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5 Outdated Bedroom Storage Trends To Do Away With This Year 5 Outdated Bedroom Storage Trends To Do Away With This Year

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5 Outdated Bedroom Storage Trends To Do Away With This Year

Written by: Isabella Mitchell

Discover the top 5 outdated bedroom storage trends to eliminate this year. Upgrade your interior design with modern and efficient storage solutions.

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Welcome to the world of interior design, where trends come and go with the seasons. It’s no secret that staying up-to-date with the latest styles can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to bedroom storage. With so many options available, it’s important to know which trends are still relevant and which ones have become outdated. In this article, we will explore five bedroom storage trends that you should consider bidding farewell to this year.

Keeping your bedroom organized and clutter-free is essential for creating a peaceful and relaxing space. The right storage solutions can not only maximize space, but also add aesthetic appeal to your bedroom. However, it’s important to ensure that your storage choices align with current design trends.

Before diving into the specifics, it’s important to note that while we’re highlighting trends that may be outdated, personal preference and individual needs should always take precedence in design decisions. So, with that said, let’s take a closer look at the bedroom storage trends that are best left in the past.

Key Takeaways:

  • Say goodbye to bulky wardrobes and embrace sleek, customizable options like built-in or modular storage systems for a more functional and visually appealing bedroom.
  • Diversify your storage options, mix and match furniture pieces, and explore modern, space-efficient solutions to create a unique, personalized, and clutter-free bedroom space.

Trend 1: Bulky Wardrobes

Gone are the days when bulky wardrobes dominated bedroom storage solutions. Traditional, oversized wardrobes take up a significant amount of floor space and can make a room feel cramped and cluttered. In today’s interior design landscape, sleeker and more streamlined wardrobe options have become the norm.

Designers are now favoring built-in or fitted wardrobes that blend seamlessly with the walls and provide a clean and cohesive look. These customized wardrobes can be tailored to fit your specific storage needs, making the most of every inch of your bedroom space. Additionally, built-in wardrobes offer the advantage of being easily convertible, allowing you to adapt the storage configuration as your needs change over time.

If you’re looking to transition away from bulky wardrobes, consider investing in a fitted wardrobe that matches the overall aesthetic of your bedroom. Opt for a minimalist design with sleek doors and hidden handles for a contemporary and clutter-free look. You can also incorporate additional features such as sliding doors or mirrored panels to enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your storage solution.

Another alternative to bulky wardrobes is the use of modular storage systems. These flexible systems allow you to mix and match different components — such as shelves, drawers, and hanging rails — to create a personalized storage setup. By choosing modular units that can be easily rearranged, you have the freedom to adapt your storage configuration as needed without compromising on style.

When it comes to bedroom storage, it’s all about efficiency and maximizing space. Bulky wardrobes have become outdated due to their clunky appearance and lack of versatility. Embrace the sleek and customizable options available today to create a more functional and visually appealing storage solution for your bedroom.

Trend 2: Underbed Storage

One trend that has become outdated in recent years is relying solely on underbed storage as the primary solution for bedroom organization. While underbed storage can be a convenient way to utilize otherwise unused space, it should not be the sole focus of your storage strategy.

Underbed storage typically consists of plastic bins or boxes that are slid underneath the bed frame. These containers are often a catch-all for random items that don’t have a designated place elsewhere in the room. However, this approach can quickly lead to a disorganized and cluttered space.

To create a more efficient and visually appealing bedroom storage solution, it’s important to incorporate a variety of storage options. Embrace the concept of “out of sight, out of mind” and make use of multiple storage areas within your bedroom.

Consider incorporating built-in storage solutions such as wall-mounted shelves, floating nightstands, or modular furniture with integrated storage compartments. These options not only provide additional storage space but also add a stylish and cohesive look to your bedroom decor. By distributing your storage needs across various areas of the room, you can keep specific items easily accessible while maintaining a clean and organized space.

If you still find underbed storage to be a valuable component of your storage strategy, consider investing in purpose-built underbed storage drawers. These drawers are designed specifically for storing items neatly and efficiently. Look for drawers with wheels for easy access and consider ones with dividers to keep items organized.

Remember that while underbed storage can be useful, it should not be relied upon as your only storage solution. By diversifying your storage options and incorporating other innovative storage solutions, you’ll be able to create a more balanced and effective bedroom organization system.

Trend 3: Matching Bedroom Sets

Once a popular trend in bedroom design, matching bedroom sets have become outdated in recent years. This trend typically involved purchasing a complete set of furniture pieces that matched in color, style, and finish. However, today’s interior design focuses on creating a more eclectic and personalized look.

Matching bedroom sets can often create a monotonous and predictable aesthetic. They can make your bedroom feel like a showroom, lacking personality and individuality. Instead, the current trend is to mix and match furniture pieces to create a unique and curated look.

When it comes to bedroom storage, think beyond the traditional dresser and nightstand combo. Consider alternative storage options such as vintage chests of drawers, repurposed cabinets, or stylish shelving units. Mixing different materials, colors, and styles can add visual interest and make your bedroom feel more inviting.

Instead of purchasing a complete set that lacks character, focus on choosing key storage pieces that complement each other while showcasing your personal style. Look for pieces that have a cohesive color palette or share similar design elements. For example, if you have a wooden dresser, pair it with a metal bookshelf to create an interesting contrast.

Another benefit of moving away from matching bedroom sets is the freedom it gives you to source furniture from various places. Thrift stores, antique shops, and online marketplaces can be treasure troves for unique storage pieces that add character to your bedroom. Repurposing old furniture not only helps the environment but also allows you to create a more personalized space that reflects your individuality.

So, don’t be afraid to break away from the matching bedroom set trend. Embrace the freedom of mixing and matching different storage pieces to create a bedroom that feels truly unique and reflects your personal style. Let your creativity shine and curate a collection of storage furniture that adds personality and charm to your bedroom.

When updating your bedroom storage, consider using multifunctional furniture pieces to maximize space and functionality. Look for items like storage beds, ottomans with hidden compartments, and wall-mounted shelves to keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free.

Trend 4: Freestanding Jewelry Armoires

In the past, freestanding jewelry armoires were a popular choice for storing and organizing jewelry collections. These large, standalone cabinets offered a convenient and dedicated space to keep your valuables. However, as bedroom storage trends have evolved, freestanding jewelry armoires have started to lose their appeal.

One of the main drawbacks of freestanding jewelry armoires is their size. These bulky pieces of furniture can take up a significant amount of space, especially in smaller bedrooms. They can be visually overwhelming and contribute to a cluttered and crowded aesthetic.

Instead of relying on a freestanding armoire, consider incorporating more compact and efficient storage solutions for your jewelry. One popular option is to use wall-mounted jewelry organizers. These stylish and functional pieces feature hooks, drawers, and compartments for keeping your jewelry neatly organized and easily accessible. Not only do they save valuable surface space, but they also add a decorative element to your bedroom walls.

Another alternative is to repurpose existing furniture for jewelry storage. Consider using a small vanity table with drawers or a decorative tray on top to display and organize your jewelry. This not only maximizes space but also adds a chic and personalized touch to your bedroom decor.

If you prefer a more discreet approach to jewelry storage, there are clever and innovative solutions available. Look for hidden storage options, such as mirror cabinets or behind-the-door organizers, that blend seamlessly with your bedroom design.

Remember, effective jewelry storage is all about accessibility and organization. The goal is to showcase your jewelry collection while keeping it easily visible and within reach. Freestanding jewelry armoires can be replaced with more streamlined and space-efficient options that enhance the overall aesthetic of your bedroom.

So, say goodbye to the bulkiness of freestanding jewelry armoires and explore the plethora of modern and stylish alternatives available for keeping your jewelry organized and beautifully displayed.

Trend 5: Oversized Ottoman Storage

Oversized ottomans with hidden storage compartments have been a popular trend in bedroom storage for quite some time. These versatile pieces of furniture not only serve as a comfortable seating option but also provide additional storage space. However, this trend is slowly becoming outdated as more practical and stylish storage solutions emerge.

While oversized ottoman storage can be useful for storing blankets, pillows, or other larger items, they can often take up a significant amount of floor space. Additionally, these ottomans can be visually overpowering and disrupt the overall balance and aesthetics of the room.

Instead of relying solely on oversized ottoman storage, consider incorporating more streamlined and functional storage solutions into your bedroom. Look for furniture pieces that serve dual purposes, such as beds with built-in storage drawers or nightstands with integrated shelves or drawers. These options provide ample storage space while maintaining a cohesive and visually pleasing bedroom design.

Another alternative to oversized ottoman storage is utilizing vertical space. Invest in floor-to-ceiling bookcases or wall-mounted shelves to maximize storage capacity without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. These storage solutions not only free up valuable floor space but also add height to the room, creating a more open and airy feel.

Underutilized spaces, such as the area behind the bedroom door or under staircases, can also be transformed into clever storage areas. Install hooks or racks to hang coats, bags, or even shoes, and consider adding shelves or organizers to optimize space.

It’s important to remember that efficient storage is not just about the amount of space available, but also about functionality and ease of access. While oversized ottoman storage may have offered convenience in the past, there are now more innovative and space-efficient options available that better suit the needs of modern bedrooms.

So, bid farewell to oversized ottoman storage and explore the wide array of stylish and practical storage solutions that can elevate the functionality and aesthetic of your bedroom.


As the world of interior design continues to evolve, it’s important to keep up with the latest bedroom storage trends and bid farewell to outdated ones. In this article, we explored five trends that have become obsolete in recent years: bulky wardrobes, underbed storage as the primary solution, matching bedroom sets, freestanding jewelry armoires, and oversized ottoman storage.

By letting go of these trends, you can create a more streamlined and functional bedroom space that reflects your personal style and meets your storage needs. Consider embracing built-in or fitted wardrobes that maximize space and offer a clean and cohesive look. Diversify your storage solutions beyond underbed storage, incorporating wall-mounted shelves and modular furniture to create a well-rounded organization system.

Move away from matching bedroom sets and instead mix and match furniture pieces to create a unique and personalized look. Reimagine jewelry storage with stylish wall-mounted organizers or repurposed furniture. And, replace oversized ottoman storage with more practical and space-efficient options such as beds with built-in storage or floor-to-ceiling bookcases.

Remember, the key is to find a balance between functionality and aesthetics. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary of relaxation and order, free from clutter and excess. Thoughtfully choose storage solutions that not only serve their purpose but also enhance the overall design and ambiance of the room.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a bedroom space that is both visually appealing and highly functional. Stay informed about the latest bedroom storage trends and adapt your storage solutions to suit your individual needs and preferences. By doing so, you’ll be able to create a well-organized and inviting bedroom that truly feels like a personal haven.

Frequently Asked Questions about 5 Outdated Bedroom Storage Trends To Do Away With This Year

What are some outdated bedroom storage trends that should be avoided this year?

Some outdated bedroom storage trends to avoid this year include bulky armoires, mismatched storage pieces, over-the-door shoe organizers, plastic storage bins, and wire shelving units.
How can I update my bedroom storage without these outdated trends?

You can update your bedroom storage by incorporating multifunctional furniture, utilizing under-bed storage solutions, investing in stylish and cohesive storage pieces, and incorporating built-in storage solutions to maximize space.
Are there any specific storage solutions that are considered more modern and efficient?

Yes, modern and efficient storage solutions include modular storage systems, wall-mounted shelves, storage ottomans, and custom closet organizers that are tailored to your specific storage needs.
What are the benefits of getting rid of outdated bedroom storage trends?

Getting rid of outdated bedroom storage trends can help create a more cohesive and visually appealing bedroom space, maximize storage efficiency, and make it easier to keep your bedroom organized and clutter-free.
How can I incorporate a more contemporary and stylish approach to bedroom storage?

To incorporate a more contemporary and stylish approach to bedroom storage, consider investing in sleek and minimalist storage furniture, incorporating hidden storage solutions, and utilizing decorative storage baskets and bins that complement your bedroom decor.

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