  • Only makes one cup of coffee at a time


The superior capacity and consecutive brewing time of K155 make it ideal for offices. However, this commercial brewing system is also very popular for home use with serious coffee lovers. The elegant design and the easy interface are added advantages of this Keurig model.



The K155 has a huge 90-ounce water reservoir. It takes less than three minutes to heat water. This Keurig model also has the capacity to deliver up to 14 steaming cups of coffee within 30 to 60 seconds.



It features an  LCD touchscreen control panel that allows you to select your desired water temperature, brew strength, and cup size. Finally, it has a built-in descaling function that allows you to keep the machine clean and run efficiently for a longer time. 


Key Features

  • Auto On/Off feature
  • Gorgeous full-colored LCD touchscreen
  • Quiet Brew technology


  • Product dimensions: 14 x 10.38 x 13.8 inches
  • Four brew sizes: 4 ounces, 6 ounces, 8 ounce,s or 10 ounce 
  • Capacity: 2.9 Quarts


  • Colorful and responsive LCD touchscreen
  • Highly durable


  • Price is kind of steep
  • Water reservoir tank needs to be refilled manually



This traditional Keurig machine comes in dark charcoal or brushed nickel. It can produce hot milk and foam making it the perfect option for cappuccinos and lattes. If you want to turn your kitchen into a full-blown cafe, then K-Cafe is the one for you.



Even though it has many features, it is relatively simple to use. With only a few buttons, you will be able to control the brewer and the frother. This machine also lets you make coffee with regular K cup pods or reusable filters. It can accommodate 6- to 12-ounce cups. You can choose the 2-ounce coffee shot option to create your own hot or iced lattes and cappuccinos.



The machine comes with a frother that turns any type of milk, including almond and soy, into a frothy addition to your beverage. The frother has 3 settings Cappuccino, Latte, and Cold. It is also removable and dishwasher safe.



If you want to customize the intensity of your coffee, you can use the strong brew setting for a stronger flavor.



When considering the difference between Keurigs, the K-Cafe holds up to 60 ounces of water. So you don’t have to refill it every time you want to make a drink.


Key Features

  • 60oz water reservoir (makes up to 6 cups of coffee)
  • Fits travel mugs of up to 7.2″ tall
  • Comes with milk frother cup for easy froth


  • Product dimensions: 17.32 x 14.17 x 14.41 inches
  • Compatible with Classic My K-Cup Reusable Filter


  • Easy to set up
  • Frother produces a generous amount of froth
  • Quick brewing


  • Not the most space-friendly
  • Rather pricey



The model you choose must purely be based on your personal taste and what you need the machine to do for you. Regardless of which Keurig you choose, chances are you will be happy with your decision because these are simply the best luxury coffee makers you can ever get! 

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