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10 Creative & Affordable Christmas Table Decorations 10 Creative & Affordable Christmas Table Decorations

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10 Creative & Affordable Christmas Table Decorations

Written by: William Harrison

Host your finest holiday dinner party without breaking the bank, thanks to these creative and affordable Christmas table decorations!

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Affordable Christmas table decorations is what we all look for at the end of the year. Between gifts, food and decorations, the holiday season can be a difficult time to manage your finances. But as we know, you will not miss any detail on this important date, so here are 10 super creative and affordable ideas that will help you decorate your Christmas table like a pro.


10 Creative and Cost-Effective Christmas Table Decorations


1. Eye-catching Tablecloths


A touch of color and texture is always welcome at the table. Use table runners, paths or tablecloths in red, green or gold to add a touch of festivity to your overall dinner table setup. This touch of detail will surely not go unnoticed, and you can also mix and match a variety of different variations. For example, a white tablecloth can easily pair with dinnerware in traditional colors and a natural centerpiece made with flowers and leaves.


Christmas Tablecloths

Holly Traditions Fabric Tablecloth

Traditional Christmas Tablecloth

Snowman Fabric Tablecloth


2. Themed Napkin Holders


Get fancy with an affordable napkin holder for your Christmas table, or create your own! A few DIY decorations won’t hurt, after all, the holiday season is about spreading joy and love. Crafting your own table decorations can serve as the perfect family bonding opportunity, and will even make great door gifts! One quick and easy idea is to use a cinnamon stick and twig it before tying your napkins up with a cotton cord.


Festive Napkin Holders

Silver Horse Shape Napkin Rings

Pine Cone Christmas Napkin Holder

Christmas Tree Napkin Ring


3. Light Up With Candles


No Christmas table is complete without a beautiful array of candles. You can choose round ones and group them in the center, or go one step further and put them inside funnels or glass jars. Either way, the possibilities are endless, and the results are phenomenal.


Christmas Candles

Flameless Pillar Candles

Christmas Tealight Candles

Christmas Tealight Candles


4. Add Hanging Details


Use the roof! Add as many hanging details as you want. Ceiling decorations help to elevate the atmosphere and create an even more enticing backdrop for all your holiday videos and DIY photoshoots. Not to mention, there are innumerable affordable options available.



You can use glittering ornaments, wooden pieces, or paste paper decorations with Christmas messages along your walls. Subsequently, you could even ask your guests to create their own personalized paper decorations to be shared in a fun pre-feast activity. Better yet, adorn your table centerpiece with a variety of adorable festive ornaments and holiday-related characters! These are sure to attract and keep the young ones at the table during dinner time.


Hanging Christmas Table Decorations

Hanging Snowflake Decorations

Santa Claus Wooden Ornament

Hanging Gnomes Ornaments


5. Decorate With Paper Bags


Contrary to popular belief, Christmas table decorations do not need to be elaborate. In fact, the more simple and homely they are, the more pleasing they become to the eye. With that being said, there are many ways to draw attention to your dining table without fancy ornaments and displays. Consider lining a selection of mysterious and Christmas-themed paper bags across the center of your table. You can even fill these bags with special treats for each guest. This way, you have a convenient parting gift for everyone at the end of the night, and you offer guests something to look forward to after dinner.



If themed goodie bags are a little out of your price point, brown paper bags can make a great substitute. These bags are affordable and you can purchase them at a wholesale price. Paint them and adorn their surface with stamps and Christmas motifs to add an element of festive-inspired beauty.


Paper Bag Christmas Table Decorations

Christmas Treat Paper Bags

Christmas Kraft Goody Gift Bags

Kraft Christmas Gift Bags


6. Include a Christmas Table Centerpiece


A centerpiece refers to any ornament or item strategically positioned to be the main focus of attention in any space. Therefore, your Christmas table centerpiece can be anything you want! Use candy, a fishbowl, floral arrangements, candles, large glass fountains, or any other item you deem worthy to sit at the center of your dinner table. Your centerpiece may even be a dish you are most proud of, or one that is a signature at every holiday gathering. Either way this centerpiece should make for a great conversation starter, and be easy on the eye. Whether you’re willing to spend $100 on a brand new ornament or $0, this element of the table is entirely up to your own creativity. As such, let your imagination run wild.


Christmas Table Centerpiece Ideas

Christmas Candle Holder Centerpiece

Lighted Snow Globe Christmas Lantern

Glitzhome Christmas Table Centerpiece


7. Go Natural


Leaving your candles as is, may work fine in most instances. However, investing in a good candle holder can make all the difference in elevating your Christmas table decorations. While there are innumerable inexpensive candle holders on the market, hosts on a tight budget can consider making their own! Natural candle holders are the easiest to craft from scratch, as all you’ll need is a few earthy components.



Do you love collecting trunks or branches? If so, use them as candlesticks. Make several holes with a drill and put candles in the tones of your table. This idea is extremely affordable and will make a great conversation starter.


Pre-Made Natural Candle Holders

Natural Pine Wooden Candle Holder

Natural Candlescape Set

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders


8. Comfy Chair covers


Give every corner of your dining table a touch of the Christmas spirit with an array of comfy chair covers. These covers not only work to provide added support when seating, but also help to protect your furniture from any accidental food or drink mishap. What’s more, if you choose festive-themed covers for your chairs, these items can serve as part of your overall Christmas table decorations.


Festive Chair Covers

Removable Dining Room Chair Slipcovers

Christmas Dining Chair Covers

Christmas Chairs Back Cover


9. Add a Touch of Green


Thus far, we’ve considered things that shine, sparkle, and add hints of earthiness and elegance in our Christmas table decorations. But one staple that certainly should not be missed, is the inclusion of a lush green garland. After all, green itself is one of the many festive colors to prioritize this season. Adding garlands of light to the center of your table or along its sides can add a flair of personality and enhance the overall festive vibe. You can use leftover strands from your Christmas tree, or other garlands that you typically display around your terrace.


Garlands of Light

Artificial Christmas Garland

LED Christmas Garland

Christmas Pine Cone Garland


10. Special Tableware


The queen of the table, no doubt, is the dishes. Therefore, for Christmas dinner, impress your guests with a set of new dishes! While these need not be Christmas-themed, any dinnerware set with special details will work just as good. Regardless of what Christmas table decorations you’ve included, a new set of dishes are sure to look elegant and super luxurious in all your Insta-worthy feast pics.


Christmas Dinner Tableware Ideas

Christmas Plastic Plates

Christmas Tree Dessert Plates

Christmas Dinnerware Set



You and your family will enjoy Christmas dinner with all the magic of the moment thanks to these beautiful festive decorations. What did you think of these decorations? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section given below.

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