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30 Decorative Lighting to Illuminate Your Home 30 Decorative Lighting to Illuminate Your Home

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30 Decorative Lighting to Illuminate Your Home

Written by: Noah Bennett

These decorative lighting products will add cheer and bring joy to your house! Instantly brighten up any space without blowing your budget.

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The living room is generally the largest room in the house; a hub of activity where a variety of activities take place day and night. As a communal area, it’s important to make sure your living room is properly and beautifully lit for gathering with family, entertaining guests,  reading, watching TV, etc. A well-lit living room should ideally have layered lighting that illuminates the room to create a pleasant atmosphere. Light options include ambient, accent and task lights, chandeliers, wall sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, and more to set different moods and suit different purposes.



When it comes to sprucing up any room, adding decorative lights is a great way to start. Decorative lighting is perfect for elevating the ambiance of any space, and it tends to cost very little.



If you have never decorated your home before, however, you may not be sure how to go about it. Depending on the look you want to achieve, you could mix and match different lights until you get your desired outcome. Here are some ideas that may inspire you to take the first step towards beautifying your residence.




These lights emit a warm and lovely glow for elevating the ambiance of any room/event. Not only are they durable, but the parallel arrangement of bulbs also means there will be no mass blow-outs to worry about. These energy-saving bulbs use an E12 or C7 candelabra socket base and have a capacity of 5W per bulb. Besides being highly portable for easy transportation and storage, you’ll also be able to install these string lights by simply using a cable tie or cup hook.




No need to wait till Christmas to celebrate when you have these gorgeous lights in your living room! These highly durable lights feature an updated remote controller with short-circuit protection, 10 levels of brightness and adjustable flash/smooth/strobe for a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere. Warm white-yellow Mini LEDs create a warm and festive ambiance to delight any celebration or enhance everyday life. The copper lights can be molded into any shape you can think of. Kindly note, however, that the lights cannot be extended nor connected together.




This gorgeous mini-tree features a total of 150 warm white LED lights and branches that can be bundled together or used separately for different effects. Watch your plants and centerpieces light up like never before. Each lighted artificial branch can be used as a unique table ornament that’s perfect for any season. These make the perfect decor for your living room, kitchen, balcony, study room and more. Satisfy your personal DIY needs with this super-easy-to-install kit. 




This 100-count Christmas Light Set comes in four different colors and includes two flasher bulbs. Decorate and enhance your home with this Christmas decoration. Great for both indoor and outdoor use, it can be controlled remotely as it runs on four AA batteries.  




Switch these 110V string lights on and off by plugging in and unplugging them. Perfect for decorating both indoors and outdoors, these are bound to be the highlight of various celebrations including Christmas and Valentine’s Day. They are ideal for use in venues such as bathrooms, hotels, shopping centers and more. 




Easy to install and available in multiple modes, it’s hard to pass up on this set of curtain string lights for the amount of value it offers. Choose from the range of available modes for different events and occasions. Whether you’re looking at a joyful evening party with friends and family or a romantic night with your significant other, there’s bound to be something suitable. What’s more, operating these lights is as easy as a press of a button!




Featuring 16 strings of gorgeous lights, say yes to this beautiful light option. These fairy lights are easy to install and can be easily controlled via remote control. Add a wonderful wall backdrop as you decorate for your event with 9.8 x 9.8 ft MAGGIFT 304 LED warm white curtain fairy lights. With a total of eight lighting modes, hang them on doors and windows or behind fabrics to create a truly magical look. These twinkle curtain lights have an end-to-end connection making them expandable (up to max. 3 sets for a larger light display). They’re great for weddings, holiday parties, or just for cozy nights in your bedroom.




This Window Lights set comprises a total of 70 energy-saving light bulbs. The vine-shaped decorative string lights look like a tree branch that was extended out and are perfect for decorating your bookshelf, bedroom, and makeup mirror. The elasticity of the wire gives you freedom to twist it into different patterns. Ultimately, 8 lighting modes (including Sequence, Waves and Steady On) make this a versatile pick for any occasion. 



Leave these lights outside without having to worry about them getting damaged! These market lights are designed to be durable and last for years of outdoor use. UL-listed weatherproof commercials, its insulation material can protect the strand from sunny, windy, rainy, snow, and damp conditions. As its heavy-duty light cord is rubbery, flexible, and thicker than a traditional cord, you can confidently leave these ultra-durable string lights on display all year round.




A safe alternative to real flames, the 96 LEDs in this light cast a soft, mood-enhancing glow that’s great for illuminating any room. This dancing flame torch light collects solar energy under direct sunlight. It switches itself on at dusk and powers off when it’s dawn for a hassle-free experience. The light runs on solar power, so you can place it anywhere under direct sunlight! An extra pipe is provided to adjust the height of the solar torches, from a range of 30.7 inches to 43 inches. Waterproof and durable, this torchlight was built to withstand all kinds of weather throughout the year.




This LED starry light comes with UL certified 100-240V wide voltage power adapter — just plug it into an electrical outlet and use it right away. Its 12V output capacity makes it safe and convenient to use around children.



Each package is 164ft of super long wire with 500 LED warm white twinkle lights. They are tiny and sturdy silver wire string lights, bringing you a romantic ambiance decor but itself almost invisible. With this remote, it is easy to switch your lights on/off, adjust the brightness, and switch from flash to smooth to steady on. There’s something extraordinary when it comes to DIY-ing the best mode for your own creation.




These string lights for the bedroom and other spaces are made from high-quality copper wire. The copper wire lights are flexible, weather-resistant, and durable to serve you a long time.



The premium quality LED light string is efficient and cost effective. The sparkle lights with their mini LED lights will light up even the darkest corners, creating a magical effect.The light string will not heat up even after 14 hours of continuous working. The 66ft. long copper string lights are quite flexible: they can be twisted around trees, lamp posts etc.



The decorative light has a USB interface so that you can connect it with any power source and set it up anywhere you want. The holiday lights come with an on/off switch and a free adapter to facilitate your usage.




This beautiful decorative light from Amico has UL-certified power cords for safety and durability. It is also IP65-rated waterproof to protect the strand from rainy, windy, and damp climates throughout the year.



Its high-quality waterproof strands made it widely used in various situations. This is a good choice for celebrations, weddings, banquets, and restaurants. Every bulb holder comes with a connectable hanging socket, more options for hanging shapes. Bright incandescent light bulbs with heavy-duty flexible rubber strand give you a wider range of cozy glowing in your choice of places.



Extra lighting flexibility with a dimmer switch to bring down the brightness. A soft amber glow gives a more romantic, soothing mood lighting. 






These decorative Jack & Rose Solar Lights with pretty 20 LED cherry blossoms will provide a multicolored glow to your yard with flash and steady lighting modes. Upgraded wider solar panel converts sunlight into power 17% faster and is more efficient in cloudy weather. Its energy-efficient built-in battery will be able to maximize lighting time.



An IP65 Waterproof design ensures the outdoor solar lights withstand all outdoor elements. No need to worry about sunny, rainy, or even snowy weather destroying your lights when you get this for your home. The colored solar fairy lights provide soft lighting and make a wonderful addition to any yard or patio. All in all, it’s a good choice for parties or holidays.




Featuring a battery-powered 33ft/10m long wire with 100 LED globe lights, this ZOUTOG product can be used in dark corners or around a tree. The distance between individual bulbs is about 0.33ft/10cm.



Three AA batteries are needed to operate this string light. Fortunately, there is enough convenience to adjust the brightness or switch to its eight flashing modes with its 13-key remote.  Lights can be utilized both indoor and outdoor without worry of rainy weather, the high-quality wire can keep the lights cool to touch. Suitable for a garden, yard, room or wherever you can imagine, they are bright to create a warm, joyful, romantic sentiment.





Moobibear 164ft dimmable string lights come with 3-copper wire and 500 bright micro LEDs, also the extra extension cord which perfect to decorate the warm lights indoor and outdoor, the flexible wire makes you DIY the lights to any shape easily for decorating the room, let your imagination run wild.



Apart from the remote, the rest of the components in the set are waterproof. The power adapter is IP44, you need to use the waterproof outlet for outdoor applications in case of better protection, the warm LED lights can create a starry night visual for your garden, patio, deck, party and so on.



The power adapter of the copper wire lights is guaranteed with UL certification and very safe to use. Also, the gold string lights are enamel coated, making them well-insulated. Safe to use in your childrens’ bedroom as decor, it would also make a cute gift for a friend.




The LED String Lights is 1640ft/50m(first led to last led) + 6.7ft/2m extension cord (plug to the first led). Which is long enough to surround the ordinary front yard, garden, terrace, Christmas tree, bushes, stair banister, etc.



Each twinkle string light comes with end-to-end connections, which allows you to connect a maximum of 2 sets together. Each set measures 164 feet, with max. expandable length being 328 feet. Designed for both indoor and outdoor use. 




The ultra-long LED string light with 500 warm white independent light bulbs is enough to illuminate larger gardens, terraces, churches, terraces, and so on, creating a romantic atmosphere. It is very suitable for indoor/outdoor decoration of Christmas, birthday, party, Wedding, perfect for family, roof or balcony, etc.



The waterproof design of the string light is suitable for indoor/outdoor decoration and can withstand any weather conditions. In addition, the 1.8mm wire is more waterproof and more frost resistant. You can safely carry and place the outdoor light string, and place it wherever you need it.



Integrated transformer, output 29v low voltage, can be touched safely. 164 feet is long enough for decoration. With reel, easy to store. The LED lamp is energy-saving, has a long service life and never overheats.




SUNTHIN industrial string lights are IP65 waterproof and can withstand strong gusts of wind. Its wires are rubberized and feature flexible cord that is thicker than a traditional rope. Confidently hang our LED string lights as your patio lights, backyard lights, party lights, porch lights, garden lights and etc. all year long.



SUNTHIN Outdoor LED String Light is compatible with SUNTHIN dimmer perfectly to dimming the brightness for creating a perfect warm and soft lights atmosphere, and won’t be overpowering. Especially suited for a romantic wedding, warm family reunion, happy birthday party, various festival parties etc.



SUNTHIN Outdoor LED string lights wiring with female plugs are attached to easily connect strings end to end up to maximum 13 strands, customize it freely according to your needs. Sockets will fit any bulb with compatible E26 base that you have the option of switching up your style.




There are 300 warm white mini LED bulbs on 100 ft long high quality copper wire. They will light up your patio or garden and add a joyful atmosphere to your party and holiday.



The fairy lights have 2 function modes, which are Steady on and Flashing. The speed of flash is adjustable, there are 8 speed levels that can be chosen. The lights also have 10 brightness levels, from 10% to 100%.



The 3-Strands Copper Wire structure makes this firefly light more durable and flexible. It can be easily bent and shaped around almost anything. It also can be used indoors or outdoors freely. The wire parts of the string light are fully sealed and can work under the water.




G40 Globe string lights with 50 clear bulbs and 4 extra spare bulbs. Total length 50 feet.6″ lead with male plug, 12″ spacing between bulbs, 6″ tail with female connector. Our string lights can connect up to 100 bulbs with a female connector, so these 50 feet string lights can connect extra 50 light bulbs.



Perfect for outdoor & indoor decoration to create a warm ambiance, they look amazing on patio, backyard, gazebo, porch, deck, pergola, wedding, Halloween party, Christmas tree, birthday party and or any other party or event.




Outdoor G40 String Lights 50ft per strand with 25pc E12 sockets, 28pcs retro globe light bulbs which are made of quality glass with high transmittance. 2200K warm white bulbs light emit a soft glow and warm atmosphere for family reunion, holiday celebration, romantic wedding, various festival parties and etc.



Outdoor waterproof string lights are equipped with interfaces at the end , you can connect end to end up to 3 strands in maximum. IP44 waterproof means it can stand a moderate rain occasionally.



This patio string light is waterproof and weather-resistant. Each socket has a clip on the side, making it easy to be attached to a branch or a nail. Just plug and play when you need multi stands work together, bring you a warm soft atmosphere, which you can enjoy the lovely nights and the romantic dinners with your family and friends.




It includes two pack 25ft Black light strings and 25 G40 Clear Incandescent light bulbs. Light bulbs have candelabra (E12) socket base with UL listed.



The outdoor string lights string is built with weatherproof technology, IP44 professional waterproof connector, suitable for Indoor Outdoor Decoration. G40 String Lights are flexible and easy to install, and the perfect kind of light to create a fairy-land feel. These patio lights create a beautiful atmosphere that illuminate any space and creates a relaxed and romantic atmosphere.




These bedroom lights come with an on/off switch for convenient use. The set consists of 200 mini LED bulbs and measures 66 feet in length: it’s great for decorating and creating a warm, gentle, ambient glow in any room.



Plug-in fairy lights are equipped with a USB end and power adapter, enabling you to attach whatever plug suits or plug it into any USB port. With a power bank you can use the lightweight light string when party, camping, barbecue and so on.



Our decorative light strings have 3 strands of sturdy wire, big and bright led chips. The wire is so flexible to bend and shape, even wrapping around a pole. Great lighting decoration for home, bedroom, wall, Christmas tree, blanket fort, living room, restaurant, birthday, wedding, special holiday party, infusing the air with a sense of romance.




No need to get up – our handy 13-key remote control allows you to adjust brightness levels by switching between 8 lighting modes. You can even set a timer for auto turn on and off! Our smart upgrade silver version comes with a USB port to plug in anywhere plus a 3.3 power cable that’s much longer than any other starry string light product.



Our Starry String Fairy Lights feature 66 feet of bendable copper-wire-mounted LED lights that make any setting more magical, from your living room to your bedroom, or even in restaurants, on patios, or for wedding décor. 




A playful ode to St Patrick’s Day, these gorgeous lights come in the shape of the lucky four-leaf clover and are ideal as decorations for your porch, front path or yard. Brighten up the scene for St Patrick’s Day celebration party, Irish Day party, a themed wedding reception, engagement, bridal shower, bachelorette party and more. Thanks to a complementary IP64 waterproof battery box, you can easily carry and place the LED lights anywhere you like. 




With its affordable price tag, these 100 LED 49-ft star shaped string lights are a deal not to be missed out on. With its solid plastic body, it is definitely built to last. It also comes with 29V low voltage string lights and is UL 588 certified for safe use. 



LED Star String Lights with Male and Female Safe Plug can be extended to a maximum of 10 light chains, from a range of 49.2 ft to 344.5 ft. These updated little star string lights save more energy than traditional lights and prolongs usage time. IP44 waterproof wire and bulbs truly bring out the beauty of indoor and outdoor spaces such as bedroom, pergola, tree, garden, patio etc. 




Honche LED curtain light makes the perfect wall or window background for commercial and personal purposes. It can be decorated in many ways: hung on walls, windows, doors, floors, ceilings, Christmas trees, etc. Warm white curtain lights let you feel cozy and relaxed every moment. Highly malleable, you can shape the wires to your liking, but don’t exert too much force as they are quite fragile.



This nifty option comes with 8 flash functions: combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing, slow fade, flash, and steady on. Every mode brings you a different mood. You also can adjust the brightness and set a timer as you like via its remote. 




Bright and easy to use, the 50 battery-operated LED chips that make up these fairy lights can diffuse glare with their 360-degree viewing angle. Delicate and flexible, twist the fairy lights into any shape you like. Made from copper wire of the finest quality, they are powered by 3 AA batteries and equipped with the newest technology. The result is a child and pet-friendly product that saves energy and will not overheat. 




Highly affordable and easy to install, choose from a variety of modes according to your preferences, the occasion etc. Take your pick from the following: combination, in waves, sequential, slogs, chasing/ flash, slow fade, twinkle/ flash, and steady on. USB-powered, these string lights can be used by plugging them into a computer, power bank or USB interface. 



Measuring 9.8 ft x 9.8 ft, these super-bright white LED lights have copper wiring that has a soft texture. An extra 16.5ft long power cord makes getting connected to a power outlet so much easier.

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